Weekend Shopping

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Have you guys seen the new scents at Victoria’s Secret yet? I nearly leapt out of my skin when I saw Cupquake and Candy Baby. That’s what I’m talking about. I picked up these three body mists this weekend. I love Cupquake and Candy Baby, but they’re very, very light. Not sure if anyone but me knows when I wear them! Juiced Berry is a bit more noticeable and super sweet with just a hint of raspberry and strawberry. Perfect.

weekend shopping-02

I’m also a big fan of Victoria’s Secret lipgloss. It’s shimmery and tastes great. I’m also one of those people who doesn’t look right in lipstick, so this light gloss is perfect for me.

weekend shopping-03

And check out the names of these beauties. Whoa, mama. I’m currently obsessed with Cocoalicious. It’s about the sweetest, most supremely chocolate flavor ever.

weekend shopping-04

All right, I might as well just admit this now. I did some damage in Victoria’s Secret, okay? I knew they sold makeup, but I’d never really paid much attention before. They’ve got some gorgeous neutral colors in eye shadow. This is Beloved. It’s very shimmery and very pretty. I also picked up Provacateur and Lose Control. Lovely.

weekend shopping-06

Here’s a heavenly scent I have been loving lately. This perfume was a sweet gift from Jenny when we got together in San Diego earlier this year. It’s from Anthropologie and it’s the purest, sweetest vanilla scent ever. It’s perfect. I’m hoarding it.

weekend shopping-05

Now this new Scentsy scent is just fun. It’s called Sugar and it smells just like Pink Sugar perfume. Such a fun, sweet scent. Oats & Honey is another favorite I’ve been loving lately. It’s a wonderfully light, sweet bakery scent. Heaven.

Love, love, love these shoes from Maurices! So summery and fun.

Photo via Kevin. Used with permission. Credit required per photographer’s demands.

Have a great week!

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35 Responses
  1. Melissa

    Two things.

    1) I bought those Maurice’s shoes tonight. I love them!

    2) This is so weird and random and I’m sure you get this a lot, maybe from people you actually know??? But I “won” something called an “Adorable Blog Award” and part of winning it is nominating other adorable blogs! So I nominated you! Should you choose to accept, you can read my latest post about it “Major Award” at If no, no biggie :)

  2. Meagann

    AKA Jupiter ~ Sugar is THE BEST scent, it’s my all time favorite! I have samples of Peach a la mode if you would like one! :)

  3. Jen AKA Jupiter

    Scentsy’s Sugar is the most awesome scent. ALMOST EVER. I am waiting to try June’s scent, Peach Pie a la Mode.

  4. Stephanie

    amanda – how in the world do you get such wonderfully large photos to upload? i have a blogger page and can’t figure it out. help!!

  5. Ieasha

    OMG!!!! I love your shoes!!!! They are awesome!!! I like the lipgloss from Victoria Secret’s but I didn’t know about their eyeshadows!! Will be heading there this wknd!!

  6. Melissa

    Ha! Love the picture at the end! I laughed out loud. And, now you made me wanna go shopping. I am going out to buy those sandals tonight!!! :)

  7. Brandy

    Once you start buying Scentsy and start melting it you are addicted. There is a recipe book where you mix scents together to make another one. Lucky in Love is the scent of Love Spell by Victoria Secret.

  8. tiffany

    Was in Loft recently and thought of you. Was wondering if we’d see a fashion post from you since it has been awhile. Thanks for sharing your new finds.

  9. Karen R in CT

    Just picked up Candy Baby and Cupquake today. Love the scents! Thanks for the review and suggestions – I was looking for some new scents and these definitely fit the bill :0)

  10. Bridget =)

    Thank you to the person who said the perfume was on amazon! I looked at anthro site and couldn’t find it either – VS used to make a vanilla series of perfumes that I LOVED and I’ve never found anything that comes close – here’s hoping it’s this one! THANK YOU!!!! =)

  11. Kimm W.

    I just bought the Very Sexy Things Noir Summer body mist this weekend. It is perfect and grapefruity. I am obsessed. (Plus, the body mist was only $10!) I am also super obsessed with VS lip glosses. I got the mocktails one this weekend as well, nude color with shimmer and tastes like a happy hour. :)

  12. Amy @DYKTMP?

    Tell Kevin the photo looks great hehe and so do the shoes. Though he can’t “demand” credit for that hehe

  13. Lori @ The Chicken's Kitchen

    Kevin is so funny. :) I love the Beauty Rush products. I currently have Juiced Berry and Green Apple, but you can bet I will soon be adding Cupquake to my collection!

  14. creole wisdom

    I like how Kevin insisted on being credited :)

    Those sprays sound delicious, but how do you get them to last all day? The ones I have that are similar from B&BW don’t last past lunch time on me.

    I know what you mean about lipstick… I want to love it, but I think only people with stark contrast in their coloring can pull it off well (think Nie Nie, the dark hair and light eyes/skin)

    Gloss is a good way to go!

  15. Averie (LoveVeggiesandYoga)

    I love shopping finds and girilie things posts like this. LOVE.IT.

    I have that V.S. body spray in cotton candy, and have been into it for the past couple years. It’s super light though, yes.

    The vanilla from Anthro..i will be RACING to pick that up. Love vanilla, love anthro. Match made in heaven!

  16. Allison F

    Ok so this post is great and I love the lip gloss too! But honestly the best part of this post is the photographer credit! Total crack up! Made me laugh hard!

  17. Alisha

    Are those little goose-bumpies that I see on your bare legs?? Haha! I love the contrast with the summery shoes. Perfect.

    And YAY for new scents from VS. Perfection!

    1. Amanda

      lol, YES!! :) It was 80 degrees when I bought the sandals… it was 50 degrees when I took the photo!! I’m very displeased with this weather shift :P

      I edited in Photoshop to get rid of the goosebumps, but then my legs look really airbrushed and I didn’t want ya’ll to think I airbrushed my legs, lol! So here they are, goosebumps and all! *blush*

  18. Jennifer

    Love when you do these posts! I’m always so interested to find out all the new sweet scents you’ve found and cute accessories too.
    I love VS’s lipgloss too!

  19. Maggy@ThreeManyCooks

    You are so lucky! I wish I got all that stuff. LOVE the shoes! CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU SOOOOON! xoxo

  20. jenna

    i love that perfume! its amazing! I haven’t been to VS in a very long time…looks like it’s time I give them a visit! :)

  21. The Mrs @ Success Along the Weigh

    What fun products and I’m so surprised most of them smell like bakery goods! ;-)

    I love the Fleurs Blanches scent perfume from Anthropologie but here’s a little tip. If you want to pay 1/3 of the price when you run out, I got mine for $19 plus shipping at Beauty (

  22. Sandy

    Does anyone know where to get the Vanille perfume? Couldn’t find it on the Anthropologie site or anywhere else on line. Is is discontinued? I sure hope not.

    1. Kristin

      I bought it on the company’s website a long long time ago, but you can get it on Amazon. The company is L’Aromarine. It smells delicious, but is super sweet!

    2. Amanda

      I saw it there in person just this weekend, thinking about stocking up, I love it so much! :)

  23. Susan Kay

    Sounds like a heavenly weekend of shopping to me – but I love the photographer’s demanding credit the best. LOL Go Kevin!!

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