Very Jane and Three $100 Amazon Gift Cards Giveaway (Winners Announced!)

Time’s up!

The winners of the $100 Amazon Gift Cards are:

#208 Jamee
#604 Michelle
#1207 Robyn

Congrats girls! I’ve sent y’all an email.

Here’s a fun weekend giveaway courtesy of Very Jane. is a new “deal a day” site (like featuring Etsy-style handmade and boutique items at up to 80% off.

You can sign up to receive daily deals from Very Jane and also join Very Jane on Facebook.


The Giveaway

To help spread the word, the kind folks at Very Jane are offering three (3) Kevin and Amanda readers a $100 Amazon Gift Card.


How to Enter

To enter the giveaway, simply leave a comment in the comments section of this post. Have you ever bought anything from a “deal a day” site? What’d you get? Did it turn out to be a good deal?

Contest ends Saturday night at 8pm CST. One entry per person please. Three (3) winners will be randomly chosen and notified by email.

Have a great weekend!


1,603 Responses
  1. Mariah

    I have ordered these cute little flowers on bobby pins from VeryJane and wood and metal sheets from another deal a day site. The deals are great, but the shipping seems to only work out if you order a lot.

  2. Gina

    I have bought from Groupon. I used one for The Body Shop and got some extra’s thrown in when I used it in the store.

  3. Linda Goodell

    I just purchased these cute little filigree ball earrings…..they’re sooo cute and super-lightweight… tem in white so they’d go with anything! They are fun yet feminine…..might be my new go-to earrings! Very Jane….I love you!

  4. Lori Kleppin

    I have become addicted to the Very Jane offers! I ordered the first three offers without batting an eye!

    Gimme more!

  5. Wendy

    I love Very Jane! I already subscribe and like them and have purchased! I bought the Dahlia bobby pins (they are smaller versions of the ring pictured) It was a great deal – 3 pins for free, just pay shipping! In fact I’m wearing 2 of them right now!

    I have also bought a few from Living Social, but I haven’t redeemed them yet. If I remember to redeem them, they will be great deals – if I forget, not so much ;)

    Thanks for the chance at an Amazon gift card!

  6. Julie

    I LOVE daily deal sites! Groupon, Living Social, RueLaLa, Zuelily, Baby Steals, Hopscout, Common Sense with Money, and so on. I’ve purchased restaurant deals to some local B’ham places we frequent, exercise classes, and more. Had not heard of Very Jane so I am excited to check them out daily! Thank you!

  7. Candace

    I love this! Thank you for sharing about it, Amanda! I’ve bought scrapbooking supplies from deal-a-day site, but I’m so excited to see this new site! :)

  8. Michelle Phillips

    I have tried Groupon and Living Social deals. They have all been great buys and I have had no problems with any part of buying or receiving. I am going to check into Very Jane, thanks!

  9. Carol

    I just started getting Very Jane in my emails … they have cute stuff! I haven’t purchased anything from a deal a day sight yet. I’m certain Very Jane will be the first one!

    Andanbre at gmail dot com

  10. Christina

    I’ve never heard of this deal a day thing! what am i missing?? those rings are adorable though!

  11. Keara Miller

    So far I only subscribe to Living Social daily deals, but I’m going to have to check this out too. I love the major discounts on services I already use and being able to splurge on ones that I don’t usually get at half price.

  12. Carrie S.

    I subscribe to several deal-a-day websites. I’ve made several purchases- jewelry, subscriptions, kids things. Looking forward to checking out Very Jane, too! Love Etsy finds!

  13. Lisa

    I once bought a lightweight down Mountain Hardwear jacket from Steep and Cheap for $85. Love it, was great for those freezing cold Michigan winters!

  14. Mari Hodge

    Yes, I have. I have ordered 16×24 Canvases off of a “deal of the day” site and what a great deal those were! They practically gave them away! :)

  15. Hayley Jane

    Yes! I buy clothes all the time! My favorite pair of Joe’s Jeans are from deal-a-day site. (:

  16. TraceAnn Green

    Love deal sites. Buy from Groupon all the time. Love the VeryJane concept of boutique sites. Thanks for the contest

  17. Rebecca Ackermann

    Thanks for the opportunity! I have not used deal of the day, but I am going to check it out.

  18. Penny

    I am hoping this is for this coming Saturday, not the one just past :)
    I have not bought anything from a deal a day site….but I do check them out :)

  19. Liz Severe

    I haven’t ever purchase from a deal-a-day site, but Very Jane seems exciting! Thanks for a chance to win! :D

  20. tricia

    I’m addicted to groupon and I’ve bought one from plum district before as well. I love deal of the day sights! Sign me up.

  21. Marrisha

    I’ve never bought anything from a site like this, but with Very Jane, I could see myself going overboard!

  22. Kris Ramos

    I am always so practical, I usually only buy deals that are things I am 100% sure I will use.

  23. Vicki

    LOve deal a day websites- I had no idea they existed for homemade original stuff!! How cool!!! Thanks for the chance to win :)

    PS- I LOVE your fonts!

  24. Amy @ A Little Nosh

    We bought my MIL a fly fishing trip. She hasn’t gone yet but she was REALLY excited about it.

  25. JoAnna Grimsley

    Very cute items on Very Jane. I have never bought anything from a deal a day site. Thanks for the opportunity to win Jo4Him

  26. Jenni Roseland

    I have made several purchases already from Very Jane and I love them!

    Thanks for the chance to win!!!!

  27. Chelsey B.

    I never have bought anything from deal of the day but it sounds like a fun thing. Very Jane has SO many cute things. I am excited to enter to win something from them!!!

  28. Cissy

    I on the email list of a couple of sites but haven’t purchased anything as of yet. I have shared the emails with friends who have made purchases. :)

  29. Melissa

    I haven’t bit the bullet yet on any of those deal sites, but Very Jane just may change my mind!

  30. Alicia A

    I buy from Groupon all the time. Also have purchased a few things from Crop Chocolate, GroopDeals, One Kings Lane, Rue La La, Ideeli, etc.

  31. Becky

    Yes I LOVE deal sites. I have ordered tons from Zulily and loved it all…I just don’t like how it takes three weeks to ship stuff out because you have to wait until the sale is completely over. I order lots of clothing for my son.

  32. Heather

    I bought a deal from deal a day website for a one hour boat cruise – and it was AWFUL! The boat was totally trashy and not at all what I expected. oh well, you live and learn!

  33. Lindy

    My mom bought me a magazine subscription for my birthday and I just bought a coupon for half off salon services the other day. I’m going to use it to get my hair colored and highlighted for my wedding next month! Awesome deals!

  34. Jamie Andersen

    Love buying stuff from deal a day sites. Even bought some vynil from Very Jane! Gotta love great deals!

  35. Jess

    I bought a picture book coupon once. It’s a good deal but it still takes a lot of time!!
    Thanks for the great giveaway – I love their stuff!

  36. Candace

    I have bought several things from Groupon. I love daily deal sites. I’ve never heard of Very Jane either. Must check this out! Thanks Amanda!

  37. Jodi

    I got a great deal at a local day spa not long ago from Groupon, and I just got tickets for rides on the boardwalk for this coming summer for half price. Perfect for taking my nieces and nephews down the shore! :)

  38. Conna

    Never bought something from “deal a day” … probably never been on the right moment …. hehehe !!

    Lets check what Very Jane has to offer !!!!


  39. Rachel

    Lots of cute stuff! I check out several “daily deal” type websites. The only ones I’ve bought from are RueLaLa, Groupon & Living Social…..but they have all been good experiences!

  40. Gretchen Schaumann

    What a generous giveaway. I just now heard about this site, so no, I’ve never had/taken the opportunity yet to purchase.
    Thanks for the chance to win one of the Amazon gift certs. So much a girl could buy with one of these. :)

  41. Stefani

    I love and I’ve bought way too many things from those deals arriving in my email each morning!

    Can’t wait to check out Very Jane :) — please pick me!

    Thanks for the chance at winning!

  42. Kathleen B

    I havent bought anything from a “deal of the day” website before, but that’s because there wasnt anything like “Very Jane” yet! I love the concept, and cant wait to search their deals each day :)

  43. Vinnie Beannie

    I think I’m wayy too late :(
    But anyway, I bought a voucher for my local scrapbooking store which was equivalent to 35% discount and the deal came with a free class voucher! Very happy with the deal :)

  44. Trisha

    I have bought water park passes. I love deal sites! The deals come to your inbox and you don’t have to go searching for them.

  45. kate

    I bought Minnesota Twins tickets , tat turned to be fake, even after calling their customer service verification line….

  46. Amanda

    I have bought many restaurant “deal a day” coupons and love them! I also lucked out one time and bought a “deal a day” coupon for 2 movie tickets and ended up getting them for free since it weas my first purchase with that site!

  47. Elaine

    I have not heard of deal a day but I will definitely look! I love homemade, handcrafted items! Thanks for the link!

  48. Jcho

    I haven’t yet, but this seems a great idea. I can always use discounts on beautiful things~! Thank you!

  49. Stella

    I’ve purchased a few things from Baby Half Off and have been happy with those purchases. Can’t wait to check this one out too.

  50. Lisa

    I have and I thought it was a great deal! I ended up paying $10 for a $20 gift card to my favorite little neighborhood bakery that sells the most delicious cupcakes! Can’t beat that :) This is my first time entering a giveaway…thank you!

  51. Jane R.

    I’ve just started using Very Jane and LivingSocial – love them both – and keep wanting to buy something …. very very soon, I will!

  52. Lindi Bettencourt-Chase

    No, I haven’t, but I wish that Groupon had deals for my area and I totally would! :-D

  53. Amelia

    I have purchased a couple things from nomorerack…a great deal a day site! 8 new deals a day. I got a paula deen dish, make up, clothes, high heels (my favorite!) and a couple other things. I’ll have to check out this site! Thanks! :)

  54. Sara Seipert

    I use Groupon and HomeRun a lot. Mostly to by “things to do” packages. What a great giveaway this is!

  55. Carlee

    I’ve had great success with Groupon and Living Social. I get their deals all the time and LOVE saving money!!

  56. Jen

    I have purchased a necklace pendant and the experience was pretty great!

    Thanks for the incredible giveaway!

  57. Katie Swiney

    Hi Amanda! Our local deal a day site in Northwest Arkansas is called
    We have purchased several restuarant gift card vouchers half off through it, as well as salon services way cheap. I’ve gotten cheaper haircuts, manicures, pedicures, and airbrush tans through it for over 60% off… it is awesome!
    I just looked at the veryjane site– adorable! I just added it to my favorites… thanks for the info!! :)

  58. elizabeth

    I bought babylegs and sleep sacks from babysteals. It was a good deal and the service was impeccable. We’ll see how much use I get out of them when the baby gets here!

  59. Deb

    I have a fair amount of success with various deal sites – went to dinner with my husband saturday night – fantastic restaurant, 5 courses… it was bought through a deal online and we paid $79 vs. $165 in restaurant with no deal!

    also got in on an early very jane deal for cute bobby pins! i think they are a great site!

  60. Haunani Thunell

    No, I’ve NEVER bought anything from Deal a Day, but if they have super cute rings like those ones up there, I might have to start! LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!

  61. Mindy

    I love woot! My other favorite is I totally signed up for Very Jane, how exciting!

  62. Becky Burk

    Amanda, I have bought stuff from Guilt Group, Eziba, and Zulilly. Not sure if any of the those are “deal a day” sites but I love the discounts!

  63. Carlie

    I buy from “deal of the day” sites all the time and a lot of the deals are fabulous! I espeically love Mamapedia & Babysteals/Kidsteals/

  64. Leah Hall

    I think this is an awesome giveaway. I just ordered 3 vinel sheets from pick your plum! Love them just got them in and havn’t found perfect project for them yet. :)

  65. Tanya

    I use Groupon and Living Social. This weekend I will be using a deal to have a massage and facial. Happy Birthday to me!

  66. Kelly

    Very Jane seems like a great site! I’ve looked at it, but haven’t bought anything yet. They’ve had some free things, which is great!

  67. Karlea

    Those rings on your page are darling! I have bought several things on woot and kids woot. I bought some Hexbugs for my boys at Christmas for a great deal. They came and the packaging to the product was in perfect condition. Love those kinds of sites and excited to add this one!

  68. Dana Thompson

    I frequently purchase the daily deals from My father-in-law is also slightly obsessed with (and we benefit from this addiction every Christmas!).

  69. Elizabeth

    Deal a Day is new to me, but I’m on half a dozen other sites and would be very happy to sign up for another one. Thank you!!

  70. Tara

    I can’t say that I have ever bought anything from a daily deals website….but I have been tempted a time or twenty! Sounds like fun!

  71. Vicki (piggledy)

    Yes, I’ve bought a couple of tech items from Woot – sd cards, earbuds and the like. If you buy items you know the price of, you can do well. I go to Amazon and check to see if the price is good, and what reviews I am able to find on the item. I don’t do this often, because we don’t have a lot of disposable income, and it can be a great way to fritter away your dollars!

  72. Mell

    I’ve never bought from one of these sites. I guess I have always thought they were a gimick but, I will be checking into more of them now.

  73. Sheila MacLeod

    I’ve never ordered anything from one of these sites but I’m very excited to go check this one out right after I post this….thanks for letting me know and for the give-away too!!! Love your site Amanda~
    Hugs, Sheila

  74. Deena

    I think this is a terrific way to shop and try new things at places you might not ever try otherwise! I also like that when traveling you can refine your area to include your destination. Good for the consumer and for the business, and economy. I am looking for the deal for me so will check back in later. Thanks.

  75. Amrita

    My fiancé checks out deals sites like,, ALL the time! He has bought stuff before and got great deals. I’m excited to see one that’s just for me. :) I will definitely be checking it out. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  76. Jen

    My boyfriend bought me a “surprise” from a deal a day website. It turned out to be skydiving! I am not sure I’m quite the skydiving type, so I’ve been putting it off for a while. When it comes to skydiving, is it a good thing to get it at a discount? :)

  77. Rachel

    I love those websites; I buy from them all the time. My most recent purchase was for a photography class!

  78. JustTori

    I’m always looking for the best deal possible. I have purchased a couple groupons for golf & a restaurant, which were awesome deals. Thank you for sharing the new website, Very Jane; I’ll be keeping my eyes open for my next find.

  79. Esther

    We use Groupon all the time…had no idea about VeryJane but will definitely keep an eye on it from now on!

    Thanks for a great web resource!

  80. KatieLovesWags

    Oh bummer, I think I’m too late which is such a shame as my amazon cart is very full!

  81. Julie

    I haven’t heard of Very Jane, but this could be a lot of fun. Thanks for the chance to win; that always gets the kid inside me excited.

  82. Jamie S

    I have used a few of the Deal of the Day sites. I just signed up for this one. Looks like some cute stuff. I have bought several items from They have all been okay so far, just takes a while for them to arrive. I’m excited for this one!!

  83. Barb

    I have bought things off of Groupon, Living Social, and and have had great success with them!

  84. Candy

    Never heard of it….but I’m on my way to check it out.

    Thanks for the chance to win this awesome give-away!

  85. Jane Crawford

    I really love the name!!! I have looked at a lot of those sites, but have not purchased anything as of yet. I signed up for a bunch of free stuff on one of them but never got any of it. Oh well, it’s fun anyway.

  86. Clair Jordan

    I’ve bought things from Groupon and Living Social and Gaggle of Chicks. I haven’t had a bad experience yet! I love getting a great deal. I think the trick is to make sure you don’t just buy anything cause it seems like its a great deal but to wait until there is a great deal on something you are actually looking for or you want.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  87. Caroline

    I would love some Etsy deals! I do Groupon & Living Social when I see a steal, but I’m always on the hunt for a bargain.

  88. Morgan Johnson

    I have never bought from a deal a day website! But….I’m not opposed to it! (especially if I saw something as adorable as those flower rings in this post!)

  89. Emma

    I haven’t ordered anything, but I do look at most days and am waiting for some extra special yarn deal to come up that I won’t be able to resist!

  90. Dagmar

    It’s the first time I visit Very Jane, but I honestly can say that the deals seem GREAT! …and the items are beautiful! I will become a customer very, very soon! :)

  91. Katie Niemiec

    I have heard of Groupon and Woot, but I have never used any. Very Jane looks great! Good giveaway idea! :)

  92. Karey

    I subscribe to several deal of the day type sites including Very Jane. Yes I have purchased scrapbook items from them. On one occasion it was stated 12 sheets of double sided paper. It was not. It was single sided and they didn’t respond to my question.

  93. jodi

    love the deal sites – groupon and living social and mamapedia are faves! adore the bostons’ pics – we are boston terrier people, too!

  94. Stacey

    I purchased a hand-stamped silver necklace with my kids’ names on it. I had been wanting on for a while and with the deal I got, it was meant to be! I am definitely going to check out this new one!

  95. Darrah

    I can’t wait to check out Very Jane! I love to look around on deal a day sites! I have only every bought things at Christmas time when Amazon has their deals that only last a couple hours.

  96. Liz Ruby

    I bought a Welcome doormat from Zulilly recently. It was 16+5 shipping and I love it! Definitely worth the money!!!

  97. stephanie hill

    i bought my m-i-l a gift certificate for a mani-pedi. really wish i could have afforded one for me too because it was at my favorite salon. maybe next time!

  98. Thao

    I have bought lots of items and love that I can get a deal for food and entertainment. Will most likely use Very Jane too.

  99. Holly

    I’ve purchased a few things from deal-a-day websites. I’ve gotten coupons for restaurants through Groupon, The Blind Squirrel, Crowd Cut, and Living Social. We’ve been pleased!

  100. Meghan

    I’ve purchased all kinds of things & g/c’s for buying sites like that. All good bargains if you ask me!

  101. Alberta

    The best deal I ever got from a deal site was $20 for $100 worth of furntiture. My hubby finally got the ottoman he always wanted. Very Jane looks like a cool site and I can’t wait to the deals offered.

  102. Anne

    Yes, I have. I usually buy restaurant deals because they are interesting little places and it’s fun to try new things on the cheap!!

  103. Jane

    Love the name! :) I just checked out the website and I bookmarked it. The products are so cute.

  104. Jen Wright

    My favorite deal is my Cuisinart Griddle I got from woot for about $40. I love it–we even took it on vacation!

    I would sure love to win and put the money toward my son’s next carseat!

  105. Cretia

    Yes, I have gotten some really good deals on magazine subcriptions from Tanga. I haven’t bought anything through Groupon yet, although they have some good deals at times.

  106. Sarah

    Baby steals and Scrapbook steals are my favorite. I’ve gotten many things off of those sites, my favorites are the scrapbook kits (usually around 70 percent off) and a designer baby bag for 65 percent off!

  107. Melanie

    Just a couple of weeks ago I started getting sucked into Very Jane….the same way I have gotten sucked into all the other daily deal sites! I’m a sucker for a bargain!!!

  108. Ieasha

    Yes, I recently bought cooking classes at 52% off at Living Social, and pretty cool shirts from Woot! I am new to “deal of the day” sites, but I really am liking the concept. I subscribe to Living Social, Groupon and Woot! and enjoy scanning through their daily deals for anything I am interested in. With gas prices back to about 4 bucks, it’s great to get discounts on things my family I really enjoy. It’s also great just getting a deal on any purchase!!!!

  109. Kristina L

    Excited to check out Very Jane!

    I’ve purchased an amazon gift certificate from groupon and was thrilled with the amazing deal.

  110. Laura T.

    I have taken advantage of deal of the day sites on two occasions. Both were for scrapbooking products … one was for a storage carousel, and the other was for scrapbook albums. Can’t beat deals of the day.

  111. Roxined

    I have actally never gotten anything from a deal of the day site. I have looked quite often on a couple of sites but never purchased anything. I had never heard of the sites you mentioned so I look forward to checking those out and hopefully find some things I can’t live without!

  112. Roxined

    I have actally never gotten anything from a l of the day site. I have looked quite often on a couple of sites but never purchased anything. I had never heard of the sites you mentioned so I look forward to checking those out and hopefully find some things I can’t live without!

  113. Tami wallace

    You bet I have! My latest was a beautiful necklace from
    I shop amazon all the time! Kevin &Amanda, I love your blog-so many great ideas!
    I live the bench and shelf. Going on Amazon to order both! Thanks 

  114. Lisha Edwards

    I have purchased a few things from Living Social….but haven’t used them yet. I seem to be a sucker for a deal-a-day! lol….. This is a great giveaway, Amanda! I will check out this Very Jane site! Thanks!

  115. Amanda M

    I have never used a deal a day to purchase anything. Not to say I would never though, just never found the right deal! Thanks for the giveaway!

  116. Teresa

    I have never purchased from one of these sites…..BUT, I love these little rings! I am going to go take a look and hope to get great deals!

  117. Yvette F.

    I just discovered VeryJane today from FB and Eclectic WhatNot today. They have special deal for their very adorable camera strap covers. I’m considering one today!

  118. Diana L.

    I recently purchased a 2yr sub. to Family Fun magazine for $10 from Mamapedia. Sweet Deal it was!

  119. Rebecca

    I’m not sure if I’m in time with this entry due to time differences, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

    I bought one of those fish pedicures from Groupon… I haven’t used it yet, but very much looking forward to it :)

  120. Mallory Gore

    I have never purchased anything from the site because I’ve never really looked much, but this post sure has caught my attention. Thanks!!!!

  121. Caitlin

    I haven’t gone to a deal-a-day site (probably because I live under a rock), but I’ll definitely check out Very Jane!

  122. Jenn K.

    I’ve bought deals for local restaurants a few times. I like to use them to have double date nights with my best friend and our guys.

  123. Janie Hyde

    I have bought massages at a big discount on the deal a day sites, we’ve done restaurants, oil changes and a fun center pass. All of them were great deals, we saved and got to try some new things!

  124. Laken Lunt

    I just heard about the “deal a day” sites on the news today. They seem like they would be a good idea, but I can’t say I have tried one. I would love to be entered. P.S. Love your blog!

  125. stephanie j

    I’ve never gotten anything from a daily deal site, but a gift card would be a great start :)

  126. Alex@MakesFunofStuff

    Is groupon like a deal-a-day site? Because I got a photography package from them that was definitely a good value.

  127. Kerry

    Well, I’ve come CLOSE to purchasing a deal-a-day, but I chickened out at the last moment. However, after reading all these comments, I am going to give it a try!!

  128. Eva

    I purchase deal-a-day coupons regularly, and it’s worked pretty well for the most part. One thing to note is that I wish there were better instructions on how to use the coupons. For instance, when I bought a $70 voucher (half of the original price!) for a set meal at a restaurant, I didn’t know that the voucher did not cover the whole cost of the meal (despite it being a set meal). Instead, it acted as a coupon where I received $70 off of the meal, and I had to pay the remaining cost. Of course, I didn’t realize there would be a “remaining cost” to take care of, as I thought that the $70 embodied the entire meal.

  129. Laurel A

    I love deal-a-day: Groupon, LivingSocial, UrbanDealight, zuillily, and so on. Some awesome deals on resturaunts especially.

  130. Dana Jack

    I love deal-a-day sites. I have gotten picture canvas, jewelry, kids activity passes. You can’t beat the great deals! Can’t wait to check out Very Jane!!!

  131. Julia

    Never won anything yet, but I was really hoping for this to fund my KitchenAid stand mixer. I’ve been dreaming of one of those for YEARS

  132. Sam A

    I love “deal a day” websites! I have purchased bowling packages, stand up comedy tickets, shopping trips, live entertainment tickets, restaurant items, etc. It has always been a good deal!

  133. Courtney Noel

    I’ve always window shopped the deal of the day sites but I’ve never made the purchase! This new site looks fabulous – I’m not sure I’ll be able to maintain my will power much longer :)

  134. Sharyn R

    Have not heard from Very Jane and have not gone to the deal website since I just spung upon it recently. I promise to check back more often though!!
    Thanks for the opportunity to be entered!!

  135. 52scrap

    I have never bought anything, but just recently added Very Jane to my Reader. Always watching for something neat to pop up that I can’t live without!!! :)

  136. Marti

    I’m just getting into the “deal-a-day” fun. I’ve purchased Iowa Energy basketball tickets and a lovely deal from a local florist. Very satisfied so far. I would love to win an Amazon gift card as I have a new Kindle and a long wish list! Thanks for the opportunity to win. I so enjoy your blog.

  137. NikkiB

    I haven’t bought from a daily deal site, but just started following a few to see if something came along that interested me! Will definitely look at Very Jane!

  138. Lidy Caldera

    I bought some Long Beach Harbor cruise tickets and then forgot about them until the day after they expired…boo.

    Great giveaway…thanks for the opportunity. :)

  139. Alicia

    I’ve never bought anything from a “deal a day” website. I actually think that I would love to be more up-to-date on daily good deals, but I’m a little scared to step into that world since I think it would just mean that I spend even more money!

  140. Amy Sullins

    I haven’t bought anything yet but it’s coming! I’m just waiting for the right purchase! If I win this, it will be the perfect timing! :O)

  141. Amanda Brandeburg

    I have used woot before for gifts and no complaints from the people that received gifts… I might look at new ones that people have suggested in the comments among with very jane :-)

  142. Katie

    I actually have never bought anything from a site like this but I would really like to try it!

  143. Kristen

    Ohhhh, would love to be entered too! Going to check out Very Jane right now! Thanks for all the great recipes, Amanda – been using them like crazy around my house and it’s gotten me out of a big rut! :) :)

  144. Meghan

    I just signed up for Very Jane! I use Moolala and LivingSocial to find daily deals. My favorite has been a 1 hour massage and facial that I got for only $35!

  145. Doris C

    I’ve never heard of “deal of the day” until now but I will be checking out the sites you mentioned. Thanks.

  146. Ash S.

    I have a few times and plan on continuing to do so! I purchased certificates for organic grocery delivery, local art museum passes, and more. Always excited for more sites like these!

  147. Chelsi H

    I have used both Groupon and Groopdealz- and loved it both times! The groupon was for $30 worth of knotting supplies from my favorite yarn company for only $15, and the Groopdealz was for some chalkboard vinyl that I keep meaning to use, haha! They were both super simple and very worthwhile purchases!

  148. Jane

    We’ve bought 2 iPod chargers, ear buds and wireless headphones and my husbands favorite…swiss gear advance PowerPoint slides with. We used sale a day.

  149. PatriciaD

    No, I’ve not actually used a deal a day coupon yet but have considered it. Will check this out for sure.

  150. Teresa

    Very Jane looks sooo cool, love alot of stuff i see!! I hadnt ever heard of this website before but i am glad you mentioned it now :) Would love to have some of her stuff, so pretty and cool :)

  151. Molly

    I’ve used groupon, but that’s about it. I think its a great way to get great stuff, if you can find something that you really need/or want! :)

  152. Elysia

    I have never. It, honestly, makes me nervous :/ But if you trust this then . . . well, maybe it may be worth a try. Thanks!

  153. Ann Callarman

    I love daily deal sites. It feels like xmas morning everyday! I find some really great kiddo deals and stuff for moms too.

  154. Lisa @ Happy Pacas

    I belong to a local deal-a-day site, but have been too busy with the end of the school year to really pay attention to the deals (I’m an elementary-school teacher). Now that “summer” is here, I’m ready to shop, and my favorite things are locally made and/or handmade, so the Very Jane daily deals sound like a dream come true!

  155. stacy o

    bought a spa service from living social. the salon closed it’s doors before the expiration date and before i had a chance to redeem it. living social refunded my money back (-_-)

  156. Amanda Jones

    This is a GREAT giveaway! I love Groupon but I love the idea of Etsy style deals! I’m signing up right now!

  157. Melinda Spille

    I have bought lots of stuff on “Deal of the Day” websites. Just yesterday, my hubby and I both bought a coupon book on Living Social for the city that we live in. I am excited to scroll through all the comments here and try and find some other deal of the day websites and I’m excited to check out Very Jane too!

  158. Michelle @ A Voracious Appetite

    I bought a month-long gym membership through LivingSocial. It was a great deal!!

  159. Laura

    The only thing I have ever bought from a deal of the day site. was a coupon for 3 Red Box rentals for the price of one! I think it was worth it ;)

  160. Brianne R

    I haven’t yet, but sometime I will! They are really fun, and this one looks extra good!

  161. Leslie

    I have purchased deals online before but I make sure I don’t impulse buy. Self control is key!

  162. Bonnie

    Yes! I have bought off of Groupon and GoDealGo and a couple others. I just found out about Very Jane a week ago…I’m excited.

  163. Mary Miller

    I have never heard of a “deal of the day” website as I am now very interested! I will say that I am an Etsy addict! <3

  164. michellelove

    We bought a stroller off of MamaBargains, and while we did get a “good” deal, we still spent way more than we should have. Oh, well!

  165. Andrea Thompson

    I actually have used Very Jane. I bought labels for my pantry, the number labels, & several of their free printable. Thanks for the chance to win!

    Thompson1975 at sbcglobal dot net

  166. Danielle Wright

    I’m not sure if this counts as what you’re talking about, but I was looking through In Style magazine and found a reader’s choice 20% off deal for a Remington curling wand. I’ve been wanting one of these for a while so I took advantage of their offer. I absolutely love it! It’s a pretty pale pink color and works like a charm. I also just bought 6 of the rosette bracelets they had on the Very Jane site. They were so cute I couldn’t resist!

  167. Aman

    I love deal of the day sites and buy from them all the time. Thanks for the great giveaway!

    amanbains1 at gmail dot com

  168. Brittney Leavitt

    Never heard of this site but I’m excited to see the deals. I LOVE that kind of boutique stuff.

    We love to buy Groupons. My favorite was a Smashburger deal where we got to eat for 50% off basically. LOVE Smashburger.

  169. Megan B.

    I frequently buy from Groupon and Living Social. Not just for myself but as gifts as well. I always be sure to check the expiration date before I purchase and then save the deals for Birthdays or Holidays. It has been great!

  170. Lynne

    I have never bought anything (yet!) from a deal-a-day site, but will be checking it out verrrrry soon!!!!! :)

  171. Kelly

    Ideeli is my go-to deal day site. I don’t know if it’s exactly like a deal day- but I’ve gotten some super cute designer dresses and birthday presents for friends from it! Great deals, and great clothes. I’ve never hear of Very Jane before, but it looks like they have some great buys too!

  172. Kim

    Just used a Groupon to a sushi restaurant last night! I love deal-of-the-day sites and have scored some great deals on really unique items!

  173. Debbie

    Very Jane is new to me but I have seen some of the other sites and been quite tempted but no purchases so far. This might be the one for me!!

  174. Kim K

    I have purchased a few things..most recently a print that had the letter “k” all over it and I framed it and put it on my wall of all “K’s”!!

  175. Tara

    I’ve bought many things from “deal of the day” sites. Restaurant coupons, activity coupons, chalkboard stickers, etc. I love those sites!

  176. AKM

    I have gotten great deals from Groupon: especially thrilled with my SmashBurger deals! Love the concept, and have gotten lots of good deals.

  177. Kakie

    I’m always buying deals from LivingSocial and Groupon. Great way to try out new restaurants or get a discount at old favorites. Will definitely add VeryJane to the list of daily deals to check out.

  178. Betsy

    I’ve purchased a couple of things on sites like this. Sometimes, you get what you pay for and other times you get an awesome deal. Either way, I always have to look.

  179. Melody

    I’m so excited to learn about Very Jane!! I get daily emails from groupon and living social, but this sounds like I might get a lot more offers that I’m actually ready to “bite” on! Thanks for the info!! xo-Melody

  180. Alvina

    Yes! I’ve used Groupon and Living Social. Most for restaurants or for adventures that we’ve wanted to do but didn’t want to pay full price for.

  181. Malorie Edger

    I’ve heard everyone raving about all of these different deal sites, but I have yet to use them myself! Apparently I’m missing out!! Time to do some research!

  182. Emma

    I’m new with that and have not purchased from the site. I would love to have the chance to do so, though!!! :)

  183. brooke

    i have used groupon several times and love it! haven’t heard of very jane, but can’t wait to check it out!

  184. Marci

    I’ve purchased baby items on Baby Steals and i loved the major discount. it’s always so sad though to check in and have items sold out. what can you do though with such awesome deals.

  185. Lauren Hess

    I have ordered vinyl wall frames and personalized paintings from Zulily and love them! The frames are in each of my boys’ rooms and they look great! I also use Groupon all the time.

  186. Donna G

    No, I don’t BUY stuff on the Net – I just shop for it. We’ve had information stolen too many times in the past.

  187. Colleen Larsen

    Hi Amanda,
    I really love your site! You’re always finding fresh new things to try. I’m always sending your links to my daughters. I would love to check out Very Jane. Thank you for having such fun offers!

  188. Cheryl Babb

    I got a photobook from groupon for $10! Also, I’ve signed up for 3 local daily deal e-mails

  189. Sarah Cruze

    I haven’t gotten anything from a deal of the day site yet. I’m learning that if you don’t jump on the opportunity soon, they most likely sell out. I had my eye on the evening painting classes that were 50% off… and when I went to purchase them, they were out! ugh.

  190. Becca @ One Girl

    I have never bought anything from a deals site. But I would love to if I found something I was interested in.

  191. Rose

    I have purchased several things from Groupon, from bowling discounts, to pizza and restaurant discounts. to photography fieldtrips.

  192. Tara

    I’ve used One Sale a Day a few times… it wasn’t something I had ever heard of, and somebody sent me the link… she knew I like to buy inexpensive things to give away to the kids on my missions trips in Nicaragua, and they had 100 silly bands for free, I just had to pay shipping. It was a good deal for what I wanted, and it gave me something fun to give the kids. :)

  193. kdubmom

    Oh my goodness,I am addicted to those sites…Groupon,LivingSocial,Morgan’s Deals… I buy them all the time. We love them!

  194. Lauren

    I’m subscribed to Groupon and Living Social but haven’t seen a deal that would be really useful to me yet. Hopefully soon because I’ve heard wonderful things about them!

  195. JessicaN

    Just recently I bought a Groupon for ($5 for $50 of goods!). I just recently discovered Pick Your Plum and haven’t bought anything yet. I always seem to be too late for anything I love.

  196. Jody

    I have bought many things from a deal a day site. The nicest and best deal I have got was an amethyst necklace/earring set for $15. When I got the goods, the box had a price tag on the underneath side had $150 on it. My uncle is a jeweler, so I took it to him to have him take a look and tell me if it was a good deal and he said that I did get an awesome deal!!!! I have been burnt with the deal a day, but it’s worth a chance.

  197. Maggie

    I have purchased quite a bit of things from deal-a-day sites – the ones I buy from the most are Groupon, BabySteals, KidSteals, and ScrapbookSteals. From Groupon, I’ve bought things like Shutterfly Photo Books, Restaurant Gift Certificates, and a Photography Class. I use the other three sites regularly for baby, kid, and scrapbook items – their products and prices are AMAZING, they offer super fast shipping, and they have THE BEST customer service!!!!!

  198. Barbara

    I have never heard of it until today, but I will certainly be trying it out very soon. I love bling, so would probably be interested in their jewelry.

  199. Susan

    I have purchased some things from Living Social before, Photography classes & shopping deals! Thanks so much for the give-away!

  200. Kilee

    I have purchased Groupons before, one for Gap and one for Ebay. They were great deals and I’d do it again!

  201. Pamela

    What a generous giveaway-many thanks! I have shopped and purchased “deal of the day”. I feel they offer a great price on a product that I may have not purchased with being a TSV and they generally offer reduced s/h (which always helps). We all need to be smart shoppers and doing your homework on products, value and price helps to know a good deal.

  202. sunny

    What cute product! So cheerful!

    I frequently purchase the deal of the day from various sites but my favorite has been paying $10 to get $20 credit on Amazon. The day I bought that I was pretty giddy and had so much fun picking out something to buy on

  203. Tracy

    Cool contest! I bought a Groupon to a fancy restaurant because we already had been given some gift cards. So we went for lunch, WOW talk about dissappointed, the service was not good. I have also been featured on Groupon, I must say we did pretty well and got a lot of new customers. These deal sites are a very interesting concept that I must say. :o)

  204. Amanda H

    We do the deal sites all of the time! I think the best deal I have gotten so far was a $200 gift card to a loacal furniture store, for $40, where I snaged an AWESOME accent chair on clearence!

  205. Jenna

    I just joing very jane and bought the deal of the day the little boy ties! They are so adorable! :)

  206. Trix

    Although I am an online shopper, I have never bought anything from a deal of the day type of store. They look good and they seem to be very popular, according to our local currenta affairs programs though. However, if I was going to buy from a deal of the day site, I think it would be an impulse type of buy – probably a gadget or a little treat for me, my family and friends or even my pet dog..

  207. Kandy S

    I purchases a room air filter from Woot, deal of the day. It was a good deal at the time and I am still using it. I used to check Woot everyday but lost interest. Very Jane is more my style for gifts for the girls…………Can’t wait.

  208. Debbie Painter

    I love Deal a Day Sites!! I have bought from 3 online ones, 2 just this past week!!
    I have had excellent luck & I check Very Jane, every day!! What an Incredible giveaway!!! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  209. Kim Cortez

    I order from Groupon all the time and love their deals. I love all of these deal a day websites!!! This one looks super fun :-)

  210. Amber Celeste


    I just purchased my first very jane deal!!

    Matching gray rose wrist pretties for my daughter and I.

    Thanks YOU!

  211. rani

    Yes! From groupon~! And yes, I like it very much! I like that Very Jane is more towards the ETSY side of things!! Looking forward to all the greatness!

  212. Lorina

    i’ve bought from livingsocial and groupon. mainly restaurant deals for places that we frequent anyway.

  213. Judi Vrieling

    I have bought from deal a day – I recently purchased Readeo for myself and my 3 grandchildren, and I purchased the ProFlowers deal for my mother in law who recently had a stroke. . . love checking them out and finding deals!! Would so love to win an Amazon Gift card – – – I have a book list a mile long!

  214. Meagan

    I have, once. I bought one of those restaurant cards where you purchase for $20 but it’s worth $50. Totally worth it!!! :)

  215. Sara Strommer

    Yes, I use Groupon! During our vacation last weekend, my husband and I received an email from them for half off a really nice hotel in a city we were traveling to that day. King-size bed, ocean view, free food and champagne! So amazing!

  216. Brooke

    I’ve never bought anything from a deal of the day website. Kind of think I’m missing out. My Nan’s philosophy is if it’s more than $1 off then buy 2!

  217. Becky

    I have yet to buy anything from one of those sites or sign up for groupons and things of that nature. It seems like it’s the popular thing these days, though. I have never heard of this one, so will have to check it out.

  218. Ashlee S.

    OH my goodness I LOVE that stuff! Can’t wait to just be checkin out that site all weekend hee hee!

  219. Katie

    I have never heard of VeryJane, but I love me some deals (and I pretty much keep Amazon in business with all the books I buy!) I use a local site called SharingSpree that is pretty awesome.


  220. Juanita

    I have bought a couple of family outing type deals, they really saved us some money! Every little helps :)

  221. Nickie

    I love deal-a-day websites. I actually work for one– and have the latest and greatest baby and kid products. It’s awesome!

  222. Tara S

    My husband and I are subscribed to a bunch of different deal-a-day sites, like Groupon and LivingSocial. My husband also goes to and all the time. We’ve made a lot of purchases from these sites, ranging from tickets to a local amusement park to a laser printer! Great deals!

  223. Sara j

    I’ve never bought from a deal of the day sites. But you never know, this might be a turning point and I could be converted! I could use something exciting and good in my life right now.

  224. Jennifer P.

    I haven’t bought anything from a deal a day site…but i think I’m gonna go check this one out!!!

  225. Mindy Sue

    This is all new to me…but I’m learning things and checkin’ it out. Thanks for the tip. Can wait to find a deal. :)

  226. Danyelle

    I have purchased from Groupon 1x and was very happy with it…Apparently I need to sign up for Deal of the day too!

  227. Chelsea A.

    I buy things all the time from deal a day sites! Woot was my first discovery and it has just gotten better, especially with handmade and boutique items! I’m off to buy a woot shirt for my husband!

  228. Sarah S.

    I’ve purchased deals from Groupon, LivingSocial, and BuyWithMe. I also just discovered Yipit, which brings all of those things together in one daily email instead of 3! I looooove deal sites–especially when trying something new!

  229. Lori Garrett

    Oh, my goodness! As much time as I spend online I am embarrassed to admit that I’ve never heard of deal of the day items. I checked Very Jane’s deal today and saw the expired deal (LOVE the crocheted headbands). My granddaughter needs those! lol Thanks for sharing Very Jane with me. I always love getting email from you and your husband–so informative and exciting. I love Amazon–have gotten their deals before!! (Many)

  230. Holly

    I got a tanning package from Groupon, I don’t tan, but the spray tanning at the tanning salon is excellent! I was a bronze beauty for my cruise!

  231. jennifer

    I have used Groupon, LivingSocial, and a local one to me in Nashville – StyleBlueprint. I have gotten wonderful deals on restaurants, landscaping, and furniture.

  232. Melissa

    We love to get discounted restaurant certificates on “deal a day” sites. It’s a great way to try out new places to eat! You can’t go wrong with saving money and eating good food :)

  233. Robin Williams

    I get daily alerts from Groupon–and have heard from a co-worker that they are very good–but I have not purchased any YET!

  234. Becca

    Hi Kevin and Amanda!
    I have not purchased anything on a “deal a day” site, but if the right deal comes along, maybe soon! VeryJane looks delightful! I plan to visit them at Facebook and scope out their daily deals. As far as Amazon goes — I am a loyal fan…Visit almost daily and have packages arriving often. Thank you for the opportunity to pick up a few more items from my wish list. Daily Jane, here I come again!
    Have a Fabulous Weekend!
    Florida hugs and smiles,

  235. Jenn

    I have purchased off of Groupon several times and always been pleased. It’s fun to see what the “deal of the day” will be each morning.

  236. Jackie Randall

    I actually have bought different items from “deal a day” sites. I love the good deals you can get sometimes.

    I love the idea of a deal a day on Etsy type items!!! So cute!!! Can’t wait to friend them on FB!!!

  237. Lizbeth

    I’ve never heard of Very Jane but I am definitely interested on expanding my knowledge about their products. I would love yo be entered, thanks for this giveaway! (:

  238. Amanda C

    I bought a trip to the local zoo off of Groupon. It was a really good deal. I can’t wait to check out Very Jane! thks

  239. EBPitcher

    I recently bought a Groupon for a canvas but have yet to use it. Guess I need to get on that…

  240. Nancy

    I don’t check emails till evening so miss out on deal a day things. But my daughter often gets neat things from

  241. Rachelle

    I have never shopped from a deal of the day site, but this one looks the best of ones I have seen. I do love those camera straps they have right now…. Hmmm…

  242. marcy

    I have purchased short term gym membership and a paint your own pottery gift certificate. It was a fine experience.

  243. Hayley Locke

    I have used Groupon, and City Deals. I’ve really liked them for restaurants and spa services.

  244. Sarah Beth Padgett

    Amanda! I absolutely love your site!! It’s definitely one of my very favorites :) Thanks for sharing this with us!!!

  245. Stephanie

    I have never heard of their site before but am super excited about it! I love groupon and livingsocial – it’s great to be able to buy things at discounted prices! Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  246. Catherine

    Just recently, for the first time, I did! On Facebook I bought a deal for 8 Bikram Yoga Sessions for the price of less than 2 regularly. As a broke college student, I can only rarely afford the $16 per class price. But $29 for 8 is an amazing discount and after my first class back know that it does amay-za-zing things for me and my body.

  247. Heather S.

    I love — I bought two little wooden birds for $21 and they are just the cutest things! The best part is everything is always $5 to ship!

  248. Sher

    Sure did. We bought some stainless steel water bottles. It was a good deal. Thanks for the opportunity to win a great prize!

  249. Jaclyn

    This is awesome! I love “daily deal” sites. My best purchase yet was getting a $600 laser hair package for only $79. Planning to head over to “Very Jane” now.

  250. Robin

    I used Groupon once to buy a personal ceramic travel coffee mug and tea steeping insert. It really was a great deal! You’ve got me curious with this etsy version. I’ll definitely be checking it out. :)

  251. Mandy P

    I feel like I’ve gotten some pretty good deals using daily deal sites in the past. Can’t wait to check this one out.

  252. Teaque

    What awesome prizes! I have bought a deal of the day coupon before for rock climbing. It was a great deal and I was able to go climbing for an unlimited amount of time that month! WOHOO!

  253. Cherie

    I’ve purchased several things from various deal-of-the-day sites and have always been happy with them. Absolutely LOVE the camera strap veryjane was offering today and couldn’t resist grabbing one. Thanks for sharing a new site!

  254. Allison A.

    I have never used a deal of the day site, but one of my friends loves them. She has been trying to get me into it. I will have to ask her if she uses Very Jane!

  255. Danelle Reilly

    Just recently learned about these sites and I am waiting for that must have bargain.

  256. Chelsea

    Groupon had a great deal for facials in a city where I was meeting some girlfriends for a girls weekend. We purchased them as a way to pamper ourselves before running a marathon relay the same weekend!

  257. Jenny

    I’ve bought quite a few local “attractions” deals…discounts to the children’s museums, local book stores, etc. Always fun to have inexpensive things to do with my daughter!

  258. Gena

    Back in 2005, I purchased a small fondue set on – it’s fabulous! Since then, I’ve made several additional purchases from the site, as well as many others on Groupon and LivingSocial.

  259. Caroline

    I bought a haircut and style for $30 it was the best cut I ever had and he is now my regular stylist.

  260. Dodie Watkins

    I have not made a purchase yet, but if I win a gift card that would be possible. Thank you for entering me.

  261. Jamie

    I bought a $50 GC to a photo printing place for $15. I still haven’t used it. If I do before the deadline I THINK it will be a good deal, but I might just forget about it :(

  262. Ruth

    I have never gotten a deal of the day before, however, I spend entirely way too much time looking/buying over at ETSY. MMMMM, love that place.

  263. Faith

    I just bought some crocheted headbands from Very Jane this week. I can’t wait to receive them and would love some moo-la so I could buy more!

  264. Nancy

    I have purchased several Groupon specials and have really good experiences. Thanks for this opportunity!

  265. Jeannette P

    Yes, I purchased Zumba Game for the PS3 on an amazon box deal. It is a fun ‘game’ & worth it! thanks for the chance to win a gift card. Very Jane has some really cute items. The small boy ties today were adorable & so colorful!

  266. Aimee

    I’ve purchased 2 things from Groupon. A Shutterfly photobook and a Nothing Bundt Cakes. I was pleased with both!

  267. Evelyn

    ……dinner coupons from Groupon in my area…for restaurants we’d like to try. They are 50% and worth it. ALSO… a tip is: try signing up for Groupon in an area you don’t live in so you have a reason to visit. We like signing up for San Francisico, which is only a hour away. Great way to see what restaurants & hotels have specials!

  268. Tana D

    I’ve purchased from Those super strong magnets. They are perfect in my office and my staff routinely play with them. Love it!

  269. Ashley Parker

    Other than groupon I have never heard of other “deal a day” sites! This one looks adorable!

  270. Kara

    I love buying from “a deal a day” websites! The last thing I got was a CUTE little outfit for my daughter at a GREAT price!!

  271. KAM

    I subscribed to a a few different deal-a-day sites, but haven’t actually purchased anything from them, yet.

    I LOVE Etsy so I think I’m going to also love Very Jane!!

  272. Jennifer

    I can’t say I’ve ever used a “deal-a-day” site before. Seems like I always just barely miss out on a deal I’d love! Or I have other things to pay for first. :/

  273. Jennay

    I have purchased several things from GroopDealz and LOVE them! A camera strap for $15 from Shey B, a Dahlia flower ring from Love Stitched, and several other deals! You can’t beat them! =) Great way to get your product(s) out there for the world to see! Great giveaway, hope you have fun in Atlanta!

  274. Joelee

    I have purchased a few items from Groupon, and was extremely happy! I purchased the flowered bobby pins from Very Jane and am still waiting to receive them – I am excited to get them. Their site has the most adorable items!

  275. NicoleM

    I bought some fun things for photoshop elements- but I’ve yet to use them b/c now I need to learn how they work!

  276. Donna

    I bought a honestech VHS to DVD 5.0 Deluxe (video conversion) from Amazon. It was an impulse buy – it wasn’t something I had ever thought of buying! It was such a good deal, I couldn’t pass it by – I hope I get some use out of it. lol
    Thanks for sharing – I will check out Very Jane!

  277. Katie

    I’ve never bought anything from a dedicated deal a day site, just from Target’s deal of the day on their site. I got a special present for my son for Christmas. Now I’m interested to see what I can find on a Very Jane!

  278. christa

    I do looove daily deal sites but have not heard of very jane….will definitely take a look!

  279. Rebecca D

    I’ve bought a newspaper deal from Groupon and it was a pretty sweet deal. That is the only thing I’ve bought so far…but I’m always on the look out for more deals:)

  280. T. Johnson

    I have bought from Groupon several times ~ love it. Always a great deal!!!
    Mostly have bought restaurant coupons but have also bought a snapfish certificate.

  281. Lynda@ Me and My Pink Mixer

    No, I’ve never purchased anything from any deal of the day sites, but it sounds interesting. Cute rings :)

  282. Destiny

    Etsy is where I purchase most of our home and personal accessories, so I’m super excited about Very Jane. Thank you for introducing us!

  283. Jill

    I have gotten shoes for me and my kids from — I just wait until the exact shoes I want are the deal for the day. I’ve also purchased things for my kids from Love that site for kids’ stuff! And I do Groupon and Try It Local deals. Haven’t had a bad experience so far!

  284. Lori C.

    I’ve never done a “daily deal,” but I still LOVE the flower rings. Does that count?

    Love from Lori C.

  285. Leigh Anne

    I have never tried one of these sites, but am looking forward to it now that I know about them.

  286. Paulette Stewart

    Wow! I’ve never even heard of a deal-a-day site! You can bet I’ll be checking one out now. :) Thank you for the generous giveaway fun!

  287. amy h

    I’ve bought from Woot! (a refurbished iPod nano that I love) and Groupon (mostly restaurants).

  288. Jennifer

    I recently came across a “deal-a-day” site and have ended up loving it. I have only been signed up for a month or so and have already bought four deals…mostly spa related and one golf package for my husband. I normally do not spend much money on myself, but these deals are hard to pass up and make spending money on myself easy!

  289. wenders

    This is news to me, never heard about deal of the day, this would be so cool! I have a friend who sells her sewn projects on etsy and another friend who sells jewelry. Way cool.

  290. angela

    Yes, I have purchased items from “deal-of-the-day” sites, and loved the bargains! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  291. Jamie

    I subscribe to all of them, even Very Jane, and have bought several times. I always look forward to seeing what the deal is every morning. :)

  292. Kati

    I have bought a couple of things from deal of the day things – and have been pleased with my purchases. I also enjoy browsing through the Etsy website.

  293. Allison H.

    I have, and actually just went out to dinner tonight with one of the gift certificates we bought! ($25 bought a $50 gift certificate to a (fancier) local restaurant) It was a nice treat since it isn’t somewhere we would usually go splurge at! One thing to be careful of is when you buy these kinds of deals (at least for food and services), some places will put restrictions on when you can use the certificates (like, they won’t let you use it any day other than Mon – Thurs).

    I am excited about the Very Jane site, I already signed up for their daily emails and love today’s item!

  294. Kristie

    Very Jane is new to me thanks to your blog. Who doesn’t like to pick up a bargain! And those earrings on this post are absolutely gorgeous.

  295. Jill V

    I have bought many things from deal-of-the-day sites! One of my favorites was a family name collage from Sticks and Stones – I get compliments on it all the time, and LOVE that I got it for such a great price!

  296. SandraLovesCA

    I’ve purchased a couple of deals from Travelzoo and thought they were a super good deal. I always peruse them until something I really want comes up :D

  297. Kristine Boydstun

    I have purchased from “Living Social” deal website. I love the shops on Etsy. I am going to check out Very Jane as soon as I leave this comment. Thanks for offering the chance to win!

  298. Michelle

    I’ve never purchased on very jane but they have pretty stuff on sale. Excited to see more pretty stuff! Thanks for the giveaway!

  299. Stephanie

    I’ve used Groupon before and I just bought a few things from Pick Your Plum this week. The Groupon deal was great…can’t beat a $20 gift card to a book store for $5. Not sure about the Pick Your Plum site yet as my goodies haven’t arrived yet but I can’t wait til they get here!

  300. jennifer

    i buy a lot of deals from groupon…. gotta lazer hair removal, coffee, 50$ to gap, and many more. love daily deal sites..definitely signing up for this site to further my etsy obsession

  301. Sandra

    nope, ive never gotten anything from a deal of the day.. maybe this will be my first… cross my fingers

  302. Rachel Barnes

    Yes, I have only done it a few times and I have been pleased with them! Fandango was my favorite so far. Great giveaway!

  303. Anna Thomas

    I’ve bought an amazon gift card from groupon. I loved the deal and was able to buy some things I needed without spending too much money. I love daily deal sites!

  304. Carolyn

    I have used Peachy Cheap in the past for Scrapbooking and loved the great deals and the variety.

  305. Karla

    I’ve purchased deals from “Shopping Sally” which is a Groupon type thing for my area, and around Christmas I’m always checking out Amazon’s lightening deals!

  306. Angee

    I love “deal a day” sites. I’ve used Groupon, GroupDealz and Very Jane. In fact I got deals from Very Jane and GroupDealz today. Thanks for the giveaway.

  307. Kimberly

    I purchased a child’s haircut at a child-only shop…we’ll see. She’s not quite two and didn’t have hair come in until well after 15 mo/old. I also purchased art supplies that I’m quite excited about. I imagine they might be a safer bet than a haircut. ;)