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I love scarves…

Scarves, How to Wear Scarves, Favorite Scarf, Beautiful Scarves

when I see them, bright & colorful, hanging in my closet

Scarves, How to Wear Scarves, Favorite Scarf, Beautiful Scarves

planning my outfit around a scarf

Scarves, How to Wear Scarves, Favorite Scarf, Beautiful Scarves

when I take the entire collection with me, everywhere I go

Scarves, How to Wear Scarves, Favorite Scarf, Beautiful Scarves

even if it’s just a 2-day trip…

Scarves, How to Wear Scarves, Favorite Scarf, Beautiful Scarves

makes me very, very happy.

I love scarves.


What about you? Do you love scarves? Or do you have another love- purses? shoes? necklaces? earrings? Yes, please. Don’t mind if I do. Share your loves with me-  I’d love to see. :) Leave me a link in the comments…

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72 Responses
  1. Anna

    I LOVE LOVE scarfs. My recent shopping trip, I brought home 3 scarfs. …. they are my only 3 scarfs, but I have an obsession with them now. Love the picture of your scarfs.

  2. Jessica

    I love your idea on hanging your scarves! I just hung mine just like yours about 5 minutes ago!


    P.S. Loved the video how-to on wearing scarves!

  3. Lori Allberry

    Oh my goodness, Amanda, I haven’t even watched the video yet, but I had to write because I’m soooo darn excited that you made a video of how you wear your scarves!

    Wuuu Huuuu, I’m so darn excited to watch it!
    And I’m glad to know you are a dork, too, because I am as well!

    Thanks for doing this for us all! =)


  4. Patty Fadhouli


    I’m the Director of Marketing for Charming Charlie! Hope you enjoy your bag – I love that print :) it makes be very happy too! Thanks for sharing it on your blog!


  5. Leah

    Scarves are wonderful. Perfect for making even a white tee and jeans look great :-) Please tell me you took a picture of thos e scarves in a store and not in your closet. If that is how you store them you may have to tell us how you manage it!!

  6. Kelly

    LOVE your pictures and yes…I love scarves too! We have a fashion accessories store in Burnsville, Minnesota and just really started getting into scarves. We can’t keep them in the store! Do you have any of those new ones that have a layer of the vintage lace on them? I should be getting those in sometime this month. You should check out our new online store if you like purses, jewelry and all things fashion. Just a few scarves on there now, but more coming! Enjoy!

  7. Jenn Corum

    I LOVE scarves too! I have them in a huge basket in my closet. I love your idea of hanging/displaying them. Very cheerful and colorful… and functional. I hate digging through my basket! :)

  8. blueraindrop

    i got it from my mom—i love notebooks and journals. there’s nothing better than buying a new notebook with fresh, crisp white paper or a journal with pretty pages. i have a notebook for everything. when i’m happy, i buy a notebook. when i’m inspired, i buy a notebook. i just love them.

  9. Emmy

    Love the picture of your scarves.

    I love shoes! I could buy so many different kinds all of the time.. but now I am planning outfits around what actually fits.. totally in the regular clothes too small, maternity too big stage of pregnancy.

  10. Mary

    I’m a HAT freak…I plan my wardrobe for a trip around hats and pack them first so I can maximize the room in my suitcase, filling them with whatever fits into them. I have just started wearing scarves that are for fashion, not just function. Thanks for the post…I am now inspired to start wearing the beautiful drawerful of beautiful scarves that I have NEVER worn!

  11. Jessica

    I love them too. I made a special hanger in my closet just for them,so I can see then everytime I open it. I also love boots,and sandels and I plan my whole outfit always around my boots. Can’t wait to see what your Spring wardrobe has instore as I loved the winter one. I even went out and bought the same eye shadow (gotta love those browns) Spring is such a great colour palette as well. Love the blog. Keep up the great work


    I love scarves, shoes, purses, jewelry–pretty much any accessory. This will sound a little “OCD” (well, actually a lot “OCD”), but I plan outfits for at least a week at a time and put all the accessories (Incl. scarves) all grouped together in a certain section of my closet. This keeps me from reaching for the same “go to” separates all the time. Yeh, I know, I’m a “head case.”

  13. Niki

    I love scarves – but I just sold all of mine at a garage sale this past year because I never wear them. I can’t stand anything around my neck. Nor do I like anything tight around my wrists or ankles (I’m very particular about the way socks fit). I think scarves are so beautiful and I am envious when I see others wearing them. But I just COULDN’T – I totally freaked out. My mother thinks I was tied and hanged in a past life (LOL).

  14. Debi

    Scrapbook anything………love, love, scrapbook “stuff”… My house is soooo full of it that I now have TWO rooms… And I have to say, I love all of your scarfs…. I should think about trying a few…they look so pretty..

  15. Cynthia Rust

    Scarves are my new favorite!! During our Annual Christmas Get-It-All-Done-In-One-Day Shopping Trip to a BIG mall, I found the most gorgeous grouping of solid colored scarves I have ever seen! It was like opening a new box of crayons–I bought alot!!
    (Thanks for your comment and encouragement on my blog!!)

  16. Jacquie

    Hi Amanda! I just found your site today and I just wanted to say it’s really fantastic :) You have an amazing artistic view that is absolutely gorgeous!! And I love scarves too! Have a wonderful day!!

  17. Amber Flowers

    Well if it’s clothing related, I have to wear chandelier earrings…doesn’t matter if they’re plan and classic or dressy and sparkle. I love the vintage gypsy look! That also means I can’t leave the house without atleast my smoky charcoal eyeshadow!

    If it’s not clothing related, I take my camera with me everywhere! I love photography and am always looking for some interesting things for my website. There is always something unique to photograph if you look and if you don’t take you’re camera, that’s usually when you miss the best stuff!

  18. Beverly crockett

    I love scarves too! I’m just not creative and can’t figure out different ways to wear them! HElp!! I do think you need to ‘dish’, lol! I love your pictures, too.

  19. Sarah

    Oh how I love scarves as well!! I love the fact that they are so versatile and can be worn is such different ways. I’ve even used some of my scarves when putting together altars for certain worship services at the church!! I have a hard time passing up a vibrant scarf and usually tell anyone heading overseas to grab me on in a market. I love them!!

  20. Tami

    Another scarf freak! Yeah! I love them too. I will have to take a picture and post it tomorrow. I have LOTS! I also collect purses and winter coats and high heeled boots. Not sure why, but I love them. :-)

  21. Melissa in MI

    I love the idea of scarves, but I always struggle with how to wear them. If you have any how-to tips for scarves, I would love to see them. Thanks!

  22. Randa

    Yup, scarves have become a small obsession this season. I have a long-standing love with bags and purses, though…such a sucker for buying/changing them often!!

  23. Noela

    Amanda, I love your collection of scarves! I’ve lately been obsessed by them! It all started last month when I got tired of wearing my scarves the same old way and went to youtube to see if anyone had cool ideas on how to tie them differently. Mission accomplished, but I also ended up buying a ton of scarves after that! I have close to about 20 scarves right now, but none as bright as yours.

    Where do you normally buy your scarves?

  24. Anisah

    Purses. It doesn’t have to be any specific brand, in fact the more the merrier, so Goodwill and garage sales are great. I also like to buy suitcases, even though I never go anywhere!

    My biggest love is books. I have hundreds of them. I hate to have to get rid of books, they are like friends. I don’t need less books, I need more bookcases!

    I also don’t really like sparkle in real life, but love it in digital design.


  25. Callie

    I love jewelry! I actually wasnt all that fanatical about it till I started selling it. I sell Premier Designs jewelry and I love constantly changing my jewelry “style” and trying all different ways to wear the same necklace.
    They say that you dont need a huge wardrobe change every year to keep up with fashion… just get a few new pieces of jewelry and your look can stay fresh and trendy!

  26. Audra

    I would have to say that my addiction is my dishes and serving dishes….I have to have dishes for every holiday, but my Christmas dishes are my favorite…drives my husband crazy because they take up so much space. But that’s just me!

  27. Laura

    I would have to agree with the other ladies who would like to see how you tie your scarve :)

    I am a mother of 3 boys but I LOVE little girls hair thingys! My sister has been making them for awhile and just started a blog and etsy account to sell them and also things to keep the hair clips, etc in or displayed on. and

    I also LOVE lia sohpia jewelry and became an advisor because of my obsession and love for the jewelry and I do find myself buying what I like and then having to “get” an outfit to mathc it :)

  28. Alix Hart

    Shoes, scarfs, purses are all fun, but stone wear, especially cake pedestals are what make my heart go pitter patter. I have about 10 (#11 is in the mail) and they drive my husband crazy. We’re building a home this spring though and putting open shelves in the kitchen so they will finally have a home.

  29. Kelly

    I also love scarves… And Seatbelt Bags. I have a total addiction to Seatbelt Bags. But the one thing I have a ton of is not clothes… It is books. And everyone keeps trying to get my to get a Kindle so that I don’t have to have so many books everywhere, but I just can’t do it. There’s something about having an actual book in your hands…. I love it.

  30. Marilee Vickers

    I am starting to love scarfs too! I only have 5 so far, but I am amazed how pretty you feel when wearing one. I am leaving tomorrow for a trip to Illinois and I have a scarf to go with every outfit. Your scarfs are very colorful and bright. I am sure that they feel cheery when you have one on. Have a wonderful weekend.

  31. Toni Legates

    I love all things photography . I tell my life story through photo journalism and recently I’ve begun digital scrapbooking and I Luv it almost as much as photography.

  32. Erin

    I talked about how much I love accessories in one of my blogs just a few days ago. A woman at my dads church gave me a bunch of olds stuff and I talked about it and showed pics of me cleaning it and all that fun stuff.

  33. Kris

    Shoes…love shoes….Actually I have several addictions (like purses, books, scrapbooking supplies) but shoes are the main one for me. I don’t have as many as a lot of women I know, but that’s because I’m also picky about them (and my husband likes to save save save money). I like to have different colors. I’m not the kind of person who has to have a ton of black shoes or brown shoes (3 of each works for me – you gotta have different heal heights), but give me green and red and orange (still searching for the perfect orange). Oh, and my downfall? Tennis shoes. Oh yes. I wear heals for work and have a lot, but when I’m not at work I love to have funk and cool tennis shoes. I get more upset when a pair of tennis shoes has to be retired than a pair of heals. In fact, getting ready to buy a new pair of blue vans, they brought back the retro old skool look that I had in highschool. I can’t wait to get mine in the mail!

    Here’s a blog post I did on my closet, you can see my shoe boxes, although not the shoes.

  34. Teale

    I have a new love for scarves. I think I have bought 10 this year alone. How do you store/hang your scarves in your closet? Currently I have mine hanging through plastic shower curtain rings on a big plastic hanger. I think you have a lot more wall space than I do. The pictures are beautiful!

  35. Kim @ BlueGrass and GreenTomatoes

    I am in love with shoes… All kinds of shoes, but I especially love pointed-toe heels. Sigh. They are great.

    Please do a video tutorial on tying scarves! That would be so helpful!!!

  36. Kylie

    Lovely collection of scarves!!!
    My weakness has to be shoes…the higher the better ha!
    I love all kinds, high heels, flats, knee highs, ankle boots, uggs!
    I can’t control myself when I see a delicious pair of shoes
    they have to be miiine!!

  37. Amanda

    Sarah, Lori, & Alisha
    I’m sensing a trend! :D Maybe I should do a video blog of fun ways to tie scarves? I’m always looking for new ideas myself! :)

    Nicole@Farmgirl Chaos
    I LOVE that!!! :) I totally love posts like that- your sock collection rocks! :)

  38. Alisha

    I LOOOOVE scarves too! But that’s a new addiction. I have a lot of old ones as well. Shoes, gifts for people that I never actually gave them, home decor, scrapbooking items, purses. But for now, it’s scarves, BABY! ;-)

    P.S. Do you have any cute ways of tying them?

  39. Lori Allberry

    Ooooh Amanda, I love scarves, too! But your photos are amazing, so colorful, soooo beautiful!

    Tell us this – how do you wear them, what folds, or knots do you do???


  40. Judith Rushing

    I love blingy Scrapbook anything. I do not like bling on me or in my house but I love to scrapbook glitter pages and I buy anything shiny that has to do with Scrapbooking. My sister says I need to do something different with my scrapbook pages but I always go back to glitter or shiny.

  41. Yasmin

    I love socks.
    All socks.
    Except pink socks.
    But other than pink socks, I have an obsession with socks.
    Especially socks with cool patterns.
    My favorite socks have zebra stripes.
    But nobody ever wants to see my socks.

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