Oh Snap!

Hey guys! I just got home from New Orleans. My flight out yesterday was delayed a few hours, and I missed my connecting flight back home. Fortunately they were able to book me on a later flight so I could get home the same day. Unfortunately, I didn’t get back until almost midnight last night, and after a week of sun, seafood, and staying up way too late, I was ready to crash out!

I fully intended to share a few more New Orleans photos with you, but until I can keep my eyes open long enough to get them off my memory card, here’s one I just couldn’t wait to post. On Wednesday we went deep sea fishing off the Louisiana coast, and look at the size of this red snapper I caught! I actually caught two red snapper and one mangrove snapper for the day. But more on that very soon!

By the way, I’ll also be doing a tutorial on how to get my unruly sea swept hair in this photo. Keep an eye out for that. Snort.

See you next week!

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45 Responses
  1. neelam singha

    I’m sooo inspired by you now. as I’m going to start blog writting soon…! you look so cuteee and your snapper is quite hugeeee! way to go gurl…….! Deep sea fishing is in my to do list now. luv :)

  2. Amanda Reese

    That is a ridiculously large fish! Also, I second those who said they like your dress. It’s so cute! Also, sometimes wet, messy hair is the way to go :)

  3. LindyLou

    We’re going deep sea fishing on our honeymoon next week off the Gulf Coast in Florida. I can’t wait! I’m so hoping I catch at least one big fish like that! All I’ve ever caught here in Iowa was little blue gills…I’m ready for a challenge! Wish me luck!

  4. Emily

    Hi Amanda,

    That photograph is awesome! What an enormous fish! I love the color in this photograph. Can’t wait to hear more about your trip.

    This is random, but I was wondering if you could suggest a few local places to eat lunch/dinner in Huntsville. I live in California, but I’m in Huntsville for 2 weeks for a class. Thanks for any advice you might have!

    Happy recovery:)

  5. Denise

    Welcome Home! That water looks gorgeous and refreshing, great catch, did you get to cook and eat it?! :) Travelling thru you in PA …

  6. Julie B

    Crack me up! Did you seriously wear a dress to go deep sea fishing :) …showing Louisiana some style…Congrats on the fish!

  7. Christina

    Love that picture!! I’m sure you had an amazing trip and I can’t wait to see your blog posts about it! Oh, and I think your hair looks cute! :)

  8. Joy

    So guess what! The lipglosses you love at Victoria’s Secret are on clearance for $1.50 right now…go snatch some up! Stopped by, stocked up and thought of you! :)

    Love your whopper of a fish…can’t believe how ladylike and feminine you still look holding a massive fish. Now that’s a lady for you! :)

  9. andie

    I am so glad you had a good time in my region! Offshore fishing is definitely quite an experience and you have quite a nice catch there!

    Did anyone catch any dolphin (mahi-mahi)? those are some of the prettiest fish when you catch them out of the water. Their skin is almost iridescent!

    I can’t wait to read more about your experiences while visiting SE LA! It’s always fun to read about my hometown through someone else’s eyes. :)

  10. Rosemary S.

    Wow! Good job! I’ve caught plenty of red snapper in my younger days, as the daughter of a lighthouse keeper on Canada’s West Coast………but, nothing that was ever the size of that guy!

    What I want to know is how you manage to look so feminine, gorgeous, refreshed – and sparkly, while holding a big ol’ slimy red snapper! You’re extra-ordinary!

  11. Flavia

    WOW! Holy Snapper! How did you pull that out of the water? It’s a beautiful picture, and the fish matches your dress…very Caribbean looking! It looks like you had a lot of fun in your trip to NOLA, can’t wait to see more posts! Have a lovely day Amanda!

  12. Lisa {With Style and Grace}

    What an awesome picture! I think you’re the only person I “know” who can make holding a big ol’ fish look pretty damn good ;) Have a lovely weekend!

  13. teresa

    You are TOO~ADORABLE…truly!
    I know you girls had a BALL and laughed your heads off
    out on that BOAT!
    That fish is HUGE!!!
    I bet Kevin was uh~mazzzzed!

  14. Liz Johnson

    Ok. First of all, way to go on catching that baby! That’s a big one! And second of all, where did you get that dress?! I’m loving it!

  15. BECKY

    OMG……..I am impressed with a capital I. That fish is beautiful. You look like you are too dressed up for fishing. lol. You will definitely have to put this pic in your scrapbook. What a jewel. Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Becky

    1. Amanda

      We didn’t have a scale, but our captain guessed around 15 lbs. He took about 5 minutes to reel in!

  16. Nicki Woo

    Oh what a beautiful fish and a beautiful picture. You should definitely frame it. The picture. Not the fish. That would stink. You probably knew that.

  17. Marilyn

    Love the picture, wind swept hair and everything! Can’t wait to hear more about your trip. I’m going to New Orleans next weekend just for a short little trip. Any advice on what we have to go see or what to eat? :) Get some rest! :)

    1. Amanda

      My favorite meal was the charbroiled oysters, fleur de lis shrimp and BBQ drumfish from Drago’s! I would definitely order the exact same thing if I went again. :)

  18. Kristin Murdock

    What fun! I love that pic and your “sea-swept” hair is totally cute! I need to figure out how to get myself invited to these events… :) Have a great weekend Amanda!

  19. Jane

    Wondering why you are wearing gloves holding the fish. Great colors in the photograph. Did you keep the fish or do catch and release?

    1. Amanda

      Big dude was slippery! Gloves had a little bit of grip to them to make him easier to hold on to. :) We released everything that wasn’t food-grade quality, like the shark one gal caught!

  20. H. J. Gadiyar


  21. The Mrs @ Success Along the Weigh

    That is huge! Did you do okay on the boat or was it choppy? I’ve always wanted to do that!

  22. Tara @ The Butter Dish

    WOWZA AMANDA!!! He’s gorgeous!!!

    Ironically the hubby and I are taking an impromtu trip up to the Bayou ourselves on Sunday. More West of Nawlins and then up to Baton Rouge but our trip is one to scout it out for hopfully moving there next year.

    So excited and all your Big Easy blog posts have only mounted our excitement. Can’t wait to go back!!!!!

  23. Southern Gal

    You’re quite the fisher-person! I love red snapper. I quessed that’s what it was although I’ve never seen one fresh from the sea before. It’s such a pretty coral color – I might would be tempted to hang it on the wall! Maybe not.

    Glad you’re home safely.

  24. Ms. Sew n Sew

    Sounds like you had another amazing trip! That red snapper looks big enough to feed a small village. Oh and your hair looks cutie and natural in that sea swept style. Looking forward to the rest of the story.

  25. Averie @ Love Veggies and Yoga

    Amanda, that is an AMAZING shot of you. The water, the contrast of the fish and the water and your skin and beautiful face….just lovin’ that one :)

    Sorry about your travel hell. Ugh. The airlines. I swear. Glad you made it and I’ve been reading your tweets and others’ blog posts and the trip looked beyond words awesome!

  26. Vicki

    WOW my goodness what a huge fish….well done!!!! how on earth are you hanging onto that big monster I can only see one of your hands…lol!!!

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