Birthday Stuff :)

Okay, So….. my actual birth “day” was over a week ago- but around here, I try to drag it out as long as possible! ;) A “birthday week” if you will! :)


December 3rd – Birthday week has officially begun! ;) Kevin got me these earrings and a leather jacket. And Love Actually and It’s a Wonderful Life on Blu-Ray. :) Love “Love Actually”! We watched it this weekend. :)

Cake #1 – This is the cake the restaurant brought out! :) Warm Chocolate Fudge Cake (OMG, it *was* so warm. And fudgy. :D) with vanilla bean ice cream. :)


Birthday week continues! Cake #2….. Ice Cream Cupcakes!!! These are from my favorite, favorite, favorite ice cream place in town- Maggie Moo’s! :) There were some with chocolate cake too, but those disappeared before I could get a pic. :blush: You could get anything mixed in the ice cream… I got one with twix, one with cookie dough, and one with brownies. :D


The day after my birthday… It SNOWED!! :) It never, ever, *ever* snows here at our house. Seriously! We live in such a valley, and it can be snowing every where else around us, and we only get like a tiny flurry that never sticks. I think we’ve lived here 6 years and this is the most snow we’ve seen! On my birthday weekend! :)


After playing in the snow everybody came inside and huddled together for warmth. :)


Me and my honey- together we have lost a combined total of 60 lbs! :) I am so proud of us! :)


There are a few little puppies around here who are ready for Christmas!! :)


If Miley and Howie sent out Christmas cards… this would be it! :)


And I’ll leave you with this…. :) Oh my gosh. This is the ULTIMATE layered cookie treat!! :) It’s a chocolate chip cookie, stacked on top of a peanut butter cookie, stacked on top of a double chocolate cookie, and finally, stacked on top of a sugar cookie. It’s insanely rich and delicious. Upon tasting this, Kevin declared, “I know what I want for my birthday next year!!!” :) I got this recipe from Jenny from Picky Palate– she says to bring these to “your next party or gathering and watch them disappear!” And she was right! We went to a Christmas party last week and I brought these- there were probably 100 people there and everyone brought something. There was a HUGE table of desserts!!! These ultimate mega-stacked cookies were the first to disappear!! And at the end of the night- my serving dish was the only empty one!! :)

Happy Holidays! :)