Oh, for the love of Scarf. Make a T-shirt Scarf!

A few weeks ago (after I professed my undying affection for scarves) my lovely and creative blog pal Allie Brownie sent me this super fun link:

Make It and Love it: Knit Scarf

*gasp* … How FUN! An adorable, shabby scarf I could totally make! :) And what a cute site too, huh? I’ve already got several other projects bookmarked that I’m dying to try.

But I had to start with the scarf, of course.

Auburn Tigers Pawprint Tshirt Scarf Tutorial & Pattern

I immediately hit the fabric stores (Hobby Lobby & Hancock are all we have around here) to try and find some cute knit fabric. Unfortunately, I came up with squat. I could not find even remotely cute colors- especially not that adorable green she used!

Auburn Tigers Pawprint Tshirt Scarf Tutorial & Pattern

BUT, I had something else: I had just cleaned out my t-shirt drawer, (it was way overstuffed) and I boxed up a huge stack of old t-shirts that held absolutely no sentimental value anymore. Perfect for re-purposing! I still didn’t have that adorable green, so I went with what I had- lots of orange and blue! :) I had been wanting an Auburn scarf all season to wear to chilly fall football games, so that worked out just fine. And the orange strips of fabric totally look like Tiger stripes! Bonus!

Auburn Tigers Pawprint Tshirt Scarf Tutorial & Pattern

Now, in the tutorial, she calls for one long piece of fabric, 80″ x 6.5″, but since I was using t-shirts and didn’t have one long, single piece, I had to improvise…

Luckily for me, the “destroyed” look is in.

Auburn Tigers Pawprint Tshirt Scarf Tutorial & Pattern

Here’s what mine ended up looking like. I originally didn’t have that blue piece in the middle, but the scarf looked a little short when I tied it on, so I added it at the end, before I had sewn everything together.

Auburn Tigers Pawprint Tshirt Scarf Tutorial & Pattern

Now… I have to admit. I don’t usually enjoy sewing projects. I mean, I can do it, I guess, a little, if it’s really easy …but sewing is not something I particularly enjoy doing in my free time. I don’t see cute stuff and automatically think “Ooh, I could totally make that!” You know? Let’s face it – sewing requires, at the least, patience and attention to detail. I usually end up getting frustrated – the pinning, the stitching, the trimming of all the tiny little threads, the *oof*… ironing

But this scarf was something I could totally handle! And no ironing required. To be honest… I did have fun making it! Heck- I was giddy! I was flouncing around the house, showing it off to Kevin, and mentioned how it’d be sooooo cute to have the little Auburn AU symbol on the scarf- although that would probably be hard to do. He suggested paw prints. PERFECT! Thanks babe!

Auburn Tigers Pawprint Tshirt Scarf Tutorial & Pattern

I did 4 paw prints total – 2 orange, one on each end of one side of the scarf, and 2 blue on the other- so I could switch colors with my mood – or show one of each!

(P.S. Here’s a rough outline of the pawprint I used, if ya want it! The image should be 4.5″ wide with a resolution of 300 pixels/inch and all you have to do is print it out on a regular 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper for the exact size I used.)

Auburn Tigers Pawprint Tshirt Scarf Tutorial & Pattern


Auburn Tigers Pawprint Tshirt Scarf Tutorial & Pattern

Annnd I got to proudly show it off at an Auburn baseball game last night. It was so nice to have after the sun went down and the wind picked up. But more on the game later!

This re-purposing t-shirt thing has got me totally inspired. Next I’m going to try this one – sooo shabby and cute, huh? And guess what- it doesn’t require any sewing. No needles. No thread. Sweet!


The best thing about this scarf? Besides being adorable, one-of-a-kind, and just for me….

It didn’t cost me a single penny.

I had the t-shirts, the thread, and the sewing machine, just ready to be used!


What have you re-purposed lately?? :) Any fun projects you have bookmarked? Share with me – I’d love to see! :)

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65 Responses
  1. Janeane

    Thanks for the scarf ideas. I am an after school director in Auburn and am going to make these scarves with the students. Parents are bringing in their old orange and blue t-shirts for us and like you, they have lots of spare ones.

  2. meg

    My friend and a HAVE started a business making scarves out of t-shirts! We are having so much fun, and making a little extra cash! We have a facebook page called “Say It With a Scarf” where we post our scarves to purchase. We go out and hunt for all kinds of teams and school shirts and then put them together!

  3. Kristina Sullins

    I was trying to get the link for the pawprint. It seems to broken or eaten. Can you please point me in the right direction or email it to me? Our high school team is the tigers and the paw print would work great!
    Thanks! I love it.

  4. Rena

    I want to make these. I am taking some of my mother’s t-shirt stash from art events she organized, and make scarves from them for family members. I am trying to see – did you use two layers of material? I have seen other sites with t-shirt scarf pics that look like they are only one thickness, but that seems it might be too thin.

    Yours is adorable. I plan to start making them this weekend.

  5. Wendy Giles Mathis

    Anything AUBURN is Puuuurrrrfect but this is simply adorable. I can hardly wait for the Fall again so I can make one too. Thanks for sharing. WAR EAGLE!

  6. Sheri

    Love this! One of my good friends, who loves to make crafty things will love this one. Our school colors are Black & White and I LOVE your style! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Mitzi

    Oh.My.Word. I LOVE this (even though it’s Auburn colors :)!!!! I am sooo going to have to try this myself!!
    I’m new as of today… so glad I happened upon your blog!

  8. TwoHeartsTogether

    You are so clever Amanda! Such a unique scarf, this is a great gift idea!
    Thanks for posting I’m going to have to try this one!

  9. Diane

    Perfect!!! This would be a great idea for a fund-raiser for my son’s highschool booster club….if we could get enough people sewing!! Love it!!! :o)

  10. anita johnson

    I just found your website after visiting the Pioneer Women and her post with dog photos (or at least I think that was the path). Anyway, we are Boston Terrier owners too…we love them. I love the photos of your Bostons in the yard playing in the puddles and then in need of a bath. I have a matching set here in Wisconsin…
    I look forward to stopping by, love the things you make too!

  11. Maria Chamorro

    Hi Amanda, beautiful blog. The scarf is so adorable that I’m going to definitely try it. I Just started a new blog, so take a peek when you get a chance! Maria

  12. Jenn

    i found your blog today and am in LOVE! everything about it makes me happy! i have bookmarked my face off and gone a wee bit font crazy!! looking forward to more…thanks for your fabulousness!!!

  13. Becky

    Absolutely Adorable…You did a great job. I’ve been saving some neon tees I couldn’t part with and now I know why…..I can use them to make this smashing scarf. ;)

  14. Mary Anne

    I have an aversion to sewing…BUT, I am a fan of your website because of your BOSTONS! And then, I checked out your weight loss site and it makes so much sense to me. But, my true love is Bostons, so I will keep checking back on them. I have a 16 month old WILD baby Boston named Bella. She wears me out and you truly have to be an owner of Bostons to appreciate them!

  15. Kelly

    I love your take on that scarf! My husband is a high school coach and it would be so cute to make those in the school colors for my girls and I to wear to football games this fall.

  16. Jeannette P

    What a great way to reuse t-shirts instead of just the popular t-shirt quilt (which I still haven’t tried to tackle). I think this is WAY cute of a scarf. My kid’s school colors are orange & black & their mascot is a Leopard so this would be perfect for us! I may have to make a shorter version of yours for my daughter. She’s pretty tiny & always cold so how perfect!!! Thanks for the idea.

  17. Gabriella

    Hi Amanda!

    Ow, how cute cute cute is your scarf!
    btw, I love all you collection of scarves!!!

    I1m from Brazil, and love your blog, congrats!


  18. Delecta Rollins

    I have been reading your blog for a while now and was excited to see today that you are a Clemson fan. We live in Greenville, SC! Are you nearby? Very very very cute scarf!

  19. Tiffany Lockette

    I would totally buy one of those scarfs for this upcoming Auburn football season as I too am an Auburn Fan!! War Eagle, great job on the scarf.

  20. KajunKJ

    I love the new scarf…adorable! Thanks for sharing that kewl site! After you make a circle scarf for yourself…make one for the doggies!

    Have a wonderful creative day!


    What a cute idea! Would you believe I had just cleaned out my closet (you know, the seasonal switch-a-roo) & had several tees that were getting kind of limp & shapeless. Was planning to recycle them to one of our shelters, but decided to pull a few out of the bag for this scarf project. Feel a bit bad for the shelter, but I’ll give them some other stuff. Thanks for sharing.
    I repurpose home decor items all the time. Some times it just involves some spray paint to totally alter the look of an item. Other times, I just swap things out from one room to another &/or create new groupings. My hubby use to ask all the time if this or that item was new & “no” was my usual answer. Now he doesn’t even ask anymore — all the better for me!
    Love your blog! Carol

  22. Kathleen Summers

    Nothing to share, but I just had to come in and say,
    YOU TOTALLY ROCK! Love it. So cute. Can’t wait to see the next one.

  23. Lori

    You did a fabulous job on that scarf! And you look so darn cute wearing it too! I have seen the circle t-shirts scarves before and wanted to make one too. That might be my rainy Sunday project this week!

  24. Ashlie

    Ok, I’ve got to say that I’m totally a scarf person because I always feel they look goofy on me. Believe me, I always want to wear one.

    But thats not why I’m commeting. I am commeting because holy cow you look skinny! When you made your post about eating better and loosing a few pounds I thought, “Aw, good for you.” Clearly your keeping it up. You look great, seeing the progress you’ve made is great motivation.

  25. Amber

    Oh I LOVE IT! That is too cute! Too bad my sewing machine just broke. Maybe it will give me a reason to go buy a new machine :)

  26. creole wisdom

    Amanda- that is absolutely darling! I love how youc created that. I bet if you wanted, you could start a little side business just making these (not like you dont’ have enough on your plate!) But I’m sure other ladies get cold sitting on those bleachers, too, and would LOVE LOVE a cute scarf.

    I thought of you when I was in Ireland because they are ALL about scarves over there, and let me tell you- they are gorgeous. The comapny who makes the prettiest ones I saw is called Avoca, check them out here:


  27. Kelley

    Ohh, that is so cute! I have that tutorial bookmarked too, but I love your take on it. I’ve got to make one to wear in the fall for my son’s high school football games.

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