Peaceful Afternoon

Kayaking the Flint River

I am loving Kevin’s new work schedule…

Kayaking the Flint River

…every other Friday off!

Kayaking the Flint River

Last week we took full advantage and headed down to the Flint River for a relaxing 8 mile float.

Kayaking the Flint River

This was Kevin & Miley’s first kayaking trip…

I think Miley enjoyed soaking up the fresh air & sunshine… while everyone else paddled around her! :)

Kayaking the Flint River

The definition of Miley’s perfect day ever: Sitting in Kevin’s lap all day.

Kayaking the Flint River

We left a car downstream, so basically all we had to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the float.

Kayaking the Flint River

We met up with our friend Andy…

Kayaking the Flint River

He has definitely mastered the art of relaxation…

Kayaking the Flint River

Andy? Are you in there?

Kayaking the Flint River

Doh! I’ve been caught.

Kayaking the Flint River

The scenery on the Flint is just beautiful. From the high, rocky bluffs…

Kayaking the Flint River

To the lush, wooded flatland.

Kayaking the Flint River

The future of print?

Kayaking the Flint River

If you look closely, you can find the entrances into some local caves along the river- we pulled off here to check one out.

Kayaking the Flint River

Kayaking the Flint River

Docking at the bluffs was a little challenging…

Kayaking the Flint River

Miley closely supervises the efforts to get the kayaks back in the water.

Kayaking the Flint River

This is definitely the way to spend a Friday afternoon. :)

The only problem with 3 day weekends? It makes regular weekends seem so short!


Thanks for looking! :)

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58 Responses
  1. Kellie

    What a great way to spend a day! I loved your pics and it sure made me wish I was doing the same thing. Wow. Such peace. Love that Miley went along for the ride, too.

  2. Terrah

    You are crafty, you can cook, you make beautiful photographs AND can kayak… ugh… is there anything you CAN’T do? LOL Much love from Texas ~ Terrah

  3. AtOneWithHim

    Oh the last picture made me swooon! I too have a Boston and love their sweet faces.
    I have always wanted to kayak.. but I think I’m too heavy. But it sure looks fun.
    Thanks for sharing looks like a beautiful area.

  4. The Drama Mama

    THose are some BEAUTIFUL pictures! I totally want to go there! By the way, I just wanted to say thanks for your “How to make a scrapbook background” post you made over a year ago. You are right on, and I finally got to enjoy the creation of my own background/header, etc. all thanks to you!

  5. Marilyn

    I absolutely love the last picture! It makes me just wanna scratch his head and talk to him. Such a peaceful looking trip. =) I enjoy your posts!

  6. Ness at Drovers Run

    Wow – every other Friday off? That’s awesome! What does he do? (without giving away any details that get you into trouble). Wow. I’d love it if my hubby had a schedule like that! He’s an exec, but always has late meetings since he deals with the US office – and our time zone is GMT+2.

  7. Robyn - Darwin, Australia

    Beautiful photos as always, looks like a wonderful place to visit and soooooo relaxing – I’m hoping one day to make it over to your beautiful part of the world :)

  8. Ashley

    I stumbled upon your blog and I lovelove it! I’m in the process of designing my own blog background, and through troubleshooting I stumbled upon your lovely site! Thank you for all of the helpful information and wonderful ideas :-)

  9. Diane Eck

    You ALL look like you had the time of your lives!!! You have so many varied interests and have a knack for making all of them look like so much fun!! Your photos are beautiful…how do you protect your camera from the water!

  10. Joni

    You and Kevin are the cutest couple and you certainly will never regret documenting your lives in the manner that you do. Sharing this with others is a total bonus for us! Kevin is a little cutie patootie!! I can see the love you two share just seeing you around each other and that is so incredibly wonderful. Never let that fade, both of you! (Listen to ME giving marital instructions, would you??! lol!) I enjoy each one of your postings Amanda. You never have a dull moment in your life, do you?! *Ü*

    BIG Hugs!


  11. cat kerr

    What a wonderful time..I want to come next time( : Just wanted to stop by and say thank you.I have been wanting to create my own blog background for some time,and with your help I finally did it.Stop by for a visit when you get some time.Thanks again.Warmest Regards,Cat

  12. Marlena

    Wow looks like you guys made a day of it. Always love the pics and your site. Wish the weather was nice here seems like it’s always cold and cloudy….Dogs are so cute!

  13. Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic

    So much fun. The dogs look so sweet and seem to enjoy your days in the water! I really want to try this stretch of water now :)

  14. Jo-Anne

    Amanda: You are an incredible visual storyteller. I loved living vicariously through you during this retelling of events. The newspaper vending machine with your caption “The Future of Print” could absolutely win an award!

    Thanks again for sharing “your views of the world.”

  15. Marilee Vickers

    As always you take some beautiful photograghs! Love to see the updates. I will be making the pulled pork for the third time this week and it has become a family favorite and when I go visit Illinois in 3 weeks, I am thinking that part of the family needs to experience that recipe as well….and the choc. cake, also to die for. We will be going to Montana in June and hope to river raft, maybe I will get some cool photos too!

  16. Jesse

    Pictures are beautiful. Looks like the best way to spend the day!

    I’m curious to what program you use to enhance your pictures, or is it just your camera? I just got a nice camera and learning how to use it. Any suggestions would be great!


  17. Diane

    This looks like you had a wonderful weekend!!! It looks so relaxing…and the puppies are so adorable in their lifejackets!!!

  18. Brenda Jorgensen

    Oh that just gave me 5 minutes of pure peace before I race off (now) to Costco and back again to start the cooking and chaos of the evening. Aaaahhhh…..that was heaven. I want a kayak now. And a river. And a Miley :o)

  19. Robin

    I just LOVE your kayaking posts! I can’t swim, so I’m deathly afraid of water that’s over my head, but your photos make it look so relaxing and fun that I enjoy it vicariously through your photos. Thanks!

  20. Natalie

    Looks like fun! I’ve never went kayaking before.

    Are you working out Amanda??? You’re arm muscles look AMAZING! Hook me up with some details! I’m so jealous! =)

  21. Leslie

    Thanks for sharing – great pics and I love Miley’s supervisory role. Reminds me of our youngest dog Beatrice.

    Are you guys planning on having kids? Maybe that’s too personal a comment/question? Just wondering…

    Thanks again for sharing.

  22. Jenny Flake

    These are just awesome photos! Felt like I was right there with you guys on the water. Can your dog get any cuter? Loved it! Have a great Tuesday!!

  23. Lorraine

    Oh my goodness…these are fantastic photos. Where is this lovely place?
    These photos are inspiring me to scrap…
    Also, what kind of camera did you use to take them? Super quality.

  24. Becky

    Such amazing pics. I think Howie and Miley are so thankful to have you two as parents. I can’t believe how calm they are in the boats. I was wondering if your friend was in the boat too…. :D Did you see any bats in the cave you explored ? Thanks for sharing, Becky

  25. Lori Bickford

    Amanda – I live in Madison AL!!! And – we have kayaks! I’d love to know where you put in and take out. We only went to the river, and way too crazy there, as we are not comfortable in the kayaks.

    Please, email me – I’d love to touch base. I love seeing your pics around this area! Thanks.

  26. Sharon

    I am jealous. That is my all-time favorite thing to do! It might even beat eating chocholate…maybe ; )
    I still can’t believe how skinny Kevin looks!

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