The Cheese Store of Beverly Hills: An L.A. Specialty Store at Its Finest

Into the Heart of LA | My Trip to Beverly Hills via Bertolli!

We had one more stop on our wonderful, whirlwind tour of LA before meeting Rocco: the amazing Cheese Store of Beverly Hills.

Into the Heart of LA | My Trip to Beverly Hills via Bertolli!

Walking into the Cheese Store, I was utterly blown away. (Get it?? Udderly? Snarf!) You could totally smell all the wonderfully pungent cheeses way before you entered the store. :)

Into the Heart of LA | My Trip to Beverly Hills via Bertolli!

Into the Heart of LA | My Trip to Beverly Hills via Bertolli!
Photo via Briana

It completely exceeded all my expectations. It was a tiny little store that you could barely turn around in, (especially with 15 other girls! :)) but I could’ve easily spent an hour or more in there. It was just like I imagined walking into the cheese store in Lucca, Italy (that I’d seen in the Bertolli video before my trip) would be.

Into the Heart of LA | My Trip to Beverly Hills via Bertolli!

Much to our excitement, the owner, Norbert, had a little challenge for us: 3 different types of cheeses made from 3 different types of milk- goat, sheep, and cow. We got to sample all 3 and try to guess which milk they were made from!

Into the Heart of LA | My Trip to Beverly Hills via Bertolli!

Let me just tell you right now- I could not tell at all. All I knew is that they were delicious. They were soft, smooth, & creamy… and heavenly. just like Rocco said, I just want to keep eating them- why do I need to know where they came from?? :)

Into the Heart of LA | My Trip to Beverly Hills via Bertolli!

Into the Heart of LA | My Trip to Beverly Hills via Bertolli!

This one I do know- Gorgonzola! Norbert also brought out the finest extra virgin olive oil, bread, and Italian prosciutto for us to sample. *faints*

Into the Heart of LA | My Trip to Beverly Hills via Bertolli!

I couldn’t leave without a souvenir. I got this jar of Strawberry Preserves with Balsamic Vinegar. It is to die for. I’ve been having it on warm, buttered toast every morning this week and remembering L.A. It even came in this cute little reusable cooler pack- for keeping cool on the long trip home.

Okay, so I look totally cheesy (cheesy! snort.), but this picture was actually Norbert’s idea! He was such a cutie. :)


Stay tuned!

The perfect ending to our perfect day: an intimate wine tasting and small bite pairing with Rocco DiSpirito at the Four Seasons.

Thanks for looking! :)

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24 Responses
  1. Brenda in Sunny So Cal

    Love the Cheese Shop, if you are ever in the Monterey Bay Area or Santa Barabara they have them there too, perfect place to pick stuff for a small picknick

  2. Becky

    I’m sooooo hungry for some cheese….so how many did you try and what was your faves ? I love sampling cheeses. Great pics by the way. Thanks for sharing, Becky

  3. Debbie

    can’t get over what a blessing/gift/amazing that trip was. Thanks for sharing it with us..

    Just want to say your new layout and design is really nice and refreshing!

  4. carolanne carter

    Love your little bolero Amanda and have loved seeing what you have been doing on your trip. What a great time you must’ve had. Girlie trips are the best.

  5. From the Heart

    oooh that cheese store looks to die for! like the new layout its cute and yes very cute dress!
    thanks for sharing all your pix!

  6. Kerry

    I have been following along on your SUPER fun trip… how cool was that?!?! And I just HAD to tell you how FABULOUS you look (all of you girls!) the colors are so bright and bold and you all look BEAUTIFUL!!! Like your other admirers, I am SO loving your dress… complete with the necklace, belt, super cute polka dot bag, shrug… how CUTE were you!??!! After all the counting calories, it must have been the BEST to just splurge and ENJOY!!!!!!!!!

    Blessings to you!

  7. Christina

    I can’t get over the pic of the entire store with all those fabulous CAMERAS in those girls! It was a big camera party.

  8. Claudia

    Mandy, I could sink my teeth into those photos. I am reliving it all over again. It was such a busy day – wish we all could have gotten to know each other better. Cheers to your artistic skills!

  9. Aimee (but not THAT Aimee) :)

    OMG, cheese.


    I could live happily for the rest of my life on cheese alone. (It would be a SHORT life, yes, but it would be happy!) ;)

  10. Sherry

    I am loving your account of your trip to LA. Photos are fabulous. The only drawback is that you are making me soooo hungry. LOL Continue on…

  11. Debi

    Oh, my! I am totally enjoying your blog with all the pics from LA. The cheese photos are fabulous! Wish I could have been there!

  12. Pat

    Hi Amanda!
    Thanks for all your sweet comments about the trip on my blog! It was so much fun wasn’t it? It’s nice to visit everyone that was on this trip and see their thoughts and photos. I LOVE all your close ups of cheese! Norbert was so friendly — I will definitely re-visit that shop again whenever I visit LA!
    ♥ Pat

  13. Brooke


    I love reading about your awesome trip! How exciting!! I have to say that I get very hungry every single time I read. Can’t wait to hear more!!

  14. Jennie larsen

    Hi Amanda~ I have enjoyed seeing all your trip pics. to fun. Yummy gourmet cheeses, how nice.

    Three things I HAVE TO KNOW~ Where did you get your darling dress?

    Where did you get the darling shawl?

    and how much weight did you gain? ha! just kidding on this one. I do want to know about the dress? i love the belt too. You look so darling. Jenn

  15. Kerry

    Awesome pics from your trip! They are so crisp and clear. On another note…where did you get that uber cute polka dot bag? Is that an Etsy camera bag?

  16. Jenny Flake

    Looking at all of our pictures from the trip makes me miss all of the fun we had!! Beautiful post, my “cheesy” pictures should be up sometime today or tomorrow :) Have a great day girl!!

  17. Marilyn Tschorke

    It is so much fun to see your photos! You are adorable! I love the polka dot bag over your shoulder. Is it a camera bag? Where did you get it? So glad you had such a fun trip!

  18. Peggy Whisenhunt

    looking at all your pictures makes me feel like I am there with you. what a great fun trip, glad you got to go.

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