Funny Boston Terrier In A Bucket Video

Oh my goodness, I have no idea what my crazy dog was thinking here! My Boston terrier loves playing water no matter no matter where we are. This video is too cute not to watch!

My Boston Terrier Loves To Swim

We were at the dog park. They had a bucket of water out for the dogs to get a drink. But not Howie. Howie thought it was a Boston terrier sized swimming pool just for him. I only wish I’d caught this video from the beginning, but I grabbed my my phone as soon as I saw what he was doing. It was all I could do to keep from cracking up the entire video!

Have a great weekend!

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108 Responses
  1. Allie

    We are in the market for a puppy and have been considering a Boston so, of course, I’m obsessed with Miley and Howie. I just cried laughing at this video. TOO funny. Also have to tell you, your photography skills are pretty much amaze-balls. Love love love looking at your photos! Just found a few of your kayaking posts today with the doggies and fell in love. My husband wants another Shih Tzu, but I’m thinking we need to go the Boston route this time around! :)

  2. Lokesh


    Just stumbled up on your website while I was searching something on google and was totally blown away by your creativity. Keep up the good work. The Miley and Howie section is my favourite.


  3. Camilla Steel

    i love how dogs always think silly things like jumping in a bucket are a great idea then there’s always this moment where they get this look on their face like ‘hmmm… maybe this wasn’t so clever after all…’ but because they’ve committed to doing it and they KNOW you’re watching them they keep on at it, almost like they want to prove that it WAS a great idea and you’re the silly one for laughing at them – ah man, dogs officially are the best – i wouldn’t be without mine :oD x

  4. Krystina

    GAHHHHHHH!!!!!! I just laughed so hard and definitely smiled uncontrollably. I just stumbled upon you guys’ site and I could not be happier I did!!

    In just 2 weeks the boy and I will be bringing home our baby Boston- Bentley!! This adorable little video just got me so pumped!! I’m gonna need these 2 weeks to go by real quick :) I just put up some puppy pictures of our first time meeting him-

    Not gonna lie- I’m just gushing over all the pictures of your adorable pups!! Glad I found you guys to help hold me over till I bring home my little guy :)

    Excited to come by much more often!

  5. Sydney

    Love the video!! I finally remembered to watch it at home since my work has all videos blocked. :( Your dogs are soooo cute!!

  6. Talya

    OMG – I may or may not have just peed my pants a little bit watching this video. SO funny! I love how he is just sitting there smiling at you :)

  7. Brittney

    I love this. Too stinkin’ cute! My boyfriend and I have a boston (1 1/2 years old) and he cracks us up by doing silly stuff like this all the time. Everyone should have a Boston in their life! :)

  8. Shannon

    THAT. IS. HYSTERICAL. I showed it to my husband and we watched it about 5 times and our cheeks and stomachs hurt from laughing so hard. What adorable pups you have!

  9. Rosemary Hayes

    I think Howie is quite the smart puppy. If I thought I would fit in that bucket I might have done that too. Love how he got out without spilling the water.

  10. Amy Fine

    Oh my, that is hilarious. He was actually trying to get comfy and lie down. I have two BT’s (Maggie 12 & Mia 3) and they can’t stand the water. Weird for a BT I know. I didn’t comment the other night, but Louie is so precious. What a face he has.

  11. Peaches

    OMG that is the cutest thing I have seen in a long, long time. I had to grab a couple co-workers and we watched it altogether like a bunch of school girls. TOO CUTE!

  12. Amanda

    This is too funny – My 55lb dog tries to do the same thing…. only in small water fountains designed for birds in the backyard!!

  13. Samantha Schmidt

    I love this video of him. Is soo cute! It reminds me of my little dog Harley!
    Have a great weekend

  14. Kerrie

    One of my dogs Sarah (a wire fox terrier) does this on occasion – to her WATER BOWL! Yes, I get it is about cooling off but…a little extreme!! Once she gets the front paws in, then we have the face dunk! Pretty hilarious!!

  15. elizabeth

    love your bostons! makes me miss my little pepsi girl even more seeing these two and their antics! thanks for sharing!

  16. Amanda S.

    awwww… so cute! Our boston when I was kid would do funny stuff like this with water – so hilarious!! :) TFS!

  17. Casey @ Pocket Full of Sunshine

    This is ridiculously adorable. :) He just looks so happy! We should all be more like Howie!

  18. Geneva

    Lols! I have 3 bostons, Cody, Ebony and Baxter and they have truly blessed us on a daily basis. Thanks for posting the video, made a long day seem much better! Too cute Howie and Miley, to cute!

  19. Peggy Does Cake

    I can’t wait to show this to my family tonight. One of the sweetest things about this is how the second dog (is that Miley?) waits so patiently for her turn and then as soon as he gets out, she tries to get in. LOL. Dogs are so much more smarter than we realize!

  20. SharonS

    If it’s anything like it’s been here in Kansas, Howie was thinking it’s *h*o*t*! I was wondering what Miley was thinking too! lol What a fun video!

  21. Pam

    That is too darn cute. Just love our little furbabies. We just picked up our 7 week old Bull Terrier Olive on Saturday. It is so much fun to watch them being silly

  22. Aimee S.

    You HAVE to send this to AFHV…or one on Animal Planet. That is the cutest thing! If dogs could talk…their commentary was going through my head the whole time! lol!

  23. Jules

    Oh my gosh Amamda, that is the cutestest thing ever. Especially when he just lies back like he’s sunning. Miley was dying to get in too! Too cute!!!!

  24. teresa

    Oh Amanda!
    Make me LAUGH!!!!!
    How cute is that!
    Miley was SO wanting in on that H20 action!
    Howie was SO wanting to roll over and relax in that water!
    That is PRICELESS that you captured that on video!
    You need to enter that into a contest!
    I smiled the biggest when Miley had to put her paw in at the end!
    How CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. teresa

    That looks like I pose called the “bird of paradise” I tried/TRIED to get into last night at yoga!
    Popping up now to watch Howie’s video!

  26. The Mrs @ Success Along the Weigh

    That is HILARIOUS! You need to get those pups one of those cheapy baby pools for the backyard. He was as happy as a pig in mud! :-)

  27. Rosemary S.

    Hilarious! That was a great capture!

    Your pups are so resourceful. Howie looks like he’s having so much fun – he’s so pleased with himself!

  28. Tami McBeain

    Oh my that is hilarious! I think you should send that in to America’s Funniest Videos, you could make some money!

  29. Missy Allaire

    You know it’s hot when…..Omg, I can’t even drink my coffee b/c I’m laughing so freaken hard…going to forward this to my peeps..hehe

    thanks for sharing

  30. Leanne

    That was awesome! Thanks for making my 5 year old and I laugh out heads off already at only 7 am! Your pups are adorable!

  31. Wendy Kidd

    ROFL!! Howie certainly looks pleased with his cleverness, if a little squished. My Fred will NOT go in the wading pool at daycare. I think he’s afraid someone might see him in there and decide to give him a bath.

  32. Ellen ♥ CardMonkey

    Amanda, TOOOO cute. My dogs wouldn’t think to even drink from it, much less have a frolicking good time. Howie certainly is agile — I couldn’t believe he didn’t knock over that bucket. Adorable — thank you for sharing!

  33. Pati

    That is great!! He’s a smart one alright, and a cutie! I had just seen some AK pictures of moose standing & laying in kiddie pools so it was funny to have this show up today!

  34. Scott ☺

    When I first saw it, I thought you were going for a spoof on one of those cute baby shots where the baby is swaddled in a bucket! LOL!

  35. Joy

    Oh my gosh… that is the cutest thing I have seen in a long time… thank you for sharing.. I couldn’t stop laughing. :)

  36. Nic's Notebook

    Haha how cute! We were at a Game Fair at the weekend and they had big paddling pools filled with water for the dogs to jump in & cool off!

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