Meeting Rocco: An Intimate Dinner, Wine Tasting & Small Bite Pairing

Into the Heart of LA | My Trip to Beverly Hills via Bertolli!
Photo via Briana

The grand finale of our “Into the Heart of LA” culinary experience with Bertolli was a private, intimate meet and greet with celebrity chef Rocco DiSpirito. After a whirlwind day full of pampering, limos, celebrity treatment, meeting new friends, tasting new foods, exploring LA’s unique culinary scene and uncovering its passion for food, Bertolli saved the best for last.

Into the Heart of LA | My Trip to Beverly Hills via Bertolli!

We were taken to Culina, the newly opened Italian restaurant at the Four Seasons’ Beverly Wilshire, and escorted to a private back dining room where we all waited anxiously for Rocco to arrive.

Into the Heart of LA | My Trip to Beverly Hills via Bertolli!
Photo via Briana

Into the Heart of LA | My Trip to Beverly Hills via Bertolli!

We were in for a treat with the special small bites tasting menu designed especially for us.

Into the Heart of LA | My Trip to Beverly Hills via Bertolli!

And then came Rocco. He sat down, and I was within wine glass clinking distance!

Into the Heart of LA | My Trip to Beverly Hills via Bertolli!

Rocco asked us about ourselves, our blogs, and our day in LA.

Into the Heart of LA | My Trip to Beverly Hills via Bertolli!

He told us about his recent trip to Italy with Bertolli, his passion for fresh, local ingredients, and where he finds inspiration.

Into the Heart of LA | My Trip to Beverly Hills via Bertolli!

Deep in conversation with Jenny from Picky Palate about food, family, and flavor.

Into the Heart of LA | My Trip to Beverly Hills via Bertolli!

Culina’s sommelier, Brick, explains our wine pairings with each course. Lucky for you, Briana gently explained to me what a “sommelier” was. I was just gonna call him “Brick the Wine Guy”. *blush*

Into the Heart of LA | My Trip to Beverly Hills via Bertolli!

Into the Heart of LA | My Trip to Beverly Hills via Bertolli!

Culina’s new modern Italian chef, Victor Casanova (love his name!), came out to greet us and tell us about our courses.

Into the Heart of LA | My Trip to Beverly Hills via Bertolli!

Plate One

Involitini Di Manzo
Kobe A-5. Delta Asparagus. Enoki Mushrooms. Parmigiano Reggiano.

Wine: Nebbiolo d’Alba. giacosa fratelli. 2007 piedmont.

Into the Heart of LA | My Trip to Beverly Hills via Bertolli!
Photo via Jenny

Melt-in-your-mouth, buttery Kobe beef wrapped around a spring of asparagus, tiny enoki mushrooms, and Parmigiano Reggiano.

Into the Heart of LA | My Trip to Beverly Hills via Bertolli!

Rocco asked Chef Victor to show us his prized Kobe beef, a delicacy cut from cows that are massaged daily to produce this highest quality of flavor, tenderness, and marbled texture.

Into the Heart of LA | My Trip to Beverly Hills via Bertolli!
Photo via Shelisa

Into the Heart of LA | My Trip to Beverly Hills via Bertolli!

Plate Two

Caponata Di Carciofi
Baby Artichokes. Castelvetrano Green Olives. San Marzano Tomato.

Wine: Pinot Bianco. haberle. alois lageder. alto adige 2007.

Into the Heart of LA | My Trip to Beverly Hills via Bertolli!

Plate Three

Suppli Al Telefono
Saffron Risotto Croquette. Mozzarella Di Bufala. Tomato Sugo.

Wine: Mamertino. cru timpanara. vasari. sicily 2006.

Into the Heart of LA | My Trip to Beverly Hills via Bertolli!
Photo via Jenny

Gorgeous photo of our third plate by Jenny. It was as incredible as it looks.

Into the Heart of LA | My Trip to Beverly Hills via Bertolli!

After our dinner with Rocco (it lasted about an hour!) we each got to sit down and chat with him, have our pictures made, and get our books signed. Bertolli had given us all copies of his newest book, Now Eat This, in our welcome gift bags.

Into the Heart of LA | My Trip to Beverly Hills via Bertolli!

Into the Heart of LA | My Trip to Beverly Hills via Bertolli!

Into the Heart of LA | My Trip to Beverly Hills via Bertolli!

Into the Heart of LA | My Trip to Beverly Hills via Bertolli!

Apparently Rocco was quite charming. Do I look smitten? *blush*

Into the Heart of LA | My Trip to Beverly Hills via Bertolli!

I also brought along an extra book for Rocco to sign… Can you tell what it says? I’ll give you a hint…

“To a fellow Kevin and Amanda fan. Congratulations! Rocco XO”

Into the Heart of LA | My Trip to Beverly Hills via Bertolli!

Rocco asked if my readers were mostly female, and when I said yes, he added the XO. ;)

Into the Heart of LA | My Trip to Beverly Hills via Bertolli!
Photo via Pat


If you’d like this copy of Rocco’s new book, Now Eat This, dedicated to a special Kevin & Amanda reader, just leave me a comment on this post by 7pm, Saturday, May 22nd. :) I’ll announce the randomly chosen winner on Monday. :)


Congrats to #416 Becky! “Thanks for sharing your amazing pics. I would love love love to win his book. He’s a cutie.

Into the Heart of LA | My Trip to Beverly Hills via Bertolli!

There’s more…

My trip to LA didn’t end here… I stayed an extra 3 days in California and took in the gorgeous beaches of Santa Monica, Malibu, and Venice, the glitz of Hollywood, Sunset Blvd, & Melrose, and even drove down to the OC to bake with Jenny in the Picky Palate kitchen. :) Stay tuned… :)

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  1. Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic

    Darn I read this too late! Your outfit is absolutely precious! I love the top! Rocco is such a cutie I’m so excited to see these pictures and that food, again. HEAVEN!

  2. Heidi

    What a great experience! That book looks fantastic. I was going to pick up a copy, but I’ll wait and see if I get lucky first! ;)

  3. Cheri

    Amanda, looks like you had a fabulous time – His book looks really great – thanks for sharing your adventure!!!!

  4. Brooke

    Crossing my fingers for this one. I like to eat from a variety of cuisines and being in Australia I’d have to say that American is something I’m not too familiar with. Sounds silly I know but I’ve never had anything like your pulled pork roast!

  5. Cathy Brown

    Wow, what an amazing trip you have shared with us! Thank you for the chance to win this book!

  6. Becky

    Thanks for sharing your amazing pics. I would love love love to win his book. He’s a cutie.

  7. Jessica

    That is just amazing! I am super jealous of your fantastic trip & dinner with the handsome Rocco! REALITY CHECK: My 4 y.o. is throwing Mr. Potato head around his room, my 2 y.o. needs his diaper changed and I need to get dinner started. Blast. Thanks for letting me live in your fabulous world for 10 minutes. It was fantastic!

  8. Carla

    XO right back at Rocco! What an amazing time you had and all the details you provided us with made me feel like I was dining with you. Thanks so much Amanda!

  9. Brianna

    Wow, what an amazing trip! I would have loved to meet Rocco, he’s such an amazing chef and not too hard on the eyes either. ;-)

  10. Ashley

    Looks like you had a great time! That would be so awesome to add that cookbook to my collection. :)

  11. Bernice

    Looks like you had an amazing time there with Rocco! Must have been quite the yummy experience!

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    WOW!! You had a fantastic trip….and dinner with one of the cutest chefs ever…lucky you!!!! Thanks for thinking of us with the extra book!!!

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    I am so jealous you were able to meet Rocco!! He is such a cutie! I would love to have that book!

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    I’m so glad you got to come out here to CA, it such a fun place :) I would LOVE to win that book!

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    What an awesome experience! Looks like you had the best vacation ever. And wow, is Rocco handsome! I would have been blushing like a fool.

  16. Ashley

    I’ve been reading through all the posts so far, and how fun! Everything looks like it was such a blast! & I do have to say that I am quite jealous of this dinner! I could say because the food looks amazing, but really it’s because Rocco is such a doll! :D
    I’m loving your outfit by the way!

    Lots of Smiles!


  17. Nicole

    Congratulations on your big win and getting to experience the food scene in LA and meeting Rocco! We were down there just a week earlier and I wish you would have gone before us! There are so many things that I feel I missed out on!! :)

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    Sounds like SOOO much fun! I love Rocco and would love love love to have his book (signed)!!

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    Wow, gorgeous photos! How exciting, and the food looks delish. Rocco is an absolute doll! Glad you had fun, looking forward to your next post

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    I’m so glad you had such an amazing trip! I’d love to snag a copy of the cookbook- what a neat giveaway!

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    I absolutely loved reading about your experiences! What a treat! Thank you for such a gracious giveaway :)

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    ah I must say I envy you. You seem so happy and like you had the BEST time in the world out in Cali!

    Id love to enter the giveaway!

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    Oh Amanda, what an amazing trip. As a SAHM to two boys that trip sounded like HEAVEN. I was intrigued by your trip to Sparkles and all of the food vendors. How amazing that all of those vendors were in one location and the converted double decker bus…truly inventive. I’m inspired to make home made pasta. As always amazing pics and thank you for sharing.


  26. Nancy Augustine

    Amanda, can I just say I am JEALOUS. What a great experience. It looks like you had an incredible time in LA. I just love being able to get a little taste of your experience through your blog. I enjoy reading it. By the way I maked your chocolate cake into cup cakes for my son’s High School Football team yesterday, 100 cup cakes but they LOVED them so thanks for the recipe. The Varsity Football Team from Travelers Rest High School says “THANKS”

  27. Barb B.

    Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful trip with us Amanda! I’m so happy for you that you got to experience this. I enjoyed reading about and seeing your time in LA.

  28. Terri

    Thank you Amanda for sharing your trip with us and giving us the opportunity to experience with you. Thank you for also giving one lucky winner a chance to win a piece of the trip:)

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    Oh my goodness! That kobe beef looks AMAZING. I’ve never had it, but I’ve always wanted to try it!

    Rocco doesn’t look half bad either. ;-)

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  36. Veronica Spriggs

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    and interesting post! the pictures are great..and so nice of you to be giving a book out for free..thanks for sharing!

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  55. Ashliee

    It looks like you all had a wonderful time! I love all the pictures! I remember when I first watched his show when it aired, my favorite was watching him and his mother together in the kitchen. Got the feeling of everything that he made having a history behind it, or an emotional connection to his mother.

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    Oh my goodness, I am loving your posts and photos! Thank you so much for entering me in the drawing.

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    I would LOVE to win the giveaway!! Go cooking… go recipes… go Rocco DeSpirito! ;-)
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  80. fiona

    I absolutely love your blog, and have been delighted to open my mail box each day this week to find another update from your amazing trip.
    The bustaurant i had to show my husband (he is a bus driver) he thought it brill.
    The “Involitini Di Manzo
    Kobe A-5. Delta Asparagus. Enoki Mushrooms. Parmigiano Reggiano.” looked to die for i would even have massaged the cow myself for a bite LOL
    keep up the good work entertaining us all

    Fiona, Inverness, Scotland

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    Diane M

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    I would absolutely love to win Rocco’s book! I’ve seen him on The Biggest Loser … holy moly … that man sure is handsome! Comfort food under 350 calories? Sounds too good to be true!
    Thanks again for sharing with us … I really enjoy your blog!
    lutee at sbc global dot net

  113. Kristin S

    I didn’t even enter to go with you because I could not travel this week. BUMMER! What an amazing trip! And Rocco. Doesn’t he know he needs to marry me? Gracious.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  114. Karen

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  115. Nataleigh G

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  118. Sandi Hixson

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  119. Sherry

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    Great blog of your fabulous trip. I never knew one could have so much fun in LA. You have some wonderful new memories that will last a lifetime.

  120. Pati L

    You were “Smitten” all right! Not the word that came to my mind but a good word, I was thinking similar! You are too funny. Thanks for the photo tour, and all the extra pics of Rocco : ) Glad you had such a great time with the gals & Rocco.

  121. Jaime

    I can honestly say I am SO jealous of your fantastic trip!! I can’t even imagine all the wonderful memories that were made. It’s been fun looking at all these beautiful pictures and living vicariously through your once in a life time experience!! Thanks for sharing all of this with us!!

  122. Cathy

    Wow! I’d LOVE a copy of that book!

    What a fabulous week, and AMAZING photos! It’s almost like we all along for the trip with you. Almost. My mouth has been watering daily as I look through your photos, and I wish that I would have been able to experience that portion of the trip in person as the virtual aspect doesn’t quite cut it -wink-

  123. Lori

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