Anthropologie Milk Bottle Measuring Cups

Anthropologie Milk Bottle Measuring Cups

Last week I was shopping with a couple of girlfriends, and we came across this seriously fun kitchen find at Anthropologie.  I am in love with these adorable stackable milk-bottle-shaped measuring cups!

Anthropologie Milk Bottle Measuring Cups

How cute are these colorful cups??

Anthropologie Milk Bottle Measuring Cups

The top is a sunny yellow 1/4 cup, followed by a bright coral 1/3 cup, and baby blue 1/2 cup.

Anthropologie Milk Bottle Measuring Cups

The base is a gorgeous spring green 1 cup measuring cup. Love the lines on here to let you know exactly where to measure your ingredients!

Anthropologie Milk Bottle Measuring Cups

I am seriously tickled at how cute these are.

Anthropologie Milk Bottle Measuring Cups

Anthropologie Milk Bottle Measuring Cups

Have a fabulous Thursday, friends! xoxo

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45 Responses
  1. Safia

    I actually bought these a couple months ago and LOVE them. I got myself a set and my sister-in-law one for her housewarming. They are fantastic :)

  2. Gayatri

    Awesome innovation! :)
    I was hoping I could also bring to your notice that when I subscribe to your RSS feed on my phone it shows each post 4 times. I haven’t had issues with any other rss feed. I hope this helps you fix the bug :)

  3. Jenny Logan

    I received these for Valentines Day. They are just adorable. I actually forwarded the post to my husband and he ordered them for me. I guess he took the hint :) I am using them as decoration. They really would not be handy for baking if you bake a lot.

  4. teresa the bear

    lol@the way you describe colors. it sounds like ur knowledge of color is about as complex as an elementary school kid’s crayon box.

    i want those measuring cups.

  5. Cheryl Ann

    Thanks for sharing the wonderful idea to give my husband, now I know what i am getting for Valentines day along with all my yummy chocolate! Love them!!

  6. Kristina

    I bought this set of measuring cups last summer when I was visiting family in Southern California. I love the way they look on my countertop next to my stove.

  7. Katie

    I was sorely tempted to buy these as well–they’re so adorable. But alas, Hubs said I had far too many measuring cups as it is.

    Have you seen their vintage-y silver measuring spoons? I DO have those, and I love them.

    Maybe Hubs doesn’t have to know about the measuring cups after all… ;)


  8. Randy

    Got ours last year … shipped them to Kuwait and have enjoyed them on our kitchen island .. the house maid broke the top cup but it was glued back … all in all … a great tool in the kitchen :)

  9. La-W.

    Cute, but are they practical for $24? Breakable–you break one and what do you do with the rest? White–kitchen spatters will show if on the counter. Imported, so how long are the colors inside going to last? How accurate are they? You use a middle or bottom one and what do you do with the others before you wash and dry the one(s) you use? I suspect these are for “show” and not “go.” I know–I’m too old and being a Debbie Downer. I guess anything that makes your kitchen pretty and makes you want to cook is a good thing. But I do check your blog, religiously, Amanda:)

    1. Dolly

      Just in case anyone else is wondering–all the pieces are stackable and interchangeable so you don’t have to have all the pieces to stack them. If one is dirty you just leave it out. Still makes for a very cute bottle!! I’ve had mine since October and use them religiously. I always put them in the dishwasher, and the colors haven’t chipped or faded yet. I tested these for accuracy by weight, and they were exactly accurate for both water and flour, so no worries there! Oh, and they’re ceramic, so kitchen splatters would just wipe right off, but I can honestly say I’ve never had to do that. I guess because I don’t keep mine by the stove, I keep it on the counter where I do my baking.

  10. becky

    OMG…..these are adorable…..what a great way to measure when you are on a diet. It’s like instead of using all the excuses why you aren’t measuring portions this would make you want to measure everything because it’s sooo crazy cute. I just checked out their site for mugs and clothing. What a great selection. Love the pie crust mugs and crochet mini dress. I will definitely visit their site again. Actually I’m going back right after I send this. lol. These would make an adorable gift for those who have everything. You rock girlfriend. What would we do without all your great finds. Hugs, Becky

  11. Robert Hansen

    Unlike regular measuring cups that might best be ‘displayed’ in a drawer, these cups add a nice decor for a countertop. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Lynne @ 365 Days of Baking

    Oh my goodness!!!! They are so stinkin’ cute!! I so want to start a measuring spoon and cup collection and these would be the perfect first addition!!
    Thanks, Amanda!

  13. Jenny Flake

    I saw these over Christmas and came so close to picking them up!! Love your photos, now I am wishing I would have gotten them :)

  14. Janice

    All my measuring cups and spoons are from Anthropologie and I’m going to add this set to my collection soon! Such a cute find, thank you!

  15. Lorrie

    I died when I saw these recently. Whitney over at The Glamourous Life of a House wife had a giveaway with these. I didn’t win, but have so been drooling after these. Beautiful!

  16. Erin

    Dang it! I’ve been trying to be good about not shopping for things I don’t need but I am trying to find a way to justify swinging by Anthro on my way home now.

  17. Julie @Savvy Eats

    I’ve been drooling over these for ages. SO adorable and perfect for the farmhouse decorating style I’m going for!

  18. The Mrs @ Success Along the Weigh

    HA! I pinned these a few weeks ago because I loved it too but I’m so jealous you got it. I’ve got more measuring apparati than should be allowed by law and I think this would put The Mr over the edge. Enjoy it for me until I can sneak it in the house!

  19. Melody♪♫

    Can’t believe I’ve not seen these gorgeous creatures before! Straight to Pinterest they go!
    Thanks for the beautiful photos in your post.

  20. Mary Beth|Cupcakes and Crinoline

    Oh my goodness ~ those are cute…so much better than my plastic ones. Perhaps I need an upgrade! ; )

  21. Southern Gal

    Love. I have a collection of local dairy milk bottles in my kitchen that my daddy found years ago. This would be so at home in our home!

  22. Beth

    oh, my goodness. i love them… the colors are so bright!! perfect gift for someone with a new home, or newly married couple or just for yourself. (:

  23. Averie @ Love Veggies and Yoga

    Every Thursday I do a Thursday Things post of cute things, ideas, thoughts, just random stuff…and a few Thursday’s ago I linked these cups. I Love them!!

    I also linked up your photography/Lightroom post yesterday, too…because it’s awesome and I found a free download for Lightroom 4 Beta that’s been released and I know your tips will help so many people :)

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