I may be crazy . . .

pants jeans khakis corduroys cargos capris

Or easily amused…

But seeing this little stack-

my favorite jeans, khakis, cords & cargos…

All washed, folded and ready to wear…

gives me a little thrill.

pants jeans khakis corduroys cargos capris

I keep them all folded and stacked just like this in my closet.


Did you know that for most of high school and all of college…

I never, ever wore pants. And definitely not shorts.

Not khakis. Not black dress slacks. And especially not jeans.

pants jeans khakis corduroys cargos capris

I did own nylon running shorts.


I wore flirty skirts and summery sun dresses. All the time. Every day.
All year long.

I often wonder if people who haven’t seen me since then would be surprised to see me in jeans. I never, ever wore jeans.

pants jeans khakis corduroys cargos capris

I remember one time when I was a teenager

and deep within my “I don’t wear pants” phase

I went to visit my cousin. I looked in her closet, and

no lie

pants jeans khakis corduroys cargos capris

She must’ve had 25 pairs of jeans.

Just jeans. All stacked up.

…I think that’s where it started.


Tell me… What’s inspiring you today?


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55 Responses
  1. marilin

    first i would like to say that your blog and the whole wesite is LOVELY…
    a friend of mine showed me that and said that you are her greatest inspirerer in making her own blog and website…
    but today i read your story about jeans, khakis and trousers and remembered myself… now i am over that period of trousers, because i designed a dress that suits with every shape of body, almost every size and it does not show whether you go up or down in weight… you can wear it at almost every occasion (i sometimes even sleep in that)… etc. but to not ruin something good with overtalk pls take a look…

    and maybe you will start wearing dresses again… or as i call it – the DRESS…

  2. Shannon

    We’re opposites in the clothing world! I don’t own a single dress or skirt! The only dresses I’ve ever worn are prom dresses and wedding dresses – that’s it. I used to not wear shorts – just jeans year round. But, now, I’ll wear shorts, black dress pants, and jeans. That’s all you’ll find in my closet!

    This year though, I’m actually gonna try to branch out some!

  3. Lea

    I love neat piles and yours definitely qualify as neat! That would make me feel good too! Always enjoy your pictures and post!

  4. Amy

    love it! I too, neatly fold and stack all of my jeans/pants in my closet :) And oddly enough I also wore anything but jeans in high school! Love your blog!!!

  5. Rachel

    I love that you love stacked jeans. It is so important to appreciate things that seem, everyday and “ordinary.” I think you get the most out of life when you can see the beauty of the little things. You are amazing girl!

  6. Michelle

    When I was little I wore lots of dresses cause well mom would doll me up. I did not mind it till the hair was put in piggy tails or the buns off of star wars…lol Yes that dates me. But as I got older in high school I dressed in jeans and dress pants would where a skirt and shorts now and then. Now days I where jeans alot… If I am not in jeans I am wearing crops. I love the crop pant have many many of those. I have not worn shorts in years.
    And what am I looking forward to Spring!!! In texas the last snow we had we had 12 inches of snow. In Texas that is crazy insane weather. So I am ready to get out the mountain bike and get back into the warm air. Have all my bike riding cloths already out and waiting for the first chance I get. Cant wait.

  7. Amy

    Hey Amanda! I was always taught that girls wore skirts & dresses… not pants. At the age of 16 I was allowed to wear whatever I wanted including jeans. My first pair (kinda sad) was a light wash denim from target, since then I have now over 55 pairs of designer jeans. I’ve come along way since target {no offense to anyone who loves target, I love target don’t get me wrong =D} but theres just something special about jeans from Jcrew or Gap. Anyways I just wanted to let you know there are many of us out there who did wear dresses & skirts for most of their lives. I’m now 21, with a little one, trying to wittle my waist back into those size 6 jeans.

    Thank you for your time, Oh & thanks for the tutorial on your fonts!
    I used pea squeaker for my post titles, heres a link to my blog:

    I’m fairly new to the blogging world & need a little help, if theres anything on my blog that needs changed I’m open to suggestions
    =D lovebeingwright

  8. Roxanne

    love this blog, and love this post. glad to know I’m not the only one who gets a high off of a nicely stacked pair of jeans. if I wasn’t too embarrassed, I’d show you mine.

  9. Katie

    I’m a new reader to your blog.

    I never used to wear jeans either. In fact, I still prefer dresses and leggings. But its definitely too cold for that right now. SOON though!!

  10. michelle n

    That is such a cute story. It is amazing how we evolve as people. I never wore eyeshadow as a teenager. I just did now know how AND i did not care to find out.

  11. creole wisdom

    This is my story, too. And I actually linked you and blogged about this very subject today.

    I have always been a dress/tights/leggings/skirt kind of girl. Partially because they’re just so much more comfortable (to me), and cuter on my shape.

    But I am more confident now, and happier with my more worked-out body. This is good! I recently got a few new pairs of jeans and love them.

    Loved this entry and your photos!!!

  12. kt-b

    Inspiration today comes straight from my bedroom….it has been ‘toy free’ for 3 whole days. {aahhhh} Now to some that may sound silly, but when you have a three year old and a 4 month old….toys are everywhere! I’ve had tried to keep my sanity by keeping my room free of pirate swords, trucks, baseball equipment and teething rings & rattles. Love my kiddos, getting overwhelmed with the stuff…isn’t anentire room dedicated to toys enough? :)

  13. Brooke

    Funny you write this today. Just this morning I unfolded a few pairs of my favourite pants to try them on, only to return them to the shelf. The 3 days of exercise I’ve been doing hasn’t done anything for my baby belly. Back to my mini trampoline I go.

  14. carrie garvin

    Freshly washed clothing ~ line dried if possible! I also love to fold towels, shirts, even jeans a certain way…

  15. Carrie Gamber

    I’m inspired by how they are all stacked… I like to be organized but your stuff is always perfect. Clothes, food, closets etc. You need to post some of your favorite organizational items and what you store in them… I try, everything looks organized but it doesn’t “match”.. Motivates me to get more organized…maybe I need a bigger house? or less crap? which is it!? LOL

  16. Laura

    I too have a nice stack of jeans…only mine is NOT in my closet. I have them on the rocking chair in my bedroom and they are my inspiration right now. They range in sizes starting from size 4 or 5 (i can’t remember) up to size 8. These are my Lucky Brand jeans that I wore more than 6 years ago when my hubby and I were dating. They are there to be my inspiration to lose weight. I WILL get back into the size 8’s for sure. I have had twins since we’ve been married so I have no idea if my hip bones will be able to get in the smallest ones. I will be happy with the 7’s and 8’s :)

    This is my inspiration yesterday, today and tomorrow. And so far so good :)

  17. Amanda

    I haven’t worn a dress since my wedding day! LOL no kidding….I’m a teacher so its dress pants, cords or khakis….comfort is the rule when you are with kids. However, I am on a weight loss goal to find the perfect dress for a wedding shower in June. I also want to find something awesome for the same wedding that takes place in July!

  18. Michelle

    your posts always make me smile. thanks for that!

    69 degrees on beautiful sunshine inspires me today! love that spring is coming!

    also, if you wouldn’t mind hopping over to my blog
    I followed your tutorial to add fun fonts for the titles on my posts and side headers, but for some reason it cuts off the bottom of the letters. Could you maybe offer some advice for fixing this? Thanks so much!

  19. Hannah

    I never wear trousers and certainly not jeans! I always wear skirts and dresses, I have just ventured into wearing leggings with a short dress!
    Love your blog! xx

  20. Stacie

    I’d love to see the inside of your closet. You want my opinion? I think your next post should be pictures of your closet, how you organize the clothes IN your closet, and maybe your shoes for an added bonus. I’m obsessed with organized closets!

  21. Niki

    All I wear anymore is pants – jeans or Dockers (style, not necessarily brand) and Capri’s in summer. I haven’t worn shorts or skirts in years (except on a trip to Mexico where I did wear a slinky skirt one day and shorts the rest of the time). Years ago, I wore a LOT of skirts/dresses. It’s not that I can’t get away with wearing skirts – I still look mighty nice in them, especially the short skirts…but I’m over 40 and think that it should be done (isn’t there a rule about the hemline and age??), and I just don’t care for the style of the longer skirts that have been in fashion lately.

  22. Becky

    Love the color values in your pant stack. The sun is inspiring me today especially since for once in a long time there is no snow on the ground. So I celebrated and loaded up my spring time aqua purse to ward off any more snow from coming. :D On a different thought … Are Pandora bracelets popular in your area ? My cousin had one on at her grandmother’s birthday party and I was quite smitten to say the least. Now I want one. I am also quite excited to attend another Stampin’ Up party this weekend. Have you ever been to one ? They are so much fun. Their products rock.

  23. Amy

    Today, what is inspiring me is When i post this, I feel like maybe I’m letting out some big secret but I just can’t help it! I have bought 2 necklaces so far and I’m sure that’s just the start! Tomorrow is my birthday so that’s my excuse. Early birthday gifts. If you are a lover of all things adorable and precious and unique… check out ETSY!

  24. edy B

    I know why you didn’t wear pants/jeans ~ Southern gals are “ladies” and that meant dresses! I was the same way growing up in AL ~ but for too many years to say ~ I’ve only worn pants!
    I still love to look at pretty dresses but never find myself wearing one. SIGH!

    Love the VERY neat stack of pants ~ you are so organized!

  25. Julie

    I loooove when my pants are all cleaned and nicely folded! :) Anything clean is lovely to me haha. I just finished cleaning/organizing the house since we are getting ready to move!!

  26. Johanna

    Anything clean and organized inspires me. Especially a neat room, and it doesn’t take that long to pick up or make a bed. Another thing that inspires me lately is getting a little bit of coding just right and discovering something I didn’t think I could do would actually work!

  27. Valeria

    I’m inspiring today by the guses who are flying back from south showing me,spring it is just to arrive! I love you pile, that’s the way we have our closet too. I’m glad you ware jeans today. I allways did! I remember me with 15 years lying in my bed to get them close :-)) That’s why I love the jeans with streach !!! I can play with my son on the flor & I still breathing :-)That’s the ways it’s with 39 years LOL
    Thank you for your emails! I love them.

    P.S. you look very pretty since you loose so much weight.

  28. terri shaver

    I love the photos of the stacks. The various colors of the denim intrigue me…. something different happens to each type of denim when it’s washed. I love blues anyway! Thanks for the story!

  29. Annalisa

    Hey Amanda,

    My husband is inspiring to me..he got promoted recently (beginning of Feb) to a salary position and is now working 70-80 hours a week. We don’t have any children yet, but I am so inspired at how hard my husband works for our little family (Matt, Me, and our pup, Barley). I am such a blessed woman to have such a fantastic man!

    ps….your blog is super fantastic!! I already have it bookmarked on my blog, and I’ve already downloaded tons of fonts…yay!!!

  30. Jennifer Hendricks

    Hi Amanda! I enjoy reading your posts and looking and your pics! I love how everything is so organized, colorful and clutter free. It is definitely my way of life, too!! My closets are color-coded AND coded again with colored hangers. Ridiculous? Absolutely! Do I HAVE to do it? Absolutely!! Although I must say that I have to hang up my pants. And I hated jeans when I was in highschool, too! Of course that was back when we still tight rolled them!! Hehe!


    Hey Amanda, love your blog!
    I have a section in my closet (right in the front) where I put outfits. My “outfits” consist of a top, bottom, jewelry &/or scarf. I keep my jewelry in little drawstring bags (nylon & see-thru) in combos that I like. The ribbon drawstrings are what I use to bind my outfits together. Every couple of weeks when I do my ironing, I go through my clothes and put these outfits together. Probably have 15 or so, ranging from some dressy casual to just everyday stuff. I know this sounds very OCD, but I do it so that I don’t wear the same clothes and accessories all the time. I love making up new combinations of the same old things but giving them a fresh new look.

  32. Joelle

    I looooove jeans! I hang mine, my closet would be empty if they were stacked! I only wear AE jeans, love them, and only buy them on clearance! I’m with Missy, my jeans are a sense of accomplishment right now, I have a 7 month old DD and it took me 6mos to get into them again.

  33. T

    Hi, new reader… Love your beautiful blog. I am inspired by my fifth grader today. She is working hard in school and that makes her mommy proud. T

  34. Therese

    Yup, we need an answer. Why did you not wear pants?????? I can’t imagine only wearing dresses, how did you play? Yup, we need an answer

  35. Karen

    I have never been a great jeans/pants person.I was always slim but had a true apple shape.So to this day I feel uncomfortable and “fat” in jeans.But I love the way everyone else looks in them.I just don’t get how they find them comfortable????

  36. Courtney

    I admit that I hate doing laundry but I absolutely LOVE the end result! Your post is inspiring me to go clean out my closet.

  37. Hayley

    We leave for spring break tomorrow and examining my husbands very neatly packed suitcase gave me that feeling!!! He did it just like I would have :) It was beautiful!!

  38. Jenny

    First of all – i love opening my email and seeing an email from – that means you posted and i LOVE reading your posts and looking at your pictures. You’re my very favorite blogger!!

    Second – what inspires me is anything organized or in neat stacks! A couple days ago i came home with some wicker baskets from Michaels and organized my kitchen pantry and now i can’t stop admiring it!

    Cheers to all the uber-organizers out there!

  39. Stefanie

    Gotta love your stacks of slacks.
    It is so HOT here that I am loving berry sorbet. I even bought some berry juice to fill a ice lollie mould to make my own. “cept the children are standing in line for them too.
    I have that same deep berry colour on my toes and for autumn my colours of choice teal and deep berry colours again.

  40. Missy J

    Girl, jeans are a little luxury for me now days :) I went for the past 2 years at my heighest weight. So, I refused to buy jeans in a bigger size. Just about a month ago, I started wearing them again! So, yes, I am wearing outdated jeans…but, I don’t care. I celebrate my hard work and dedication every time I put them on. So, jeans have a special meaning for me :) Two years of stretchy pants because I had gained weight. Now, I refuse to wear stretchy pants!

    Thanks for your post this morning. I am doing a happy dance right now – while wearing jeans….that are even a bit baggy!! Have a great Thursday :) Missy

  41. Jen Vogt

    I, too, love seeing a stack of clean clothing. It makes me feel like I accomplished something. Anything organized makes me supremely happy. My pantry. A closet. My craft room, with things lined up in color order.

    I think I’m ready to start my spring cleaning :)

  42. Kelly M

    Amanda, I love nice stacked pants also! Who is the maker of the top two pairs of khaki pants – they look cute!!! :)

  43. Claudia

    I stack my jeans just like that in my closet too. I actually finally sorted them and took out all my bigger jeans and put those in the donate pile. I ALWAYS wear jeans!

  44. Hannah

    Those pants are inspiring me today. I ♥ my pants–and like you, I love seeing nice, clean, folded stacks of them. Mmm…

  45. Angie Mae

    wow, I wore jeans EVERY DAY in high school and most of college!! now I just wear dress pants and dresses and skirts… I hardly ever get to wear my jeans anymore!!

    I do love the photos :) make me wants to go orgainze my closet!

  46. Diane Eck

    My question to you Amanda is “why”? Why did you choose to only wear dresses? What did you do if you went hiking or outside to do any activities?

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