Miley’s MACH Bar

Our Boston Terrier, Miley, earned her Master Agility Champion title (MACH), and we were so excited! Find out how we decorated her MACH Bar below!

Image of Miley's MACH Bar

What Is A MACH Bar?

This will be the last of the MACH posts. Promise! At least until the next one. After earning a MACH, you get to take a bar off the course and keep it as a trophy.

Image of Our Dog's Agility MACH Bar

People usually decorate their MACH bars and set them out for their friends to sign, to commemorate the special accomplishment.

Image of Signatures on Miley's Agility MACH Bar

How To Decorate Your Dog’s MACH Bar

At the trial in Nashville, where Miley earned her MACH, I noticed they had a table set out for MACH bars and they were all decorated so sweetly with the dogs’ names and sparkly MACH stickers.

Image of Signatures on Miley's MACH Bar

(Here’s a note from a fellow Auburn fan!)

Close-up Image of Miley's MACH Bar

I had no idea where to get these special MACH stickers, but I did have some vinyl from Expressions Vinyl.

Extreme Close-Up Image of Miley's MACH Bar

I cut the vinyl with the Silhouette, and it did great sticking to the PVC pipe.

Image of a Boston Terrier Agility MACH Bar

I added a silhouette of Miley, made from a photo of her jumping through a tire during an agility trial.

Image of Miley's Master Agility Champion Bar

And added her name in some pretty hot pink vinyl.

Expressions Vinyl (with adhesive backing) is great for scrapbooking, home decor and many other crafting projects. It works great with the Silhouette, Cricut, and other craft cutters. But if you don’t have a craft cutter, the vinyl can be easily cut with an Xacto knife. Expressions Vinyl carries high-quality vinyl in a variety of sizes and over 50 colors. They also have heat transfer vinyl, printable vinyl and accessories for the Silhouette and Cricut.

This month I’ll be giving away two (2) $25 gift certificates to Expressions Vinyl on my Facebook page. Be sure to “Like” Kevin & Amanda on Facebook and watch for our status updates for these two giveaways!

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25 Responses
  1. Cynthia DeLay

    Congrats on your pup earning the MACH. I know how much work goes into that. We have two Basset Hounds that have been competing some (not as much AKC, mostly CPE) and it’s tough. And way to blend the scrappy goodies and agility!

  2. Angela

    What is the difference in the Silhouette and the Cricut? I have never seen the Silhouette in the stores in Mississippi. I tried reading about it but you know actually using it sometimes is totally different. By the way loved the piece on Savannah. I’ve been twice and photographed the entire city and knew every place you talked about and had photos of!

  3. Erica

    I love this! I love all your decorations and the food looks amazing. So cute! Congrats Miley!

  4. creole wisdom

    Your dog stories are so fun to hear about. I had no idea anyone decorated those sticks. Yours is awesome, of course! And did you know that whenever I hear something about Auburn I immediately think of you! We are talking anytime! LOL.

  5. Bron

    Hi Amanda,

    Congrats to Miley & Kevin….I was wondering if Howie competed in agility as well? Your fur babies are beautiful

  6. Jessica

    Congrats on the MACH! Just found your blog and love all your photography posts, and the doggies too. I show my beagle in conformation, have yet to cross over to performance events but we so admire all the hard work. Congrats!

  7. the wanna be country girl

    I love how creative you are, you inspire me. Miley certainly is lucky to have such a loving human Mom.
    the wanna be country girl – Caroline

  8. Mary

    You should totally do tutorials on how to create the silhouettes on the Silhouette! Would love to know how to do this! Your blog is amazing!!

  9. Susan

    Congrats to Miley and Kevin. Cute ideas for your party. It is so wonderful to see someone love their animals sooooo much. Would love to win the giveaway. Thanks for your blog, it is always fun.

  10. Diane Eck

    I can’t wait!! I bought my silhoutte after you raved about it and now I can’t wait to try cutting something on vinyl!

  11. Rosemary Hayes

    You are BAD influence on me missy. lol I found that TomKatStudios here yesterday and my penchant for birthday extravaganzas has been fueled even more. Now I’m thinking I need to get a cutter. lol Of course, I live in Madison so I COULD just buy vinyl and borrow yours. ;o) haha J/K Love your blog and congrats on Miley and Kevin’s accomplishment.

    1. Holley Merle

      O my word tryed those 3ingredient cookies treats ….. Amazing. Your comments about dogs eating better than you… That is sure true in o7r house.. We have two males. One is ten Basenji Dashound…. Our two yr old is Rustie. He is a Jack Russel Dashound he is our pickie one inspects everything.

  12. Lori Register

    I have to get a Silhouette. I followed your link and have never seen this before…but now I have to have one! Thanks for the tip!!

    And congrats on being a finalist for the Bloggies Best Kept Secret :). I love your site!!

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