Wonderful Weekend

Last Saturday, I remember…

Getting up at the crack of dawn. Taking a drive. Seeing the snow- beautiful. Morning shopping at the Summit. Being showered with festive Valentine’s cookies, cupcakes and treats in all the stores- just for shopping. Lunch @ The Cheesecake Factory. Yummy, yummy cheesecake.

(Mouseover this image for a cool effect- click on the numbers that pop up!)

  • 1. Godiva Chocolate Brownie Sundae (Kevin’s)  
  • 2. Layers of cheesecake, fudge cake, & chocolate truffle cream. YUM! :) (Mine!)  
  • ♥ Swearing I’d never eat again.  
  • ♥ More shopping at Brookwood Village.  
  • 3. Being whisked to Godiva and getting to design my own custom 8-piece chocolate collection.  
  • ♥ Eating again.  
  • ♥ More shopping.  
  • 4. Funky, hot pink scarf from Gloss  
  • 5. Painterly Blooms Scarf from LOFT  
  • 6. Loving this bag from Charming Charlie’s  
  • ♥ Happy.  
  • 7. Finding a candle that smells exactly like our favorite ice cream spot.  

Spending the whole day with my sweetie.

All in all, it was a *14 hour* shopping day with my Valentine. I love you baby!


On Sunday we slept in, and sometime during the middle of the night- it snowed. When we woke up, everywhere we could see was covered in fresh, white powder.


Kevin went out into the cold and took this picture. I stayed inside in my pajamas. See Miley & Howie? :)

Sunday night, we had reservations for dinner and a movie.


We had reserved seats for the movie too- no waiting in line! :) We sat in a love seat and saw Valentine’s Day. I loved it. They brought us complimentary chocolate covered strawberries. We ate sweet potato fries during the movie.


I wore these boots.

I want to go back every week. Happy, happy Valentine’s Day ♥

P.S. Remember my Valentine’s Day Surprise from 2008?