A Typical Photo Shoot with Miley and Howie . . .

Boston Terrier Puppies

I’m in NYC with Picky Palate this week, but while I’m away, Miley and Howie wanted me to post these pics. Miley wants to say hey, but she’s a little camera shy. Let’s see if we can get her to smile.

Boston Terrier Puppies

She usually perks up if I mention treats.

Boston Terrier Puppies

I toss her one. I’m a nice mama. I don’t even have to get up.

Boston Terrier Puppies

This is what happens if I try to toss Howie a treat.

Boston Terrier Puppies

Just kidding! He can catch them sometimes.

Boston Terrier Puppies

More treats for me please.

Boston Terrier Puppies

Uh oh. Howie busts into the set.

Boston Terrier Puppies

“You better stay away from my treats, PUNK”

Boston Terrier Puppies

A smile from the happy dog! Mission accomplished.


Keep in touch with me this week while I’m in NYC! I’ll be posting pics and live updates on Twitter and Facebook.

See you next week!

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40 Responses
  1. Amanda Sevall

    LOL!!! Love those pics!!! How do you set up to take photos like this?! I’d love to see some behind the scenes pics of the setup. :) It sounds like you have been having so much fun in NYC — looking forward to seeing some recaps like you did of your trip to LA on here!

  2. Heather H :) :) :)

    Oh my goodness Mylie and Howie are so cute. I always call these types of dogs “Surprise dogs”…because their little ears always stick up like they’re surprised :) :) :) So adorable!!! Have a lovely week. Hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  3. Kelly

    I agree with Leslie. Great doggie photo shoot. Can you tell us how you obtained those “photo shoot” style pics. Is that fabric behind them? I got all the “equipment” for the camera, just dont get that quality. Ps. have read through the tutorials!!! Have a nice trip.

  4. Anne

    Awww I LOVE Howie! :) So cute. His personality reminds me of my cat Sunny!

    SPEAKING OF WHICH, I demand more photos of your lovely kittehs! You haven’t posted anything with/about them in a while! :( Are they still snuggle buddies?

    Love you, love your fonts, love your pets, love your site~

  5. Katie&Wags

    Oh too cute! OMG, I absolutely ADORE the last shot of Miley!

    Hey, did you know you are in NYC the same time as PioneerWoman? Heh, I think that’s cool… probably because I am all the way around in the otherside of the world and can’t even share the same continent with PW, much less the same city. Anyway, have fun :)

  6. Leslie

    Hey Amanda, do you think you could tell us the settings you used to get these great pictures of the pups? Is that just some cute fabric you used as a backdrop and what kind of lighting was this? I love your blog because it has such a great mix of everything; pets, fashion, giveaways, crafts and food! Thanks for all your posts!

    1. Amanda

      Hi Leslie! The red is painted wall and the green/brown is some funky fabric I found at Hancock Fabrics! :) I have Miley sitting on a bench right by a big window (just outside the frame). For the settings, I made sure that the shutter speed was fast enough (faster than 1/200) to capture her movement (catching the treats) and the aperture was set to get a correct exposure. Here I talk more about getting a correct exposure. HTH! :)

  7. teresa

    Oh Amanda!
    Everything in your life is CUTE!
    Miley and Howie are PRICELESS!!!!!!!!
    And YOU really bring them to life!
    Love these pics!
    And LOVE following your trip with Jenny!
    Those donuts and cupcakes!

  8. HeatherB

    I love your photos, and especially the commentary! Your dogs are just so cute! Fabulous photography Amanda – enjoy your trip!

  9. Olga Oliva

    Hi Miley and Howie, your smiles melt my heart. You guys are too cute and talented as well. Hold down the fort until mama gets back ok. Be good and stay out of trouble lol.

    Ps. Tell mom to take lots of pics in NYC

  10. Gabi

    Hi Amanda, it’s Gaby from Brazil, what a beautifull picture of the smile of your dog, this weekend I’ll take some pics of my dogs too!


  11. Turley Times

    Yesterday was my birthday and my husband gave me a card that had a Boston Terrier on the front of it. I thought of you and your doggies. :) Have an amazing time in NYC!


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