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Black and White Photography from

El Matador Beach on my very first trip to LA in 2010.

I’m working on a gallery wall for our new house and decided our frames needed some serious photo updating! I selected a few of my favorite prints taken over the past few years from this wild ride blogging has taken me on. Each one has a near and dear place in my heart. Anyway, I love how these black and white edits turned out so much and wanted to share them with you! :) Click on the links below for the story behind each photo if you’d like, and also to see the color photo counterpart to each black and white print. Which one do you like better? I am partial to the color photos, but for gallery walls, I just love black and white. :)

By the way, here’s a gallery wall I did at our old house almost 10 years ago. I still love this one and may do something similar in the new house at some point. Although the one I’m currently working on is not above the couch. It’s for that empty wall below the staircase. Is there an official name for that space? I’m having a hard time coming up with a title for my post about it, lol! Check back on Monday to see the new gallery wall! :)

Black and White Photography from

The Painted Hills in Oregon.

Black and White Photography from

Horse-drawn sleigh ride in the snow in Deer Valley, Utah.

Black and White Photography from

Wheat fields in Sweden.

Black and White Photography from

Stepping onto Rodeo Drive on my first trip to California.

Black and White Photography from

Vineyards of the Pacific Northwest in Washington.

Black and White Photography from

Alabama Cotton.

I used the Totally Rad RadLab plugin for Photoshop to convert all the photos in this post to black and white. If you love playing with filters in camera apps on your phone, like Instagram, you will LOVE RadLab. I also have the Totally Rad actions, but I like RadLab better because you can get a preview of the filter before applying it and compare it to other filters side by side. Plus you can combine several filters to create your own perfect editing recipe, all before applying the filter to the final image. It is editing in Photoshop made a thousand times simpler. I especially love all their black and white filters. RadLab is my go-to editor when I want black and white prints. They have so many different types of black and white filters. Each one makes a photo look so dramatically different — each filter makes different colors pop — so depending on your photo and what you want to accent, there’s always a RadLab filter to bring out the best in your photo.

Thanks for looking! xoxo

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26 Responses
  1. Amy

    Hi! I stumbled upon these pictures while searching for prints of “Alabama Cotton.” Do you have any of these prints for sale?? I’d love to buy some to hang in our bedroom! My husband and I are both Alabama natives and we live in Madison, AL now. I’ve always loved cotton season and would love to have some of your photographs on our walls!!

  2. Arla

    I love the color photos. They inspire me to travel to those places they are so beautiful.
    And I love all of your “organizing” photos. We just bought a new house and will move in
    Sept. 2013. I’m going to try to be as organized as you (I shoot for perfection can’t i?)
    Thank you for your website!!

  3. Lokness

    Your pictures are gorgeous! I can’t wait to check back what your galley wall will look like.
    My husband and I got married on El Matador Beach. That was truly an amazing beach with all those rocks. Unique and different! I think it’s time for us to go visit again.

  4. Rachelle S

    Love the Rad Lab plug in, its awesome! And as a reader from Oregon, I am thrilled we made the cut for two photos! albiet TOTALLY different looks of our gorgeous state : ) Love the photos, and I hope you enjoy your new gallery wall.

  5. Christina

    The photos look beautiful in black and white! I cait wait to see your gallery wall!! I’m still working on my gallery wall, I guess I need to hurry!

  6. Angie

    This makes me realize I really need to go and find some of my good 35mm pics and try to get them converted to large black and white prints. Seems all I do now is take food photos, lol.

  7. Anele @ Success Along the Weigh

    That sleigh pic has always been one of my faves that you’ve taken. I prefer it in color but it looks great in B&W as well! Can’t wait to see the finished product on the wall!

  8. Sandy_in_MD

    Gorgeous pictures – love your gallery wall from your old place. I can’t wait to see what you do with these at your new home.

  9. Kristi @ Cherry Jasmine

    The photos are beautiful! I’ve been wanting to do a gallery wall, and just recently picked up this awesome clock with photo frames all around it – I can’t wait to start filling it with photographs! Can’t wait to see your new gallery. Good luck!

  10. Adrienne Seal

    Nice pics. I had forgotten you had gone to Sweden. That’s when I starting following you. I went to Sweden, also. ……on Volvo’s dime.

  11. Amanda

    You do have some beautiful photographs and Radlab seems to create some great effects. Will come back and see how the new gallery is going. Blessings for the weekend. Amanda

  12. Averie @ Averie Cooks

    What a cool plugin – the images are just so awesome. No doubt as either color or sepia-toned or B&W. I used Lightroom rather than PS and I know I have some filters that do that (I bought a whole bunch about a year ago) and need to play around with it more!

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