14 Days of Fonts

My Valentine’s Gift to You…

In my last post I promised I would font at least once a day for the month of February- and so far so good! We’re halfway through the month now, so here they are: The first 14 fonts of February! :D

Please welcome the new inductees to the Fonts for Peas:

fonts for peas - cute free handwriting fonts for your scrapbook
Download them HERE

Did you count those names? Did you notice there’s only 13?? :D Wellll, that’s because I have a super new awesome DOODLE FONT for you!!! :) Remember Pea Stacy’s Doodles? She has an AWESOME new set of doodles for us!! Check ’em out!

fonts for peas - best, cute free fonts to download - doodles and dingbats for your scrapbook

And that’s not all of the doodles, there’s even more to see once you download the font. :)

Enjoy all the new fonts, hope you like ’em! :)