Paramount Hotel, Times Square

The Paramount Hotel in Times Square, NYC

Here’s where I stayed last week while I was in New York — The Paramount Hotel in Times Square.

The Paramount Hotel in Times Square, NYC

It was your typical cozy NYC hotel room (and by that I mean, on the smaller side), but the accommodations were quite nice.

The Paramount Hotel in Times Square, NYC

Loved my red carpet. It was like having my own personal formal soiree when I hopped into bed each night. My cupcake PJs did me proud.

The Paramount Hotel in Times Square, NYC

Full length mirror. A must!

Here’s a tip. When staying in a New York hotel, request a room that doesn’t face the street.

You’ll be glad you did.

The Paramount Hotel in Times Square, NYC

Why yes, I do require four makeup bags to house all the products needed to make myself presentable in the morning. Who’s askin’?

The Paramount Hotel in Times Square, NYC

I got a kick out of this mirror / towel rack combo.

The Paramount Hotel in Times Square, NYC

Cute little hotel soaps.

The Paramount Hotel in Times Square, NYC

This was my absolute favorite part of the hotel. On every floor, by the elevators, they had these massively giant weather forecasting mirrors. I took a picture every time the forecast changed, but mostly it just said SNOW and COLD. Very accurate! Can I get one of these for my house? How handy would it be to wake up, look in the mirror and know exactly how to dress for the day? All it needs is a temperature gage!

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34 Responses
  1. Brittany

    We have always wanted to go to New York City at Christmas. We are trying to decide if it will be this year or next. What is your favorite hotel in NYC? Any suggestions?

  2. Jessica

    My friend and I stayed at that hotel for my 19th birthday. :) Brings back so many memories. We loved that hotel. Every room has a different color they decorated around. We had a blue room.

  3. Kelly

    Thanks for sharing that awesome trip! How do you manage to maintain your diet with all those treats? Little sample bits? I can’t believe how incredible those Sweet revenge cupcakes look. And those Macarons. Never heard of them but whoooaa….my goodness!!!

  4. Mary Pettit

    The red carpet photo intrigues me…are you looking into a mirror art work? Can’t figure that one out. Also, you do quite a lot with photos on the web, do you have any tips on protecting your work from being copied?

  5. Diane

    Thanks for sharing about your fun trip! Your hotel had style…and looked clean. It’s that clean thing that gets me. Me. Squeamish.

  6. Amanda Hale

    Ugh! I love love love new york! My first time was as a junior in High School and my plans were to move there and become a fashion designer! Instead I married a baseball player and moved other places.
    The bathroom mirror and towel rack combo is just handy and much needed for my tiny bathroom!
    And I agree with the mirror forecast – totally awesome!

    Love the pics!

  7. Anneli

    Oh man, what beautiful shots! :O I’d love to be able to go back to NYC and get a hotel room on Manhattan. It’s probably my favorite city on earth! :D

  8. Ashley

    You have totally given me the New York fever. My first trip to NYC was when I was a sophomore in highschool. Easter of 1997– my high school choir was chosen to perform a solo prelude concert in Carnegie Hall and afterwards we joined a mass choir under the direction of the famous conductor/composer John Rutter. We performed three segments on the Today Show that Sunday morning as well as various other places around the city to include the Empire State Building and Westpoint Military Academy. My love of broadway began at that point in my life when I was introduced to Les Miserables. I WAS IN HEAVEN!! We stayed at Hotel Pennsylvania and I think it has been remodeled and the name changed now. I had the opportunity to attend an enourmous conference with my work for publishers a few years ago as an exhibitor and stayed at Park Central It was divine!!! Gosh!! I miss New York so much. I have a friend that lives there and enjoys showing off his city sooooo much!! He is a great resource to have when visiting the city for sure. Being from Mississippi, I would never be able to learn my way around the city. After all, I did get lost in front of my hotel. Did I just admit that??!! haha The moment I open my mouth there; there is an immediate head turn. So, I wear blue and black the whole time and try not to say much so, I “fit in”. HAHA. They have Mississippi Day in Central Park every summer where they cook and serve fried catfish and SWEET TEA and I hope to attend that very soon. I will definitely have to look up this hotel for my trip. It is just too cute!! Thanks for sharing your great trip with us and for giving me the fever to board a plane and head out. I don’t like flying but, it is definitely worth it for NYC!!

  9. Lori @ RecipeGirl

    I still can’t believe you took a photo of the shampoos and soaps ;) I loved those weather forecasting mirrors too. Who comes up w/ this stuff??

  10. Amy

    Love these pics!! Looks like a really fun place to stay. The bathroom mirror is too cute. What a great space saver for small places!
    So, I think I might have to get me a red carpet. . how cool is that?
    OH. . . I don’t have 4 make up bags, I have a whole duffel bag! I’m right there with ya girl! Don’t leave home without all those things you need or think you might even remotely need!!!

  11. Nancy LaCoursiere

    I have been loving reading your blog, just found it about a month ago! What great photos and cool room! I went to China about 3 years ago and the rooms in Hong Kong were the same, even smaller, but so unique! What lens do you use to photograph those images? Would love to know!

  12. Chere

    Once again I love the photos. We have stayed at this hotel and loved it. The carpet on the floor was a black and white of womans face. It was great. We had a little bedroom but a huge bathroom. It was fun and the hotel staff was wonderful. Glad you enjoyed it.


  13. Amy

    Thanks for sharing, Amanda! Looks like such a great trip! And your make up bags crack me up. I was a 3-4 bag/trip junkie until I found the MaryKay roll up bag (and I’m not a MaryKay consultant…not trying to make a sales pitch here, promise :) ). It has 4 zipper pockets that roll up together and are detachable–it’s changed my life while traveling or showering at the gym.

    1. Kristi

      lol! Here I was thinking that I’d be the first one to tell Amanda about the MK Roll Up bag. :) Amanda, I totally agree with Amy..find an MK consultant and get you one of those bags!!! You’ll be glad that you did!

  14. Kristen@PrettySweet

    NY hotels have definitely figured out how to conserve space. ;) Very nice, though! I love the weather forecasting mirror, too. I could handle one of those around here…

  15. SWJenn

    Thanks for all the great pix, I’m planning a trip to the city and will look into the place. I’m a New Yorker transplanted to TN, so when I go ‘home’ I like having one of those street-side rooms – the sounds of the city are welcome home to me!

  16. Leah

    Oh my days! How gorgeous! I LOVE the reading table over the bed and the smellies in the bathroom. How cool are those mirrors, too?!

  17. Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga)

    I love seeing pictures of hotels and hotel rooms and being “nosey” about how a hotel’s rooms actually are, not just the lobby. Thanks for sharing :)

  18. Paulette

    The hotel pics are great, but one thing the bathroom is a little too small for me. Especially with all the junk that goes with me. I want one of those mirrors. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Paulette

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