The Best Christmas Gifts For Dogs

So, after this Christmas, it became quite apparent that our cute Boston terriers, Miley and Howie, have the coolest grandparents ever. These lucky dogs got a whole box of Smucker’s peanut butter for themselves!

Smuckers Peanut Butter

It came in a box like this…

Smuckers Peanut Butter For Dogs

And I literally gasped when I saw it!

Smuckers Peanut Butter Dog Gift

This Is The Best Christmas Gift For Dogs

An entire box full of peanut butter!

Dog Christmas Gift

Individual, Miley-and-Howie-sized cups of peanut butter.

Gifts For Dogs

Just for them!

Cute Boston Terrier

This is the face of a dog who has no idea what’s coming.

Smuckers Peanut Butter For Dogs

Is there anything better than freshly opened, undisturbed peanut butter?

Smuckers Peanut Butter

I think not.

Funny Dogs

Do I like peanut butter?

Dog Eating Peanut Butter

Let’s try it and see.

Gifts For Dogs For Christmas

Oh yeah, I think I do like peanut butter.

Cute Boston Terriers

Oooooh, peanut butter!

Best Gifts For Dogs For Christmas

Momma you give that back right now!

Christmas Gifts For Dogs

This is the face of a dog who knows exactly what’s coming and has to wait for the photographer to get in position while an opened cup of peanut butter is in sight.

Gifts For Dogs For Christmas

Peanut Butter!!!

Funny Boston Terrier

I attack you with my teefers.

Cute Boston Terrier

I looove peanut butters.

Cute Dogs

And this is the face of a dog who has run out of peanut butter.

Oh, goodness. I’d better go get her some more.

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103 Responses
  1. Mistuk

    My boston terrier is a PB addict, for real he ears me when the lid is opening on the PB container.He arrives anytime for it, and i end up giving him a gigantic spoonfull. When i see your two babies, i remember why i am going to raise Boton terriers when we have our first house. Keep us posted on their eploits.(Love the beach pictures!)

  2. Nicole

    OMG! I just stumbled upon your blog from a shout out on “two peas in a pod” and fell in love! I have a boston terrier too and am absolutely in love and smitten with him. This is by far thee cutest post I have seen and I love your photographs. You are blessed with two very very cute doggy-babies!

  3. Doreen

    Oh my word!! Soo cute!! That photo at the end…oh my….he’s bringing on the tears!!! :`( We recently had our Maltese pass away last month and it’s been so hard on us. We miss her so much! She loved mini marshmallows and dried Apricots!! She would find things and pick them up….slippers, little things around… she could get a treat! :)

  4. Julia Andrus Williams

    How adorable! My two pups love peanut butter too. Anytime we get the jar out, they run to the kitchen and start doing tricks so that maybe they’ll get a little PB for a reward! (It usually works!)

  5. Steph and PB&J

    Oh my goodness, I am so copying this for PB&J’s birthdays this year!! Too perfect!! :) Miley and Howie are as adorable as ever!!!

  6. kelly

    we literally cannot get a jar of peanut butter open without looking down and seeing our dog baxter there with licking lips, he always gets to lick the butter knife when we are done with it. those tubs look too fun? where do they come from? you have really cute dogs!

  7. catina

    Oh! Amanda.. I love the pictures of you dogs, you capture their little personalitites with such beauty. We just lost our doggie of 10 years yesterday and I thought I would be sad reading your blog, but it brought a smile to my face helping me to remember the special times I had with Jenna. Cherish your time with them, there is never enough of it:(

  8. Melissa Pierce

    Those are just the cutest pictures EVER!!!! I have been trying and trying to talk my husband into let us get another Boston! These pictures really makes my heart yearn for another one!!!

  9. Cindy

    How cute! We’ve been giving our Rottweiler Apollo peanut butter forever. I usually spread some in his bones and it keeps him buzy for a while. He’s got his own jar of PB. When the peanut butter jar gets ready to throw away, we keep them to give to Apollo when we need to keep him buzy, because it’ll take him about 1/2 to tear that jar apart, he will clean it clean as a whisle then tear up the jar, then we have to take that away so he doesn’t swallow the plastic pieces. Peanut Butter is the best!

  10. Melissa

    What cute babies! Our dogs love peanut butter too! I will have to try these cups. Baby carrots are a big hit too. The vet recommended them as an alternate for milkbones. :) — o and WAR EAGLE!

  11. Tami McBeain

    Oh my your pictures are beyond cuteness! Love your little doggies and your pics of them! Your captions are perfect too, thanks for the huge smile today!

  12. Steffi

    LOL Amanada! I do not have enough Miley and Howie in my life (my own fault for not coming over here often enough).

    I miss peanut butter (Amir is allergic to it)…but lordy these shots are awesome!

    I started the 1200 calorie diet last week and am down 6lbs so far! I’m using the “My Fitness Pal” app in the iPhone to help…it’s really interesting….we’ll see what happens!!

  13. Paulette

    LOL! No matter how quiet I am, when I take a jar of peanut butter out of my cabinet, my dogs come running. They can smell that stuff 3 rooms away, and it’s one of the few things they’ll sit very quietly for, never sure if they’ll get a spoonful or not – but desperately hoping to.

    Merry Christmas, Miley and Howie! ;)


  14. Sarah

    OMG, best gift idea ever! Ravin and Finn would go nuts over this! I’ll have to remember this for birthday/xmas. As always, the most adorable pics!

  15. Heather :) :) :)

    Oh my goodness…what a cute dog. I never can remember what type of dog this is…English bulldog? I always call them “surprise dogs” because their cute little ears always standing up so cute…waiting for a surprise…like yummy peanut butter. I’m glad she liked her gift. She really did look sad in that last photo :) :) Thanks for sharing this. Your dogs are so cute!! Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  16. Anita

    Ohmygoodness. I’m pretty sure that I would be eating that peanut butter right along with them! They’re so cute, and you really have a way with that camera!

  17. Amanda

    Ok, so I just found your blog and noticed you are from Auburn.. War Eagle!! :) I love your dog!!
    Check out my blog (I’m a newbie and still learning everything):

  18. Anna Faustini

    Hi Amanda,
    Love the pictures and the cute faces! What a nice idea for a doggy present. I’ll have to remember this one…yummy!!

  19. lori april

    this is the best peanut butter in the whole wide world. my husband knows we are in trouble if we’re in a hotel and they have this…i make out with at least 4 handfuls. YUM

  20. Marixa

    That’s so cute! I never thought of the little packages before! My mom used to give our dog pills burried in a glob of peanut butter, it worked!

  21. Molly

    Oh wow!! This is so cute! I love that idea! I just had to stop and say that I love your blog, it is so cute! It is definately my newest favorite, I swear I subcribed after reading one post!! I am a bt lover!!! They are just the cutest things! Oh, and I just figured out the free fonts! I use one for lesson handout just this week!! :)

  22. Emily C. (Connor's Corner)

    You should check out my blog, I have a recipe in my doggie fun section that is for Peanut Butter Kong treats. They are mixed with yogurt and wheat germ. I would love for you to check it out!

  23. Sara

    I love those individual cups of peanut butter! They are great for on the go sandwiches or picnics! They are nice now…while I have PTC’s!
    Do you know if they got them from the Schmuckers website? I wonder how to order them!
    I didn’t know dogs could eat peanut butter! The way you always talk about your cute dogs makes me want a dog of my own. I just wish my family wasn’t affraid of them and allergic!
    They are seriously so fun to watch!

  24. Diane

    I just came to your site via My Lovely Life and I’m SO happy to be here. Love everything….especially your Bostons! I have one too, his name is Pal and he’s almost 12…light of my life!

  25. Jessica

    my scruffy dog loves everything but olives.. although peanut butter is his favorite. How awesome are that those are individual packs. Gma & Gpa clearly get it.

  26. Dalis

    wow… those are the best mind reading puppy grandparents EVER?!?!?!?!?! those pictures are priceless…. the expressions are beyond CUTE!

  27. Wendy Kidd

    Oh my gosh – what a great idea! Fred (my rat terrier) would LOVE these little peanut butter cups! I will have to look for them at the surplus store next time I go. I could even take them to his daycare so he can share them with his friends.

  28. *kristi*

    Holy cow!! I wish I had gotten that whole box of peanut butter for Christmas! :P Yummy. Miley and Howie are so adorable, and you take the best pictures of them!

  29. Becky H

    Oh I love this. I sit and laugh at the faces our Boston and boxer make when I give the peanut butter. Great photography. I love your dogs Bostons are awesome.

  30. Marilynne Rowland

    Too precious for words!! I am soooo partial to Bostons! Had my Snoopey when I was a teen and young adult. He was the best dog ever and we have had 5 different breeds, more if you count my dad’s 3 different breed’s. Looking to adopt a new Boston or Boston mix after our younest gets married in August.

  31. Chere

    What great Grandparents Miley and Howie have. My girls are jealous. They get their peanut butter out of an opened jar. Now they want
    their own little cup of fresh peanut butter. This is great.

  32. Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic

    SO Adorable!! What a great idea! Single shares! Everytime I Think I’m over my Boston Terrier obsession you go and post these adorable pictures and it starts all over. It’s a good obsession though. These 2 are too cute for words!

  33. Lauren A.

    Cute pictures! I think I might love peanut butter as much as your puppies! :P Its sooooo good! I’m a new follower of your blog and already LOVE it!

  34. Heather (Heather's Dish)

    my dogs would be in complete and total heaven with those. oh my word, just THINKING about the pictures is cracking me up!

  35. Angela

    Adorable! What a wonderful gift! My Ellee loves peanut butter and yogurt. Well, she loves about anything, but especially those.

  36. Lois Hartwell

    So precious! What f-stop/shutter speed were you using? Your pics are always so clear and sharp! Our Boston, Olive, is a lover of peanut butter, too. And she has crooked “teefers” like Miiley!

  37. Jane

    Your parents had a great idea! No more sticking the spoon in the jar. (Handy if you have to give medicine to your pets too.) Thanks for sharing your puppy joy.

  38. Mary Anne

    That’s a good idea. One thing I purchased for my Boston that I never will again is a frozen treat that I bought at the grocery store that is made FOR dogs. It has peanut butter and honey in it. My dog threw up so badly all night long! A friend of mine had the same experience, so be careful of those. My Boston is an excessive licker, so these frozen treats were perfect for her and she loved them. Maybe those little peanut butter cups would work better!

  39. Wendy

    Um, is that a tear in his eye? C’mon, give him some more peanut butter!!!! LOL, super cute documentation of their wonderful gift :)

  40. Southern Gal

    Who knew? I don’t think I’ve ever given peanut butter to a dog before. Our dogs always loved cheese and my parents dogs love coconut oil!

  41. Lana

    My cat LOVES peanut butter. She can be upstairs minding her own business, Hear the jar being opened, and be right at my feet before I can pull the knife out with some. Too funny!

  42. Heather K.

    I love the way you documented this!! And what a genius idea for a doggie gift. Our boxers love peanut butter. We stuff it into their Kongs for special treats now and then.

  43. Amy

    That’s too funny that you posted this! I decided to follow your 1200 calorie a day diet, and just started yesterday. I am a part time RN, and the hospital where I work has those same tubs of peanut butter for the patients. I looked up the calorie count for them yesterday, because they are AWESOME and I wanted one. You don’t want to know what it is!!!

  44. april

    they got that whole box…. cool grandparents is right!! i’ll have to remember that little trick for my parents’ dogs next christmas!!

    loved all the pictures, especially the attacking teeth!

  45. Sherrie

    Oh my gosh, I just love those two. How cute is that with their little containers of peanut butter………….adorable. Miley and Howie with peanut butter cute, the look on their faces . . .priceless !

  46. Shannon

    That is one of the cutest things EVER! Our dogs love peanut butter too…I think they’d have a heart attack if they got a box full of their own peanut butter like that! :)

    Love it!

  47. Stephanie

    Oh too cute! Our dogs love peanut butter, ice and fresh veggies. Any time I chopping veggies my dogs BEG for them, especially fresh green beans! And of course they wait for the ice to fall from the fridge :)

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