Creating Keepsakes Cover!

Remember this picture of Amerie last summer? :)

Creating Keepsakes April 2009 cover photo by Amanda Bottoms Photography

Well, have ya seen the cover of the new April 2009 issue of Creating Keepsakes yet? :D

Creating Keepsakes April 2009 cover photo by Amanda Bottoms Photography

Yep, that’s her! The pic that I took! :D It was *crazy* how it happened! Brian, the editor in chief of Creating Keepsakes Magazine was surfing my blog!! :) First he found the free fonts and wanted to mention them in his “Top 5 Cool Things” article… Then he saw the picture of Amerie and wanted to use it on the cover! I said “OF COURSE!!!”. :)

Creating Keepsakes April 2009 cover photo by Amanda Bottoms Photography

I’ve been stalking the periodicals aisle of Barnes & Noble for weeks now (and I’ve gained 5 lbs from all the extra mochas I’ve been drinking), but last night after church I wandered in, fully expecting them *not* to have it… And there it was! :) It was down on the bottom shelf, so of course I had to move a couple up to eye level. ;) Sorry B&N employees, that was me. :D

Creating Keepsakes April 2009 cover photo by Amanda Bottoms Photography

Boy, I need a tan! If you flip a few pages to the table of contents they have the pic again, along with the photo credit.

Creating Keepsakes April 2009 cover photo by Amanda Bottoms Photography

And if you flip to the very back page, you’ll find Brian’s Top 5 article. It’s the Fonts for Peas page!! :)

Creating Keepsakes April 2009 cover photo by Amanda Bottoms Photography

Look what he said!! :)

Creating Keepsakes April 2009 cover photo by Amanda Bottoms Photography

Thanks Brian!! :) If you haven’t seen it yet, hurry to your nearest booksellers and check it out! :D Also, keep an eye out on this page: Alternate Covers. They will be posting two alternate covers using Amerie’s picture. I haven’t even seen them yet and I am dying to know what they look like! So help me stalk it!! ;)

Oh, and I promise haven’t forgotten about the last 14 fonts of February! :) With all the excitement, I’m a few days late and a few fonts short, but I will make it up to you. :) I promise! Just keep an eye out around here… You’ll find out! ;)

Thanks for looking!!! :)

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77 Responses
  1. Jennifer

    Hi Amanda. I stumbled across your blog a few months back while looking for a camera bag. I have a bad habit of just throwing mine in my purse..OUCH. I have been addicted ever since! I purchased your BIG back pack & I love it! I just picked up the Understanding Exposure book this week. Very helpful!! Im going to Purchase the 24-70 lens this week. Im still learning to use my camera & REALLY want to be a better photographer. Your How To’s really help me learn how to navigate my camera.
    Im just learning to cook so needless to say Ive gained a few pounds from your site (especially the creamed corn MY FAVORITE)
    Needless to say your kinda an inspiration to me & I just wanted to say thanks for helping people like me!!

  2. Sarah

    Hi, Amanda,
    I stumbled upon your blog through a link from a friend’s blog. I have to say how amazingly inspirational you are. I began surfing through your blog yesterday and, for the past 24 hours, I cannot seem to pass the computer without sitting down to read more on your blog! I just love reading it. Thanks for sharing your amazing talents with all of us. :)

  3. Grace Holzhauser

    Hey there Amanda,

    Congratulations! My name is Grace from Sunny Townsville Queensland Australia and guess what I have that Creating Keepsake Magazine that you are referring to. I actually followed that lay out (front cover) for my 2 year old’s picture. Amazing! Well keep up the good work and I love your site girl. God bless you and your family.

    Grace from Down Under.

  4. Briana

    WOW, congrats! Your website is getting HUGE! I know I love it. I learned about from my professor, when I was taking a class specifically on children with special needs a few semesters ago. We were talking about ways to help kids with special modifications, and she suggested your site to turn the handwriting of kids with special needs and must type everything due to a disability into a font, so that when their peers produced handwritten work, they could theoretically do it, too! She also scrapbooks and said your website had much more stuff, too. So I got online, found you, and I’ve been in LOVE with the site ever since… I’ve started blogging myself, and although my blog is more like a journal and no where near as fun and helpful as yours, I’m loving it! Thanks for all your inspiration & CONGRATS!

  5. Kelly Goree

    Hi Amanda!!

    I have to admit I went hunting you down to link you up when I do my blog post about this cover. I am one of the lucky girls who had the opportunity to work with your beautiful photo and was even luckier that my layout was picked to be on the cover to showcase it :)

    It was truly a pleasure and SOOOOO much fun to do a girlie page (I have all boys!) and I hope you feel I did it justice! All the best!


  6. Soffy from Colombia

    CONGRATS!!!! you are so talent!! and i am happy
    your work was show at that magazine!!

    thanks for your fonts!!!… i found them a month ago
    and i have used many!!

    thanks and a hug from Colombia

  7. Becky B.

    I hopped over from 2 peas. I feel like I “know” someone famous now. So cool! I dream of getting published. But a cover – – wow!!

  8. Amanda H.

    Wow! Congrats Amanda (that’s my name too), haha. I would only DREAM of this happening.

    And thanks for the fonts! I love them :D

  9. Candy

    This is fantastic. Congratulations on your achievements. I absolutely love the “Fonts for Peas”. I can see why he included it in the magazine.

  10. Jaime

    Congrats to you! You definitely deserve the recognition for all of your creative and talented work. I will be picking up a copy of the magazine today. You go girl!

  11. Kelly

    Congrats, Amanda! She is such a little cutie, and perfect for the cover!

    I also love your website, and you truly deserve the recognition!

  12. Christy

    I just received my issue in the mail and was just saying how cute the little girl was! I saw your website in the top five and had to check it out… what can I saw, It’s AWESOME! Thank you for all the free fonts, I can’t wait till my son goes to sleep so I can start scrapbooking and playing with the new fonts! Thanks again and CONGRATS:)

  13. Lynn

    CONGRATULATIONS AMANDA!!!! What an awesome honor. I can’t wait to go get my personal copy…will you autograph it for me?? They should do a cover with your “boys” next. That would be really cute too.

  14. Angie

    Congrates! I love your website, you deserve the recognition for some ofyour many talents. I consider this a GOD hug, he always takes care of us!

  15. Laurie Peirick

    So totally cool and well deserved….now whatcha gonna do??? Reach for the stars girl!!! I’ve turned into a Pea font junkie and everyone on my staff was dying to get their hands on my fonts…!!! Fantastic for you!

  16. Lindsey

    Congratulations girl! You definitely deserve to be recognized for your talents & creativity! When you posted that picture a while back it made me want to learn more about photography. Great job!

  17. Lori

    How wonderful! That is really something special, and you should be proud. Congratulations! Oh- I used Pea Stacy for Ella’s 5th b’day invitations and it turned out so cute! I used Pea Jenny Script for her party favors. Just precious!

  18. MaryEllen

    Amanda…you are soooo talented and am glad that you are getting some big time recognition. Have always admired your photography and the photo of Amerie is just wonderful. I imagine that you and her parents are buying up all the magazines they can find. Here’s to more fame!

  19. Sharon

    I got my CK magazin a few days ago and was amazed by those sweet blue eyes. Sooo cool to see your stuff in a magazin.

  20. Michelle

    Congratulations to you and Kevin. God has surely blessed you! Keep up the good work. I hope to see more of your work published!!

  21. Alexes

    I think this is AWESOME!!! You totally deserve all this press! Your blog is the cutest one out there! I totally LOVE all of your ideas… You are my idol :)

  22. Connie R.

    Congratulations Amanda! I found your blog last year when we moved in our new home. I was looking for ideas for a scrap room and have been with you ever since. I loved that picture along with all the other ones you share. Not to mention your fonts. Thanks for sharing with all of us.

  23. Malea

    I saw that picture on the cover and thought “man that looks familiar” but didn’t even go to look at the credits. And I also saw the mention inside about your fonts… and was like “Hey! I know that site!”
    Awesome photography skills! Congrats on being on the cover!

  24. donna meredith

    hey amanda, you did its great for you do wonder-ful work . that picture of that baby is just wonderful so sweet, and i thought you just did your dogs for fun, girl your great and am going to get the issue and keep it because i meet you here on the computer and when you get big and you well ill come meet you to get you to sign it and meet miley and howie, i show them to everyone, lol they are top boston in my book, girl keep up the good work, GOD IS SMELLING DOWN AT YOU ,take and ill keep chicking on how your doing all this have fun, say hi to your kevin for me, bye bye now.

  25. Debra Lawrence

    What a dream this must be for you ! I can only imagine! Keep up the great creative work.

    Congrats on a huge accomplishment!
    All the best ~Debra

  26. Doris

    COOL! How neat! Hey, we know you have many talents. I’ve made many of your dishes and have used your fonts! I hope the article mentioned you were a good cook also! The picture is great! Can’t wait to read the article! CONGRAT.

  27. Elizabeth

    Congratulations !! Such a beautiful picture and looks fantastic on the cover, I’ll have to look for the magazine.
    Love your blog, I check often.

  28. Morgan

    WOW!!! That is SOOOO exciting!! One of my fav magazines! Wowwww, I am so excited for you! Good for you girl!! You deserve it :)

  29. Lauren

    Congrats! That is such a great photo and your fonts are, as always, cute as a button. Thanks again for the awesome website.

  30. creole wisdom

    CONGRATS! That is just awesome : ) : ) : ) And I think you look great, like your sweater btw! oh you must be on cloud 9!

  31. Crystal

    Amanda – Once again, you’re amazing! I do remember last year when you posted all those pictures and I remember thinking, what a cute girl! Congrats girl!!

  32. HeatherB

    Congrats Amanda, wowzers that is such an honour to get the cover with your photo (and what a sweet photo at that!). And congrats on more promotion of your free fonts. Yours was one of the first scrapping fonts places I ever found on the net, and I still check it out for more! :)

  33. Tracy

    Awesome!! Congrats!! I was hoping the notification was about the FONTS–I’m so selfish that way!!! :) Can’t wait to see MORE MORE MORE!!! :)

  34. Carla

    UHU!!!!!!!!! I’m so happy for you, you totally deserve it!!!!!!!! You are an example of hard and wonderful work, and yes, you are a lot of skills!! Love your pictures and I hope one day I can take some with the same quality as yours!!! I’m very happy!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Robin

    That is so awesome! And so deserved, you have incredible talent. I’ll be looking forward to picking up this issue. Congratulations!!

  36. Carolyn

    Amanda, you’ve been my hero since I found your fonts forever ago…it’s about time you get the recognition you deserve, darlin’…Congratulations. Your talents and skills set you apart from the rest of the pack and a cover doesn’t surprise me at all. Hugs, darlin’…a chubby little gray haired (soon to be gramdma!!!) in Texas is very proud of you…

  37. Lisa S.

    Congratulations! that is such a wonderful honor to have that on the cover of such a popular magazine!
    Thanks again for the great fonts you continue to offer they are great! :)

  38. Brenda Smith

    YEAH!!!! That is soooo exciting! Congratulations. I am going to have to go buy it now. :) I was gonna anyway but now I can’t wait. :D

  39. Doris T.

    My copy of CK came today, I read that and thought that was your name! Congratulations – that is a great picture! Keep up the good work Amanda!

  40. terri

    I’m so happy for you. Everything you do is great and this just proves it.

    I’m proud of you!



  41. Natalie

    Oh my goodness! The freakin’ cover!?!?!? Major congratulations are in order Amanda! And Brian is correct… do have many skills! =)

  42. lori

    you are totally famous!! To be mentioned in a magazine is a BIG deal (top 5-wahoo!!), but to have the photograph you took on the cover-AMAZING! Congratulations!!

  43. jodie

    That is AWESOME! What an honor! I’m so so so excited for you!!! I would seriously have screamed if I’d seen one of my photos on the cover of a magazine!!!

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