Homemade S’mores Ice Cream


Yesterday I shared a fun recipe for S’mores ice cream over on the sweet Eighteen25 blog. I am absolutely in love with this simple, no-machine-required homemade ice cream recipe. All you need are two ingredients for your ice cream base, then whatever flavors and toppings you can dream up! So fun and easy, and perfect for these hot summer months.


Scoop s’mores ice cream between two graham crackers for S’mores Ice Cream Bars. Delish!

Here’s the link to my S’mores Ice Cream post over on Eighteen25.

And here’s the link to my original, no-machine-required homemade ice cream recipe, with lots of ideas for fun flavor combinations. There are tons more ideas from you guys in the comments, I love reading what ya’ll come up with! I have tried way too many of them.

Have a great weekend!