Sweet Savannah

Savannah's Sweet Treats

You know we couldn’t go to Savannah without a day of Sweet Shoppin’! :) Good thing we walked approximately 5,294 miles everywhere to keep up with all these goodies. That’s what it felt like, anyway. I’m sure that’s what it actually was.

Savannah's Sweet Treats

We started out on River Street and popped into Savannah’s two candy shops, River Street Sweets and Savannah’s Candy Kitchen to pick up some pralines. Thanks to all who recommended these!

Savannah's Sweet Treats

Talk about heaven! They reminded me of blondie batter wrapped around candied pecans. Pretty much my two favorite things on earth.

Savannah's Sweet Treats

They were making them fresh and they were warm and soft with plenty of free samples to go around.

Savannah's Sweet Treats

If you stop by Savannah, these pralines are definitely a must!

Savannah's Sweet Treats

You know what else is a must? Beignets. From Huey’s on the River. These were, hands down, the BEST thing I ate in Savannah. And you gotta get it with the praline sauce. Also a must. Talk about melt in your mouth delicious. We devoured an order of these and seriously considered canceling our lunch order and just getting more beignets.

Savannah's Sweet Treats

You know I couldn’t leave Savannah without finding cupcakes. :)

Savannah's Sweet Treats

We ran into the cutest little shop, the Cupcake Emporium.

Savannah's Sweet Treats

They had a large variety of flavors every day. Here was a marble frosted cupcake with a gooey brownie stuffed inside.

Savannah's Sweet Treats

And here’s a Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough cupcake! Try making this cookie dough cupcake recipe using the best chocolate cake recipe for the cupcakes… Seriously outrageous!

Savannah's Sweet Treats

They also had these fun cookie cupcakes.

Savannah's Sweet Treats

It was a gooey chocolate chip cookie made in a muffin pan and topped with buttercream frosting.

Savannah's Sweet Treats

Here’s the M&M one. Yum!

Savannah's Sweet Treats

We also found this incredible little cake shop, Kerry O’Conner Cake Design. You have to stop by this gorgeous shop and check out her cakes. She’s got a few books of her cakes on the table and they are simply stunning. Kev and I both agreed we wanted to get married again just to have her do our wedding cakes! She’s also got a few irresistible cupcakes to keep you company while you browse through her books. :) Here we have a lavender cupcake with honey buttercream and a mocha cupcake.

Savannah's Sweet Treats

Check out this lavender cupcake! Wonder if I can make something like this with the lavender in my garden… My next project in the kitchen will definitely be honey buttercream. It’s quickly becoming a favorite.

We also popped in the Savannah Bee Company on River Street, so I picked up some sweet white honey to do just that…

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44 Responses
  1. Deb

    Hi, Amanda! Had the beignets last year @ Huey’s. Love that place. We’ll be back there in April–can’t wait! Only thing is I’ve gone vegan recently…….hmmm

  2. Amy

    The last time I was in Savannah (much too long ago!) cupcakes were not all the rage yet, but I had so much fun in those sweets shops on River Street!

  3. mitzie

    we went to savannah many years ago. it was just beautiful.
    we found this cute place down on the river that had the most
    astonishing praline french toast for brunch. omg! yum!
    and did you all know that is where the girl scouts of america was founded?

  4. Monica Schroeder

    The cleaning tool I can’t live without is my Dyson Animal. I just cruised through my house with it sucking up piles of Izzy, Lila, and Lexie hair. 2 labs and a kitty:) I am so super excited I found your blog!

  5. Hilary

    RSS is one of my favorites. They have a Charleston location too. I like to order their pralines for friends when they announce their pregnancies.They are the best!!!

  6. Julie

    I’m going on my 6th snow day in a row. I’m lucky to have power but most of my co-workers don’t. Your pictures are wonderful and they make me crave a vacation even more than my snow day mind already does. If I would have known we would have this many in a row I would have booked a fun get away!!
    Your pictures are yummylicious!!

    Thoughts of a Third Grade Teacher

  7. Michelle

    We found lavendar and honey everything down south when we were there. My favorite was ice cream from a shop in Asheville, NC. I’d love ot see something I can bake to recreate that flavor. It’s addicting!

  8. Lisa

    Amanda….i’m an italian girl…i love your blog…your photo…your style…i love your scraproom…i love your works….i love all!!!!

    You are super!!!



  9. Jennifer

    Hi Amanda! Glad you liked Savannah’s Candy Kitchen. Did you go and see how they made the saltwater taffy? I thought that was cool.

  10. meredith rooney

    The Boar’s Head Restaurant which is one of the oldest building on the waterfront[right next to the Candy Shop] had the BEST Chocolate Martinis! Sorry I missed that cupcake place those did look good.

  11. Elaine

    Just found your blog yesterday. Love all your pictures and places you travel. Love Savannah. A few weeks ago I traveled to Charleston.
    I saw your pics of Litlle River Canyon. I live near the Canyon.
    I work in Chatt. Tn.
    When I travel I have to visit ALL Candy shops and sweet shops.
    Again, your pics are beautiful.

  12. The Mrs.

    OMG, I’ve been waiting for this post!! Everything looks so wonderful! You make me want to go there. Hmm, perhaps a Fall trip is in order! Glad y’all enjoyed!

  13. creole wisdom

    Did you by any chance notice the birds/seagulls flying around and eating the dropped candy? I remember that very well, and that stuff is SO DAMN GOOD!

  14. Susan Kay

    Oh yummy stuff!! Can’t wait to get to Savannah, but I will definitely need to DIET before I get there. I love it when you travel ahead of me so that you can give me all the inside scoop on where to go. Thanks so much!!!

  15. Laurie

    WOW!!! Drooling all over the screen here! LOL! I can’t wait for my trip to Savannah in September! Thanks again Amanda for all your fabulous reviews!

  16. Dana

    I need to stop reading your blog in the AM. Starting the day looking at those amazing pictures of cupcakes and cookies is just not working for my healthy eating. :-)

  17. Laura

    Besides homemade, River Street Sweets makes the BEST pralines in the entire world! You should definitely try lavender cupcakes – I made something similar recently and they were delicious! They had kind of a spicy aftertaste because of the lavender that made them really interesting.

  18. Shalee

    That looks great. I have wanted to go to Savannah for so long. I’m now three hours away so I will for sure going there real soon. Thanks for the free trip itinerary:)

  19. Kristen@PrettySweet

    Kicking myself that we never made it to the Cupcake Emporium! Looks fantastic! But yes – the candy shops there are awesome and we loved the praline samples. =) YES.

    And now I am extremely curious about that lavender cupcake with honey buttercream. That sounds dreamy…we sampled all of the honeys at the Savannah Bee Company but I regret that we didn’t buy any. Looking forward to seeing your version of the cupcakes soon!!

  20. Carol

    I have loved your posts on Savannah … one of my husband and I’s favorite places! May even retire in that are someday!! Beautiful pictures, as always!

  21. Donese Scott

    Mmmmm! You are making me sooo jealous! When we go to Savannah, we have kids in tow, so we never get to take our time and enjoy places like these without being rushed. I am definitely heading back to Savannah with my girlfriends ONLY!!!!

  22. Paulette

    I have to lose seven pounds starting today. Wonder if I can start tomorrow? I am hungry for cupcakes. Looks so good. YUM!!! Paulette

  23. Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga)

    I just died seeing these. Worth a plane ticket just to eat all those cupcakes!!!!!!

    a marble frosted cupcake with a gooey brownie stuffed inside.

    The one with buttercream, the one with a brownie in it..omg. Yes please!

  24. Becca

    I love your photos…
    i love your writing….
    But I notice that i make this odd, high pitched noice when viewing all the sweets….I get very weak in the knees too.
    Hi…my name is Becca. And I’m a foodie :)

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