These Mighty Meaty Nachos are the perfect appetizer recipe for any occasion! Pure comfort food and utter deliciousness.

mighty meaty nachos

Meat Nachos with Homemade Tortilla Chips

Homemade tortilla chips = Yum. Yum yum yum yum yum. Homemade tortilla chips that are this delicious need a dipping sauce that is equally extraordinary – something that can step up to the plate and match the taste “WOW factor” – bite for bite. That’s where Mighty Meaty Nachos come in…

mighty meaty nachos

Ingredients You’ll Need

The ingredients: 1 lb breakfast sausage (can use regular or hot), 1 lb hamburger meat, 1 small jar of salsa, 1 can Rotel tomatoes and green chiles (can use mild or regular… if you can handle the heat ;)), 1 can cream of mushroom soup and 32 oz velveeta cheese.

For the tortilla chips: small, “fajita sized” tortillas (about 6″ in diameter), 3-4 cups vegetable oil & kosher salt

mighty meaty nachos

How to Make Mighty Meaty Nachos

About 2 hours before serving time, slice the Velveeta cheese and place in a crock pot that has been sprayed with Pam. (Keeps it from sticking to the side. Um, yeah. I forgot to do that.) Melt cheese over “High” heat. About 2 hours later, it should be melty and bubbly- like this. :)

mighty meaty nachos

Turn the crock pot to Low and put the lid back on. Now it’s time for the Might- I mean the meat – of this recipe. In a large skillet (this one’s 12″), brown, then drain the hamburger and sausage.

mighty meaty nachos

Now it’s time to get serious. Go back to all that melty, cheesy, Velveeta-y goodness in the crock pot. Stir in the meat, Rotel, cream of mushroom soup and the small jar of salsa. Now I never know what a small jar of salsa is, so normally I just buy whatever size I can find, then fill my empty (10 oz) Rotel can with salsa and use that amount.

Note to all the mushroom haters out there: Yes, you can leave the cream of mushroom soup out. I do it sometimes too. I wouldn’t touch mushrooms with a 10 foot pole- I can’t even stand the smell of them. The cream of mushroom soup just makes the dip… Creamier. Not mushroomier. :D

mighty meaty nachos

Ok YAY! My favorite part! The tortilla chips! :) These are so fun and your friends will be so impressed. :) Fill a small (10″) skillet with about 1″ of vegetable oil (about 3 cups, but I don’t measure).  Begin heating over medium to medium high heat for about 10 mins.

mighty meaty nachos

How to Make Homemade Tortilla Chips

Meanwhile, lets make chips. :) Grab a stack of tortillas- for the 2 of us, 10 tortillas is just about right. Cut into 1/4’s to make perfect little chips.

mighty meaty nachos

After about 10 mins the oil should be hot enough. We’re going to make the chips in 4 batches, so take one stack of chips and place them in the oil, one at a time.

mighty meaty nachos

Flip one over and check on it after about a minute or so. My first batch usually takes a little longer because the oil isn’t as hot yet. But as soon as one side starts to get golden, flip them over.

mighty meaty nachos

When both sides are brown and golden, immediately remove from oil (with tongs! :)) and place in a bowl lined with a paper towel. Immediately sprinkle with a healthy pinch of kosher salt.

mighty meaty nachos

Repeat the process for the rest of your chips.

mighty meaty nachos

They are usually golden, bubbly and perfect after cooking about 1 min on each side.

mighty meaty nachos

Sprinkle with a pinch of salt after each batch

mighty meaty nachos

Now, the really cool thing about flour tortillas is that that are golden and crispy on the outside, but when you bite into them it’s like a wonderful surprise- they’re kinda soft and flakey!! Definitely different from your average tortilla chip, but OMG. So good. Now if you prefer a more traditonal tortilla chip you can use corn tortillas. They have the traditional taste and crunchiness that you’re probably used to. Kevin prefers the corn tortilla chips, but I’m a flour tortilla kinda girl. I just cannot get enough of these chips. :D

mighty meaty nachos

Dip them into the Mighty Meaty Dip and it’s Nacho Perfection. These will be the hit of any party- the dip makes a *lot*, but I never bring home leftovers. :D

Image of Mighty Meaty Nachos

Mighty Meaty Nachos

  • Prep Time: 10 minutes
  • Cook Time: 2 hours
  • Total Time: 2 hours 10 minutes
  • Yield: Serves 10 1x
  • Category: Appetizer
  • Method: Crock Pot
  • Cuisine: Mexican


These Mighty Meaty Nachos are the perfect appetizer recipe for any occasion! Pure comfort food and utter deliciousness.



  • (32 oz) Velveeta cheese
  • 1 can Rotel tomatoes and green chilies
  • 1 lb sausage, browned and drained
  • 1 lb hamburger, browned and drained
  • 1 small jar of salsa
  • 1 can cream of mushroom soup

For the chips

  • small, fajita sized flour tortillas (about 6″ in diameter)
  • 12 cups vegetable oil
  • kosher salt


  1. Spray crock pot with Pam and melt Velveeta cheese on high for 2 hrs. Then add tomatoes, meat, salsa and soup and mix together. Keep warm while making chips.

For the chips

  1. Heat about 1″ of oil in a skillet over medium to medium high heat. Cut tortillas into 1/4ths to make chips. Heat chips in oil for about 1 min on each side until golden. Remove chips to bowl lined to paper towels and sprinkle with a healthy pinch of salt.
  2. Serve chips and dips together to make Mighty Meaty Nachos!

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57 Responses
  1. Karen

    I may need to make a trial batch of these this weekend. You know, to make sure they come out right, before I serve them at the party next weekend, haha! :)

  2. AirIck

    Cracking up that you are using breakfast sausage, velveeta, cream of mushroom soup and full-fat tortilla chips and yet you sprang extra for Laura’s Lean ground beef. LOL. I do the same sort of thing.. “let’s have a salad to be healthy” and then make homemade croutons, huge chunks of blue cheese and chunks of bacon.

  3. JennD

    Tried these for a Sunday-night-after-church snack. Substituted cream of celery soup for the mushroom soup because my kids are afraid of the little black specks. =) But this was amazing! The whole family loved it. Definitely making it again. And again.

  4. Lizbeth

    I made this for my brother and it was the first time a cake has actually turned out how i wanted! I love the pictures you put on each recipe. Your recipes are amazing! Keep us updated with more. THANK YOU!

  5. Megan

    I made this today and it was delicious! I used velveeta with jalapenos and it was soooo good. It didn’t take two hours to melt, but I was watching it so it didn’t burn. :) I now have a ton left over for the next few snow days!

  6. Sherry

    This sounds amazing! I think I’ll be doing just the sauce (deep frying is a fear of mine that I have yet to conquer) but how much does it make? It it too much for four people as a snack? I’ll also be adding tomatoes, olives, beans, jalepenos for some fully loaded nachos (not to mention sour cream and gaucamole) and it looks like just the sauce alone with all that meat might be too much…

    Also, can milk or cream be substituted for the cream of mushroom soup?

  7. Rae

    After finding this post over the summer, I’ve made at least 10 batches of homemade chips. You can even make a sweet snack with just the homemade flour tortilla chips and cinnamon sugar, but *my* favorite method is to sprinkle the chips with dry ranch dressing mix. Thank you SO much for posting this Amanda – I’m not afraid to fry anymore! Also, you’ve created a monster. :)

  8. Danielle

    I made this dip yesterday, being that it was Halloween and I figured it would be the perfect thing to make while getting the house ready. I did cut the recipe in half since it’s just the two of us and we have plenty of leftovers. Even though I cut the recipe in half, I still used a whole can of rotel, but a half of the cream of mushroom soup and salsa. This dip was so great! My other half loved it and said it was a great switch from regular queso! I could have eaten the whole bowl on my own!

    Thanks Amanda!

  9. Rachael

    I make a vegetarian style dip, close to this one. I use a large can of Rotel, a couple cans of black beans, and, of course, the velveeta! Simple and yummy! I’m sure my hubby would appreciate the meat in this though! I’m going to have to try it asap!

  10. Tina

    I just want to thank you for your wonderful pulled pork recipe. I have made it twice and it is soo delicious and moist!
    I also made tortilla chips but I baked them after spraying them with some oil. It was so yummy! I would love to have these Nachos but can’t have cheese for a while, but can’t wait to try it =D

  11. Couples Kitchen

    OH MY LORD!! these look like devils food!!! nachos are my number one favourite food! i think you have just put me in an early grave!

  12. Desire' H.

    I made these for our Superbowl Party this past Sunday- and the dip was incredible! It got rave reviews! I will definitely make this a staple for future parties. Thanks so much for sharing such a tasty recipe with us!

  13. Allison

    That looks SO DELISH! I think I’m going to make some! And homemade tortillas are awesome! I also like to sprinkle some sugar and cinnamon on them for an addicting snack.

  14. Jamie

    These chips are yummy! I am going to be making homemade for my sons birthday party this Sunday. :-) I’ve tried your dip before, too, but I’ll probably make something a little easier since I already have a ton to do that day.

    And for those who are wondering…the chips don’t stay good overnight. I did a practice run on them earlier this week to see if I could make them the day before the party and they weren’t good the next day. (I even stored them in a vacuum sealed bag.)

    Oh, also I mentioned your blog in my blog, I hope you don’t mind.

  15. darci

    LOVED this- i was kinda worried it’d be too heavy/cheesy but the flavor was WONDERFUL. and the homemade chips really make the meal! SOOO yummy!

  16. Danielle

    MMMmmm!!! I made the homemade tortilla chips tonight to have with fajitas and the chips were SO good! I have made a cheese dip similar to your recipe and its really good, just didn’t have the ingredients or time to make it tonight but the homemade chips were so good that we loved them plain! I’m so glad I found this site – so many great recipe ideas! I seriously appreciate the photos and detailed instructions since I’m a beginner!

  17. Carmen

    Hi! Just found your website but wanted to say that I’ve used this recipe before only instead of the the can of mushroom soup (just can’t bring myself to do it), I’ve added a brick of cream cheese.

    It’s fabulous. This makes a ton of dip!

  18. Christie @ fig&cherry

    Delicious! Came through via Stumbleupon and glad I’ve found you. Wonderful photos and love the design of your blog.

  19. Carla St. George

    We had a party for the Daytona 500 and I made this dip. I got nothing but great reviews and the chips were out of this world!!! Thank you for the great recipe

  20. Valerie

    Made this for a Super Bowl party last night and I must say it was a hit!!! The chips were especially loved by all and went great with the guacamole that someone else made. The meat sauce was a little thick but still very tasty. I will definately make this one again and again. Thanks.

  21. Matt from Pittsburgh

    Just made this for my Super Bowl party. Very tasty. I didn’t melt the Velveeta in a crock pot, I have a very deep pot that I put on the stove. It worked fine for me. Next time I might use the crock pot because it makes a lot, almost over flowed my pot :/ All in all great recipe, thank you! And thank you stumble! :)

  22. Lynn

    This was really good and hearty too. I think the homemade tortillas were my favorite! And to think I almost ditched the idea and used store bought; ) My big mistake was cutting them into 8ths instead of 4ths….should have paid closer attention! It made so much (we used it for supper Sunday night) that I had a ton left over. I am freezing a tub of it to see how it holds up and reheats awhile later. Keep them coming, I am really enjoying all my new recipes.

  23. Shannon

    Hello… Thank you for sharing this recipe with us….. I have a stampin/class coming up will make it for that…. my question is… how much will this make?

  24. Stevie

    Hi Amanda, it’s Stevie from Woof! I tried this recipe tonight and it was fantastic! I especially loved the chips, what a great idea! I can’t wait to try more of your recipes. I love your site!

  25. MaryEllen

    Meant to say that before you fry the whole flour tortilla, make a couple of cuts in the middle so it doesn’t poof up. Then fry….take out ot the pan and drain somewhat….then sprinkle with the cinnamon/sugar mixture.

  26. MaryEllen

    Have been to your site many, many times and am just in a wonder of all your talents. I even used your scrapbook room as inspiration for my own. My husband is of Mexican ancestry and loves to cook. He has made flour tortilla chips many times to serve with his salsa. Another idea is to fry the chips the same way only after you take them out of the pan sprinkle sugar/cinnamon on them. Makes a nice dessert treat. Or instead of cutting them into quarters just leave them whole….make a couple of cuts in the middle and then sprinkle with the sugar mixture. Elephant Ears! Thanks for all the great ideas and sharing your many talents.

  27. queen b

    Your recipe looks great. I saw the pics of your home. I love the paint color. Do you mind sharing the name of the paint ? THanks !!

  28. Rob

    Try corn tortillas for the chips and use popcorn salt and they will taste like chips right out of a mexican restaurant. You can make them like this in the morning then thrown them in the oven a little before you eat them to crisp them back up. Just around 350 for a couple minutes should do.

  29. Karen

    Can’t wait to try this recipe! It looks great. Thanks so much for the step by step instructions and such great recipes. I also LOVE your recipe scrapbook. Thanks for such great ideas!

  30. Marie {Make and Takes}

    Ahhhh, I’ve hit the foodie jackpot here! You’re recipes are simple and yummy, right up my alley! Glad I found you through Stumble!

  31. Zindra

    I’ve taken pictures of the finished product of our favorite foods before… but I love the step by step!
    Wanna try it!

  32. Amanda

    You know, that is a good question. To be honest I’ve never had them around that long! LOL. I prefer them hot off the oil, so I usually just make a small batch for us and we eat them right away. I’m sure they’d be fine if you made them on the same day and kept them in an airtight ziploc bag. :)

    My mom does freeze her leftovers, but I have never tried it myself. :)

  33. linda

    Oh I am going to have to make this for the super guys, my guys will love this.. Thanks for the great recipe, could the leftovers be frozen??

  34. Sarah

    Looks delicious! When you say it makes a LOT, how much is a lot? I woudl like to make this, but we are only a family of four, (with two little ones under age 4) so it may be TOO much for us to handle! :)

  35. Ami

    Wow, these both look AWESOME!! Thanks for sharing them! Also, I highly recommend the Slow Cooker Liners made by Reynolds (you can find them on the same aisle as the tin foil and zip-loc bags)! You just put one of those in the crock pot and then put your food in. Ta-da! No messy clean-up! Yay! :)

  36. LoriAnn

    Yummy!!! I will have to make this for one of our ladies nights in! DH wouldn’t touch the dip because of the Rotel, but YUM!!!

  37. Bridgett

    These would be perfect for our Super Bowl Party! Thanks for sharing the recipe. I am definitely going to try making the chips. They look fabulous.
    How long do the chips stay crispy? Can I make them early in the day?

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