Sunset at Big Ben

Tulips in London. Tips for Planning a London Vacation. #travel #london #england

Our second day in London (here’s Day 1 if you missed it) was a beautiful Saturday morning. We did our own little sight-seeing tour, starting out at the Tower of London, then walking over the Tower Bridge and making our way down to London’s famous Borough Market just in time for lunch. That afternoon we saw Billy Elliot at the Victoria Palace Theatre, and ended our day with sunset at Big Ben. Here’s our recap in photos! :)

Guarding the Crown Jewels, London. Tips for Planning a London Vacation. #travel #london #england

We arrived at the Tower of London right when they first opened at 9am, and headed straight for the Crown Jewels. We were the very first people there and had the whole place to ourselves! So stunning to see the seriously massive diamonds ornamenting the crowns, scepters, and serving pieces still regularly used by the Royal Family. Later when we left to go to lunch, there was a line wrapped around the building. If you don’t like waiting in lines, I highly recommend getting there right when they first open! :)

Cookies from Borough Market, London. Tips for Planning a London Vacation. #travel #london #england

For lunch we made our way over to Borough Market. We got so many recommendations for this renowned food market, I knew we could not miss it!! There were so many vendors with such a wide variety of offerings. A foodie’s dream come true!! Found a chocolate chip cookie the size of my head, lol!! It was surprisingly soft and chewy on the inside. Loved it!

Gorgeous building hidden in London. Tips for Planning a London Vacation. #travel #london #england

That afternoon we took a stroll in the Westminster neighborhood, down Victoria Street. Loved this colorful pub, The Albert!

Westminster Abbey, London. Tips for Planning a London Vacation. #travel #london #england

We walked pass Westminster Abbey… :)

Red Phone Booth in front of Big Ben, London. Tips for Planning a London Vacation. #travel #london #england

And made our way to Big Ben!

Red Phone Booth in front of Big Ben, London. Tips for Planning a London Vacation. #travel #london #england

Loved this red phone booth right in front of Big Ben.

Red Phone Booth in front of Big Ben, London. Tips for Planning a London Vacation. #travel #london #england

Had to take these dorky photos, lol! The phone in there actually worked! We could’ve totally made a call.

Sunset at Big Ben, London. Tips for Planning a London Vacation. #travel #london #england

We crossed over the bridge just in time for sunset.

Sunset at Big Ben, London. Tips for Planning a London Vacation. #travel #london #england

Love our slow-paced day in London.

London Eye. Tips for Planning a London Vacation. #travel #london #england

After sunset, we walked past the London Eye all lit up at night to our dinner at the OXO Tower. If you’re interested in our London restaurant recommendations, I’ll be doing a separate post of “Everything I Ate In London,” just like I did with Scotland. :) Stay tuned! Be sure to subscribe to our email update list so you never miss a post. :)

View London in a larger map

Here’s a map of everything we did in London. It’s got the GPS location of all the spots you see in this post in case you want to find them on your own. :) Click here to see this map on a larger screen, with a list of all the places we went.


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Thanks so much for looking!!

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12 Responses
  1. Karen Rich

    you have one of the best blogs about london! your pictures are so beautiful, too. do you use a filter to achieve the colors? love them! re: the tower bridge tour: do you have a contact for the guide you used? thanks!

  2. Laurie

    LOVE these posts from Europe. I am taking my first trip this summer with my daughter before her senior year starts. You can bet I will be reading these posts more than once and bookmarking things left and right!

    Beautiful photography, by the way! Is that some sort of filter on your pictures? They are so vibrant!

  3. Angie | Big Bear's Wife

    I loved the Tower of London when we were there and the Bridge! Just beautiful! Your photos of Big Ben are breathtaking!

  4. Robyn Stone | Add a Pinch

    Beautiful pictures! London is such a great place to visit – love looking at what fun you guys had there!!!

  5. Jean |

    Amanda, looks like a good time was had by all! It’s been a while since I’ve been there, so right now I’m feeling sooooo envious (in the nicest sense of the word, of course)!

  6. SJ

    Great pictures, as always, thanks for sharing.

    Do you have a full RSS feed option? I find myself reading and referring back to your blog less and less now that you have a truncated feed. Thanks for considering it!

  7. LeAnne

    Hi Amanda – I am loving all the Scotland and London photos! And I can’t wait to see Paris too! I am taking my daughter this summer to London-Prague-Paris so I am keeping a close eye on it all.

    I have a question – what camera are you traveling with? And what are you doing processing wise for the wonderful color on the images?


  8. Melanie Fontaine

    I get that chocolate cookie every time I go to London! So delicious and every time I marvel at how affordable it is! Love Borough Market, there really is no better place for foodies! :)

  9. Mary

    I love looking at all the beautiful pictures of your trip, they are bringing back some wonderful memories of my time spent across the pond. Looks like you had a blast! Keep them coming.

  10. Sherri@The Well Floured Kitchen

    When I went to London in the late nineties, I actually had to use those red phone booths to call home :) Beautiful pictures!

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