Hip Mom Jewelry {Giveaway}

Hip Mom Jewelry

Time’s up! The winner of the $80 gift certificate to Hip Mom Jewelry is entry #297 Melanie. Congrats Melanie! I’ve sent you an email! :)

Hip Mom Jewelry specializes in personalized jewelry. Whether you are searching for a special piece to celebrate a birth, wedding,  anniversary or just because, Hip Mom Jewelry works with you to create your own treasured heirloom. Their pieces make wonderful gifts for new moms, grandmothers, brides and best friends. Each piece is carefully created by their resident artist, with your ultimate satisfaction as their greatest goal.

Hip Mom Jewelry

Hip Mom Jewelry would like to offer one Kevin & Amanda reader an $80 gift certificate to create their own personalized piece. Just wait til you browse around their site! :) They have so many beautiful styles to choose from.

Here’s How to Enter

To be entered to win the gift certificate, all you have to do is leave a comment on this post. What’s your favorite Hip Mom Jewelry piece? I am in *love* with the Layered Family Necklace! I love the circle charm with the parents’ names, the square charm with the children’s names, and the star charm with the “established” date! What a sweet keepsake.

One winner will be chosen at random at the end of the contest and notified by email. One entry per person please.

Contest ends Thursday, July 15th at 1pm CST.

Thanks so much for looking and good luck!! :)

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891 Responses
  1. Kayla

    I love the Gold charms necklace “Hammered Circle with Tiny Charms in Gold”. I have a Lisa Leonard necklace in silver that I adore. The gold would be neat! :)

  2. Cee

    I am completely torn between the ‘Infinity Circle Necklace’ and the ‘Hammered Circle with Tiny Charms.’ Thank you so much for this giveaway!

  3. Lori

    These are beautiful necklesses and so unique. I love the baby feet neckless and the layered family neckless, too many to choose from. Very nice giveaway, thanks so much.

  4. chastity

    LOVIN the Family Layered Charm Necklace as well- as a mom of four it would work perfectly for our big family:) Thanks!

  5. Annabelle

    awe super cute! I like the name w/ the dates the best! Such fun/artsy way to have a family treasure to show off!

  6. Gabrielle

    I am in love with the parent names and established date! The square with the children’s names is awesome, too (But I wouldn’t need that one). I am going to have to hop over there any buy myself one!!!! Would love to win one, then I can give one as a gift!!

  7. Reina

    Wow these are too cute!! But I am with you my favorite is Layered Family Necklace. I am about to have baby #4 so this would be a fun thing to have and show off my kids:)

  8. Laura Fitzgerald

    I love them all, but my favorite is the Infinity Circle Necklace Delicate Style. I love that ring of names.

  9. jennifer m.

    I am now in LOVE with the Shutterbug Photographer necklace!! What a great giveaway – thanks!

  10. theresa

    I love the family one but I also love it when there is a jewel dangling. These are so nice! I hope I win!

  11. Allie

    I absolutely love the always and forever necklace!
    I definitely think that I’m going to get something for my mother too!

  12. Marin Du

    I may have missed the cutoff time but I just wanted to say that this is cute stuff. I like the layered family necklace too. :o)

  13. Elena

    This is such an awesome give-a-way thank you for hosting it :). I love all the jewelry but if I had to pick just one it would be the Baby Feet Necklace. So cute!!!

    thank you

  14. Jeri Lynn Glasheen

    I love the whole look of the website. Very clean. I think my favorite is the layered family.

  15. carol amie

    Agreed…the layered family piece is a must have. Of course, I’d rather have it with a gift card! :P

    Nice giveaway. Thanks for pointing out this company. I have been shopping for this sort of stuff all over the internet but hadn’t come across this designer yet.

  16. ana

    Hi Amanda,
    Thanks for letting me know about this great site i,m going to get me one and my sister in law one too

  17. Sonia T

    Wow, hard to choose a favorite, love them all, but I adore the Hammered Circle with Tiny Charms Necklace!
    Thanks, hope I win!!!!

  18. Paige

    I love all of the necklaces; it’s hard to pick a favorite! My favorite two are the Always & Forever Necklace and the Layered Family Necklace.

  19. Angie Mae

    I would LOVE the Birth Celebration Necklace–but I’d give it right over to my sister in law–she just had her baby last weekend!!

  20. Auburn

    I’d love to be able to win the Mother’s Heart Stamped Necklace and give it to my Mom. She’d love it and I know how much it would mean to her :)

  21. Stefani

    LOVE the Layered Family Necklace! Can’t believe my “babies” are 6 and 4 but I still don’t have a mother’s piece of jewelry :). Thank you for the chance!!

  22. Jennifer

    I love the layered family necklace too!!!! It would be so perfect because I’m getting married next month and I’ll soon have a blended family and it would be perfect. I’ll be gaining a step-daughter who is 10 plus I have a 6-year old son. I hope I win this one!!!!!

  23. Tamera

    I too love the layered family necklace. My favorite has to be the Caden’s Hope necklace. That story touched my heart since my daughter was diagnosed with a brain tumor 3 years ago. Her’s turned out to be benign, but that necklace would be such a symbol of our faith and hope through that trial. Love the site!

    Have a great day,

  24. Barb

    These are gorgeous! I have several pieces in mind for special people in my life! Perfact for my Cristmas in July shopping! :D

  25. E DeCap

    LOVE the birth celebrations necklace!! But I could choose so many others as well. Very nice pieces! :)

  26. Sylvia Robertd

    Love the Forever & Always necklace. My daughter just got married a couple of months ago and think this would make a great Christmas gift for her.

  27. Laura P.

    This is absolutely beautiful. I can’t pick a favorite! I love them all. What a great giveaway!

  28. Ronda

    My husbands bday is coming up so I’m loving the idea of the daddy tags. But for myself I would love love love to get the layered family necklace.

  29. Donna

    I found your blog recently and enjoy readying it, love the dogs!! I like the necklace with the cirle, square and date. Thanks for the free fonts, I will be back often, keep up the good writing.

  30. Kimberly Dain

    I love the Infinity Circle necklace, I have a little boy that’s name would be perfect on something like that!

  31. Kerri

    I love the layered family necklace and the birth celebration necklace. Very cute stuff on her site!

  32. Canadian Colleen

    These are beautiful – what a lovely idea. I wish I’d think of these things.

    Enjoy your site.

  33. Sherrie

    I absolutely LOVE the “Elegant Initial Necklace with Charms.” It’s beautiful, especially with that pretty blue stone. Nice site, sharing with my daughter too. What a great idea to be able to personalize a gift like this for someone special!

  34. felicia tanguis

    hi Amanda!!
    I admire them all!!! haha, no but i really love the always and forever necklace, simple & classic.So pretty. keep up the awesome work, I love coming to your blog to check out what cool things you post.


  35. Alison M.

    I LOVE the Elegant Initial necklace with charms; and the Mom-a-razzi necklace is adorable too. Great stuff! Thanks for the giveaway op!

  36. Laura M

    HOLY COW! I’m seriously going to be running laps around my house in excitement if I win! The whole shop is too cute for words!

    Pick me! Pick me!

  37. Amanda

    I’ve been looking for these charms for a while, would love to celebrate my grown children with some!

  38. Keilann

    Hi! Um…yeah…so I like ALL of the necklace designs! Really… there’s not one that I don’t like. However, since the $80 is only going to get me one, I will have to chose the Silver Necklace with Two Charms. Now I’m crossing my fingers to win this…but only on one hand- two is bad luck, right?!?

  39. Barb

    I absolutely LOVE the layered family necklace! This is not only great for new moms but for those of us who have older ones off to college!

  40. Tammie A.

    I am new to your site and really enjoying it! I love the Always & Forever necklace, a great memento to celebrate our 22nd anniversary in 2 days :). Thanks for introducing us to Hip Mom Jewelry!

  41. Ashley C. ~ Mommy to be! : )

    I am in love with the initial charm with the two beaded charms. All of the pieces are absolutely beautiful, but I like simple and dainty. I love your website and getting updates to all of your blogs. My husband and I even copied your bathroom pictures of your dogs in the tub. We were so in love with them that we took pictures of our little guy and put them in our guest bathroom!

  42. JoAnne

    I love the Elegant Initial necklace. The stone really sets it off and creates a subtle elegance!

  43. Tracy

    Wow, how to pick just one favorite. But for a chance to win one, here goes….Always & Forever – the foundation/beginning for my family.

  44. melanie

    i love that square necklace with the multi-names! lots of ways to personalize that.
    the elegant initial necklaces are very cool. i especially like them with the charms added.
    thanks for such a great giveaway!

  45. Chris W

    I too, like many others enjoy the layered family pendants. What a wonderful way to take family memories along with you each and every day! Thanks for sharing this awesome jewelry line with us!

  46. Lisa Neal

    I love the Layered Family Necklace. I have been looking for a piece of jewelry to highlight my 3 children. I love that it has room for all of their names but also that it celebrates the union of the parents as well as the year. Simply beautiful!

  47. Miranda Jessop

    I love the k+a one at the bottom. I am getting married in August and this type of thing is exactly what kind of necklace I want to wear. (obviously casual wedding) I WANT IT !!!! =)

  48. Herald

    OMGosh!!! This jewelry is THE BOMB! I love the Layered Family pendant….I can so see myself wearing one of these!! Thanks Amanda

  49. Annette

    I love the hammered circle with tiny charms and would be delighted to wear such a beautiful necklace!

  50. Marlene Bryant

    I love these necklaces and have been looking at them for months. My favorite is the layered family necklace. My birthday is July 16th and I’d love to win the gift certificate for my 39th birthday!

  51. dj

    I super love the Elegant Initial Necklace with Charms, and I would get it with the initial of my soon-to-be new last name! :) They were all so beautiful though, it was hard to pick!!

  52. Cassie Spurrier

    Does she have an etsy? I fell in love with something similar on etsy last year but couldn’t afford it!

    I love the Elegant Initial Necklace with Charms – that sea green bead is calling my name :)

  53. Mary Cardini- Anderson

    All of the jewelry is gorgeous. But my favorite piece hands down is the Cadence Hope necklace. Thanks for a chance at winning a beautiful and orginal handmade necklace.


  54. Nikki

    I wanted to get my mom a necklace like this for mother’s day but ran out of time. These are even more beautiful and unique than the ones I was looking at! I would love to be able to give her the layered family necklace. Gorgeous!

  55. September

    All of the work is beautiful! I ♥ the heart & soul necklace, the mama razzi, and the Shutterbug photographers necklace.

  56. Angela

    I love the family layered necklace. Beautiful!!! So fun to have those loving sentiments on your neck all day long.

  57. Kimmie

    Thanks so much for another amazing giveaway! I love the silver necklace with two charms. Ahhhmazing!!

  58. Bevany

    I love this site…thanks for sharing! There’s too many to choose from, but I think my favorite is the hammered circle with tiny charms. I would wear it EVERY DAY!

  59. Pam

    I absolutely love the intial + initial = “heart” on the one charm with the circle charm that says “forever”. We have been married for 13 years, and after 3 cross country moves, 2 kids, and endless other adventures, I still feel like we are newlyweds at heart!

  60. Ness at Drovers Run

    I like the “Elegant Initial” necklace – but I’d love to have both my childrens initials on it :)

  61. Erica League

    I LOVE the Infinity Circle necklace and would love to have my 4 children’s names on there……wearing it around my neck for infinity….so sweet!….Thank you for sharing this site!

  62. Lori

    Oh golly! How I would love. love. love to win one of their pieces!
    My favorite is for sure the ‘Layered Family Necklace’! I love it!

    Thank You so Much for the chance at winning one of these pieces Amanda!


  63. Kim Rose

    This is an AMAZING giveaway! THANK YOU! I too would choose the layered family piece. I love items I can have my chidren’s names on. I have three so it would be perfect!

  64. Kimberly Morwitzer

    I really like the double charms necklace. I like the look of two charms hanging vertically…it is a good thing my mom only has 2 kids because more charms than that would make it too long! :)

  65. Lisa MacG

    I love the “Always & Forever” necklace. Since my husband and I don’t have any children “yet”, this one would be perfect. ~Lisa~

  66. Cheri

    Amanda, you always find the most unique items. I love the elegant initial with charm or the layered family necklace. Thank you for sharing this site with us.

  67. Keers

    I like the layered necklace too; however I think I would have to go with the silver circle name bracelet.

  68. Stephanie

    I really like the Layered Family Necklace too! But LOVE the Baby Feet Necklace!!! I would request my daughter’s name on the open circle, so that you can see those cutsie little baby feet better ;-)

  69. Kathy

    Wow! Very beautiful necklaces!!! Amanda thank you for the wonderful giveaway! I love the Always and Forever necklace!

    Love and blessings!

  70. Crystal

    What cool jewelry! I love the simplicty of the metals. My favorite is the elegant inital necklace with the beads. I like that this company has a selection for people in all different stages in there lives. Thanks for the great info and pics!

  71. Dani

    Oh how sweet! I’m not sure which I like best – they’re all so adorable! I’d probably go with the layered family necklace too, if I really had to pick.

  72. Leslie

    The Infinity Cirle Necklace Delicate Style is my fave! Plain and simple but personalized. Cute stuff!

  73. Sheena Kocher

    I absolutely love this site! I had never heard of it before until your blog. I love teh Birth Celebration Necklace – I hope to win your giveaway :)

  74. Stefanie

    Wow, such a fantastic giveaway.
    Beautiful necklaces to choose from.
    My fav though would have to be the “shutterbug photographer necklace”.
    That one resonates with me and is less predictable.

  75. Amrita

    I love the Always & Forever necklace though all the pieces are beautiful! Thanks so much for the opportunity to win!

  76. Claire

    I love the Always and Forever necklace and the Elegant Initial Necklace (with charms). All of the pieces have such beautiful simplicity. I’m a fan of understated but unique jewelry. Thanks for the chance! :O)

  77. Jennifer

    It’s hard to choose just one that I would love to have! I think I would end up getting the infinity-delicate necklace. So pretty. What a perfect everyday necklace!

  78. Lois Hartwell

    Hey Amanda ~
    Oh my gosh! All those pieces are beautiful! They had me with their logo; I love the little birdies. As for the necklaces, I think the
    Elegant Initial Necklace with Charms was my favorite. I loved the look of the piece of turquoise – it reminded me of sea glass. I’ve never entered a blog contest before. Not really sure if I’m doing it right….I guess we’ll see.
    Thanks for sharing your life with us.

  79. Lynn

    I am loving the elegant initial with charms necklace! It is really summery looking…light and airy! You find the neatest sites! Thanks for always sharing with the rest of us!

  80. Denise

    OOOOH, LA, LA, I just love the circle initial charm with the bead & glass looking fob. So beautiful & thanks for an awesome giveaway.

  81. wendy

    It’s a toss up between the Elegant Initial Necklace with Charms and the Always and Forever Necklace. I really like them both. Thanks for the chance to win :)

  82. Carly

    That layered family necklace is just beautiful! I have a great husband and 2 sweet boys that I would love to have on a necklace!

  83. Melissa Lail

    I love love love the infinity circle necklace, I would wear my fur-babies’ names all the time :)

  84. Chelsi

    It’s so hard to choose! I like the Hammered Circle with Tiny Charms Necklace and the Heart & Soul Necklace comes in at a very close second. Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

  85. Mandi

    Layered family necklace… Love it. :-) Everything else is very cute, as well. Thank you for introducing us to this site!

  86. Kathryn

    I love the Infinity Circle Necklace! Thanks so much for doing such a great giveaway! I am keeping my fingers crossed!

  87. Tina

    Wow – what absolutely gorgeous necklaces! I love the one with the ring and the square and the star, too. What a beautiful way to signify the importance of your family!

  88. Myjalessa Hill

    I think that this is the mose unique twist on a ‘dogtag’ style of jewellery! I love it! You could style the pendant to suit the person it represents! I must say I would be so proud to own one!

  89. Heather Johnson

    Oh how to pick?! I have to go with the layered family necklace, but I have to say I have a couple favs!

  90. Tamara

    So very Pretty!! I LOVE the Hip Mom Jewelry piece in the big picture with the Initials equaling a heart,with pearl,and Forever!!!! It brings back some Sweet Memories!!! I would Love to wear it!!!!

  91. Alli

    How fun! I am in love with the mama-razi necklace. Being a photographer I think my kids think just that of me, LOL. I also love the layered family necklace. Hope I win :).

  92. jo

    I really really like the double charm necklace. What a great gift for a mom of 2 kids. Also, I love your website!!!!

  93. Evelyn Ball

    Thanks Kevin and Amanda…and just in time for my birthday tomorrow or my anniversary on the 26th. My fav pieces are the Shutterbug Photographer Necklace and the Hammered Circle with Tiny Charms Necklace. I am the mom of two teenaged daughters and new golden retriever puppy. When I see your pics of the BTs I am envious of the adventures you take with them. Thanks so much for providing a respite in my hectic life.

    Evelyn Ball

  94. debraK

    Love the family one with the circle, square and also the one shown on your blog with your initials, the open circle and the pearl.

    Their site is aMAZing!!!!

    Thank you for the opportunity.

  95. Candi1973 in Colorado

    wow!!!! Amanda, you ALWAYS have the best giveaways ever! I love Hand Stamped Jewelry!!! Omigosh!!

    I absolutely love, love, love the Layered Family Necklace, too! Wow, how special is her work!?!?!?! Super-special, I say!

    Thank you for this chance!


  96. Pat Owen

    It’s almost impossible to choose a favorite! For me, the Layered Family Necklace. For my daughters, the Hammered Circle with Tiny Charms. For my friend who is getting married in September, the Always & Forever necklace. Such great designs!

  97. Donna Baker

    wow! these are so nice! I’d love to win this to get my oldest sister a birthday present – she is always doing so much for everyone! thanks for the chance!

  98. Jody Klemencic

    I adore the ‘shutterbug photography necklace’ as l am taking pictures everday! All of the jewellery is beautiful and l have bookmarked this website already for future orders!!! Cheers, Jody

  99. Victoria

    Love so many of their pieces…one is the hammered birthstone necklace. Thanks for hosting this giveaway :)

  100. Ammy

    I like the Silver necklace with two charms….but I like all of the bracelets too…I would love ANYTHING with my babies names on it.

  101. Taylor

    I LOVE the birth celebration necklace! How beautiful is everything, though? Took me forever to choose just one! :) Thanks for the great giveaway.

  102. Erin

    I am loving the Infinity Circle necklace and the Always and Forever necklace…who am I kidding. I love them all!

  103. Leslie Wilkie

    It is hard to choose just one but I have to say the Mother’s Heart necklace is my favorite. It’s so pretty.

  104. Julie

    I love the Layered Family Necklace….what a great product. I am going to buy one for my sister in law for Christmas! :)

  105. Ola Jaggers

    What an amazing company… I’m so excited!!! And what an AMAZING giveaway…. I’m very excited about that!

    I love the Layered Family Necklace and the Tiny Sentiments Stamped Necklace and oh so many more!!!

    Thank you so much for the chance to win!!!

    okj83 at live dot com

  106. Cathy H

    We don’t have children, so my favorite is the Always & Forever necklace.

    Thanks for the chance to win the gift certificate! :o)

  107. Sara Peterson

    What a generous giveaway! I would love to get something beautiful from hip mom jewelry! :)

  108. Diana

    Everything is so beautiful, hard choice. But I think the Layered Family Necklace is my favorite too.

  109. Nancy

    The Caden’s Hope caught my eye. My son is Caden and his birthstone is pearl. What a beautiful necklace.

    I also like the layered family one!

  110. Connie THompson

    Love Love Love this idea for a wedding gift for my daughter getting married in August! The pearl charm and circle forever is perfect.

  111. Beth Rutschman

    I absolutely adore these pieces! They are beautiful! I especially like the stamped ‘Alway’s and Forever’ necklace, the ‘Layered family’ necklace, and the ‘Elegant Initial necklace with charms! So adorable! Thank you so much for this amazing chance to win one of these precious pieces!


  112. victoria

    oooo pick me!!! pick me!! i love the birthdate multicharm or the tiny hammered charms…LOVE!!

  113. Becca

    I love always and forever but when we have kids I think layered family necklace is perfect! I do have a star fetish! Thanks for letting us visit your cute site!

  114. Cary

    I love the hammered circle with tiny charms necklace!! But really, all of them are absolutely beautiful!

  115. kristin taylor

    It’s so hard to choose a favorite. I really love the Layered Family Necklace and the Infinity Circle Necklace Delicate Style. Such pretty pieces.

  116. Debbie S

    My favorite piece of jewelry from Hip Mom Jewelry would have to be the Always & Forever necklace. Love your blog by the way!!


  117. Jen

    Wow! These are all so neat! It’s really hard to pick a favorite. I like the non-traditional “mother’s ring” approach to keeping your family close to your heart!

  118. Heather

    I love the layered family necklace! We adopted our niece & made our family complete:) 3 beautiful children we have!!! I would love order a family necklace with all their names on it. I hope I win:)

  119. Shelley @ Green Eggs & Hamlet

    The Elegant Initial Necklace with Charms is my favorite! I would get “S” with the turquoise briolette. So pretty!

  120. Aurelia

    I must agree with you, I’m loving the Layered Family Necklace! But also live the Daddy Tags Necklace as well.

  121. Kim

    I love the HOPE necklace with the pearl. It is especialy moving to me because I have a special needs child also. And some times the only thing you can do is have HOPE, it has carried me through many ruff times. Also pearls are my jewelry of choice. HOPE and pearls what more could a girl ask for?

  122. Lauren

    I love the Always and Forever necklace. The jewelry is so beautiful and personal. What neat gifts and keepsakes!

  123. Connie

    Amanda, I just love your site. Your pictures, recipes, EVERYTHING! And this giveaway is so fun! I’m due soon with my 2nd so I’d go for the Hammered Circle with Tiny Charms Necklace so I could keep adding to it. I also loooove the mama-razzi necklace. It describes me perfectly! haha

  124. Heather Davis

    I absolutely love the layered family necklace! This would be an amazing gift to my friends who are having twin boys in Nov. They lost their first son at 24 weeks pregnant and I think this would be such a treasured gift.

  125. Lara Chamberlain

    I like the always and forever necklace, so cute! I just got married in May and that would be a perfect necklace to wear! :)

    I just love reading your blog, BTW! It’s one of my favorites!

    Have a wonderful day,


  126. sarah lejeune

    lovin the sweet designs! I so would wear any of their stuff! The mothers heart desiagn is super nice!

  127. Karen

    Mine would have to be the mama-razzi one.Everyone in my house says I’m like living with the paparazzi.I am taking part in THREE photography course at once at the moment!!!!Am I mad or what.

  128. Beth Ashley

    i LOVE the Hammered Circle with Tiny Charms Necklace!!!! I could take the love of my {boys} with me everywhere I go…other than the pictures I already carry of course. ~Thanks for the wonderful little contest!!~

  129. Candice

    I am completely in love with the always and forever necklace! I don’t have kids yet, so I think that’s why that necklace most appeals to me. I would love to have one that says j + c! :)

  130. Megan C.

    I love the Always & Forever necklace. That would be perfect with our first anniversary coming up.

  131. martina Fegan

    I love Caden’s Hope and the elegant initial necklace with the pearl and gem dangles. Beautiful jewelry!

  132. Mary Moore

    I really love the Mother’s Heart Stamped necklace and the Initial necklace with charms. thanks, Mary

  133. Mary Moore

    I really love the Mother’s Heart Stamped necklace and the Initial necklace with charms.
    thanks so much

  134. Stephanie

    Oh its so hard to pick which I like best! I think i like the 1st one with the little stones best, but they are all awesome!

  135. Cindy

    It is so hard to choose a favorite… but if I had to; I LOVE the Always & Forever necklace. Too cute. :)

  136. Cori Rochford

    I absolutely love this jewelry!! If I had the money, I’d buy one from all of my closest friends’ birthdays, anniversaries, or for when they have a child. Thanks for sharing!!

  137. Jenny Kolenda

    I would have to agree. I “LOVE” the layered family necklace as well. Enough room to house a family. :~)

  138. Wini

    I absolutly LOVE the Birth Celebration Necklace! What a great keepsake! I will have to have my hubby check out their site since my birthday is coming up next week!

  139. Laci

    I have to admit, I LOVE the layered family as well. I actually love everything, but that one is my all time fav.

  140. Jami

    I love the Tiny Sentiments Necklace and the Silver Circle Name Bracelet. All of their stuff is awesome! Thanks for the chance to win!

  141. Tammy Hassebrock

    I am also in LOVE with the layered family necklace. Might just have to send this site’s link to my hubby…it would make a great birthday present. :) Thanks for the chance to win.

  142. Lillian

    My favorite is the Infinity Circle necklace…. how charming and elegant! LOVE the site and will have to put you on my wish list!

  143. Laura

    Oh I would so love to win this!!! I LOVE the Always and Forever Necklace! There are so many gorgeous pieces to chose from!! I love them all!

  144. mjrooney

    I love -love -love the family layered necklace because my family is the most important thing in the world to me.

  145. MandaKay

    Beautiful beautiful jewelry – love your designed on! I would say my favorite is the hammered circle with tiny charms necklace – would need my 3 girls’ names and them maybe a charm for each of them!

  146. Jamie Kubeczka

    I would love to win an Infinity Circle Necklace Delicate Style. These are oh so pretty! Thanks for the chance! :)

  147. Mary

    my favorite item is the Birth Celebration Necklace. its so cute!!! but the baby feet necklace is also cute!!! to many choices, to hard to pick just one!!!!!

  148. Roxanne

    Oh WOW! I LOVE the Always and Forever and the Layered Family Necklace!!! What a great site! Thank you for sharing it!

  149. Kimberly

    I would love a necklace that I can have my daughter and my husband’s name stamped onto…I’m so sentimental I doubt I’d ever take it off. Beautiful pieces!

  150. Elizabeth

    I love the Hammered Circle with Tiny Charms Necklace. It was a really hard decision to make though!

  151. Griffin's Mom

    I would have to say I love the family layered necklace as well. I’ve never seen anything like it. I like all the different charms and the personalization!

    The winner will be one lucky winner!

  152. Karen Kwong

    I LOVE the Birthdate Celebration necklace!! And maybe someday one of the neckaces with multiple kids’ names.

  153. Samantha B

    I love love love the baby feet necklace! It’s adorable! We’re expecting our first baby in January :)

  154. Melissa Ventura

    Even if I do not win…I am ordering mine! I LOVE IT! I am not into the usual cheesy necklaces and bracelets but these are wonderful!

  155. Jennifer

    My favorite is the layered family necklace too! I’ve been wanting one of these – hope I win :)

  156. Tabitha

    Hi Amanda! I LOVE the layered family necklace too! And now that we are thinking our family is complete, it’d be the perfect time to get one!

  157. Melissa

    I think the elegant initial necklace with charms is stunning! I would love it! Thanks for the awesome give-away!

  158. Ba

    Okay, of course I would take any of them for FREE- they are all so sweet and set apart from the others swarming the internet. I too, like the Layered Family, but really like the Elegant Initial.

  159. Nickie

    I love these pieces–they are so elegant yet very simple, which is the style I try to incorporate into my life. I just found out I’m pregnant with our second baby and I would love the Layered Family Necklace to have a little something to show my family how special they are to me.

  160. Janine

    These are really pretty, I love the simplicity of them. My favorite is the daddy tags, although I would want it for myself.
    I have to admit that things like this always make me feel really sad because I always wanted a big family. I had one son, and after that I have had 7 miscarriages. So these types of “mother’s” jewelry usually make me feel inadequate. I do have a mother’s ring with birthstones of my son and my first three miscarriages. I wish I could fill up a necklace with all of my kids names and birthdays, but this is the hand I am dealt. Thanks for listening to me whine!

  161. Brandy Breedlove

    I absolutely love this website! I have never seen it before, but I will definitely tell others about it. I also like the family layered neclace.

  162. Brittaney Petersen

    OMG! I am in love with all of them…she is so talented! I especially love the hammered circle with tiny charms. I just had my firstborn son in February and would love to have such a keepsake like that with his name on it!

  163. Kerry

    I love the Elegant Initial necklace. Actually I love anything monogrammed. She has some really cute stuff!

  164. Teri S.

    Oh, how CUTE!!! My daughter just found out she’s pregnant. I would love to give her the “Birth Celebration Necklace”. This will be my first grandchild, I can hardley wait!

  165. Kelly M

    OMG Amanda, what a great find! I love the hammered necklace with tiny charms. I would get a charm for each of my babies and a heart on the third charm! so cute

  166. Cathy H.

    I’m in agreement with you. I absolutely love the family charms. This is an awesome giveaway! Thank You!!

  167. Lani

    Oh, how to choose just one favorite? They’re all so beautiful! I think my favorite is the Hammered Circle with Tiny Charms Necklace.

  168. Shannon Carter

    I love the ‘Always and Forever’ necklace AND ‘Caden’s Hope’ necklace. :) Thanks for the chance at winning!!

  169. Jesse

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Daddy tags! Something my husband would actually wear and so would I! Very sweet and simple. All of the products are gorgeous and would make a perfect gift or prize, hope I win!

  170. Maria

    This’ll be a difficult decision! They’re all so unique and mezmerizing! To have to choose…I adore the beautiful simplicity of the Square Multi-Name Stamped Necklace but will have to go with Amanda’s choice of the Layered Family Necklace – it looks absolutely stunning.

    Many Thanks,

  171. Peggy

    These are fabulous. I love them all – my favourite being the layered family necklace. How wonderful to have everyone so close to your heart!

  172. Elizabeth

    I also love the layered family necklace. I think this is such a great Idea as a gift for a new mommy like myself :)

  173. Erica

    Oh my, it’s a total toss up between the Infinity Circle and the Layered Family necklaces! I love them both!

  174. Jo Mahnke

    Oh how I love hand stamped jewelry and these are especially exquisite! I have to say…if I had to choose just one…I would go with Always & Forever. Best of luck to everyone! Cheers! ~Jo

  175. Tanya Phenis

    I too, like the Layered Family Necklace, but I think my favorite is Hammered Circle with Tiny Charms Necklace. They are all really cool!

  176. Destiny D.

    I got lost in the website; completely distracted by the beauty, forgetting exactly how and why I was there. I loved so many of the pieces but I need an updated medical necklace (Can’t bring myself to buy something from the pharmacy, but need to wear something.)so I think I’ll be asking her to design something like that. Wonderful site I wasn’t aware of. Thank you for opening my eyes to it. Bookmarking it now…

  177. kellie

    Wow!! I love Hip Mom jewelry :) My favorite necklace from the site is Caden’s Hope Sterling Necklace, Not only is it beautiful, but reading the meaning behind it brought tears streaming down my face! (must be having one of those days!!)

    Thanks for showing us a awesome site and a chance to win!

  178. Melissa Pierce

    I love love these necklaces! They would make a perfect Christmas gift! Thank you for the info.!

  179. Liz Womack

    My hubby is leaving to basic trainig for the Army in October I would love to give him the Daddy’s tags necklace at least he would have a little part of his family with him. Txs for the giveaways Amanda o and I love your fonts!!!

  180. Rachel@IdahoCheneys

    I love and *need* the Mamma-razzi necklace! That’s totally me! I always have my camera with me to take pictures of my too cute daughter!! :)

  181. Southern Gal

    I’m with you. The Layered Family Necklace is awesome. I also love just the plain monograms. Beautiful stuff. Thanks.

  182. Gina D.

    Wow your contest get SO many comments it’s crazy!!! I love this giveaway! I also really like the layered family necklace – such a great way to show off your entire family!

  183. Chrissy

    another great contest! i love that you introduce us to these unique places. i would never find this kind of thing otherwise!

  184. Luci Sheriff

    I like the hammered looks the best. So cute. The Always&Forever works it all in. This would make a wonder 10 yr. anniversary memento for my Hubby and I.

  185. Heidi

    I love all of it! I have new lil one on the way and would love to celebrate with such a cute piece of jewelry!

  186. Madison

    I love love love the silver necklace with two charms. It is absolutely adorable. I would love to have one.

  187. Carolyn H.

    I absolutely love the layered family necklace. They are all so awesome, it’d be hard to choose just one.

  188. Racheal

    What an AWESOME give away!!! I love the Layered Family Necklace” as well because I have 4 kids and it would be nice to have one peice to represent the entire family ;)

  189. Tami (new mom again:)

    OH, I just had my FIFTH baby (not planned but would not trade him for nothi’n). Hanging in there, could use some sleep & a day with no doorbell ringing (we are the kool-aid house) & a new charm. Love the layered the layered necklace, darling! Thanks for letting us know about this site, I will keep it inmy fav’s for sure!

  190. Denise

    I LOVE them all…seriously. But, if I had to choose I would get the Silver Circle Name Bracelet. Gorgeous work!

  191. Katy

    These are all so amazing, but I am partial to the layered family necklace! I think it is just an exquisite piece of jewelry that can be passed on to future generations!

  192. Aubrey McGee

    I LOVE the Layered Family Necklace. We only have one daughter, but I would love one with our anniversary and then a charm for our daughter and then I could add as we have more children. Her work is beautiful!!

  193. Marty

    What a fantastic site! As one reader commented, there are a lot of “family” necklaces on the web, but these are much finer and better designed than most! I just adore the initial with tiny charms and the hammered circle with tiny charms! I have someone in mind for one of these as a Christmas gift, and would love to have one myself. They are classic and would be perfect for an older mom like me, as well as young Moms. It’s hard to find jewelry that appeals to all ages, I’m far more of a “hippy mom” than a “hip mom” but love, love, love this line, too! :-)

  194. deborah

    ooooooooh I ♥ the shutterbug photographer necklace! a dear friend gave me a vintage camera sterling silver charm for my birthday, and it would be a perfect compliment to this lovely piece! Everything is beautiful! thanks, Amanda!

  195. LauraLou

    I love the layered family necklace. It would be so nice to have one. My husband and I began dating 20 years ago this month! :o) This is a great contest, thank you!

  196. Judi V

    Personally I am in love with the Hammered Circle with Tiny Charms – my niece is getting married on the 24th of this month and this would be a PERFECT gift for her; she would be ecstatic over this one. Thanks for the chance to win and for turning us on to this great jewelry shop!

  197. Katya O'Leary

    I LOVE the birth celebration necklace!! I actually found this website and wanted to get my oldest daughter one of the necklaces for her first child. Grayson David Rogers was born six weeks premature on April 1 of this year. Unfortunately, things have been so crazy I haven’t gotten around to ordering one.
    Grayson’s birth, tho, has led me to your website since I also started a blog–“Grand, Grand Grandbabies”–he’s my first!! I live in Birmingham and saw you, your husband and dogs at Brookwood Mall at couple of weeks ago. I wanted to speak, but my 16 year old was with me and was TOTALLY mortified that I would introduce myself/blogged/knew about blogs/would even think about talking to another blogger/basically lived and breathed!!
    I haven’t figured out how to include your downloads to my blog, but I am feeling pretty techno-savvy at 51!! Thanks for your help and I do love seeing your pics–you make it all look so lovely. Best wishes, Katya

  198. Joanna

    I love the Elegant Initial Necklace! My husband and sons all have the same first initial so I could cover everyone with one charm! :)

  199. Kelli

    My friend has one of these necklaces…I’ve always wanted one. I love the layered family necklace but there are a lot of other awesome things to pick from too!!!

  200. Amy

    I love the handstamped bracelets. Once again, thanks for sharing great products. I haven’t seen anything you’ve shared that I wouldn’t want for myself. Thanks

  201. Angie Sandy

    I have drooled over this site for months, so hard to choose! My first choice would be the layered family necklace followed by the always and forever.

    Thanks for a great contest!

  202. Bryann

    I am in *love* with this jewelry :) My favorite style is the Infinity Circle Necklace…so delicate :) Thanks!

  203. Melanie

    I LOVE all of them, but my favorites…Birth Celebration Necklace and Layered Family Necklace. The Daddy Tags are also great for all those special dads!!!

  204. Deneen Cook

    I also love the layered family necklace! The star with the est. date is a favorite of mine. I have been married for 26 years and have four daughters so this would be perfect! Thanks once again for another chance to win an awsome prize.

  205. Sara Hasselroth

    I abosolutely love this jewelry! I am in love with the Layered Family Necklace, but love them all! I soooo… hope I win, what a great giveaway! Thanks for sharing good finds with us!

  206. Edie

    Oh my!! They are all so stinkin’ cute. I think my favorite is the layers family necklace too!! Love love love it!

  207. Bré

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this jewlery!! I think my favorite is the layered Family necklace also. I have 4 children so it seems perfect to have them all on 1 charm instead of 4. thank you. by the way…Amanda I just <3 you! so inspiring :-)

  208. Julie

    I love these necklaces. But I really love the Caden’s Hope necklace best. I also just spent a while reading Caden’s story. What an amazing boy and family!

  209. Lynda

    Wow! What a unique idea! I love it all, but I must say that I like the layered family necklace the best as well. I love bragging about my girls and this would be an original way to get me started!! “You like my necklace? Well, let me tell you about my girls…”

  210. Pam

    I love the elegant initial necklace with charms! It is just my style and my daughter is always on my case about not wearing necklaces!

  211. Amanda Heiple

    Amanda, I really enjoy your blog. Your two dogs are so adorable. I really like the silver necklace with two charms.

    Thanks for a great blog.

  212. Debbie Moon

    Love the jewelry and I’m NOT a jewelry kind of person…already making my list!!! LOVE the photographer necklaces and the family collections…Ankle Bracelects maybe? Thanks

  213. Heidi

    Oooh I love the “Hammered Circle with Tiny Charms Necklace”. They are all awesome though. Definitely the type of style I wish I had :)

  214. Julie Vincent

    Okay, so I love them all, but I guess if I have to pick a favorite it would be the Layered Family Necklace. They are all so beautiful!

  215. Kathleen Summers

    Oh, I remember the last time you did this. I love this jewelry! My fave is the Hammered Circle with Tiny Charms necklace.

  216. Kim S

    OMG…I also just IN LOVE with the family necklace. That is so wonderful. I want that bad! This is just exactly what I have been looking for! Crossing my fingers and toes!