These cute little S’mores Mini Dippers are so easy and fun to make! You don’t even need to turn on the oven. Enjoy amazing s’mores year round with this simple recipe!Smores Mini Dippers

Oh my gosh, you guys. I am so excited about this fun little treat! A few weeks ago I was dipping Oreos for Valentine’s Day, and had some leftover melted chocolate. Of course I couldn’t let it to go to waste, so I started looking around in my pantry for more stuff I could dip. I saw the graham crackers and these new mini marshmallow bits sitting right next to each other, and I nearly jumped for joy at the idea that entered my head!

Smores Mini Dippers

How cute are these S’mores Mini Dippers?? You will not believe how giddy I was when I was making them! I am pretty much in love with them.



Smores Mini Dippers

Have you seen these tiny marshmallows at your grocery store? So far I’ve only seen them at Target, with all the other marshmallows. I’m kind of obsessed with them!

Smores Mini Dippers

They’re sweet and crunchy, just like the Lucky Charms marshmallows. I love them! They’re perfect for just for snacking, throwing in hot chocolate, or adding to Cheerios so you can choose your own perfect cereal-to-marshmallow ratio. Which we all know is 20 parts marshmallow to 1 part cereal.

Smores Mini Dippers

These little dippers are SO good! They are such fun little snacks. Totally dangerous to have around the house!

Can you imagine how cute they’d be individually wrapped up in cellophane and tied with raffia? And then maybe tucked inside a mug with hot chocolate mix and given as teacher gifts??!

Smores Mini Dippers

I’m seriously dying that I don’t have these in my house anymore. I think I’m going to have to go make more. Right now.

Enjoy these, guys!! Hope you love them as much as I do! :)

Image of S'mores Mini Dips

S’mores Mini Dippers

  • Prep Time: 10 minutes
  • Cook Time: 3 minutes
  • Total Time: 13 minutes
  • Category: Dessert
  • Method: Microwave
  • Cuisine: American


These cute little S’mores Mini Dippers are so easy and fun to make! You don’t even need to turn on the oven. Enjoy amazing s’mores year round with this simple recipe!


  • Chocolate Almond Bark
  • Cinnamon Graham Crackers
  • Kraft Jet-Puffed Mallow Bits Vanilla


  1. Chop almond bark into small chunks, place in a microwave-safe bowl suitable for dipping, and melt the chocolate in the microwave, stopping to stir every 30 seconds.
  2. Generously place marshmallow bits on a small plate. Dip graham crackers in chocolate, tap off any excess so it’s not too runny, and either press into marshmallow bits and turn to coat or sprinkle marshmallows on both sides of the cracker.
  3. Set aside on parchment or wax paper to cool. Enjoy!!!

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44 Responses
  1. Kristen

    HI OMG these are soooo cute!!! I am putting together a post of the best smore recipes out there. I was wondering if I could feature this. I would of course link back to you. I just want to make sure its ok first.

  2. Casey Dozhier

    These are perfect for my little girls – All of their favorites in one treat – Wonderful idea -Thank you for sharing :)

  3. Emily @AVerySweetLife

    What a great idea! Love the presentation. I just found those little mini marshmallows at the grocery store as well. I bet they’d be good dipped in sprinkles also!

  4. Mary Clare

    Between this recipe and the last I’m dying to bake something! These combine so many sweet ingredients that I love. I cannot wait to try. Thanks for the inspiration and sharing!!! -Thursdays

  5. Nadin

    Your Mini Dippers look really appetizing! It’s a pity I will hardly find such marshmallows in my local stores. :-( If I could I would try to cook them.

  6. Caroline @ chocolate & carrots

    Thank you for not wasting the chocolate. What a great idea for the left overs! I need a couple of these right now since it’s too warm in SC to make real smores. :D Mmmm!

  7. shelly (cookies and cups)

    I have some of these in my pantry right now! I can’t wait to start playing with them :)
    These grahams are so simple, but so yummy!!

  8. Katherine @ Grass Stains

    Amanda, I plan to try these this weekend! And this is much simpler than what you usually post, but I tried something I saw on Pinterest recently, which is to wrap mini chocolate chunks or chocolate chips and mini marshmallows up in crescent rolls and bake as normal. My kids LOVED them, and I did, too! Delicious. :) So I can’t wait to try your version with graham crackers!

  9. Allison [Girl's Guide to Social Media]

    When I have left-over melted chocolate I am always hunting for things to dunk in it. Our motivations are aligned on this one!

  10. Valerie

    These are adorable! Great idea. :D (But I’ve never heard of “leftover” melted chocolate…what is it, and more importantly, did you call the authorities?) :D

  11. Kristina Vanni

    These little dippers are so fun! What a clever idea to use leftover ingredients. Perfect for any celebration or an easy way to add pizzaz to an everyday!

  12. Ryane

    Wow these are Beautiful Im making these this weekend for my Gathering. they Look Fabulous thanks for posting these Love them. Have to go find those Marshmallows. Thanks

  13. Russell van Kraayenburg

    These little s’mores dippers look soo good! Your desserts have a wonderful ability to pander to my every wish and desire.

  14. Jenny Flake

    So glad to see these make their appearance! They are just too cute and I can practically taste them! The boys and I have been addicted to those marshmallow bits all weekend. Found them at my Target, woohoo!!

  15. Taylor

    Oh my gracious, I just stumbled upon your blog through Pinterest… Can I just eat your blog? like, just shove all the things in my mouth in one giant act of delicious desserty gluttony? YUMMO!

  16. Christina

    OOH! I love this idea! I was at a chocolate shop on Saturday and they took the graham cracker, dipped in milk chocolate, then put a regular marshmallow on top, then dipped again. It was good.. but because of their process- very crumbly/messy/awkward to eat. I like the look of yours better AND it looks like it’s less messy and awkward :)

  17. The Mrs @ Success Along the Weigh

    I’ve GOT to remember to check your recipe section first when I check your site now. Soo glad I didn’t miss these. You know those mini-mallows are on my grocery list for this weekend!

  18. Pam Ernest

    What about adding sprinkles/balls for the season. Orange for fall/Halloween. Red for valentines. Green for St Patties! That would add some fun color!

  19. Emilia

    Such a cute and fun idea, I’m in love! Not to mention, I’m pretty sure they taste amazing. Who doesn’t love smores? I just made some graham crackers yesterday, so I’ll definitely need to be trying these soon!

  20. Averie @ Love Veggies and Yoga

    Ohhhh these are the cutest little things ever! I love Smores in all ways, forms, shapes, and sizes…but mini anything is just…cuter :)

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