Body & Beauty: Four Favs, One Experiment.

In two short days I’m leaving for a fun girls trip to… New York City! I’ll be running around Manhattan with Jenny from Picky Palate. We’re being sent by Unilever to stay at the Royalton Hotel and experience “beauty, care, and culinary fare.” I’m not sure what all that means, but I’ve heard mentions of celebrity hairstylists, spa treatments, and fabulous food… sign me up!

I can’t wait to get home and tell you all about it. But for now, let me tell you about these four things I’m loving right now. They’re definitely coming with me this week!


Smooth N Shine Instant Repair Spray-On Polisher.

I picked this stuff up at Target on a total impulse buy. It’s supposed to make your hair look smooth and shiny. AKA, straight out of a Panteen commercial. I’ve tried shine sprays before, but they just left my fine hair looking oily. Not this one. It makes my hair so shiny. And sparkly. It glistens.

Maidenform The Dream T-Shirt Bra

Maidenform The Dream T-Shirt Bra.

*Gasp!* Can I talk about a bra on here?? So sorry for just blurting that out. I’m even sorrier for posting a picture. I didn’t even warn you. But I have to tell you about it. If you need something with support that shows no lines and smooths out your back and is super comfy to wear, you will love this! If not, you might just want to skip down to the next one. The tag says it’s “The Bra that makes you say Ahhh” and it is so true. It’s so dang comfy, and you know that is saying a lot. I can actually wear it all day without being in complete agony. There are absolutely zero lines or seams on the straps that go around your back. You can’t even feel them. But most importantly… you can’t see them. I, uh, kinda have a complex about that. I’ll usually buy a fitted shirt one size too big, even if it’s a little baggy, just because I hate it when you can see my bra pinching my back. *facepalm* But with this one, you can’t see it. It’s like it’s not even there. I have gone a size down in tees simply because of this bra. Thank you. You may now go back to your regularly scheduled programming.


Infiniti by Conair Straightening Hot Air Styler.

I love this! I don’t have enough talent to hold a blow dryer and a hairbrush, and brush my hair and dry it all at the same time. I’m so glad I found this dryer. It does both at the same time and is simple enough for me to manage. It leaves my hair much, much straighter, smoother, and a lot less frizzy than I could ever get using a hair dryer and round brush. I got mine at Linens N Things before they went out of business, but since then I’ve seen them at CVS as well.


Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion – Sin.

Am I the last person to give in and try this? You are all probably saying, Yes, we know! We’ve been using it for years! Don’t you just love it? I’ve been reading the praises of eyeshadow primer for years now, but finally gave in and bought Urban Decay Sin a few months ago from Ulta. After a few hours, my eye shadow would pretty much just fade to nothing, leaving black mascara creases on my eyelid. But this keeps my eye makeup in place all day (and all night, on occasion) without fading, smudging, or especially creasing. And it even has a little shimmer to it.

Sally Hansen Salon Airbrush Legs

The Experiment: Sally Hansen Salon Airbrush Legs.

Have you tried this stuff yet? After reading so many positive reviews, I picked some up at CVS yesterday. It’s supposed to give your legs a smooth, even tone and subtle finish without looking like a fake tan. Sounds good to me! I’m bringing a few sundresses with me this week so I thought I’d give it a try. I’ve got it sitting on my desk as I type, and I’m resisting the urge to put it on right this second.

What are you loving right now? I still have one more day to shop before I leave! :)


Keep in touch with me this week while I’m in NYC! I’ll be posting pics and live updates on Twitter and Facebook.

See you next week!

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39 Responses
  1. Heather D

    I love “Amanda’s Fave Things” type of posts! These are my favorite! Must get that bra. Thanks for the suggestions…hope you’ll do more before Christmas! :)

  2. christina


  3. Jacqui

    Hi Amanda,

    After reading this post I went out and order the bra online straight away and I must say WOW!! you don’t even feel like your wearing it! Super duper comfy and looks and feels great!!


  4. Melissa

    Oh my gosh… LOVE the Sally Hansen airbrush tan… it saves Las Vegas from seeing my white legs. :)

    I do not have the talent of round brushing and blow drying either so I will have to check out the one you are talking about, and I will try the eyeshadow primer! I used to use Mac’s version, did the job but wasn’t as fabulous as I hoped!

  5. Sherrie

    I got some Urban Decay primer “sin” the other day, love it! It’s great for all-over color, especially on the arch, and it’s easy to layer with eyeshadow (definitely helps it to stay.) I still have it on at night when I take my makeup off and there are no creases, yay! I also bought the “leg makeup,” thought it was self tanner, but found out really quick it wasn’t! It is a great product for immediate color on the legs. Read the instructions! It is properly applied by spraying it into your palms and spreading it evenly on your legs and feet. Don’t try to spray and go or you will have a mess, promise! (I’ll wipe down the weight bench on the back porch later, ha!)

    Thanks for your great reviews on lots of fun products! Keep up the good work for us! :)

  6. Katy

    I love that you share your favorite items. I am always looking for honest reviews of beauty products. I went only immediately after reading this post and ordered the Conair hot air styler and the Urban Decay shadow primer. Can’t wait until they come in the mail. Thanks for the suggestions and keep’em coming:)

  7. Sandy

    Just wanted to report that I went right out to Target yesterday, after reading your blog, and bought a bottle of the hair shine product. You were right! My hair is shiny but not greasy looking! Thank you for doing all the advance work!

  8. Monica

    The Lilyette Custom Fit Tailored Bra by Maidenform is awesome too for D+ cups! So comfortable and holds up in the wash!

  9. victoria

    things i’m loving right now: dial yogurt apricot and almond body wash. smells A-mazing and leaves the bathroom smelling wonderful!! also, have you smelled bath & body works lotion: sensuality, black currant vanilla??…oh sweet bliss i cannot get enough of this!! lastly, i’m a big fan of lashexact, covergirl mascara in the purple tube. goes on nicely and does a nice job separating and lengthening lashes. sometimes the end gets a little “gooby” so i clean up any accidental smudges w/a q-tip and a little moisturizer.

  10. Sheryl

    I have one of those bras and I love it. Its always been very hard for me to find bras that not only fit right but are comfy too but Maidenform bras are the best.

  11. Billie Monster

    I was wondering if that spray-on tan stuff worked! It seems to good to be true but I wanna try it out and see! hehe. {billiemonster from Swap-Bot ‘I’m a blogger, follow me’ swap}

  12. Danielle

    Hi Amanda! Great post and have a great time on the trip. I really love your blogger background. How it is so simple and clean but also very cute. Do you know where I could get something like it? I have a header picked out but no background. Please reply as soon as possible so I can get my blog back up and re-decorated. Thanks!!

  13. Bec

    Fekkai Glossing Cream is fantastic (especially if you get the little purse size) for taming those mid-day fly aways that seem to pop up in the summer heat. I use to a lot and don’t feel like it makes my hair look oily- just pretty and shiny and smooth! I know they have fekkai at most Targets and I get the small sized bottle at Bath and Bodyworks.

  14. Aimee

    Thanks for all the product suggestions. It is always awesome to know others have tried and liked something before you buy it! Also, I know how into scarves you are, so you may want to check out Paper Source’s website. I just got my mailer and they had the most adorable pom pom scarves I think you would love!

  15. Jenny Flake

    Woohoo! I leave in a few hours. Can NOT wait to see all of NYC with you girl!! We will be the ultimate tourists won’t we, with our big cameras!! Lol!

  16. Denise Ackerly

    Hey Amanda–Enjoy your trip!!! We’ll actually be in the city this weekend too! You’ll love the Royalton–I worked there in 1988-1989ish. Very posh. They have the cutest little circles cut into the wall next to the beds as a nightstand and they put a fresh rose in a little vase in that spot every day (at least they did back then). You might see some stars there, too. I met Madonna and Robert Downey Jr. Most everyone looks like they stepped out of a fashion magazine. It’s been wicked hot and muggy though. HAVE FUN!

  17. Marilyn

    First of all, CONGRATULATIONS on the NYC trip! I have been there twice and long to go back again. I love to visit cities and I love the energy that NYC has. Have fun, I can’t wait to get the updates. Secondly, I checked out the bra and I think I’m gonna get one. I have such a hard time finding ones that I like and I always wear a tank under most of my clothes so that you can’t see lines but living in the south, it sometimes kills to wear double shirts cause its SO HOT!! I am anxious to give it a try. Thanks for all the tips. =)

  18. Deanna

    Love LOVE the primer from Urban Decay. I bought it after having it tested on me for my wedding and have been being it ever since. I think it is my favorite thing in my makeup bag!

  19. Brenda Jorgensen

    I’m with you; in the past all of the hair shine products have left my hair looking limp and greasy ~ not at ALL my desired look! I’m glad you mentioned this product, I’m going to give it a try. And the eye primer, hmmm…never heard of anything like that before. I guess I live under a rock! I’ll get some of that too! You should get commission, ha! Have fun with Jen in NYC. So jealous. Blog, blog, blog when you get back. Must. Live. Vicariously! :o)

  20. Karen Long

    Hi Amanda.. I just wanted to stop by and introduce myself.
    Love your blog,,and think i will try the hair shine product you posted about.. it is always good to hear about these products before you go out and spend a lot of money on them.. so thanks for sharing
    Hope you will get a chance to stop by and visit some time as well

    Have a Blessed Day…

  21. Rachel C.

    My new beauty OBSESSION is Black Raspberry Vanilla triple moisture lotion from Bath & Body Works. It smells AMAZING! and it comes in a body spray!

    Have a fun safe trip to NYC!

  22. Sharon

    The T-shirt bra. Where did you get it?
    I am in dire need of a bra….a comfortable one is an added bonus.

    I hate bra shopping. Thanks for the shortcut.

    It is kinda true about you being like Oprah….we trust you.

    I am doing your 1200 cal diet and have lost 8 lbs!!!! You are my inspiration.

  23. Stefani

    speaking of shimmer lotion – I can’t get enough of the satsuma shimmer lotion from the body shop! I’m riciulously addicted to all things glitter, and this delivers big time! It stays on all day, and isn’t overpowering on the glitter….it shows up in “just the right light”. And it smells soooo yummy!! :) Have a great trip!

  24. Katherine

    Amanda, you are like my Oprah…I’ll try whatever you recommend! :) I can’t wait to try the hair dryer/straightener! I have used the leg makeup & I love it! It’s great to add some color to my white legs (especially in cooler weather) without the mess and streaking of self-tanners. I suggest mixing it with a little shimmer lotion so that it’s not so “flat.” Enjoy your trip!

  25. Bea

    Have a great trip! I’m sure you’ll have a blast.

    I LOVE Urban Decay primer potion. I have very deep set eyes and I never wore eye shadow before UDPP because it ALWAYS creased an hour after I applied it.

    As for the sally hansen leg spray – be careful with the amount you use or your legs will look fake. My sister actually calls it her ‘fake leg spray’. But it is great at evening out your leg skin tone and it stays on really well.

  26. Kimberly O.

    My absolute favorite bra is the seamless wireless bra by Leading Lady. It’s for full-figured gals. It is SO comfortable that I don’t have to rip it off at the end of the day. ;-) It’s pretty similar to the one you like, only in bigger sizes.

    1. Jennifer Mawson

      Hi Kimberly,
      I am need a full figured bra, and your suggestion intrigued me…After reading some reviews, I have heard you have to order a smaller size. Since there is no one around me that sells these, I will have to order online…So, do they fit the same as your other bra, or did you have to order a smaller size.

    2. Heather D

      Thank you thank you THANK YOU. I am always trying to find a comfortable, flattering bra for my plus-sized C-cup body!! Reviews from real people are incredibly helpful!! Thank you!

  27. freida

    Hope you have a FABULOUS trip! :) I’m lovin’ your personal commercials today! teehee Hmmm…definitely must check out that *bra*…I’m sooo in need of some comfort with support! ;) Have fun!

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