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Due to the high volume of questions/comments I receive from this site, I am so sorry to say that I cannot personally respond to each and every one of them. I would so love to be able to sit down and chat with everyone who emails me- and answer all your questions! :) I do still read every single comment received on the blogs (even giveaways!) and every single email sent- and I am so grateful to receive them! I love reading them- please keep sending them! :) Below are a list of the most frequently asked questions- and their answers! :) Hopefully this will help a little- if not, feel free to keep asking! :) I will keep updating this page- my email address is down at the bottom! :)

Thanks so much for visiting-we're so happy to have you here! :)

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(I modeled this section after the Real Couple Interviews on TheNest.com)

Location: Alabama

Our Home : We purchased our first home in 2003, almost exactly a year after we were married. It is an 1,800 sq. ft. 4-bedroom, 2-bathroom, one story house on a half acre lot. After we got Miley, my dad came up one weekend and he and Kevin added our privacy fence just for her. :)

Ages: and (He's older!)

How We Met: We met in an Arby's parking lot, of all places! :) Every Sunday night after church, a bunch of us would get together and go grab dinner. That night "the group" had decided to go to Arby's. I didn't really like Arby's, (I wanted pizza that night!!) but I wanted to go hang out with everybody. When I pulled into the parking lot, I saw a couple of my friends were still standing outside talking. Kevin was with them, although we hadn't met at the time. I walk up, and they are talking about the movie Good Will Hunting. I mentioned I'd never seen it and they were like, "OMG it is sooo good you have to see it!!" So I was like, "Hey! *brilliant idea* Why don't ya'll come over to my house, we'll rent the movie and we can order a PIZZA". So we all left Arby's and went back to my house. And Kevin came too! Later, after we started dating he confessed... Arby's is his *favorite* restaurant and he HATES the movie Good Will Hunting. But he came that night because he thought I was pretty. ;)

Years Together:

Married: years

Careers & Education: Kevin is a software developer currently contracted for Boeing. He graduated from Auburn University with bachelor's degree in Computer Science. He went on to get his Masters in Management Information Systems from the University of Alabama in Huntsville. Amanda: Because of the webpage, I get asked a lot about my education background or what I do for a living. I went to a private grammar school, I was home schooled in high school, and then I went to community college for 2 years and then I got married! :) Shortly after we first got married I started working in a scrapbook store and taught classes for several years. Right now I'm doing a little photography (and would like to do more!), but mostly just enjoying being a stay at home wife. :) I've never had any formal training in computers / web design / photography, etc. Most of what I've learned is just by trial and error. :)

Pets: Two cats, Missy and Hobbes. They are littermates that we got right after we first got married. Then we got our crazy boston terrier, Miley and we liked her so much we got another one, Howie, 9 months later! :)

Fight Most About: Who should put the new trash bag in! He says: I take out the trash in the mornings on my way to work. I don't want to come back in and put the new bag in! She says: The lid on the trash can that makes it hard to tell if the can has a bag or not. So this is how it usually goes: I unsuspectingly step on the lid-opener and toss something in before realizing-- there is no bag! Plus, he can take the bag out, set it down and put a new bag in, *then* take the bag out on his way to work. ;)

Biggest Worry: Okok, go ahead and make your gagging and fake kissing noises, but honestly, our biggest worry is being without each other. :p :p :p

Fantasy Buy: Kevin: A Corvette. With racing stripes. Amanda: A 24/7 on-call masseuse. ;)

Interests & Hobbies: Kevin: baseball, football, taking agility classes with Miley and Howie, and PS3! Amanda: photography, web design, scrapbooking, typography (fonts!!), and anything outdoors-- hiking, the beach, snow skiing, etc.

Anniversary Gift: We spend every anniversary somewhere in a cabin in the woods. :) Somewhere with lots of hiking and waterfalls!!

On Weeknights: We eat dinner in front of the TV every night. :) Our favorite shows to watch together are Friends, How I Met Your Mother, The Office, Entourage.... During the summer when there are no new shows coming on, we'll rent DVDs of tv shows and watch them all the way through, for as many seasons that are out on DVD. We've done that with Alias, Lost, 24, That 70s Show, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, and I'm sure several more that I can't think of right now.. lol

Spend the Weekends: Relaxing, watching movies, traveling, and doing stuff with the dogs.



Who designs the webpage?

Amanda (that's me!). I do all the the designing and coding and updating, etc. :) I've actually had a webpage long before there was a "Kevin and Amanda". :) I started my first webpage when I was 14 or 15 years old. I had an old Geocities webpage for those of you who remember! :) It just started out as a way to display a gallery of images and share them with friends and family. Back then we didn't have Flickr or Facebook! :) As I took more pictures and the webpage grew, I quickly outgrew the data limit for a free account. By that time I was dating and engaged to Kevin, and he understood my frustrations with the lack of features/space on the free Geocities accounts. For the one year anniversary of our first date-- we were not even married yet!!-- Kevin bought me the domain name kevinandamanda.com. I *loved* it!!! What a perfect, thoughtful, nerdy gift. :D And what a romantic gesture, our own domain name! :) Back then Kevin had his own webpage too-- An Auburn Tigers Baseball site. When kevinandamanda.com first launched, I had "my side", with pictures, wedding stuff, etc, and Kevin had his side with the Auburn baseball stuff. After he graduated and we moved away from Auburn, he kinda stopped updating the baseball site and I took over and have been the sole contributor to kevinandamanda.com ever since. :)

How do you design the webpage?

HTML, CSS, and a little Javascript. I taught myself HTML when I first started my webpage. I started out by finding other websites I liked, looking at their code, and changing stuff around until it did something, anything... Sometimes it completely broke the webpage, sometimes it did what I wanted it to do! LOL. I eventually learned what all that code meant and what everything did, and I became familiar enough with HTML to write my own. When I added the blogs, I had to learn a new language: CSS. Fortunately it's pretty similar to HTML and was fairly easy to pick up. For javascript, I have to do some intensive googling and tutorial reading before I can implement a new code... It's totally different from HTML! I'm not sure what I did before google... Yes I do. Hotbot. Anyone remember Hotbot?

What programs do you use to design the webpage?

If I'm adding a bunch of pictures (like on Miley and Howie's webpage), I'll use Express Thumbnail Creator (I think it's called Instant Gallery Maker now). This takes my full sized images from the camera and shrinks them into 2 sizes- a thumbnail size and the large web-friendly size. It also adds the shadow effect. Then it generates the HTML code for the "gallery"-- it links the thumbnail to the larger image when you click on it, and adds the previous and next buttons to let you scroll through the large images. Next, I run those images through a program Kevin wrote for me. Put your mouse over the image to the right. See how it pops up? :) I found and edited a javascript code that would do that, and Kevin wrote me a software program that inserts the code into each image. Neat!! After that is when I bring up the page I want to design in an HTML editor. When I was on Windows, I used Frontpage, now that I have the Mac I use Dreamweaver. There's also a free program called Nvu that does the same thing. Basically, I paste the generated code from the previously mentioned programs into the HTML editor tab of the program (which works similar to a text editor, like Notepad). Then I can add more code to design the page: tables, captions, headers, backgrounds, etc. I could just do this in Notepad, but what's neat about having an HTML editor program is that you can switch to the "preview" tab and immediately see what it will look like in an internet browser. Another cool thing about Dreamweaver is that when I'm typing code, it'll pop up suggestions with what it thinks I'm going to type, (like predictive text in text messaging! LOL) so I don't have to type the whole thing out. I use Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro to design all the images / headers / backgrounds. To design the blogs, I just designed all the images (headers, backgrounds, sidebar buttons, etc) in Photoshop, then started with a basic blog template and edited the code to add in my designs. My favorite thing about the blogs are the text boxes where you leave a comment! :)

Any tips for starting my own webpage?

Honestly, If I were just starting out now, I'd probably just have a Blogger.com blog and a Flickr or Photobucket image gallery. Seriously! :) Start there, they're really easy. :) If you want to learn CSS to customize your blog, here's a great site: w3 CSS Tutorials. If you decide you want your own webpage or domain name, I have mine through Dreamhost.com. I think you get a discount if you use the code kevinandamanda. Or just tell them [email protected] referred you! :)

Where DO you get all the backgrounds??

Mostly I just make them myself through scanning in stuff with cool designs-- dog beds, fabric, towels, sweaters, socks, scrapbook paper-- pretty much anything with stripes or a cool design, I'll attempt to stuff it in my scanner. I usually have to clean it up a lot in photoshop before it makes a good background, but it always gives me something to start with. I hardly ever just open up a blank image in photoshop and start designing a background from scratch! Also now there are tons of cool "blog backgrounds" and "blog layouts" sites where you can get beautiful, pre-made backgrounds to use on your blog. Here are my favorite sites to find backgrounds:

Allie Brown's Layouts
Aqua Poppy Designs
The Cutest Blog on the Block
Shel's Scraps

Where did you get your scrapbook desk and the paper holders on the shelves?

My dad made them for me. :)

Does your dad have plans for the desk or paper holders I can use to make my own?

No, sorry, he doesn't use plans. :) Just in case you were wondering what he does, he's a professional general contractor, he's been building houses all my life. So he's got lots of practice! :)

Will you send me the dimensions for your desk/paper holders?

Sure! But first let me tell you... these were designed with my specific room & storage needs in mind. I always wanted an L-shaped desk so I could have my computer on one side and an open space for crafts on the other side (I remember dreaming about this desk when I was just a preteen!! :)). The "scrapbook" side of the desk is exactly 7.5 feet long because if it were any longer, the door to the room wouldn't open! :) And the "computer" side is 7 feet long because if it were any longer, the door to the closet wouldn't open! LOL. The desk is 2.5 feet tall because I sit down when I scrapbook and have a fairly tall chair. The paper holders are 21" tall because, when they are sitting on the shelf, that's the highest I can reach. If they were any taller, I would have to stand on my desk to get paper out of them! But as they are now, I can stand on the floor and still reach the paper in the top slot, and also the books and magazines that are sitting on top of them. They are 13.5" wide by 13.5" deep to hold 12x12 scrapbook paper, and there is only 0.75 inches of space between each divider because I knew I didn't have much paper to put in each slot. They could be taller, or shorter, or have more space in between each divider... it just depends on what your storage needs are. These were built with my specific "stash" in mind. :)

Here's some more specific info...

The Scrapbook Desk

The scrapbook desk is 4 pieces: the three cabinets with drawers and the L-shaped counter top (it's one big piece). The desk is made out of birch plywood and the counter top is laminate. The drawers on the left cabinet are 17" wide. The top 2 drawers are 4.5" tall and the bottom drawer is 10" tall. The drawers in the middle and on the right cabinets are all 11" wide by 4" tall. All the drawers are 23" deep. The middle cabinet also has a large, 24" x 26" open cabinet in the corner under the counter top. The L-shaped counter top-- the "computer" side is 7 feet long and the "scrapbook" side is 7.5 feet long. Both sides are 31" deep.

The Paper Holders

21" tall x 13.5" wide x 13.5" deep, with 19 shelves (20 slots for paper) and 0.75" between each shelf

The inside of the paper holders looks like slat wall. And the shelves just rest in those slats. The slats stop about 0.5" from the front edge of the holder so the shelves do not come out. Then there is a top, bottom, and back of course. :) The paper holders were also made out of birch plywood.

How did you get started scrapbooking?

I have always loved taking pictures and putting them in albums. I remember being very young, maybe around 7, and I had this little box camera. If you wanted to use a flash, you had to buy this external box of bulbs, and they would actually *pop* when you used the flash! And once they all popped, they were gone, you threw that box away and bought another box of bulbs. I thought that was the coolest thing. When I was in high school, I did "sorta" scrapbooks... I added captions and doodles around the pics and stuff. I started scrapbooking as we know it today very shortly after I got married. I found a box of Kevin's baby pictures in the garage at his parents house. His mom said I could have them and I knew I had to do something special with them! :) Using those pictures, I made my first two scrapbook albums. My, how the styles have changed since then!! ;)

All the other information I have about the Scrapbook Room (like where I bought something) can be found here.


Frequently Asked Questions about the Free Fonts

For answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Free Fonts, please read the Font FAQ.

And here are some other helpful links:

How to get your handwriting made into a font
Commercial Terms of Use

What kind of camera do you have?

Here's a list the camera equipment I currently own and use! :)

And here's what's on my wishlist:

(Note: If you can't see the links above, try turning off AdBlock)

If you like my camera and want to buy it, making your purchases by using the links above help support this site! :)

What kind of photo editing software do you use?

Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop CS3

How do you edit your photos in Photoshop?

I love "The Pioneer Woman" actions- I normally run her "Slight Sharpen" and "Fresh and Colorful" on just about every photo I take. After running the "Fresh and Colorful" action, I play around with the "Soft Light" layer- usually setting it back to 33%.

Here's where you can get the PW actions:

Pioneer Woman Actions - Set 1
Pioneer Woman Actions - Set 2

How do you take your waterfall pictures?

To get the soft, silky look for waterfalls, I set the shutter speed on my camera to 1/4 or slower - works like a charm! :) You pretty much have to use a tripod for this, but if you can steady the camera on a rock, tree, fence, etc, and have a pretty steady hand, you may can get by without it. I used a tripod in the pic above, and I was hand-holding the camera in the pic below:

Do you have any photography tutorials on your blog?

I sure do! Here's a Quick Guide to Understanding Your SLR Camera. This tutorial was written for my camera, the Canon XTi, but you should be able to follow along pretty well even if you don't have my exact camera- especially if you have another Canon. If you have a Nikon, you may have to consult your user's manual, but you should still be able to "get the drift"! :)


If your question is not answered above or you just want to say hi, feel free to email me at:

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