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Hey check this out- My site was featured in this month’s issue of Digital Artist Magazine! One of their contributors (her name is also Amanda!) contacted me awhile back and did a 10-question interview with me about the site, the fonts, and my life outside of the blog. :) (And after reading my answers, she still published it! Hah!)

Digital Artist Magazine June 2009 Issue Fonts for Peas Site Feature

That’s me up there! They also commissioned me to make a font exclusively for Digital Artist Magazine readers- made from the handwriting of one of their team members, Sandra.

Pea Sandra Font - Exclusive Font for Digital Artist Magazine Readers - Fonts for Peas

kevinandamanda's Scrapbook Studio | Scraproom

This is the pic they published of my scraproom. They did that super peaceful antique processing on it! Cool, huh? I have to say, the editorial staff did an amazing job with the layout of the article!  Head over to Digital Artist Magazine’s webpage and check out the interview, the free font, and the pics they published in the { June 2009 } issue. They even featured a couple layouts from their design team using some of the Pea fonts! :)

Thanks so much for looking! Hope you had a happy and safe 4th!! :)

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38 Responses
  1. Melanye K (Less Apathy More Cake)

    Congrats! I am on WOOF and I have always adored your scraproom. I had to do a double take at the picture though. I’m used to seeing your vibrant pics of it. The antiquing they did on it is different! Still beautiful though ;)

  2. Mona

    So jealous of your scrapbook room! It looks very professional-almost like a shop would. I’m loving your paper shelves- I have to deal with a drawer full of paper that is constantly being messed up!

  3. Brienne

    I just stumbled on your website, looking for fun new fonts, and I just wanted to say how super sute it is! It has inspired me to update and decorate my own blog. I’ve used your tutorial to add the cute font for the Post Title. Thank You for your help.

    I was wondering about a few more things. How do you replace the line between blog posts with an image or whatever it is you did? And how do you center all the items on your sidebar? (I’ve tried using the cutest blog on the block tutorial, but most of my sidebars items aren’t things that I’ve loaded using an html code.) Thanks for all your help. And please e-mail me back when you have time. I’m sure you are a busy woman.


  4. Dawn

    Stoppin by to say hello and thanks for making my blog look beautiful with your fonts ;)
    Added your badge to my site too just cause I love your blog oh so much!
    PS today is Thumbnail Thursday over at my blog.

  5. Arody

    Hi Amanda, today Ive write about your page on my site. I hope a ton of people visit it. Thank you again for all your cute fonts and tutorials!

  6. Shabby Cottage Shops

    Beautiful blog, congratulations on such an accomplishment!Oh, I also love your fonts, thanks for sharing them!

    Shabby Cottage Shops

  7. Becky

    Congrats!!! I was hoping someone would feature your scrap room in their magazine since I seen it on your website. Yours has always been my favorite. I’ll have to go buy this issue. Kudos to you my dear. :D

  8. Ashley

    Amanda! That is SO awesome! I’m so happy for you! Congratulations sweetie!

    PS. I’m still TOTALLY friggen jealous of that scraproom of yours!!!!!

  9. Amy

    Oh my gosh! I love your scrapbook room. I am jealous. You are super talented. I just found your blog. I need to keep reading!

  10. Gail Evans & Henry

    Hi This is great and You did it all on your own. Everyone knew one day you would be published…..Love the articles and just thought you need to know.
    Thank you,
    Gail & Henry Evans

  11. Mandee

    Wow, Amanda! Great news for you! I love your scraproom! Our house is too small for me to have a scraproom now, but it sure is a “must have” for our next house! Keep up the good work!

  12. Erin

    I found your blog through and so appreciate the fonts. A couple look like MY handwriting (Steele, Tracy). We are even in the same metro area! Thanks, again. Your work is AWESOME!

  13. Katy Montgomery

    Haven’t checked out the article yet, but how impressive! Love the scrap room. You’ve got a mini Hobby Lobby in there! So, organized! That’s inspiring! Looks like “the kids” know their boundaries and steer clear of that wonderful room.

  14. CCT

    Your scraproom in gorgeous!!!!! What a dream of mine to have something like that! I love the font shown in the magazine but was so hoping to get it free. But you have to purchase the magazine. With my job recently being eliminated and no job at the moment every little thing helps! Any chance of having this on your website sometime to download?

  15. Nicoleigh

    Wow, are you sure your craft room isn’t a store display? How about you come and help me get mine organized. I desperately need some help with all my papers….but don’t have a whole lot of space. Any suggestions on the best way to store it?
    And way to go on the great article!

  16. Lillian Child

    How simply fabulous is this??!!! So excited for you, Amanda. I remember when I was first published in a cookbook what a great feeling it was. I will definitely pick up this magazine! And your craft room is AWESOME. Way to go !!!

  17. Brenda Smith

    I bought this and didn’t even realize that you were in it till after I started to read. Shows how much I pay attention. lol Anyway, I was sooo excited when I got to your article! Congrats!!

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