4th of July Food Ideas?

Need some food ideas for a fabulous 4th of July celebration? You’ll love this Perfect Pulled Pork with a side of Ultimate Baked Beans. They’re great for holidays, parties with friends, and summer days when you want to have fun with your family and not spend all day in kitchen! :) Like yesterday for example- we hung out by the pool all day and when we got home, the last thing I wanted to do was think about what to fix for dinner. We could’ve stopped for fast food on the way home- but we didn’t have to. :) We had delicious pulled pork sandwiches and hearty, meaty, ultimate baked beans waiting on us. The pulled pork cooked in the crock pot all day and took less than 5 mins to pull apart because it was so tender, juicy and falling off the bone. The baked beans were made ahead and all I had to do was get them out of the fridge and pop ’em in oven.

You can check out the Ultimate Baked Beans recipe for specifics on how I did the pulled pork in the crock pot. Another reason to check out it out? See that bacon up there? I cooked it in the oven. :D

I’ve been doing it this way for awhile now and it turns out *perfectly* done. Check out the recipe- it tells you exactly how I do it! :)

BTW, have you tried whole wheat hamburger buns? Let me be the first to say, I *hate* whole wheat bread. Okay, hate is a strong word. I really, really dislike whole wheat bread. I love bread, but unfortunately for my bathing suit, I really, really dislike whole wheat bread. :p Maybe it’s the texture, or the color, or the aftertaste, or I don’t know what. But I actually really like whole wheat hamburger buns! I can’t tell the difference! lol. Especially with these pulled pork sandwiches. I got two different kinds the other day, just in case- regular buns and whole wheat buns. I had one of each last night and I couldn’t tell the difference. I’m sold! If you’re a whole wheat bread hater (er, disliker?) like me, give these a try sometime. They might surprise you! :D

We had plenty of leftovers, so I think I’m going to fix myself another sandwich right now. :D

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2. Tell me about your 4th of July plans- got any great recipes you’re looking forward to making? :)
3. Or you can just say whatever comes to your mind! ;)

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129 Responses
  1. Nancy

    Just found you. We will be having a 4th of July/7th birthday party on the 4th. I’m looking close at your 4th food ideas. The key word that hooked me is ‘easy’. We are in southern Colorado, so it will be hot. They allow fireworks to be sold a week before the 4th, so on that night it smells like a war zone. Happy 4th and God Bless America.

  2. Lillian Child

    Just wanted you to know what my husband made your recipe for the ultimate baked beans four our 4th of July holiday family potluck event and everyone RAVED about them !!! That recipe is definitely a keeper. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Katy Montgomery

    O.K. I think I’m addicted to your blog. I spent my son’s entire nap time reading through it! Love the post about yalls trip to Ruby Falls (or something with Laurel in it). I have the same camera you used on this trip and I have been complaining about it lately. It works great outside, but inside, not so much. It only takes the red eye out half the time. SO frustrating! I would love to take awesome pics of my little man and we are inside more than out. (I’m obviously NOT a photographer) Anyway, I grabbed a button and will be a loyal follower.

  4. Susie

    Just found your blog today, it’s great. Quick question do you know how many people your pulled pork recipe serves? I was looking for a lunch idea for my daughter’s birthday and I thought it might be good. Thanks for posting, adorable site!

  5. Lindsay

    Hey Amanda! I just recently found your website and it is quite possibly the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! I love all of your ideas and how creatively you put everything together. I just wanted to say thanks for all of the ideas! The fonts you have are adorable also! Give kisses to the pups :)

  6. Lindsay

    Hey Amanda! I just recently found your website & it is quite possibly the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! I don’t know how you find time in a day to do all that you do, but I really enjoy all of your ideas & how well you explain everything. The fonts are adorable too by the way! Give kisses to the pups :)

  7. snarflemarfle

    I made this Perfect Pulled Pork for dinner tonight and Oh. My. Stars.

    That was the most delicious thing that has ever come out of my crock pot!!! It was perfectly seasoned (a little spicier than I usually make…my husband LOVED it!), perfectly moist and super tender. I cooked it for 10 hours…love that the crock pot doesn’t make the kitchen as hot as the oven. I’m so glad there are leftovers!

  8. Sarah

    I am planning on a family picnic this 4th of July. Also, my neice & goddaughter, Lynnea, will be turning 1 this holiday weekend also, so we are celebrating her with the traditional chocolate pudding without a spoon! ;)

  9. Jessica Blackburn

    Hi! My husband and I love your recipes! And as soon as my son is old enough to eat “real food” I’m sure he’ll love them too! I plan on making these recipes for the 4th. My family is coming over and I’m sure they will enjoy it! Oh and about the gift certificate I am eyeing some beautiful ruby earrings.. :)

  10. Marjay

    I love the recipe ideas! I love to cook country-style pork ribs in the crock pot with some onion, s&p, and beef broth. After 6-8 hours, the pork is tender and if you stir in some bbq sauce (after draining the broth), the pork shreds perfectly to put on some whole wheat buns! Serve with cheesy potatoes, a spinach salad and you’re good to go!

    I love BJohnson Jewelry… I bought my wedding party jewelry from Bettina and everyone raves about it! You can’t go wrong!

  11. Gretta

    Going swimming & to watch fireworks for the 4th … making Paula Deen’s Orange Brownies & an 8 layer salad to take to the festivities!

  12. Kaela Jessen

    Me and the rest of my family are on our way to eat leftovers! Looks so yummy! (So does the jewelry)

  13. Lori O.

    Hi Amanda!
    My children & I will probably go visit their daddy at the fire station since he’ll be working on the Fourth of July. Hopefully, my husband & the crew won’t get any serious alarms while we’re there!

  14. Jessica Green

    What kind of camera do you use now? You have wonderful pictures. I need a new camera bad. Maybe I will get one for my birthday in August… Thanks, Jessica

  15. Vicki

    I think I love everything on the B Johnson jewelry website! How would a girl choose? Perhaps the shell earrings or some made with agate stone? If only I would have them for my trip to CT for the fourth! (Sorry no recipes – that’s up to the sisters in law!)

  16. Stacy McLeod

    I am new to your site and love that I just happened to stumble upon it. I love your pictures and the way you share your love of all things family, food and scrapbooking. Who needs more? :-)

    I am looking forward to making blueberry cobbler for the 4th with the blueberries that myself, my daughter, my mom and my neice picked together last weekend.

  17. Liz Anderson

    If I won I would get this amazing bracelet:
    I love how unique and different it is, plus I can wear it anytime.

    For the 4th of July….neighborhood block party with tons of food and a huge water slide jumper that everyone pitched in to rent!! Fun in the sun in hot sunny southern california!

  18. Cathy Johnson

    Thanks for the info about cooking the bacon…love bacon, hate cooking it on the stove!

    Going to a potluck for the 4th…and I will be taking pretzel salad. Nothing new, but very much loved by the family. The salty/sweet combination is a good one!

    Thanks for all your good tips, fonts, and recipes!

  19. Nicoleigh

    I’m heading to a lake. A little dude that I watch sometimes is having his 1st birthday party. What a great way to celebrate.

  20. Melanie

    Mmmm, I love, love baked beans. I’m a huge fan of your delicious recipes and will definitely have to give this one a try. We’re going camping for 4th of July, with all 5 daughters ages 1-10, and I just found out there’s NO running water. Maybe that’s someone’s idea of fun, but I’m not really a “roughing it” camper. I like to camp with plumbing, especially with so many little girls to take care of. Dinner is just going to be roasting hot dogs and marshmallows over the fire. Maybe I’ll make these beans to make this weekend fun! :)

  21. Susan

    Love the 4th of July ideas…

    and I love the “On the Beige Czech Melon” bracelet! So fun and unique!

  22. Sarah

    Yum!! The baked bean recipes looks so yummy! Thanks for sharing!

    Is summer the greatest?! We will be celebrating the 4th at my niece’s 10th birthday party!

  23. Carole Tinker

    I’m looking forward to the making the pulled pork recipe this weekend! We have several food allergies in my family so I’m always looking for “safe” recipes and this looks perfect! Thanks for posting it!

  24. Alexes

    I never thought of putting bacon in the oven… I will have to try it out now!! Thanks for all the great ideas!

  25. Terryn

    We are having a neighborhood 4th of July breakfast, bright and early so everyone can go on to their parades, BBQ’s etc. It is so much fun to see what everyone brings to share!

  26. tchrtiff

    Mmmm…my mouth is watering! Think I need to make pulled pork and baked beans this week. :D
    Oh, the jewelry is beautiful. Would love to win, thanks for the opportunity! Enjoy the 4th!

  27. Alyssa Manno

    Thanks for all your great recipe ideas and endless other great tips, your attention to details really helps! thanks again!


  28. Michelle King

    I will HAVE to try the pulled pork recipe! I’ve tried to find an easy recipe, but everything seems to take too much work. Can’t wait to try this one!

    And I would definitely get the dragonfly drop earrings. So cute!

  29. Beatriz

    All the jewelry there is lovely! I like everything hard to pick one.
    I made your pasta dish from last post, all the family loved it!!!
    I’ve been to bussssssy and have not thought about 4th of July but know you gave me a great idea the pull pork and beans sound very good.
    Thanks for all the great tips and ideas.
    Love your website,

  30. CCT

    The beans look really yummy! Making them in the crockpot is so easy! MMMM….now I’m hungry for them!
    Also, the jewelry is gorgeous too!!

  31. Jeanette

    I love being able to cook ANYTHING in the crock pot! I also have been cooking bacon in the oven for a long time now. I love how it eliminates the mess of a greasy stove top. I don’t care what I do, I cannot keep the pan from spattering all over the stove top. :) I use my broiler pan to cook it in so all the excess grease drains down into the bottom. Can’t wait to try these beans, they look so yummy!

  32. Kate

    We are going to the Rodeo for the 4th – I just got married and that is tradition for my new husband’s family. I’m very excited!

    Meanwhile, my family tradition involves a lovely “salsa and chips” recipe:

    Strawberry Salsa
    Box of fresh Strawberries (cubed to look like tomatoes)
    Box of fresh blueberries* (sliced to mimic olives)
    Chopped Spinach (chopped fine to look like cilantro)
    2 Oranges (cubed to look like “yellow” peppers)
    2-3 cups marshmallows (dyed green & cubed to look like green onions)

    2 tbs sugar
    1/4 cup frozen lemonade
    1/8 cup tiny ice cubes

    Mix first five ingredients together gently.
    Set aside.
    Mix together sugar, lemonade, and ice cubes – careful not to melt the ice cubes, they should melt into the fruit mixture
    Combine two mixtures (gently)

    Serve chilled with a dollop of whipped cream (to look like sour cream) on top
    Use dried apples for ‘chips’ or Nilla wafers for ‘crackers’

    *large blackberries work, too

  33. Mandee

    I love your recipes and pictures! I especially love crock pot recipes! My husband and I work full time (I teach 6th grade, so I take a lot of work home with me, too) and I’m working on my doctorate, so it is always great to have a nice homemade meal on a busy weeknight without having to work too hard after a long day!
    Thanks for all you do. I love seeing email from you in my in box!

  34. BettyC

    I would get this Bird Nest Necklace:

    I’m going to make your beans, for sure–they sound yummy! Then I’ll include everything that I’ve always made for the Fourth: potato salad, tortellini salad, a rice salad with artichokes, crudite platter, brownies (The Barefoot Contessa’s Outrageous Brownies!), etc., etc. The guys will barbecue. Traditions!

  35. juls

    hi again,

    the recipes look awesome!!! i did make the colorful chicken alfredo and we loved it!!!

    we will be hanging out at our friend’s italian restaurant on the 4th! the parade comes right in front of the restaurant and us girls sell food and mimosas. we save the $$ for our GNO (girls night out) fund!

    this caught my eye:
    the colors are great!!!

    have a great 4th of july!

  36. Jami

    Hi Amanda! I can’t wait to try your pulled pork recipe! I don’t think I could pass up the heart lock necklace if I won the certificate. :)

    Happy 4th!!

  37. Leah

    Yum I love making pulled pork! Dave and I are heading to Ohio to see his family and I’m in a wedding on the 4th. So I’ll miss most of the fireworks, sparklers, etc that I absolutely love about the 4th but I’m excited for my friend so it will be fun.

  38. kayla

    You know what would go great with your pulled pork and baked beans?! Cole Slaw! Go to and search for Sweet Restaurant Slaw…it is AMAZING! And I always make it with bbq and baked beans! LOL Go figure! Oh! I’m so going to try the bacon in the oven, btw. Yum!

  39. Barb

    We will be with friends for a picnic and fireworks on the 4th of July. I enjoy reading your website especially your decorating and craft ideas!

  40. Martina Fegan

    I am hosting a family barbeque on the 4th. We love cookouts and everyone always brings such delicious food to share. I think I might make the bean recipe – it looks delish!

  41. Christy

    We’ll be going to my cousin’s house for a HUGE family get together. Lots of good food and lots of good people … can’t beat that!

  42. Debra

    Thanks for the great Baked Bean recipe… my family loves all types of Baked Beans, and now I can serve this as a suprise for the holiday weekend!

    Thanks for all of your inspiration!
    You are the BEST!


  43. Ginger

    Mmmmmm! My husband and I can’t wait to try the baked beans and I already love the pulled pork!

  44. Susan Wilson Ross

    Your Ultimate Baked Beans look a lot like my Texas Baked Beans, except I use sausage. Always a hit. I’ll have to give yours a try this week. Also, a couple weeks ago, I served my pulled pork rolled in lettuce leaves, just to cut the carbs. And, guess what! Even the guys liked it.

    One more thought — years ago, I started putting my crock pot out on the patio with a giant bug screen over it if I was going to be gone all day. I’ve even done my Thanksgiving turkey that way in my Nesco. No problems yet!

    Well, if I win, I am going to give the certificate to my good friend, Janice. She just started making jewelry this winter and I know she would love it.

    love the fonts and recipes! swr

  45. Kristin

    Yummm! And I’d love to see a revision or an addition to your pulled pork recipe that includes how to do it in a crock pot. Pretty please??? :)

  46. Christy

    Hi Amanda,
    The pulled pork looks deeeeee-licious! I love the bacon idea. I wonder if there is a grate you could put inside your pan so the bacon grease can drip down. hmmm. Just a thought. I might have to look for something like that. Keep up the great work. We love reading your blog! <3 Christy

  47. KajunKJ

    I love getting your newsletter! Thanks!

    Just a word of warning about using your crockpot when you are not at home…a friend of mine, a fireman, said to NEVER leave a crockpot on when you are not at home. He has seen to many problems caused by crockpots. When I use mine, I put it on a large oven pan(pizza pan)to minimize any damage from the heat and I check it several times to make sure that it is not over-heating.

    Have a great day and give the doggies a hug and these cyber bones! 8=8 8=8 8=8

  48. Natali

    So excited for the 4th of July! Of course the 4th means lots of grilling, but I think I’m most excited for some of bakerella’s cake pops…they are going to be red, white, and blue!

  49. Kasandra

    What would I get, oh my goodness, that is a hard question! It all looks so awesome! I would probably pick out something my two teenage daughters would hate so they won’t steal it from me!!!!

  50. Shannon

    Those baked beans look so yummy , Amanda! I wish I could get the kids to eat them ;)
    The jewelry is really beautiful.
    i love this necklace, It’s the dragonfly…it’s the love ….It’s so me! It’s perfect!! here’s the link
    No 4th of July, only because we celebrate Canada Day on the 1st of July. Will be spending it with the family, maybe so celebrations in the park!
    Sorry this was too long

  51. Stephanie Tickle

    Girl, from the first time I tried this receipe (the pull-apart pork sandwiches) , I was hooked! :-) I have since referred it to several of my friends who’ve also given it out! A very inexpensive but delicious meal and full of protein! It’s absolutely yummy!
    Love ya, Amanda :)

  52. Jewelle

    We don’t have any plans for the 4th. How pathetic is that? We just moved to a new area and don’t know much about it. We thought we would spend the 4th with our little family instead of trying to find some shindig to go to. Hopefully we can find something fun, and maybe a firework show. Oh, and it would be LOVELY if I could get the GC so I could by that bracelet up above!

  53. Jamie

    Perfect timing. I actually JUST got a pork shoulder out of the freezer to let it thaw so I could make pulled pork for the 4th!
    I’ll have to check out your recipe!

  54. Rachel E.

    Whole wheat bun are awesome!!! Orowheat has the best ones!! And whole wheat is very good for you! Have you ever tried grinding the wheat fresh and making your own bread. You will never go back!! Fresh ground is WAY better than the crap you buy in the store. IMO of course!!

  55. Shayna

    We’ll be spending the 4th of July with our daughter, sil and the grandchildren. I’m sending this recipe on to my daughter in just a few minutes :)

    Amanda, you said, “pulled pork cooked in the crock pot all day” but you don’t say what setting you used or how many hours it can be left in the crock pot before it dries out. I think cooking in the crock pot is the only way to go….LOL

    Thank you for the recipes and also the chance to win.


  56. Megan

    My parents will be visiting from out of town for the 4th of July. We always go out to a local golf course to watch the fireworks the night of the 4th.
    I think your beans look great, and I’d really like to try making bacon in the oven!

  57. Andrea

    I can’t wait to try out the beans with the bacon, and the bacon in the oven, I’ve never tried it, but it looks super!

    Thank you for all of your fabulous posts. This website, I do have to say, is one of my favorites!

  58. Chandani

    I Love all the jewelry from this site. I have no clue which I would pick as of now. As for the fourth, I will be in Atlanta accompanying 55,000 other folks as we take on the Peachtree Road Race :)!

  59. Jackie

    I think we are headed to some friends house for the 4th. That pulled pork is something I might have to try !! Thanks for the chance to win !!!

  60. Mindy

    Just bought whole wheat buns for chicken sandwiches tomorrow night. First time. Hope we like them, too

  61. Shelby

    my 4th of july plans include time at the lake house with friends! lots of cool drinks, swimming and food! i am definately bringing a tomato and mozzarella salad and a fun cake!

  62. Nancy

    I love your blog! Thanks for taking the time to give us great ideas and recipes and chances to win stuff!! Since it is my 54th Birthday on the 4th of July (yikes – am I that old!??) I would love to have some pretty earrings! Thanks!

  63. Heidi

    I am so excited for the 4th every year including this year. We have an annual pool party at our house with family that comes in from all over the country. I can’t wait!! They start arriving on Tuesday.. Whahooo!!

    This pulled pork recips is a great idea because I don’t like heating up the house and I want to spend my time outside.

    Thank you!

  64. Debi

    Hi Amanda,

    The pulled pork looks wonderful for the 4th! Add to it, a few cold salads, maybe some watermelon, and some kind of red white and blue dessert. Would love the earrings! Happy 4th to you and yours!

  65. Katy

    Amanda, I’m pretty sure you’re a genious! I’m so gonna make theses beans for our Fourth of July party! Thanks!

  66. Becky

    Great food and beautiful jewelry…..What more could a woman ask for ? Someone to fix the food maybe…. :?

  67. Lori

    We will be spending the 4th of July holiday with our family and two beautiful labs Rupert & Roscoe! The meal will be hamburgers, various salads, chips, and of course flag fruit cake! I wish you and your family a wonderful 4th. Lori

  68. Andrea

    Hey Amanda :) For the 4th we’re either going to my parents for a fish fry, pool party and big fireworks display or we’re going to a waterpark with some family on my bf’s side and then to their house for a cookout and fireworks! Can’t decide!

  69. Kat

    I can’t decide between the two swallow bracelets! pink of blue… hmm… or even the sweet romance necklace!

  70. Wendi

    Love the jewelry!! If I win, I’ll probably get the Lily of the Valley bracelet. My sister is getting married and she’s into vintage, so the bracelet would be PERFECT!

    As always, I love your posts!

  71. Elizabeth

    Love the jewelry, especially anything in the amber color.
    We will be home my husband has week end duty and has to stay
    close. We have a pool and will be enjoying it. The weather
    has cooled down some here and will be in the high 80’s.
    The pool water is 92 and a little like taking a bath without
    the soap – but enjoyable. Decatur, IL.
    Your beans look great. Oven is a great way to cook bacon too.
    Enjoy your holiday and thank you for you blog. E

  72. Kori

    That does look yummy. I might have to wait for a while to give it a try. It is hot where I am (without AC) so I avoid the oven at all costs! For the 4th of July we are planning on going to the festival at Turtle Bay Resort here on Oahu! I can’t wait!!!

  73. Amy

    Thanks for sharing that great idea for baking the bacon. I definitely have to try that. My hubby and I are taking my mom and sis (who will be visiting) to Southern Oregon to see Crater Lake for the 4th. But your recipe ideas now have me wishing I could just stay home and have a great bbq! Amy

  74. Abby

    Bacon in the oven??? I’m going to have to give that a try! We always spend the 4th with family and friends, attending a parade and cookout. In Columbus, OH. the fireworks is a huge ordeal and it’s always done on the 3rd downtown. It’s great because here we get to celebrate two days in a row.


  75. Lisa

    WE have no plans for the 4th, sadly. I am hoping someone comes thru with an invite (esp. someone with a pool!)

    Love all the jewelry – thanks so much!

  76. Karen

    Thanks again for sharing such great recipes. I can’t wait to try the pulled pork and baked beans this week. I have it planned for Tuesday. I also LOVE the idea of “baking” the bacon. I will definitely give it a try at the same time. Have a great holiday week. I do have to say this is one of my favorite holidays. The family time and traditions are lots of fun!

  77. Carla

    I just love BBQ for the 4th. It’s so great for everyone to get together and chit chat, and make great food dishes. What goes even better with food, jewelry. I hope to win that beautiful jewelry.
    8 – )

  78. Gail

    Amanda, I make my pulled pork almost exactly like you do. The only exception is that I coat mine with a thin layer of yellow mustard before putting on the dry rub. I think I’ll be making pulled pork for the upcoming holiday weekend!

  79. marissa moss

    my fouth of july schedule includes firework watchin’ and summer fruit eatin’

  80. Sherri

    This recipe sounds too tasty……I won’t be able to wait until next weekend to make it……..Looks like my family will try it out tomorrow evening! You always have THE BEST RECIPES!!! :o)

  81. TwoHeartsTogether

    Hi Amanda!
    The baked beans look great! The bacon looks so decadent, I know this is a total guys recipe that isn’t too fru fru to take to a good home style BBQ!

    I love this necklace
    Its so my style and has my name written all over it!

    This 4th of July I always make a pasta salad, I tried one today in the deli at Safeway that was Artichoke and Herb Pasta Salad I think I’m going to try to mimic that one!


  82. Ashlee

    The jewelry is beautiful! I was looking at some of your pictures from the Blueridge Mountains, they turned out great! My husband and I went there on our honeymoon and took some pictures in front of a lot of the same waterfalls. We even had our dog all muddied up, too!

  83. renojax

    we have a BIG family bash this year over the 4th—this looks as though it will travel easy (7.5 hour drive) and what better time to load up my boys with beans than when they will be outside in a tent lol-lol-lol thanks for the recipe I’ll let you know how it comes out

  84. snarflemarfle

    Ok, so you have tried the pulled pork in the crockpot since you orignially posted your recipe? Did you do anything differently? This is something I’m totally thinking about making for dinner next week…but I don’t want to leave my oven on all day.

  85. Juggling Thoughts

    I just became a fan of your site today, I’m loving it! Thanks for being such a great blogger!

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