Easy Tricks to Teach Your Pet

See this little stinker?

Easy Tricks to Teach Your Pet

This is Howie.

Easy Tricks to Teach Your Pet

Howie has a few tricks he’d like to show you.

Easy Tricks to Teach Your Pet

Play dead, Howie!

Easy Tricks to Teach Your Pet

Very convincing. Now can you beg?

Easy Tricks to Teach Your Pet

Uh-huh. Now howsa ’bout you toss some treats into my big ‘mouf?

Easy Tricks to Teach Your Pet

Let’s do a few more tricks, then I’ll give you that treat, Howser. Show me how you can shake!

Easy Tricks to Teach Your Pet

Done. How about those treats?

Easy Tricks to Teach Your Pet

I know you’re gonna give me some treats, right?

Easy Tricks to Teach Your Pet

I don’t think she’s gonna give me any treats.

Easy Tricks to Teach Your Pet

Just a few more tricks! Gimme Five!

Easy Tricks to Teach Your Pet

Good job, buddy!

Easy Tricks to Teach Your Pet

Oh yeah, I see treats in my future now, I can smell ’em!

Easy Tricks to Teach Your Pet

Mama. Come on. Give up the good stuff.

Easy Tricks to Teach Your Pet

You’re almost there! Roll over!

Easy Tricks to Teach Your Pet

Okay how ’bout now?

Okay bud! Here’s those treats!

Easy Tricks to Teach Your Pet

Now Mama this just ain’t right. What do you mean, “Leave It“? You mean I gotta sit here and look at ’em and smell ’em and I can’t eat ’em??!

Easy Tricks to Teach Your Pet

Okay Howie, you’re right. That was mean, wasn’t it?

Easy Tricks to Teach Your Pet

Take it!

Easy Tricks to Teach Your Pet


Easy Tricks to Teach Your Pet


Easy Tricks to Teach Your Pet

Take a bow, Howie!

Thanks for watching! :)

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85 Responses
  1. Krissy

    Such a cutie! I have a question, how did you teach Howie to beg? We’ve been working with Murphy (he’s an ACD), but I think he’s struggling with balancing himself. Any tips? Thanks!
    PS Great blog!

  2. Stella Markopoulou

    What΄s another comment from me? You get so many, anyways. I just want to say that I enjoy reading your posts and that they have helped me a lot. Thank you and I wish you have a good life.

  3. Ellie

    Love. I got a big kick out of the fact that you also have two different commands for which paw Howie gives you. My mom taught Zoe, our border collie, that “Shake” is her right paw, “High Five” is her left {opposite of the way Howie’s got it down}. Zoe also “Roll”s to the right, “Butter” {the complement to Roll, right? *grins*} to the left.

    I love this post. Every time there’s a doggy post, I get so excited. Thanks for sharing!


  4. Jamie

    I just love Howie’s tricks! I wish my 2 Boston’s were as well trained. Aren’t they the most entertaining dogs? We love them!!!

  5. Jackie

    Adorable, I loved this post!!

    Howie is quite obedient! My little guys can’t resist a treat that’s right in front of their faces.

  6. Jennie

    Howie is quite a guy! I love Bostons it’s thier smile that gets me everytime. My Godparents had a Boston named Butch when we were growing up.. I adored that dog he was the most clever thing! ( just like your Howie) Thanks for sharing your fur babies. I love your blog!
    Mom to 3 two boys ages 24 & 22 girl age 15.. also mom to 5 dogs, 4 cats, and 3 turtles.

  7. Diana Jackson

    That was the cutest blog!!! How well trained is he?! My Boston, Pepsi, has me trained to get her a treat every day! Great pictures, and thank you so much for sharing. This truly made my day!!

  8. Holly

    He is adorable! I love looking at all the photos of your Bostons. They are the best! Our Jake will be 13 in April. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Brandi @ His Shabby Her Chic

    Howie is seriously too cute! Other than mine, he is the cutest Boston around (and Miley of course comes in 3rd).

  10. ImAprilE

    Such a good Howie! I use the “leave it’ trick on mine too. It’s so fun to watch them patiently waiting to eat their reward! Great pics as usual!

  11. Leslie Mac

    Great pics – Do you have any tips for catching him mid trick? Our dog does some great tricks, but it’s hard to catch her doing them in a single frame.

  12. Becky H

    He is so cute. We have a female Izzy who just turned two on New Years Eve. She is awesome. May I ask what you feed your two they look great.

  13. Peabea

    That is just so precious. Loved it…you’re a doll Howie. I need to know how to teach the Leave It one. Our’s is just learning tricks and has sit and shake so far and we’re working on the rest. Great post of a story with pictures.

  14. Dalis

    He is such a gorgeous pup! btw. “Leave it” should be the one trick that every dog owner should know. It has saved my puppies from eating harmful things. I love “Leave it!”.

    — dalis

  15. Deneen Cook

    Thanks for the smile this morning. My black lab used to do all kinds of tricks now I wish I would have captured them darn it. She is almost 14 now and because of arthritis she can’t do them any more.

  16. Claudia

    OMG, you totally make me want to have another Boston Terrier!! Mine was a wreck of a separation anxiety mess and my husband is scared of getting another one, but I am definitely warming up after seeing your little angels!! I should forward my husband this post – “See honey, they make them in *non-crazy* flavors too!!” =)

  17. sreebindu

    awww..super cute :), my dogi July never listen’s to me. It only obey’s the order of its fav fruit – banana, with banana i say sit. then order obeyed! :p

  18. Linda Gilliam

    What an adorable Boston, our Mr. Higgins is
    the joy of our day!
    I could just reach out and KISS Howie’s
    “snarfy” little face!!
    Great photos Amanda!!

  19. Eleonora

    wow! I’m really impressed! :) I love his expression, it seams like he really means what you wrote! :D
    anyway, I love your picture and your blog! thanks for the great job you do here! :D

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