Seattle Skyline and Sunset

Best View of Seattle Space Needle and SkylineView from Kerry Park

I totally wasn’t expecting it, but I completely fell in love with Seattle.

Best View of Seattle Space Needle and SkylineView from Kerry Park

It was just so beautiful. I could totally see myself living here. The entire city gave off such a welcoming and relaxed vibe.

Best View of Seattle Space Needle and Skyline

Not to mention all the gorgeous color!

Best View of Seattle Space Needle and SkylineView from Hamilton Viewpoint Park

And I mean, they practically invented the whole sitting around in a coffee shop playing on your laptop all day, right?

Best View of Seattle Space Needle and SkylineView from Hamilton Viewpoint Park

Totally right up my alley.

Best View of Seattle Space Needle and SkylineView from Alki Pier

Oh, and they have public transportation, which means I’d never drive another day in my life. Which is pretty much my entire goal in life. That’s when I’ll know I’ve made it.

Best View of Seattle Space Needle and SkylineView from Alki Pier

I took the bus here, to this spot, just for this view of the Seattle Skyline over the Puget Sound at sunset.

Best View of Seattle Space Needle and Skyline

I’m pretty comfortable with the subway, but I think this was my first time taking the bus. And on my very first day in Seattle, no less! See? I’m already starting to feel right at home.

Best View of Seattle Space Needle and Skyline

And what a spot it was.

Best View of Seattle Space Needle and Skyline

To the left I watched the sun set over the sound as the clouds changed from varying shades of hot pink, purple, and glowing orange.

Best View of Seattle Space Needle and SkylineView from Alki Pier

Best View of Seattle Space Needle and Skyline

I want to swim in these colors.

Best View of Seattle Space Needle and SkylineView from Alki Pier

Best View of Seattle Space Needle and Skyline

Pin Me.

Best View of Seattle Space Needle and Skyline

Quite possibly one of my favorite sunsets ever.

Best View of Seattle Space Needle and SkylineView from Alki Pier

Best View of Seattle Space Needle and Skyline

And to the right, there were the bright lights of the Seattle skyline over the water.

Best View of Seattle Space Needle and SkylineView from Alki Pier

Best View of Seattle Space Needle and Skyline

Best View of Seattle Space Needle and Skyline

Best View of Seattle Space Needle and Skyline

Best View of Seattle Space Needle and Skyline

I love everything about this perfect view, from the Space Needle to the bright blue bridge and all the colors dancing over the water in between.

Best View of Seattle Space Needle and Skyline

If you’re wondering what settings I used, just click on the photo for the camera, lens, and settings info. :)

Benson Vineyards on Lake Chelan, Washington State

On Sunday, we left Seattle and headed east for Lake Chelan and the Tree Top apple orchards.

Benson Vineyards on Lake Chelan, Washington State

What a beautiful area this was!

Benson Vineyards on Lake Chelan, Washington State

We had a beautiful dinner at the stunning Benson Vineyards.

Benson Vineyards on Lake Chelan, Washington State

This was our view.

Benson Vineyards on Lake Chelan, Washington State

It totally looked fake in real life too.

Benson Vineyards on Lake Chelan, Washington State

It’s official. I love the Pacific Northwest. I now need to come back and spend more time here.

Benson Vineyards on Lake Chelan, Washington State

The vineyards.

Benson Vineyards on Lake Chelan, Washington State

And the view.

Benson Vineyards on Lake Chelan, Washington State

Love. This. View.

Best View of Seattle Space Needle and Skyline

Clear Seattle Sky. I am in complete denial about how fast this weekend flew by.

Best View of Seattle Space Needle and Skyline

I loved seeing this view of downtown Seattle and the Puget Sound, because you can see everything from where we stayed to the little tip where I took the bus to snap photos of the sunset on my first night.

Thanks so much for looking!! Until next time… :)


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70 Responses
  1. Bridget @ GreenGlobalTravel

    Awesome photos! I’ve been wanting to take a trip out to the PNW for a while now. Seattle looks like a great city to visit. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Chris

    As someone who has lived here my whole life I can tell you that: the traffic is terrible, the cost of living is high, and of course let’s not forget the weather… it’s Always lousy! … So it’s probably best that nobody else ever consider moving here. /[sarcasm] ;) … I’m joking of course, but I think we natives do sometimes get over-protective of our fair city and wish to keep “the outsiders” out, and what we secretly perceive to be the cause of our ever increasing traffic woes, outrageous jumps in cost of living, etc., tainting what was once pristine. Well, the cat’s long been out of the bag I suppose and our secret’s out. Haha. :) I know this is an old entry, but I love your photos and glad you enjoyed your trip!

  3. Annalee

    I wasn’t expecting to fall in love with Seattle either! I had the good fortune of being there on of the most gorgeous weekends of the year last September, and was blown away by the fantastic weather and the extraordinarily nice people. Oh and the delicious food!! I would move there in a heartbeat. I think about the food at Spinasse nearly every day :)

  4. Emily L.

    Talk about getting the perfect weather for your trip! I lived in Seattle for a little while after high school (raised about 45 minutes north) and pretty much walked everywhere and LOVED it! Don’t miss the weather, but miss Seattle.

  5. Michelle

    I get sucked in every time I visit…or should I say ‘suckered’? Because every time I go, it’s clear skies and gorgeous weather, and I beg my husband to move there…and he has to remind me that most of the year it’s overcast and drizzly.

    My grandparents live there and the weather is definitely not that great most of the time. It’s wet and cloudy a lot and I think that would get old.

    But it’s sooo gorgeous and clean and I love the water everywhere!

  6. Delaney

    You are lucky that you were here for such great weather. It has been terrible since. We never have any summer weather until at least July. Glad to see you had such a great time here in Seattle. It is definitely a wonderful city.

  7. Viki

    Oh my these photos are amazing…they don’t even look real. How do you do this? I am in awe and so want to be a better photographer. LOVE:)

  8. Deanne

    I was born and raised in the Northwest. My husband and I have lived in the South for seven years now, and it has its own charms, but I miss the natural beauty and mountains of Oregon/Washinton. Your pictures gave me a little taste of home. Thanks!

  9. christine

    Spent the day walking around the Green lake, visited the zoo and rose garden, Sopping at the Pike Place market and dinner at the most amazing Greek restaurant today off of 45th st. Love this City and can’t even imagine living anywhere else! Glad you enjoyed your visit =O)

  10. Sarah

    Wow, just … wow! Thanks so much for sharing! I found your lovely website here via Kristan of Confessions of a Cookbook Queen. If you like donuts (and well, who doesn’t??), and you should one day find yourselves in Fort Myers, FL, check out Bennett’s Fresh Roast downtown. Besides awesome donuts – the maple-frosted with bacon and peanut butter ones are my faves! – they have the best coffee in town. They roast their own coffee beans the day before serving the coffee brewed from said beans. Anyway, love your story and your website, and I am bookmarking you! :)

  11. Mackenzie

    I love living in Seattle, for the most part at least! Just wanted to let you know that the bright blue bridge you mentioned in one of the skyline pictures is actually Century Link Field! Gorgeous shots!

  12. Amy

    These are amazing photos! I made myself a cup of tea and stared at the skyline for about ten minutes straight! Every time I have been in the USA I have never managed to make it to Seattle; thanks to these photos I know exactly where my first stop will be next time. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous landscape shots. I just stumbled across your blog after a link from With Grace and Style, and I am so glad I clicked on the link – I am your newest fan and follower :)

  13. Rhondda

    Thanks for the GREAT photos of my beautiful home city. Your city view is the one we are priveledged to enjoy every day & evening as we live in a condo above the water taxi whalf. Next time you come, just hop on the water taxi and shoot across from the waterfront to Alki penisular – way more fun than the bus! Congrats on manovering thru the wilds of bus travel. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous photos and your wunderbar fonts!

  14. Eadaoin

    These photos are absolutely breathtaking! I’ve never been to Seattle and these have cause some real wanderlust! Thanks so much for sharing. :)

  15. Erin @ Dinners, Dishes, and Desserts

    All of your pictures are stunning! I haven’t been to Seattle since I was a little girl, now I really need to go again!

  16. Melissa

    I love these photos Amanda. I miss the Pacific Northwest. My family and I lived out there (in Tacoma about 35 miles south of Seattle) for seventeen years and my two youngest sons (21 & 20) were both born there. LOVED IT LOVED IT LOVED IT!!!!

    Thanks for sharing.

    Melissa Kalson

  17. Chelsea

    4 words. You take amazing pictures!

    I am reading your “Photography tutorial” and I am so thankful that you posted it! Also, Seattle is beautiful and a great place to live! Glad you ended up liking it!

  18. Kristine Boydstun

    The Pacific Northwest is the most beautiful place to live. I grew up in California…northern California. There are beautiful places there, too, but I can’t get enough of the trees and water, water everywhere! I’m so glad you fell in love with our fair state. Please come back!

  19. Shannon Stamp

    Amanda! You were in my neck of the woods and I didn’t even know it. Next time you visit Seattle please look me up. Would be happy to take you around to the hot spots, Pike Place Market, Snoqualmie Falls, the Fremont Troll, …. several other can’t miss places. I am a foodie and scrapbooker so I know we would just have a ball. Loved you photos of the sunset. Alki is one of my favorite spots, but I also like a favorite beach spot called La Push, which is the ocean side of Washington, up near the Olympic Peninsula. It is a little drive from Seattle, but so worth it. I am glad you got to see Eastern Washington too, so many differents areas make up the beautiful state of Washington. Anyway… I have several photo albums on my FACEBOOK page, look me up, Shannon Sheeley Stamp, and visit my blog at Let me know next time you are in town. Shannon

  20. Sharon B.

    Absolutely stunning pictures, you captured my hometown so beautifully! I’m glad you loved it as much as we do! And Chelan is also another one of my favorite spots in the state, you captured it so well.

  21. Sharon Miracle

    Amanda, it was such a pleasure having you on our first orchard tour and dinner. Your photography skills are amazing! Thank you for sharing the beauty of our country and our grower’s orchards. Best of luck with your upcoming adventures. We hope to see you again our way soon. Sharon, @Tree Top

  22. Sheryl

    I now make a yearly spring visit to Seattle thanks to a son moving there! Best place on earth. I really DO want to live there! I tried a small mountain climb (4000) feet two weeks ago!

  23. Tara @Unsophisticook

    Oh, Amanda, those sunset photos are breathtaking! Wish I could have gone to TreeTop with you guys — I heard it was awesome.

  24. Holly

    I lived here for three years & I miss it so much. I’m so in love with your Seattle photos. The view from Kerry Park is one of my favorites in the city. Im glad you had a great weekend!

  25. Lisa

    Your pictures are incredible (and the colors even match your blog)!! I got to visit Seattle for a week in November quite a few years ago and it drizzled every day, but I still loved it (but then, I love rain :))

  26. Melissa

    Someone else already pointed out that the “blue bridge” is actually CenturyLink Field where the Seattle Seahawks play. But another fun fact…the big orange blob to the right of it (right on the edge of the picture) is the former world headquarters of The building is stunning when it is all lit up at night!!

  27. Lauren

    I’ve been waiting for these photos!!! Amazing :) Also, so glad I got to meet you again and get to know you a little better! Hope we’ll be able to cross paths again… sooner than later!

  28. Christy

    I totally agree. Your pictures are amazing and just remind me even more about why I love it here. I’m a born and bred Southern girl like you but fell in love with the Northwest years ago when I visited my friend in Hood River, Oregon. I ended up moving here in 1999 but after meeting my husband we moved around in the South so I could be close to my family. We finally came back here in 2010 because we missed it so much. Glad you enjoyed it. Come back and visit us soon.

  29. marlee

    I LOVE Lake Chelan…it is the most beautiful place to me….my family lives there and I have had the priveledge of spending almost every summer there for a little bit each time. It’s fantastic and unspoiled and amazing! The NW is the best!

  30. Elizabeth

    Beautiful photos! Seattle is breathtaking through the eyes of a lens, but then so is the entire state of WA. It’s a great place to live!!! The blue bridge you mentioned above is Quest Field – home to the Seattle Sounders and Seattle Seahawks.

  31. Kim

    As usual…absolutely gorgeous picstures!!! One of my best friends just moved to seattle and I can’t wait to visit her and see this city!!

  32. Stephanie W

    It’s beautiful pictures like yours that remind me why I love living in Seattle so much, even though it rains A LOT!! Thank you for visiting our beautiful city!

  33. Sandy

    Great pictures. I live in Portland and we go to Seattle a couple times a year. Had two kids who went to U of W. Love the pacific northwest. Just have to put up with the rain, but that is what makes it so beautiful.

  34. Holly W

    What BEAUTIFUL photos. breathtaking. I can’t get over how vibrant the colors are in your photos. I thought the same thing when looking at your trip overseas.
    We went to Seattle on our honeymoon and I genuinely miss it every day. We plan to move there one day, but unfortunately it won’t be for years down the road. Thanks for taking me back virtually :)

  35. Sarah

    Hi Amanda! Wonderful pictures…I grew up in Tacoma and miss it so much! I did want to pint out that the blue “bridge” you mentioned is actually the seahawks’ stadium I believe…lit upat night :) possibly the mariners’ stadium but they are right next to eachother :) thanks for posting these pics!

  36. Linda

    I loved looking at your pictures!! just moved from Seattle to Charleston, SC. Although I’m so much happier now living in a place that has SUN year-round, I really miss the mountains, hundreds of local coffee shops/bakeries, and Seattle city skyline. It really is a beautiful city!

    FYI: The “blue bridge” you mentioned in one of the photos is actually a lit up arch on top of the football/soccer stadium!

  37. Heather

    Awesome pictures!! I absolutely LOVE Seattle!! I’m a Mississippi girl, born and raised, but hubby is from Seattle. I fell in love the first time he took me to visit his family, and over the last 15 years, I fall in love a little more every time we go. It’s beautiful!

  38. The Mrs @ Success Along the Weigh

    As usual, your pics are amazing. You have officially knocked Seattle up on our “to see” list. I have a friend who moved there that’s been dying for us to come visit and when I saw the winery and that we could drive there for such varying scenery, that sold it for me!

  39. Chere Mortensen


    When I grow up I want to be Amanda. What a beautiful trip. Yes, Seattle is a perfect city. I could have spent three days just in the Market with my camera and breaks at the original Starbucks. Of course after a few days the south calls to us Southern Bells.

  40. Christine

    We lived over in Bremerton across the sound from Seattle, for about a year and a half and we loved it. We didn’t make it over into Seattle near enough though, but no matter where you go in Washington it’s beautiful. I miss it and am hoping my hubby gets offered a job up there when we get ready to retire from the military in a couple years.

  41. Joy

    sooo beautiful!!! We are moving to Portland (hopefully in Sept.) and this just makes me want to dance! Can not wait to see this for myself! It is breathtaking. Thank you for the beautiful pix!

  42. Carla @ Carla's Confections

    Stunning pictures Amanda. Seattle looks so beautiful. I hope I can go see that view one day!!!

  43. Miki Chelle

    my man is going to Seattle for university, and reading this post made me want to go there with him even more D: LOL
    Seattle is really a beautiful place! :)

  44. Renea west

    I just love the pictures you took even though I grew up here and see this everyday, I never get tired of it! I am so glad you enjoyed yourself.

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