How Do You Know When Spring Is Coming?


Every day…

For the past week…

I open the back door…

and find THIS waiting for me.

Boston Terrier Puppies

It starts out innocently enough…

I let Miley & Howie out for their morning bathroom break and backyard patrol.

They make the rounds, thoroughly inspecting every square inch of the yard until they’ve made sure no unauthorized visitors have trespassed into their territory during the night.

Boston Terrier Puppies

But at some point… when they think I’m not looking…

They find the Swamp.

Boston Terrier Puppies

You know… that overgrown area of the yard we like to forget about from October to April.

Boston Terrier Puppies

The Swamp is like the Bermuda Triangle for dogs & their toys. It attracts them and sucks them in.

But that’s no problem for Howie.

Boston Terrier Puppies

You have to keep a close eye on the backyard to experience this rare swamp monster sighting.

Boston Terrier Puppies

Miley, of course, is more dainty and attempts to hover over the swamp.

Boston Terrier Puppies

She sticks the landing…

Boston Terrier Puppies

But she misjudged how close that fence was. Doh!

Boston Terrier Puppies

So, when they’re standing at the back door, waiting to be let in, looking post-apocalyptic…

Boston Terrier Puppies

There’s only one thing we can do.

Boston Terrier Puppies

Bath time!

Boston Terrier Puppies

Spring. It’s Miley & Howie’s favorite time of year.

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153 Responses
  1. Deanna

    What a cute bunch of pictures! I have a video of two of mine playing in the living room yesterday I need to post. It was raining at our house and my little sissy girls didn’t want to go out in it. Love it!!!

  2. Lauren @ 31 diy

    Hahaha! That is so precious! We live in a townhouse without a backyard, so the girls never have a chance to get too dirty. Often times, however, right after their bath, Jini will find something gross outside (e.g., a dead bird) and before I know it she’s trying to rub the scent on her. Gross! But it’s also kind of cute. :)

  3. Sarah

    OMG this is the coolest post!! I have Bostons and I’ve been greeted at the back door with the same faces LOL. Whats even better is when you DON’T notice and let them run in the house like that, UGH!! You’re not a member of the by chance? I feel like I’ve seen your little Bostons before…

  4. Becca

    Thanks for the fonts! When I saw the first pic of your pooches, my thought was that you have a heart for really rough-looking dogs – then the story unfolded. Last nite sent the url to my daughter, who received a Boston as a wedding gift this past August. Got a note back this morning that she had checked the site and barely kept from laughing out loud in her graduate level class. Yes, kids of all ages still write notes in class.

  5. Robin E

    I just found your site today Amanda and am sooo happy. Your dogs are just adorable and can’t wait to look at all the pictures you posted and get some great ideas. THANK YOU for sharing!

  6. Tracey C.

    That is the best!! Love the pictures. You are a much better dog mommy that me because I take mine out on a leash so that they can’t get to the swamp. I am so looking forward to summer.

  7. Edna B

    Today, I stumbled o to your blog, and have been enjoying it trememdously. I love your photos. I’m into nature photography too, and have a little dog Tootsie. She is a Chinese Crested Powderpuff, and a constant source of joy for me.

    I’m looking forward to seeing more of your beautiful photos, and reading your stories. Thank you so much for sharing.
    Hugs, Edna B.

  8. Amanda

    Awesome pictures! I have 2 pugs so I understand the silliness and mischief all too well. I’ve just started blogging and have really enjoyed reading your blog for inspiration (and help!)

  9. Mari M.

    I just found your website and it is so fun! The dogs in your “swamp” cracked me up and definitely gave me a smile for the day. I saw on one of your tutorials that you are interested in recipe blogs, so check mine out, its relatively new but I am having fun with it! Have a great day.

  10. Sarah P.

    HILARIOUS! Ihope they tolerate bath time well. I have 2 labs and I can’t get over their ability to locate mud/dirt/water, etc. at any given opportunity. Dogs truly have a gift that way. ;)

    Also, just wanted to let you know that I used your spring mini-kit for my new blog header. :) Thought you might like to swing by and check it out. Thanks so much for sharing your many talents!

  11. robindiane

    Thank you for a laugh this morning. My daughter laughed and laughed. Her favorite picture was Miley running into the fence. We have a Boston Terrier too but he hates getting wet. I wouldn’t have to worry about him getting into the mud swamp. LOL

  12. Janet

    OMG, I just love your dogs and the posts you have on them. They are soo cute and make me miss my old roommate’s boston. Her name was Kiki and is she’s deaf, and was rescued by her mom’s boston terrier rescue shelter in Houston, Texas. My friend’s mom was afraid she wasn’t going to be adopted by someone because of her “disability”, but we took her in while we were still living together and oh man, we fell in love. So everytime I see a post on your cuties, I just have to emails the links to my friend. Your cuties are so loved and so free, I love that. Take Care.

  13. Julianna

    Your blog site is amazing ( and the fonts too ).
    Your blog is such an inspiration , even for a fourteen
    year old. I love the dogs ; quite adorable reminds me of
    my crazy Shih Tzue/Maltese Cookie ♥

  14. Kathryn Ferraro

    Now that is funny stuff! Amanda, I am always so impressed with your photos. Did you use Photoshop on these or are they straight from your camera. I would love to hear from you!

  15. Angie

    Hi Amanda, I’m new to the blogging world and just recently stumbled across your blog! I must say I’m in love!! You are awesome – all the questions I’ve had so far I have found all the answers to right here on your blog. Thank you so much for sharing all that you do about how to get your blog looking just like you want it. You have truly inspired me!! I hope you don’t mind but I’ve added your button to my blog! I believe everyone in blogging world needs to know about you!
    And your dogs are adorable – reminds me of my parent’s dogs!
    Thanks again!

  16. Laurie Howard

    Great pics – love your dogs so much! I have a maltese named Sophie and she likes to do the EXACT same thing. With all of this rain we have had lately, she has had a ball! Sometimes I think my 9-yr-old son wishes he could join her! Speaking of kids, when are you and Kevin going to have some of your own??? You would make a GREAT mom!!

  17. Stephanie

    As a mother of 3 dogs, I understand this completely! So cute & funny! Your pictures are amazing & capture these moments perfectly!

  18. Monette

    Love that Howie and Miley; my own BT Dottie does not like to get wet, though. She would freak if she fell in the “swamp”!

  19. suzanne pignato

    too funny I live in South Florida now with a shih tzu and a silky terrier…used to have two labs in NC i remember the red clay i was born in raised in Charlotte…great photos and thanks for the tips with the fonts love typography…have a great week suzanne pignato

  20. Cherie Gailey

    OH FOR CUTE! Love the pics! especially the action shots. How did you get so lucky to catch Miley running into the fence? HAHAHA! Hilarious. :)

  21. Elizabeth

    You know, it’s not often I literally laugh out loud reading blogs, but this one did it! I adore dogs and the pictures you captured in this post are priceless.

  22. Amanda Sevall

    OMG — totally laughing!! My boston does the same thing. That look like “What, I’m dirty? I’m not dirty. I have no idea what you are talking about!” lol We get the same looks in the bathtub too. So cute — great action shots!!

  23. Kim

    oh I am glad I found your blog! your doggie post made me laugh out loud. I have a cockapoo. What fun your dogs have in your yard!

  24. Michele

    I love this post!!!! I was just laughing all the way down – i love how our little furry friends/family just do the funniest yet simplest thing ever. :) thanks for sharing Amanda!

  25. candace

    omg, you have GOT to enter some pics into the Hallmark Card Contests……i mean these pups should be on greeting cards!!! adorable!!! ur site is my fav.

  26. Jellybean

    My 2 Shih-tsu’s are just like yours. They love to get dirty running in water or the snow. This is the first year for romping in the white stuff and they loved it!!!!

  27. Brandi K. Vowell

    This was so precious! You grabbed such great expression and we all knew exactly what was going through their little mischievous minds!

  28. Emily L.

    Oh man my dogs would just love it if they had a backyard with a mud pile to go run in! They would be in heaven ha.

  29. Lynn

    lol!!! How cute! How dirty!! omg…how many bathes do they get a week?? Kelsey washed Maggie a few weeks ago (Maggie gets 1 bath a week)then I let her out to potty before bedtime…she came back in & I kept sniffing the air then accused my husband of passing gas when I finally realized Maggie had found wild animal poo in the back yard and it must have smelled good to her so she rolled in it!! arrgggg! Washing a poo covered dog at 10:30 at night did not make me a happy camper!! Yuck!! Yours, however, are darling…even dirty!

  30. Stefany

    This is WONDERFUL!! Just what I needed to see this morning. I now can appreciate the slightly damp feet of my boy Wally (Cocker Spaniel) in the morning!!!

  31. Lori Bickford

    So cute! It’s fun to read about such things, and your dogs are precious.

    You had a post a few weeks ago and I was wondering -where are you? Sounds like close to Huntsville, AL -that is where I am! I think you took some pics at Green Mountain!

  32. Kimberly O.

    Oh my gosh!! This was just the thing I need to read this morning. I can honestly say “Been there, done that.” with my Westie and Shih-tzu/Bichon!! For me it’s “when the dogs are quiet”… you just KNOW something is up.

  33. Larke

    I think you just wrote a great book for children (and adults alike)! What great photo journalism! I’m serious – I think you should have it published! Gosh, you could do a whole series! But I guess you’ve already thought of that? I’ll be praying for a publisher for you!!! Thanks for sharing!

  34. Pati

    How fun and funny!! Sounds like constant entertainment : ) Thanks for sharing the great pics and story to go with them!

  35. Sarah

    Darling! I love your pictures (and captions) of your dogs! Especially the ‘hover dog’ and the ‘swamp monster’–great pics!!!

  36. Elisa Schaub

    Amanda, you are so cute! :) I love that we get to be apart of all of your happy moments in life! It’s great that you are so generous with all of your cuteness too! :)

    P.S. I’ve just recently found a love for scarves and want to wear them with everything, even my pj’s!! Thanks for sharing the tips on how to wrap them around in a stylish fashion…very helpful! :)

  37. Rebecca Nash

    Hahaha that is so precious. Amanda I look forward to your blogs and my face lights up when I look at my email and there sits the email awaiting for me to read. Give Miley and Howie a big hug!!

  38. teresa

    Oh Amanda!
    These pics are absolutely PRICELESS!!!!!!!
    You captured their FUN so well!
    Just precious!
    I can tell that lens was worth every penny! ;o)

  39. Jacinda

    I’m just jealous your grass is green. Mine is still brown. I won’t see green grass for another three weeks or so.

  40. Melissa Pierce

    I love your recent pictures of Howie & Miley! They are too cute! I love Boston’s… they are the best dogs! Mine lived til he was 17 yeard old! Your pictures bring back so many fun memories!

  41. alyssa

    There’s nothing that makes me happier than seeing 2 happy, muddy puppies just being puppies! What a good mommy you are for letting them “do their thing”! Soooo cute!! Thank you so much for sharing, they’re precious!

  42. Heather

    Oh I love it!! I literally laughed at loud at Miley hitting the fence! (Not that I get a kick out of seeing dogs hit fences, I laugh at my own dogs running in to things all the time!) I dream of one day having a Boston, so seeing yours having a ball makes me smile! Keep the Miley and Howie pictures coming!! :)

  43. Deb

    That is so great. I have a miniature Australian bulldog who is SO like your two! It doesn’t matter where we are… if there is a puddle, she will find it… and the muddier the better! Great photos, thanks!

  44. Carrie Gamber

    Hey Amanda
    Awesome pics! So funny… I have two Boxers, Jetta and Bailey, and I’ve been cleaning thier paws every time they come in. Do you mind sharing what your camera settings were for the pics of them in the “swamp”.. I’ve just recently obtained a Canon Rebel Xsi and am taking a class to learn all about it! Hope I can grasp it…It’s a bit overwhelming! Thanks and happy spring!

  45. Michelle Harden

    I about wet myself looking at that picture of Miley running into the fence. SO cute…until about the third day in a row you have to bath your dogs I suppose!

  46. Steph Lerch

    Ahhh… the beloved muddy spring doggies! My husband and I have two springer spaniels who are the exact same way. We too have our own personal “swamp” in our yard, and it provides us with endless dog bathing opportunities! I am already looking forward to the dry days of summer!

  47. Jen Z

    OMG, what amazing pictures of your dogs. I love that you captured every moment of them playing. My Mom’s dog does this also with water, the snow and gets his paw prints all over our white fence. I have to get out there and get those paw prints off the fence soon. lol! Her dog mis-judge our deck in the snow a few weeks ago and I captured it on my camera as well. Skid face first right onto the deck of snow. It was pretty funny….kept running too. LOL! Thanks for making me smile with your wonderful pictures. :-)

  48. Sylvia

    Are you kidding me? These pics are beyond adorable and brought a smile to my face today. A nice distraction from my problems. :) Thank you Amanda!

  49. Alexandra

    I was very amused by your story. I remember very well the innocent view of my dog when she had done something wrong. Cute!

    I like to read on your pages. They are very amusing.
    In addition, while reading I can learn the englisch language, because I need the language skills in my job. And so I look forward to many new stories from you.

  50. Denissa

    So cute! I love it :) I’m pretty new to your blog. LOVE IT!! Going to try the chicken enchiladas tomorrow. And thanks for sharing your weight loss story, you look wonderful!


  51. Untypically Jia

    I can’t stand how cute these pics are! It’s too much! I so wish I had a backyard for my pug to play in. She would go nuts over that little swamp!

  52. Debbie

    Just had to share how much I enjoy your website. I look forward to new posts- especially when I need a break from my workload. Your style is quite engaging-along with being helpful/insightful.
    Thanks for the work and thought you put into this!

  53. Melissa S.

    I love your posts! This is so cute…I truly enjoy reading about your puppies, especially since my sister has a Boston! I share all of the posts about your babies with my sister! Thanks for the smile today!

  54. Geneva

    Love it, love it, love it. I so enjoy it when you post Howie and Miley, they truly are adorable. We have 2 bostons, Baxter and Ebony who look a lot like Howie, Ebony can pass for his sister. Our two are so looking forward to spring here in Northern California and when we mention road trips they run to the door because they know that they will soon be running through the fields near our home smelling every bush in sight. Our two do not seem to enjoy the water like Howie and Miley, but they are ages 1 1/2 and 1 so maybe this spring they will branch out enjoy life even more.
    Thank you for sharing. I know that we are not alone when it comes to pure enjoyment from having Bostons in our lives. Truly God’s gift to us for sure.

  55. Ruthann

    I love it! I have two boxers and they do the same thing! They come in and you can tell where they’ve been in the house…there are paw prints through-out…

  56. Brooke

    Love it! I have three dogs, Lady (malamute), Trek and Riley (male black labs) They are always getting into something! And when water is invloved my labs become monsters too!!! Don’t you just love life with them!!! I do!

  57. Lisa Stanton

    I love it! I have 3 yorkies and a Shih Tzu that like to do the same thing. They wait until I take my eyes off them for ONE MINUTE and they dig holes and roll around in the grass and mud. Now I know I’m not alone!

  58. Deanna S

    Love your website. Just found it a week or so ago while searching the web for “Fonts”. First, thanks for sharing the fonts, 2nd you make me laugh. I too have a dog, Toby, that is the morning inspector of our yard, but instead of a swamp, we have a mudhole that totally insures coverage of wet, dirty mud from Toby’s top to bottom. So when I saw your tale of the swamp dogs, it made me giggle. Keep up the great stories and photos….you bring a lot of joy to your community of visitors.

  59. Donna

    OHHHH my goodness Amanda, I laughed sooooo hard thought i was gonna p** my pants. LOL I especially loved the one of Miley smacking into the fence, hope she wasnt hurt but it sure was funny. Amanda I absolutely love your blog and visit it daily have used many of your ideas and recipies. Keep bloggin Donna in Minot ND

  60. Valeri

    OMGosh Thank you so much for making me laugh this morning Miley. Needed it today. :-) Poor puppy – looks like they had fun though.

  61. Cheryl Newton

    At least you have small fur children! They can probably go in the kitchen sink. Ours is a 90-ish pound chocolate Lab. What were we thinking?

  62. Megan

    Love it!!! My dogs would LOVE your “swamp!” Right now, mine are just dirty on their feet. We have one area in our backyard that will not grow grass and of course, it’s the first and last part the dogs step in while outside (right outside our patio). I will fix it some time! Maybe your swamp could turn into a fish pond? AND a fence? :) Good luck with baths! At least your pups are small.

  63. Grace E.

    Wow! They are the cutest! You are lucky to be able to have these moments and pictures! It will last a lifetime! Thank you so much for sharing. I LOVED the story and your pictures are AWESOME!!!

  64. Andria

    this is my favorite post of yours yet! so cute!! i think they could have a dog contest ‘win’ in their pockets with these pictures!!

  65. Alix Hart

    I am one of those people who love to see people or in this case dogs, trip, fall, or walk into things. (Only when they don’t get hurt of course) So, this post made my morning…thank you. The pictures are great!

  66. Tamara

    Amanda, you always take the best pictures. You’re going to have to share with me some of your secrets! I have tried so hard to do some great thing with my camera but can’t figure it out. Anything would be appreciated!! Love this post on the dogs and the “swamp”…hilarious!

  67. Katherine

    Thank you so much for these! It may be Monday morning, but these pictures (and fabulous doggie personalities) are enough to lift anyone’s spirits!

  68. Abbie

    Lol!! I love it! We have two miniature pinschers names Bonnie and Clyde and they do the same thing. Such wonderful photos.. this made me laugh and I needed it!

  69. Carol

    I absolutely love this! I started out smiling and ended up laughing out loud – and more than once! The photos and narrative were PERFECT and the whole thing is just TOO TOO cute! Thank you for brightening my day! :0)

  70. Chrissy

    What incredible photos! I especially love the very first one! I can only imagine your reaction when that’s what you found waiting for you on your back stoop!

    Have a blessed day!

  71. Shawna

    OMGosh! Thank you so much for sharing your pics of those two cuties. They definitely had a good time!!! My Toonie Mae is a Boston terrier/chihuahua cross. Great dogs.

  72. Alisha

    Amanda! One of the things on my *Bucket List* is to write Children’s Books! And now, I’ve taken the liberty of deciding that you TOO should! (Yes, yes… you’re welcome, haha!) This is so cute and kids would go ga-ga over it! :) PLUS, it would make M&H stars and you a famous author. It’s brilliant. :-D

    And P.S. What is on YOUR bucket list?!

  73. Marilyn Hughes

    I laughed so hard!!!!! I love the picture of the one in mid-jump. Great picture taking. They also look so apologetic at bath time. LOL


  74. Deneen Cook

    Love how you captured their true essence! These are great and what a wonderful scrapbook page they will make. Thanks for sharing

  75. katie Cotton

    OMG! This is hilarious! I love love love it! I even forwarded on the blog link to my sister (a dog fantatic even more so than i am). Truly priceless!

  76. Colleen Dixon

    Well, I can’t say it any better than everyone else! I loved this story. You captured it beautifully. Some day I would like to be just 1/2 as good of a photographer as you! Your pictures are always so amazing.

    In fact, I can’t stand cooking. I’ve never liked it and never been good at it. Two or three times now, I’ve bought the ingredients and tried your recipes. I know a lot of that has to do with the incredible pictures you post to go along with the recipe.

    Thanks for always posting your work and your stories!

  77. Lori Allberry

    Amanda, you are AWESOME!!!!!

    I looooove, love, love, love this post! OMG – it is just FANTASTIC!!!!

    Thank You for sharing!!!


  78. JoyceB

    Lucky Dogs! Wonderful pictures, great narrative…….thank you! My grandparents had a “pug dog” way back in the 40’s. Now one of my granddaughters has one.

  79. Renée

    What great pictures you captured of Miley and Howie. They are so adorable. It was like watching a short movie. I have to say your pictures brightened my morning! :)

  80. Jacque

    These are fantastic photos! This is so my toe Shih-tzus. Raisin and Muffin do this exact same thing!!!!!!!!!! SO CUTE!

  81. Kim Bell

    I love it!! Love reading posts about your dogs and seeing the photos. They are so cute! I have a pug named Milo and know what you mean about the spring thing. He tracks little black footprints on my white kitchen floor this time of year if I don’t catch him at the door and wipe his feet.

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