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Auburn Tigers vs. Samford Bulldogs Baseball Game in Birmingham, Alabama

The weather has been beautiful this past week- I’ve just wanted to stay outside all day. The dogs love it (they whine at my feet until I take them out and toss the ball), and the yard sure could use my help. I’m looking forward to planting a garden again this year. Last year I just did a few herbs, but this year I’m thinking of adding some red & green bell peppers and maybe some green onions? I love them on pizza and in roasted vegetables. I hope spring is finally here to stay- and summer is just around the corner. This weekend the temperature is supposed to be 78*. Hooray!

Auburn Tigers vs. Samford Bulldogs Baseball Game in Birmingham, Alabama

Auburn Baseball

Last week was the 9 year anniversary of our first date. We often remember the date and remark on another year together, but this year everything just fell into place- and we had a unique opportunity to celebrate our day in a way that would be especially meaningful to us. If you’re been reading here long, you might remember the story of how Kevin & I got to know each other by going to Auburn baseball games in the spring of 2001. This year, it just so happened that Auburn was playing a Tuesday night game in a town just an hour and a half away- on the night after our anniversary. And my dad’s company had free tickets to the game. And they had a booth there with free hot dogs, hamburgers, and drinks.

Kevin asked me if I wanted to go… and I said “Definitely!!!
(I love it when he plans dates! :))

Auburn Tigers vs. Samford Bulldogs Baseball Game in Birmingham, Alabama

We had a blast. Auburn won 10-3, and the drive gave us a nice, uninterrupted chance to talk about where we’re going & what we’re doing for our wedding anniversary this year.

Auburn Tigers vs. Samford Bulldogs Baseball Game in Birmingham, Alabama

Auburn Tigers vs. Samford Bulldogs Baseball Game in Birmingham, Alabama

We were trying to get this picture when Spike, the opposing team’s cutie pie mascot, came and crashed the party! But we didn’t mind- he was pretty cute for a bulldog. :) Their stubby little bodies and smooshy little faces remind me of Miley & Howie.

(BTW, Miley & Howie are totally pulling for this little guy in the Final Four. Meep!)


Thanks for looking & Happy Monday!

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29 Responses
  1. Holly

    Just found you blog and I L-O-V-E it – and now that I know you’re Auburn fans I love you and it even more! I’m going there this fall.
    War Eagle!

  2. Samantha

    I hope you enjoyed your trip to Birmingham! Samford is just down the road from me. We also celebrate our dating anniversary – and actually take it a little more seriously than our wedding anniversary. :)

  3. shannon

    Just discovered your awesome blog! Can’t wait to read more when the kiddos are napping! P.S. Your weight loss is amazing! What an inspiration.

  4. Juni

    9 years!!! Congrats! — you guys are soooo cute together, and that scarf… i can’t get enough of it!

    Love the nature photos too —

    Enjoy the weekend and the weather!

  5. Abbie

    War Eagle and Go Braves! We are big baseball fans too, one of our 1st dates was a B’s game in 1998. I enjoy your blog, love the font tutorial, which I’m still working on. Your help is amazing! Thanks!

  6. Bree

    I’ve heard bell peppers are easy, and after I heard that when you buy them from the store they are the worst covered insecticide veggie out there, I decided that I’m growing them too!

    Start them in the starter pots inside, and you’ll be good when the snow and cold is officially over!

    Good luck! Can’t wait to see your pictures of your garden!

  7. Denissa

    How fun! Love your scarf, it is so cute! This isn’t related to your post, but I had a question regarding your weight loss journey..I too have been exercsing w/ no results only gaining :( But the question I do have is when you started the 1200 calories did you include any sweet treats in that? My problem is that I have a HORRIBLE sweet tooth and I was just wondering if I worked that into my calories for the day that maybe I wouldn’t feel like I was depriving myself so much??
    Thanks so much!

  8. Gillian

    Amanda, I just think you and your husband look fantastic! So cute together. I love your scarf too. It’s funny because my blog is and I never knew about yours until a few months ago (yours was made way before mine, I just had never found it!) So, our husbands share the same name! It’s a great name. :) I love your blog. You are so talented. Thanks for sharing all your fun things!


  9. Mary Cardini- Anderson

    Congratulations on your first date anniversary of 9 years. What a great way to celebrate it. I love the photos of you and your husband What a great scrapbook you will be able to make of 9 years together.


  10. Skye

    WAR EAGLE! I’m glad Auburn won! I’m not an Auburn fan (Oklahoma State Cowpoke here…) but one of my husband’s best friends is a die-hard supporter so I always feel a little pull towards fellow War Eagles! :) Love your blog!

  11. creole wisdom

    You are too cute.

    I love that scarf you made.

    Baseball games = spring. We just got a new stadium here for our baseball team, and I am thrilled to try it out :) Maybe I’ll make a cute scarf like you!

  12. Julie Bogart

    AW! I love baseball dates. My husband invited me to one of his softball games before we started dating. I have been to a zillion since and for several years we enjoyed season tickets to a major league team in our city. I start getting the baseball itch in February!

  13. Angie Mae

    what a wonderful way to celebrate!! We love going to baseball games too and it sounds like you guys had a blast! Great scarf!! I loved the post you did on it and I’m working on one of my own!! :-D

  14. Key Lime

    Love your site! I live in Utah and we have been having really nice spring weather too! I love it! I can’t get enough of it! :)

  15. Becky

    Great pics. You and Kevin look like models. Congrats on 9 years of marriage. I’ll be married 21 years next month. It’s unreal how fast life goes.

  16. Amanda

    Hi Kevin and Amanda! Just wanted to pop in and say what a marvelous time I always have reading your blog. You’re super helpful, and have great fonts. Happy Anniversary, and may you have many more together!

  17. Judy H.

    I love looking at your site, your freebies, and especially those precious Boston Terriers. I also have a BT, my second one. His name is Bullet. They have so much personality! I’m a fellow southerner too though I root for the Mississippi State Bulldogs…sorry!

  18. Dorothy

    Just wanted to say thanks for creating such a beautiful and helpful website. (I’ve only just discovered it…but will be back frequently!) Enjoy your great weather. I’m envious (it’s a rainstorm here today). By the way, your new scarf looks great!!

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