Digital Artist Magazine Feature

Hey check this out- My site was featured in this month’s issue of Digital Artist Magazine! One of their contributors (her name is also Amanda!) contacted me awhile back and did a 10-question interview with me about the site, the fonts, and my life outside of the blog. :) (And after reading my answers, she still published it! Hah!)

Digital Artist Magazine June 2009 Issue Fonts for Peas Site Feature

That’s me up there! They also commissioned me to make a font exclusively for Digital Artist Magazine readers- made from the handwriting of one of their team members, Sandra.

Pea Sandra Font - Exclusive Font for Digital Artist Magazine Readers - Fonts for Peas

kevinandamanda's Scrapbook Studio | Scraproom

This is the pic they published of my scraproom. They did that super peaceful antique processing on it! Cool, huh? I have to say, the editorial staff did an amazing job with the layout of the article!  Head over to Digital Artist Magazine’s webpage and check out the interview, the free font, and the pics they published in the { June 2009 } issue. They even featured a couple layouts from their design team using some of the Pea fonts! :)

Thanks so much for looking! Hope you had a happy and safe 4th!! :)