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colorful thread

…colorful thread…

I love this drawer. It sits innocently next to me by the computer as I edit pictures and posts. I keep measuring tape in there and for some reason I can’t explain, I use measuring tape 62 times a day. Rows of rainbow thread give me a sweet surprise when I open it.

But I don’t like to sew. I’m not sure what this means.

colorful thread

…floral tanks…

I cleaned out my closet this weekend. I took out everything that didn’t fit or was just so so, and only put back in pieces that I absolutely love.

I can’t resist these summery, floral tanks… :)

dangly earrings

…dangly earrings…

Natural high: Peeking in a drawer of dangly earrings… :)

body mists

…body mists…

I have a slight obsession with body mists. I love glancing at this colorful counter-top collection while getting ready.

Choosing one is almost as hard as deciding what to wear!

Victoria's Secret Cashmere Fig

…cashmere fig…

Two years ago at Christmas my mom gave me Cashmere Fig hand soap from Victoria’s Secret. I loved it so much I immediately asked her if we could run out to Victoria’s Secret right then and get  more. Of course it was already all gone, everything they had in that scent, and we never saw it in stores again. I keep it in the guest bath and everyone who uses it comments on how wonderful it smells. Last year for Christmas Kevin surprised me with more- he searched eBay and found a bottle of Cashmere Fig soap and matching lotion.

Soap. Makin’ me smile.


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49 Responses
  1. Chris

    I thought I was the only one with a serious obsession with body mists … I love when the Beauty Rush spray, especially during the winter. Keeps my skin so soft!

  2. Amanda

    I hope Im not already asking a question you have answered a million times. But I was wondering how you got the “out of focus” effect in your pictures. Like in the earrings pictures and the picture of the thread. I have looked and looked and looked for a tutorial on how to do it. I have PSE8. Can you help??? PLEASE and THANK YOU!!!!

  3. Paula

    hello, Ive been walking the malls looking for earrings like your owls, can you tell me where you got them? thanks Amanda !

  4. Katie

    number one, those owl earrings are just sooooooooooooooooooooo cute!
    number two, the body mists. victoria’s secret and b&bw are always winners. especially the PINK and Beauty Rush ones. although, Beauty Rush comes in such yummy flavors that it makes you hungry. wearing the Candy Baby one is fun but torturous because I always want cotton candy after that.
    love the list.

  5. Jami

    Isn’t it great having a few things around that can always make you smile. Some days I do a lot of body misting myself. Love that stuff! LOL

  6. Kim H.

    I love how you appreciate everything around you and you notice and take the time to recognize them. What a rare and endearing quality. How special are you!

  7. Rebecca

    ******JEWELRY STORAGE IDEA******

    Here is what my daughter and I made, we took some rustic looking wood, you could use an old frame like you suggest. Then we took some screen from our backdoor (it had gotten a hole in it and needed to be replaced), we made a frame (advantage to using your own wood to make this frame is you can make it the exact size of the wall you want to hang it on), and we used the screen for our “glass” in the frame. we love it!! Sorry, I am not great at explaining things, hope someone understands. You can paint the wood any color to match your room. We also decorated a cork board and use cute pushpins and have all our necklaces hanging on that. We have this hanging on the wall behind my bedroom door so that it is not part of the decor, but easily accesible when dressing. I still need some ideas for my bracelets and rings.

  8. Sharie Thompson

    You have to try Philosophy, Amazing Grace! It’s a clean scent. Otherwise, it’s VS or Bath & Body Works for me too. The Vanilla or Coconut scents are the best. Your hubby is so sweet.
    I need to dress shop for a relatives summer, evening wedding. You have such good taste in clothes! You obviously have better stores than I :)

  9. TwoHeartsTogether

    Amanda I think you should do a post on the flower shirts, I love them and I want to get my hands on some! HELP where can I find these?

  10. terri

    i love your collection of floral tanks! i just went thru my closet as well and did the same thing!!…..also, your photography is just gorgeous! thanks for an amazing blog!

  11. Audra

    Love your jewelry storage….I found two jewelry organizers at Home Goods, one is a metal tree with hooks for earrings (about 40 pairs of earrings) and also at Kohl’s and JC Penny around the Holidays they have a picture frame you hang on the wall and opens up to store your jewelry inside. It holds necklaces, rings and earrings. I also love your photos of your scrapbooking room, you are super inspiring. I just think I might clean out my closet this weekend!

  12. Becca @ One Girl

    I love love love the earings and floral tanks. Floral Tanks are my favorite thing to wear this season, and so fun! Looking at your earing pictures make me want to go and buy more. Where are some of your favorite places to buy earings?

  13. Renee

    Ebay can be a treasure trove of discontinued items. A few years ago, Mary Kay carried a fragrance called “Kisses by Candlelight.” I was devastated when they discontinued it, but happened to look on Ebay and lo and behold, there it was. For about a year I bought everything I could get my hands on (wasn’t the only one who missed the fragrance) and had a good supply of it for quite a while!

  14. Diane

    Ok Amanda….several people have asked how do you store your earrings so neatly?? Please give us the scoop!! I have bought so many different things to try to organize jewelery to no avail! You constantly amaze me …your time management skills must be superb! I don’t know how you manage to get so much done in a day and still have time to photograph it all and share with us!! But, I for one am glad you do! :o)

  15. stacy

    Did you re-do your guest bathroom? I am a total Amanda stalker and have been following your blog for a couple of years now. It started because of your scrapbook room, and now you always leave me so inspired. I would love to see new pics if you redecorated your guest bath!

  16. Heather

    Love the drawer full of thread. The colors sure would make you smile. I know what you mean about the measuring tape, I use mine A LOT!


    I love your cute summer tanks! I think they are adorable. And how cute is your husband finding you a soap on eaby that you love! He sounds like a keeper!

  18. Amanda Walker

    I love the tanks also! I just cleaned out my closet this weekend too but I think there is still work to be done. I love your earring organizers:)

  19. Lori

    Wow Amanda, such beautiful, beautiful pictures – as usual! Hey, I have an idea, how about I buy your beautiful tanks you got rid of, I need some, and I need to clean out my closet! I think this will give me the push I need! ;o)

    Wonderful post – thanks for sharing!


  20. Amanda

    Too Cute!I as well would love to know about your jewelry organizing. Mine is shoved in a small standing jewelry box that used to be my moms…

  21. Cassandra

    Very cute! Let’s talk about your jewelry and how it’s organized. I have been trying desperately to come up with a neat way to display/organize my jewelry. What do you have your earrings hanging on in that photo? Could you maybe do a post on how you display/organize your jewelry??

    Thanks!! :)

  22. freida

    Oh just the sound of Cashmere Fig makes my heart smile! :) Must try to get a whiff somehow!

    Your photography skills never cease to amaze me! Totally mind-blowing! :)

  23. Alisha

    I love seeing / hearing / reading about people’s favorite things! Not only is it fun (especially when there are pictures!), but it’s so helpful too. The best advertising is word-of-mouth! But I do have to ask, what do you have your earrings on? I need something to organize all mine and haven’t found anything I am satisfied with. I like the looks of yours!

  24. Ginger

    great pictures Amanda! One question – how do you store your earrings? I like how they are hanging in a row, all so visible. I’ve been looking for good earring and necklace storage, so if you could share your tips, I’d appreciate it!

    Again – thanks for your wonderful pictures, I always enjoy them and can’t wait for your next post!

    1. Turley Times

      YES! I would love to know how you store your jewelry, too! It looks so much prettier and well-organized than my strategy, which is to leave it strewn about my dresser! :-) Please share!!


    2. Amanda

      Right now they are in the jewelry drawer of my dresser. It’s just the right size for a a couple of those bead organizer boxes, which are great for holding rings, earrings, and pendants. I do kinda like how they are hanging in the pic though… :) You know what would be so cool? If you could find a gorgeous, vintage frame, probably around the 8×10 or 11×14 size, take the glass and everything out, and string several rows of wire across the back. Would be GORGEOUS sitting on a dresser with all the earrings hanging! I would double or quadruple the wire over so it’s nice and thick, plus if you had post earrings (instead of the fishhook style) you could stick the post through the strands of wire and stick the back on through the other side. Does that make sense?? :)

      Kinda like how she has this done for her necklaces! :)

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