The Beginning of Summer – Italian Grilled Chicken

Okay, so, it’s not really the beginning of summer, and there was frost on the ground this morning when I let the dogs out (but thank goodness it wasn’t snow like the weather channel called for) but it WAS warm enough to grill tonight so we had my favorite grilled chicken ever… And that’s good enough for me! :D
Click the pic below for the amazing, yet ridiculously simple recipe.

italian grilled chicken recipe blog
Italian Grilled Chicken

And don’t miss the Alfredo Tortellini recipe I posted yesterday. :D I think, for some reason, there was a glitch in my blog / email / webpage / something and the update emails never got sent out… If you got this one, leave a comment and let me know so I can rest assured everything is working properly again. :D

Thanks for looking! :)