Fragrances I Love: 10 Delicious Scents

So, last week I may have mentioned that I have this odd fascination with smelling like food… But not just any food. I’m talking sweet treats. Desserts. Candy. Confections. Ice Cream. Chocolate covered strawberries. Things you might find in a bakery. Things you might find in a coffee shop. Things that are made with at least a pound of butter and sugar. If it’s vanilla, chocolate, coffee, or caramel scented? I’m there. Here are my top 10 delicious scents I can’t live without.

Best Sweet Fragrances

Candied Caramel Pecan Body Wash. From Ulta. Oh my gosh. It smells just like Butter Pecan Ice Cream. And I don’t really eat butter pecan ice cream, but I think it smells wonderful. This body wash smells even better. I think I would like to carry it around with me all day. Ulta? Are you out there? Could you please turn this into a lotion? And body spray. And anything else you can think of? And I will buy it. kthxbye.

Best Sweet Fragrances

Ulta Shower Smoothies. Chocolate Milkshake, Buttercream Cupcake & Cinnamon Roll. Oof. The Chocolate Milkshake makes me faint every time I come near it. It’s wonderful. I think chocolate is one of my favorite scents. And I haven’t seen the Cinnamon Roll at my Ulta yet?!! Cinnamon Rolls? Heck yes. Is there anything else I’d rather smell like? I don’t think so.

Best Sweet Fragrances

Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Appletini Body Mist. Mmm… This smells like a candied apple. And it leaves a little bit of a shimmery sheen. Fancy.

Chocolate Strawberry Fondue Body Mist. I found this at CVS of all places! It’s wonderful! It really smells just like chocolate and strawberries. *chomp*

Victoria’s Secret Caramel Kiss. Oh my goodness. I admit, I have a slight obsession with body sprays, but this is one of my favorites. I don’t really even know how to describe it, other than delicious. And decadent. And sweet. And delicious.

Best Sweet Fragrances

Victoria’s Secret Coconut Passion. It smells sooo sweet. With just a light hint of coconut. Perfect.

Best Sweet Fragrances

Tree Hut Brazilian Nut Shea Sugar Body Scrub. Oh my gosh. Oh my goodness. Oh my gracious. This is the best stuff on the planet! Okay, besides the fact that it’s the perfect combination of shea butter and sugar scrub, and leaves your skin perfectly soft, moisturized and exfoliated.. This stuff smells amazing! Like chocolate and coffee and ice cream and mocha, and every good and perfect scent from above.

Best Sweet Fragrances

Tree Hut Brazilian Nut Shea Body Butter. The body scrub smells amazing, but unfortunately it doesn’t last much longer than the shower, so I always follow with this. BTW, I got mine at Ulta, but I also saw them on Walmart’s website, so maybe they have it there too?? :)

Best Sweet Fragrances

Savour Choco Latte. I found this at Target and I love it! :) It smells just like a chocolate milkshake with a slight hint of coffee.. Ooh! You know what it smells like? This. Just like that. It’s perfect! :) Definitely my favorite lotion.

Best Sweet Fragrances

Victoria’s Secret Cupquake Beauty Rush Lipgloss. Tastes like a cupcake. Yum!


What are your favorite fragrances? :)

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65 Responses
  1. Rosey

    I am here from Pinterest, looking for ideas for Christmas stockings. This is a great list. I used to love the Jacqua buttercream frosting lotion but they took it off the market, and then the formula must have changed because it’s not the same anymore.

    1. Alex

      All the products that they talked about are actually discounted so yea they aren’t available in the stores now

  2. Queen Brooklyn

    Hey Amanda! :) Btw, I am Rica from Manila Philppines. I’ve been Obsessed with sweet scents too (bakery & coffee shop smell) I love yummy smelling fragrance & I dunno why? Anyways, I highly recommend Bath & Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar lotion, body
    mist, shower gel, shimmering body mist, etc. I feel relaxed everytime I
    wear it & people always compliment me that I really smell good. Ahhh to
    good to be true. And second, try using Bed Head TIGI brunette goddess shampoo and conditioner OMY Gosh! It smells like caramel, coffee, chocolate, butter, can’t really explain it. Smells like heaven :) You inspire me more to fall in love with sweet scents over & over. Xoxo

    1. Amanda

      It was from CVS several years ago. I haven’t seen it since! :( I wish they would make more, I love it!!

  3. Erica

    thats my girl! all of these smell like something that would be right up my alley. why have i never considered the ulta body stuff? why? that body scrub that smells like mocha…i had one from bodycology called hazelnut and it was a great scrub but also smelled so delicious and it would actually linger. i talked about it a time or 2 along with some pictures if your interested on my blog a while back here yah go

  4. Heather

    The Tree Hut Brazilian Nut scrub and body butter are sold at Wal-Mart! And they are very in expensive I believe about 3 dollars for the scrub tub! I love that smell!! And for the price and what it is you just can’t beat it! Have you smelled the Christen Dior perfume “addict” cause that is my current perfume obsession!

  5. Mandy

    Haha Amanda – you crack me up…and inspire me! I’ve never thought about smelling like food – actually everytime I see these scents I’m like “who buys these? why would anyone want to smelly like a cinammon bun?” – now I know – YOU! (And all these commenters!:)) So I am going to leave my comfort zone of floral scents and try one – I’ll get back to you to tell you if I liked it!

  6. irene

    my favorite fragrances are:

    bath and body works strawberry lemonade and pink grapefruit. classics that are still available online and sometimes at the stores.

    prescriptives calyx, hint of grapefruit. sadly, this line is discontued. :(

    channel coco mademoiselle

    my latest new obsession is dylans candy bar birthday cake batter. they also have chocolate cupcake, strawberry licorice, and coconut bon bon. the birthday cake batter is my fave.

    1. Amanda

      Oh my goodness!! Must. go there!! :)

      I’ll have to check out Strawberry Lemonade too… I’ve never heard of it before! Sounds really good. :)

  7. Jen AKA Jupiter

    I have to agree with the others that say Pink Sugar is the bomb. LOVE IT! If you can find someone with Pink Sugar Noel (blend of Pink Sugar and Bath & Body Works Vanilla Bean Noel), you will be in love.

    1. Erica

      whaaaattttttt???????!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am typing up a vanilla bean noel blog post as we speak raving about that scent. i love it. pink sugar is amazing as well. not equally but close (: where’d you find that?

  8. Amy

    Amanda, everytime you post on a new topic I’m blown away because it seems like we’re long lost soul sisters. I wish I lived closer because I would live to have a close girlfriend who shares so many of my interests the way you seem to. Anyway, my favorite scents are citrus and fruit. Let me know if you have any great suggestions. I’m always looking for another great citrus scent. My latest favorite is from Bath and Body Works – White Citrus. Keep it coming. I love your blog and wish I had more time to add posts to mine. Amy

  9. Elyse Sanneman

    You should write a book. I’d buy it. I think you’d make just a wonderful, fun, spunky little novel about who knows what… and it would just be perfect.

    Elyse :)

    1. AnaBel

      I second that! Your pics are terrific and your commentary is fabulous. Easy reading for the every day gals who like cooking, gardening, crafting, decorating, fashion and fragrance….And you already have a great fan base :o) who’d snatch up your book!!

  10. Kimberly a Canon Shooter

    Dolce and Gabana : Light Blue

    Juicy: Couture

    DONT LAUGH, but.. Jessica Simpson: Fancy Love (sooooo warm and yummy)

    all my scents are on the warm smell side? That is the best way I can describe. I like musky smells too – no roses, no gardenia.

    I love carmel – or vanilla ANYTHING.

    Dont laugh.. but – Carlos Santanas perfume for women (it’s in a firey orangey reddish bottle and smells DIVINE!

    Cheapest and BEST of all:

    Caress: EVENLY GORGEOUS BODY SCRUB/SOAP – Burnt Brown Sugar, Karite Butter. This stuff is crazy yummy and you can get it at your local grocer or at Rite Aid or Longs CVS or Walgreens etc. Wal Mart and Target too. This stuff NEEDS to have a body spray made of it. I highly, highly recommend!!!


    I wished I were going somewhere so I could justify using my perfume. We are so broke, I have to save it for special occassions.. (that’s sad!)

    Have a lovely smeling day ladies!!!

  11. Mandi

    Amanda, this post reminds me of that cute little place that you took me to where you could make your own lotion. What was it called? Is it still around? I always wished I had that store near me.

  12. Kirstin

    Those all look so yummy. I love the buttercream cupcake shower smoothies! Also the Warm Vanilla Sugar body spritz from Bath and Body works smells good lol

  13. Kaye

    I love your picks, but you REALLY have to try some Philosphy!!! I carry cake batter lip gloss with me everywhere. What a stress buster!

  14. LiSa

    Hi Amanda, You should try Lollia Life products! They don’t carry food smells, but they’re just soft and girly :) I wear Inspire and it just smells sweet and clean, alittle bit like cotton candy! I love it! I first saw the products at an Antique store but I noticed Anthropologie carries them.
    ~Lisa :)

  15. Amanda Sevall

    Who doesn’t like the food smells?! You simply MUST try Philosophy!!! Go to Sephora, subscribe to their newsletter. It goes on sale eventually or you can get these fabulous SETS at the holidays!! Think Gingerbread Men, Marshmallow, Sugar Cookie…. YUM!! At the very least, go smell them at a Sephora store…. they are among my favs and fabulous products. :)

  16. MelindaB

    I love sweet smells – I usually go for Warm Vanilla Sugar from Bath and Body Works but may try some of these others :)

  17. Stephanie

    I love fresh & clean scents.. my favorite is Victoria’s Secret Pink Fresh & Clean, it’s like apple & lily. In candles I love fresh linen/clean cotton scents. For lipgloss/chapstick I like the sweet tastes like you do.

  18. Kathy

    Hi Amanda! I am soo like you and have the same affinity to food smells. Maybe it’s similar to comfort food or something…I’m not sure. Thank you for all the great recommendations! I especially want to check out Tree Nut Brazilian Hut duo because I am a huge fan of shea butter. But I also have to chime in on the Aqualina Pink Sugar fragrance. It is absolutely my favorite fragrance of all… It smells so yummy! I feel like sweet cotton candy when I wear it. It picks up my mood and my boyfriend absolutely loves it too! He calls me his sweet little piece of candy when I wear it! :)

  19. Meg

    Hi Amanda! I have to admit, I’m not really in to the whole smelling like dessert thing (hey, to each their own!) but I am REALLY in to citrus and more natural scents. My favorite candle from Yankee is called Sage and Citrus, and I love basically any scent that has anything to do with citrus, sandalwood, lavender, sage, mint, anything along those lines. One of my favorites is B&B Works Eucalyptus Spearmint. So relaxing.

    By the way, I know that you love to write about cooking and different products you buy. I’m hosting a giveaway of a great all-purpose sauce on my blog. Don’t know if you’ve tried it before, but you should check it out.

    Thanks for sharing your favorite scents!

  20. Arianna


    Don’t know if The Body Shop seels in USA, but it is worthy trying ;)
    A lot of fruity tastes and smells and during Christmas time really nice stuff (I love the vanilla body butter!)

  21. Rhiannon @ From the Heart

    I also love bath and body creamy coconut. Anything coconut or vanilla or sugar cookies makes me insane! Glade plug ins used to have a scent called grandmas cookies, it was the BEST ever but I cant find it anymore. Philosophy has a great line of scents, what is it about sweet treats that smell sooooo good on you?! What about the scent of a baby? Can someone make a body spray that smells like that? And not no loves baby soft either.

    I’m having a giveaway right now come one come all and check it out!

  22. Pati

    Wow, this sounds torturous!! Smelling like such yummy food?! These sound good, to eat and they’re making me hungry. But I think the dogs, the hubby and the bugs would go crazy, not to mention strangers!!

  23. Brittany

    I just recently came across your blog and i LOVE reading it!! your tutorials have already helped tremendously & you always have interesting things to blog about! You give me great ideas!

  24. Tricia C.

    My favorite body spray is a coconut and lime fragrance. Sadly I don’t remember who made it, the bottle got a hole in it and I put it in a generic spray bottle. I love just about anything citrus, such a “clean”, refreshing feel.

  25. Becky

    Victoria Secret “Champagne and Strawberries” is my favorite scent for summer. (I started to put “for supper” LOL.) Then in the winter I love Bath and Body “Candy Apple”.

  26. Tonia

    Yes they have the Shea Scrub and Butter at Walmart. I was looking at them yesterday debating on buying them or not. Now I’m sorry I didn’t.

  27. teresa

    Oh Amanda!
    All of this smells so YUMMY!
    I just know Kevin adores you smelling like all these YUMMY things!
    If your robe is like my robe…I bet it smells really delish!
    I always tell Greg…if anything ever happens to me…live with my ROBE the rest of your life!
    Have you ever tried PINK SUGAR from Sephora!
    It smells soooooo yummy!
    Like Cotton Candy!
    You must try it Amanda!
    Happy Weekend Sweetpea!
    Oh…and I just LOVE the tree hut sugar scrubs!

  28. Debbie

    Thanks for sharing your list of goodies. Just to let ya know I checked out the Ulta website and now all there 3 in 1 shower smoothies are buy 1 get 1!!!!!!!! woohoo!!!!!!!!

  29. Dorcas

    OH! Man! That CHO latte one looks delicious! LOL I bet it’s fantabulous! I will need to go do some shopping this weekend. As always I love your site!



  30. AnaBel

    My favorite is Aqualina’s Pink Sugar perfume, lotion & sprtitz. It smells like cotton candy with a hint of vanilla!! Whenever I wear it I see people looking around to figure out where the cotton candy is! It’s sweet, but not too overwhelming, and just a fun perfume :o)

  31. Toni Legates

    OMG Amanda , we are kindred spirits!!!!!! I have cup quake lip gloss in my pocket or purse all the time .I love appletini . Yes I’m obsessed with smelling like sweet treats too . My two favorite scents in the world are Pink sugar Which smells like cotton candy ,caramel a hint of vanilla and last but not least Gale Hayman’s Delicious Cotton Candy. Which is very similar to pink sugar . Order a sample and give them a try. I’ve literally had people chase me down and ask me what I was wearing ! I fell in love with these scents because they remind me of my childhood.

  32. Allison

    Have you tried pink sugar perfume? You can get it at nordstrom or sephora or probably any department store. It smells just like cotton candy. I wore it for a few years and need to get some more. I love smelling sweet and sugary! Thanks for the other recommendations!

  33. terri

    i love the smell of our blueberry cinnamon coffee in the morning!! i love the smell of suntan oil in the summer time ~and cinnamon in the winter!~but my absolute fav is when the boy wears my fav cologne!!!!

  34. Turley Times

    I love dessert/food fragrances as well! You have to seek out some Jaqua products. My Ulta sells them and I’m sure you could purchase online too. They have some of the most authentic food-smelling products I’ve ever used. Buttercream frosting, chocolate marshmallow, peach parfait…they smell amazing and they are great products, too!


  35. Barb

    yummy….and it’s not even food! ;) Looks like I’ll have to try some new products! I like fall and the BBW Spiced Pumpkin! Vanilla is always good!!

  36. Kelly

    I have to be very careful about fragrance of any kind because most of them give me an instant migraine. I can’t wear any kind of perfume, but I can tolerate some lotions and body sprays. My favorite is Victoria’s Secret Strawberries and Champagne. I have worn it for so many years that every time I run out I am sure it will have been discontinued.

  37. Libby

    I love Victoria secrets love spell lotions. One of my favorite fragrences to wear is heavenly
    by victoria secret. I also love all the eucalyptus aromatherapy stuff from bath and body works.

  38. Alisha

    Why has someone not invented Scratch-n-Sniff internet? Yummmmm… :) At Christmas BBW has a scent called Vanilla Bean Noel that is divine. It is nothing short of creamy, vanilla, gooey icing. Delicioso!

  39. Missy J

    Right now, I am addicted to these candles I find at Ace Hardware (of all places :) They are Tyler candles and my favorite smell is the Diva fragrance. I want to bathe in it……….

  40. Denise Ackerly

    I saw the shower smoothies at Ulta just last week and they sure did smell yummy. Question though…do you find that bees and bugs think you smell yummy too? That was my only concern. That store is amazing!!!!!

  41. Linda

    I have worn Creamy Coconut from Bath and Body Works for many years. Now it is only available online, but it is still my favorite. Thanks for the links to other yummy fragrances!

  42. Heidi F

    I was thinking the same thing as Kelly – I was surprised you didn’t feature any philosophy products. You must try them if you never have.

    1. Amanda

      They have several I want to try! :) Belgian Waffles..Hot Cocoa.. Waffle Cone??! :) I always pause when I see them at Ulta.. :) I haven’t gotten any yet because they are just a little expensive and my Ulta won’t take the coupons on them. Bummer! Maybe for my birthday. :D

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