East Alabama Living Magazine Feature

Kevin and Amanda was featured in an issue of East Alabama Living! Check out my experience reading our featured magazine article for the first time!Kevin & Amanda East Alabama Living Magazine Feature

Our Blog in East Alabama Living

Hi guys! I hope you’ll let me share this fun news today :) A few months ago I was interviewed for East Alabama Living magazine, a local magazine from my hometown in Auburn, Alabama. It showed up in my mailbox on Friday, and it was definitely a “scrap-worthy” moment for me. :) Since I don’t do much actual scrapbooking these days, and I like to think of my blog as my online digital scrapbook, I definitely wanted to document it here to remember. :)

Kevin & Amanda East Alabama Living Magazine Feature

Miley and Howie made the contents page! :)

Kevin & Amanda East Alabama Living Magazine Feature

Little stinkers.

Kevin & Amanda East Alabama Living Magazine FeaturePhotos: Miley and Howie, The Ultimate Cookie Oreo Brownie, Cheesy Chicken, Bacon and Avocado Quesadillas, Fjällbacka Sweden.

Look at that giant photo! Miley and Howie always steal the spotlight. ;) Remember that time when Miley and Howie got recognized…. and we didn’t? Hah.

Kevin & Amanda East Alabama Living Magazine Feature

Here’s where the article starts. It mentions The Kevin & Amanda Ultimate Brownie (picture above) as our most “pinned” recipe, but actually since the article was written this Chess Squares post has skyrocketed on Pinterest! It now has almost one million pins! Love that this unique little treat is getting the attention it deserves, lol! They are totally one of my favorites too.

Kevin & Amanda East Alabama Living Magazine Feature

The second page of the article features photos from Crater Lake, Cinque Terre, Florence, and our Spicy Sausage Pasta recipe, which is hands down our favorite dinner ever. If you haven’t made it yet, it is an absolute must!! :) It is a legend on Pinterest. We love it!

Kevin & Amanda East Alabama Living Magazine Feature

Here’s a close up of the article, if you want to read. :)

Kevin & Amanda East Alabama Living Magazine Feature

Thanks so much to my fabulous interviewer and article author Jenny Watkins and East Alabama Living for sharing this fun article. If you are in or around the Auburn area, here’s where you can find a copy of the magazine, if you’re into that sort of thing. :)

And a huge thank YOU to my awesome readers who make this blog possible. :) You guys are the best. :)

Thanks so much for reading. Have a great day!! xoxo


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64 Responses
  1. Jenn

    How did I miss that you are right in my backyard? Actually I’m in your backyard (Hartselle). *goes back to lurking* ;)

    Congrats on the feature!

  2. Jamie

    You have me staying up till midnight drooling over your recipes too. I’m trying that sausage recipe this week, looks amazing!

  3. Amanda

    Congrats, this is such a great feature! I’m so glad I came across your blog last year– it’s a wonderful source of inspiration, creativity, and yumminess! Now off to focus on something else to [try] to take my mind off your Ultimate Brownie ;)

  4. Stacie

    Congratulations! Other blogs have come and gone but I NEVER miss yours. EVER. Love it and love you! You’re so talented and fun!!

  5. Fi @ My Mummy Daze

    Well done Amanda! What an honour! This is really an inspiration to read too. As a much MUCH smaller blogger from Australia it’s really left me in awe about how far one simple blog can go. Go you! Fi xx

  6. karmaa

    Congratulations Amanda and a big hug for your’s doggie! You have a wonderful blog, a wonderful husband and a wonderful friends! I read your blog weekly from Romania. Thank you and congrats, you so deserve that !

  7. Shaina

    It turned out so nice. I love all the travel photos they included. The ones with you and Kevin are always my favorites…well, and Miley and Howie.

  8. AmyS

    How wonderful! I loved the article. You are my inspiration that if I keep plugging away, maybe one day I too can make it a living doing what I love. Congratulations on all your success, even if Miley and Howie do tend to steal the show sometimes.

  9. Lynne

    Congrats Amanda! Well deserved attention – I love your blog, and your wonderful pictures and stories. I’ve been a huge fan for about 3 years. Love keeping up with you and your doggies! Blog on!!!!

  10. Christine @ 24 Carrot Kitchen

    I love that your blog has a variety of topics. I can find a recipe, a photography tutorial, some decorating ideas. I love the creativity that goes into it and I bet others do as well.

    Being a animal lover, the photos of Miley and Howie make me laugh. And since I have a basset hound myself, I adore the photos of Louie.

    1. Amanda

      Lol! You so did! You crack me up girl. Do you remember trying to teach me how to DANCE?? :) I was a hopeless case :)

  11. Shelby

    Congratulations Amanda! :) I know you have put so much hard work into developing your blog into the success it is today, and it is well deserved. I do miss the late night Animal Crossing days! But, you do such an amazing job and I know that many more good things will come your way.

    1. Amanda

      New Animal Crossing comes out for the 3DS Sunday at midnight! I’m counting down the hours baby! ;) xoxo

  12. Lynda Taylor

    Congratulations Kevin and Amanda. Well deserved local recognition is fab.
    We’ll just adore you from all over the world.LOL
    Just a local in Australia!!

  13. Brooke

    Congrats on an awesome article!! My husband is an Auburn grad (and DIE HARD… I mean, seriously… DIE HARD fan). Everytime I cook one of your recipes (and he loves them all) I say “This is from the Auburn couple who’s blog I read!” And he ends up enjoying the food even more :) If we ever see you two at a game… I will be the crazy blonde girl awkwardly staring at you because it will be like seeing a celebrity – haha! No seriously… it will. Congrats again on all of your success!!

  14. Gabrielle

    I will be traveling to Alabama to provide free portraits to the victims of the 2011 tornados. I will be joining a group of photographers who have decided to make this our summer mission. Please read about us here:

    The blog features stories about what we are doing and our own bios. Once we venture off, we will be posting stories and photos of our adventures in AL and the families we meet.

    We also need help raising money and awareness. Next year, we hope to go to Oklahoma as well.
    Thank you for reading! If you can think of a way to help, we would appreciate it!

  15. Kay

    Wow! What a great article! It’s so interesting to hear about how your blog got its start. I definitely want to pick up a copy to check out the rest of their features too – that featured house looks gorgeous! :) Thanks for sharing!

  16. Mary

    Congratulations! Thanks for posting the whole article, I really enjoyed reading it. You are such an inspiration to me. I truly appreciate how you give the inside information to help other bloggers!

  17. Lori @ RecipeGirl

    Congratulations! I loved reading your article. You deserve all of the successes you’ve had and will continue to have! XO

  18. Kathie

    What a great article! I am one of your Canadian fans, big congrats and thank you for posting this so your ‘long distance’ fans can read it. I love your blog, your wonderful personality always shines through and that’s why I enjoy reading it so much. Keep up the great work, we love ya!

  19. Melissa

    Congratulations Amanda! It’s so fun to know that I’ve been a huge fan of your Blog before it made it big! I guess I didn’t realize it until now though. :-) I just always thought you were nationally renowned since I’m in Michigan and had somehow made it to your blog so many years ago. I think you’re right, you were born to blog!

  20. Dora

    Congratulations Amanda!!! You are a great person, with always positive and inspirational attitude! Keep up the great work, as always! :-)

    Big hugs,

  21. Mary Jane McNeill

    That is AWESOME!!! And a trip to meet Rocco??? BONUS!! So happy for your success, and thanks for sharing it and letting us in on your world. You’ve got talent, girl.

  22. Jan Taunton

    How exciting to see this in print! I remember the scrapbook cookbook you made for your mom several years ago; she actually let me copy some of the recipes! I love following your blog, pinning your recipes and reading about your exciting, worldwide journeys. Seeing this article made me happy, happy, happy! Keep blogging, girl!
    Mz Jan

  23. Anele @ Success Along the Weigh

    Congrats on the wonderful write up in a magazine that has to mean a lot to you. Pups always steal the show. It’s a dog’s world…we just live in it. ;-)

  24. Mary F Brown

    Amanda, you deserve the front cover really. I enjoy your blog so much. Thanks for making it feel like I know you and share in your adventures as well. A big Congratulations.

  25. Trisha

    What an accomplishment, well deserved! I love reading your blog, it is very entertaining and it shows you love what you do. Keep up the great story lines.

  26. Alanna @ Toronto Mama

    So proud of you, Amanada! Your blog has come so far. Be proud of yourself, and enjoy the spoils of your labour. All that travel and bakery reviewing is a tough gig, but somebody’s gotta do it ;)

  27. Debbie

    Kudos for a job well done! I do enjoy reading your blog- your writing style and good pictures (with camera settings included). May “Lady Fortune” continue to shine upon you & your family. Congratulations again

  28. Nika @Vintage Paper Designs

    Congrats! That is fantastic news!
    I actually tried to read all the pages :)
    When I got featured in Romantic Homes Magazine last month I went right on crazy! Asked for pdf before it got printed, set it as desktop background, framed it on my office desk, shared on all possible networks and enjoyed my 5 minutes of ‘published people’ :))))
    Enjoy your accomplishments.

    Greetings for Greece,

  29. Susan M

    Congratulations! You do have a wonderful blog and I enjoy reading it immensely! Thank you and congrats, you so deserve that article!

  30. Averie @ Averie Cooks

    What an awesome write-up (I had to really adjust my eyeballs to read the fine print LOL) and congrats, Amanda! This is an inspiration for any blogger, big or small, that you just never know where life (and your blog) can lead you! :)

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