Tricks, Part Two

Easy Tricks to Teach Your Pet

Miley decided that after Howie shared his tricks with you last week, today she’d like to share a few of her tricks with you too. Yahoo!

Easy Tricks to Teach Your Pet

But not before giving me a disdainful look for not treating her just for being beautiful.

Easy Tricks to Teach Your Pet

Okay, here ya go Miley. Think fast!

Easy Tricks to Teach Your Pet

Now show us some tricks, girl!

Easy Tricks to Teach Your Pet

Roll over!

Easy Tricks to Teach Your Pet

Good girl. She is already on the lookout for another treat.

How about a Shake and a High Five??

Easy Tricks to Teach Your Pet

Miley politely reminds me that she is a Master Agility Champion, she can handle these simple tricks with ease.

Easy Tricks to Teach Your Pet

I could hold this pose indefinitely, Mama. Not like that chubby Howie…

Easy Tricks to Teach Your Pet

Uh oh! Don’t lose your balance, Miley!

Easy Tricks to Teach Your Pet

How about a Twirl?

Easy Tricks to Teach Your Pet

Did I see a treat??!


Easy Tricks to Teach Your Pet

Okay, one more trick girl… Speak!

Easy Tricks to Teach Your Pet


Thanks for watching! :)

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40 Responses
  1. Rose Mello

    I am baking your oreo cake as we speak for my hubby’s secretary’s birthday tomorrow….can’t wait to see how it comes out! We too have two Boston Terriers, Maxx and Mia, I enjoyed looking at your photos~

  2. Belinda Culberson

    I “lucked into” your website while looking for the website for “The Amandas” on the Style Channel and have enjoyed it. I am inspired to follow your weight loss plan. What exercise do you do, and how often, to keep in such great shape? I enjoy looking at photos and videos of your Boston terriers. We love our Boston terrier, Boston, an almost 10-year-old female.

  3. Stephany

    I love all the pics! They are too precious. BT’s are loves in our family! Our last, Brodie passed away. {B.I.G tear} We still feel lost. I smile every time you write about them. SO, SO, adorable.

  4. Christine

    I just love your blogs about your pups. My husband said that I stalk you. haha. We have two Bostons. Duncan is 9 months old and Marty is 9 weeks. Duncan knows how to sit, shake with both paws, and lay down. I’ve tried to teach him how to roll over but cant figure it out. Any training tips you could share?

  5. Melissa

    Your pups are adorable! I wish I could teach my boston how to do cute tricks like that but I’m just not very good at training him!

  6. erika

    Miley looks adorable! I have a question for you in regard to your camera and lenses that you used on your pics, I have a canon t3i and only the lens that comes with the kit but I will like to invest in one more lens can you recommend one for me it, will be mainly to photograph my girls and I have seen some pics with the blur back ground effects and I cannot due with the one I have.

  7. becky mercado

    You’ve inspired me. I’m embarassed to say my yorkie Blake doesn’t really know many tricks. His older brother Roddick ( yes they are both tennis player names) knows them all. I found it difficult to teach when there are 2 dogs…they tend to distract one another. But I am on the job. You will be seeing our post real soon (I hope) :)

  8. Jessica

    …first of all, you are like the best doggie photographer ever.

    Second, that 3rd photo down had me giggling uncontrollably! That face is just too dang funny!

  9. Amy Dawson

    Dear Lord, my co workers must think I’m an idiot ! That 3rd photo made me bust a gut laughing out loud ! HA !!!!!! Classic !!!! Thank you for your wonderful posts… my “regular” job is a 911 police dispatcher, and I always seem to break away and check out your blog often for a laugh when I need it, and today I needed it… so thank you! I love your tips too for photography/blog life… I am a self taught photographer for a few years now, and am always learning tricks/tips and I love it… so thank you for all you do :) And hey, give the pups another treat please :)

  10. jennifer Camplin

    Love… love… love… Her facial expressions!

    love it when you share videos/pictures with stories abut your dogs.

    We all love our babies!!

  11. J @ ... semplicemente j ...

    I can NEVER get shots of my Dante like this! Wonderful! Dante has only the basics and with my training skills I believe that is all he will ever do!

  12. Nicole H.

    OH. MY. GOODNESS – my heart just melted. Her facial expressions are just TO. DIE. FOR. She is just too smart. I really loved these trick posts. My BT does them too fast for me to even be able to get a picture!! I really would love to teach him the roll over but am completely lost on how to do it – I tried your video but he just wasn’t buying it!
    BTW – How many pictures did you take to get such great shots?? These pictures are seriously amazing!

  13. Digital Collage Sheets

    Awww so cute!!!
    My dog is so confused when it comes to the tricks. I speak to him in English, hubster speaks in Greek so poor dog usually decides to ignore us both :)

  14. Flora

    My dogs know all the usual obedience commands, along with how to play dead when I pretend to shoot them with an imaginary pistol, whisper, speak, how to crawl and how to shake and give high fives. I want to teach them how to twirl, too!

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