Sailing in Santorini

We had a wonderful time exploring The Island of Santorini, Greece! Check out the beautiful views we saw, the amazing meals we ate and much more! Image of Houses in Santorini, Greece

Sailing in Santorini

Besides walking around and taking pictures, eating, shopping, and relaxing on a balcony with the most amazing view in the world, here are some of the other fun things we did in Santorini — plus our favorite places to eat!! :)

Image of the Homes of Santorini

Day trip to Fira

On one of the days we were in Santorini, we spent a morning in the “big city” of Fira.

Image of the Santorini Mountainside

We were able to catch a bus right outside our hotel.

Image of Buildings in Santorini

Fira is a lot like Oia, but bigger!

Image of a Santorini Porch

Fira is a cruise port town, so there are lots of shops and restaurants.

Image of an old Door in Santorini, Greece

Personally I think Oia is more charming, but Fira is very beautiful as well!

Image of Where We Stayed in Santorini

You could definitely spend a day here taking it all in.

Image of Boats in Santorini

Be sure to have lunch at Lucky’s Souvlaki!

Image of Santorini's Famous Red Beach

Sunset Sailing Cruise

Another day, we took a sunset cruise around Santorini with Sunset Oia. We took the Tahiti 80 Sunset Tour. This is a 5-hour cruise that makes several stops around the island. The first stop was at Santorini’s famous Red Beach pictured above!

Image of Waters off The Coast of Santorini, Greece

Can you spy the heart?? :)

Image of Lunch on the Water in Santorini, Greece

A fabulous lunch is served on board this ship. Seriously this was one of my favorite meals!

Image of the Santorini Landscape

Such gorgeous views of Santorini.

Image of Houses on the Coast of Santorini, Greece

We made several stops for swimming, like at the white beach for snorkeling and the Hot Springs for mudbathing.

Image of a Santorini Sunset

The last stop is an unforgettable sunset right in the bay.

Image of The Ammoudi Port

Ammoudi Port

Even from way up high in the village of Oia, the water in Ammoudi Port looks AMAZING. Look at that crystal clear, vibrant turquoise water!!

Image of Santorini's Ammoudi Port

I had to walk down the the port and see it for myself…

Image of The Coast in Santorini, Greece

It’s a bit of a hike to get down there and back, but it’s great exercise. There’s a little trail down there where you can walk a bit around the island. There are lots of restaurants for fresh fish to stop and take a break. You can also take a donkey ride back up if you can’t handle the steps! :)

Image of a Traditional House in Santorini, Greece

Where to Eat in Santorini

One of my favorite meals in all of Greece was at Esperas Traditional Houses.

Image of Santorini Architecture

We went here for dinner one night, and loved it so much we went back for lunch another day! This place is definitely off the beaten path, but so, SO worth it.

Image of a Milkshake in Santorini, Greece

Okay, honestly, a day as beautiful as this calls for a milkshake. ;)

Image of a Santorini Fried Cheese Dish

Here we discovered our FAVORITE thing in all of Greece. After having it here, we looked for it on the menu everywhere we went, and if they had it, we ordered it.

I’m not sure what it’s called, but it’s cheese (sometimes feta, sometimes a different type of cheese) wrapped in phyllo dough, fried, covered in sesame seeds, then drizzled with honey and served with tomato jam.


Image of a Salmon Kebab

Oh my gosh…. This salmon kebab was AMAZING!!! Seriously, you cannot go wrong with anything you order here!!! Highly recommend at meal at Esperas Traditional Houses!!

Image of The Best Cheesecake Ever

Skiza Cafe

This cheesecake with fresh strawberry sauce might be the BEST cheesecake I have ever had in my entire life. Seriously still dreaming about this cake!! Please go and have a slice for me!!!

Image of a Delicious Dinner in Santorini, Greece

Petra at Canaves

A wonderful meal with a beautiful sunset view at this poolside restaurant. Fresh fish, lobster, a romantic, candlelit dinner under the stars… Who could ask for more??

Thanks so much for reading. Stay tuned for more from Greece!

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    Deeply wish and heartly wanna go to Santorini as soon as possible especially after i read and looking your picture about santorini
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    Oh my God santorini is so beautiful so white and shinny and bright
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