Hotel Indigo, San Diego

Hotel Indigo, San Diego, California

While Kev was was at Sony, they put us up in La Jolla, right across the street from the offices where he was testing video games, so he could walk to work each morning. After he was done, we decided to spend an extra couple of days exploring the city together and moved down to the Hotel Indigo in the Gaslamp District of San Diego.

Hotel Indigo, San Diego, California

I was completely smitten with this boutique hotel! Loved the wood floors.

Hotel Indigo, San Diego, California

Oh my gosh, this bed. I don’t know how I ever got out. The bed, the pillows, the comforter.. It completely swallowed me whole.

Hotel Indigo, San Diego, California

Cute little desk for email checking.

Hotel Indigo, San Diego, California

Kev took over this comfy chair by the big window.

Hotel Indigo, San Diego, California

The view of San Diego was great!

Hotel Indigo, San Diego, California

We could see right into Petco Park.

Hotel Indigo, San Diego, California


Hotel Indigo, San Diego, California

Loved this round closet and the funky art wall.

Hotel Indigo, San Diego, California

Here’s the bathroom. The large amounts of counter space were much appreciated.

Hotel Indigo, San Diego, California

The steam shower was pretty.

Hotel Indigo, San Diego, California

And my favorite, the little wood tiki bench.

Hotel Indigo, San Diego, California

And finally, the funky hallway with the flower-patterned carpet. Mesmerizing!

Totally loved our stay here. I don’t think I’ll ever forget how scrumptiously comfy that bed was!

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34 Responses
  1. Ashley

    I’ve stayed there, and it was AWESOME. I wish I would have researched it more because it’s pet friendly too with no breed restrictions. When you have a pit you look into those things. That’s why they do the wood flooring; to ensure no allergies! So in tune.

  2. Eileen

    La Jolla is so beautiful. I haven’t been there in years. What a great opportunity for you. And that hotel looked delightful!
    Your blog is so enjoyable. I especially liked the dogs with the hose. That was so funny.

  3. Shelby

    I am so glad you tried the Indigo out! I thought it would be a great choice for you both! I am still so jealous you had your vacation in San Diego! I can’t wait to go back in September!! :)

  4. Amanda

    omgoodness! i didn’t know there were hotels out there this cute! this place is seriously stylin’.. i’m especially digging the comfy chairs with the pillows and ottomans! this is the coolest hotel i’ve ever seen.. i want to go to San Diego just so i can stay there!

    xoxo mandie

  5. Sharie T

    How did you ever get yourself placed in that little square? :)
    Gasp, you are NOT wearing your strap! I was told that was RULE #1 when taking pictures!

    Love your review!

  6. Kelly

    Great photos of a cute hotel! I live in La Jolla, so it’s fun to hear others’ perspectives of this city. Glad you were able to get some nice weather while you were here :)

  7. Megan

    AND a Keurig in your room??? Whaaaat?! :)

    Love that comforter. Wonder if you could call the hotel and ask where it came from for your lovely readers :)

  8. amy ton

    oh amanda, i was SOLD on the first picture of that big, nice, fluffy bed! i’m booking rooms here for my boyfriend’s un-birthday celebration as we speak! can’t wait! i want to travel to all the other Hotel Indigos all over the country!

  9. Jeannette

    What a nice hotel. LOVE how things weren’t decorated blah & ordinary! Thanks for sharing. Super Cute place! LOVE the comforter

  10. Marywithgarden

    My husband and I stayed at a Hotel Indigo in the Chicago area. When we walked in it was as if we had taken a flight to the tropics. Everything had an island feel to it with the colors and furnishings. We felt as if we were on a double getaway!

    Glad you had such a great experience. Loved seeing your room and the photos are super. Gives me the traveling bug!

  11. Michele

    Keurig coffee maker in a hotel room? Awesome! Great pictures. I am new to your site…love it. Thanks to you & your “weight-loss” story. It has given me a new found vigor to get back on track. =)

  12. Chere

    How could you leave this beautiful place. When a vacation is really wonderful it is hard to go back to the real world. Love all the light, modern styles of today’s fashion furniture.

  13. Shirley Larsen

    Thanks for sharing your photos, Amanda! My son lives in San Diego, and it makes me feel a little closer to him and his family!

  14. Tonya Isbell

    Looks like you had a fabulous stay. That bed totally looked like one that I would crawl up in and never want to get out of!! :)

  15. Kristen@PrettySweet

    How fun! Beautiful bed! And I’m a sucker for comfortables ones, too – especially in hotels, when you never know what you’re going to get. =)

  16. Christine

    LOVE THIS HOTEL! My husband and I stayed here for our honeymoon. They gave us a corner room with floor to ceiling windows on both walls. AMAZING! And how about the roof top terrace with the super cool fire pits? I want to go back to San Diego JUST to stay at this hotel! :)

  17. Paulette

    Take me there, right now I am looking out my window and its 18 degrees and snowing. The place you stayed looks gorgeous. I’m jealous, but so glad you had a nice time and again thanks for the pics. Paulette

  18. Nicollette West

    Hi Amanda,
    I just love your photos!
    Can I ask what settings you use on your camera to get such clear bright pictures indoors? I’m having problems getting really sharp indoor images…
    As a newby to DSLR photography I need all the help I can get! :-)
    Many Thanks – LOVE your blog!

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