A New Orleans Instant

new-orleans-1Photo via Marla Meridith.

Hello from New Orleans!

new-orleans-6Photo via Jenny.

I’ve been here since Friday for a 6-day seafood retreat with the Louisiana Seafood Board. I’m not leaving until Thursday, but I couldn’t wait until I got home to share a sneak peek of New Orleans with you!

new-orleans-7Photo via Jenny.

These are a few Instagram snapshots of our weekend from my sweet friends Jenny and Marla. I raided their phones and grabbed these gorgeous photos. I have to admit, I have a serious case of Instagram envy right now! Some of these look better than photos I’ve taken with my big camera. Too bad Instagram is not available on my Android phone!


I’ve been staying here, in the French Quarter, with delicious beds and dreamy all-encompassing showers.

new-orleans-3Photo via Jenny.

I’ve been rooming with this sweet girl.


Jenny makes the best roommate. She lets me spread out and be me.

Right side of the sink = mine.

Left side of the sink = Jenny’s.

new-orleans-5Photo via Marla Meridith.

We had treats waiting for us in the room when we checked in from the darling Sucré bakery. A dream come true.

new-orleans-8Left photo via Jenny. Right photo via Marla.

Our first stop upon arrival was absolutely beignets from Cafe du Monde. We finished them off pretty quickly!

new-orleans-9Photo via Jenny.

Our waiters lined up to greet us for Sunday brunch at Commander’s Palace.

new-orleans-10Photo via Jenny.

How fun were these balloons!

new-orleans-11Photo via Jenny.

The dining room was on the second floor and had a lovely view of the oak covered patio.

new-orleans-12Photo via Marla Meridith.

This was such a fun and lively brunch. A jazz band came out to entertain us while we waited for our meal.

new-orleans-13Photos via Jenny.

Get a load of these gorgeous plates! Stunning.

new-orleans-14Photos via Jenny.

We also learned how to make pralines from a very sweet southern grandma at the New Orleans School of Cooking.

new-orleans-15Photo via Jenny.

We saw the beautiful waters of the gulf.

new-orleans-16Photo via Gaby.

And even spent a morning on a boat with Jenny and Gaby.

new-orleans-17Photo via Jenny.

We met this particularly feisty little crab! Guess I know where the term “crabby” comes from.

new-orleans-18Photo via Marla Meridith.

Kevin would be totally jealous of the incredible crab claw spread.

new-orleans-19Photo via Jenny.

We’ve been eating tons of outstanding seafood, like these crawfish at a traditional crawfish boil…

new-orleans-20Photo via Jenny.

And oysters on the half shell as fresh as you can get ’em.

new-orleans-21With Maggy and Jenny. Photo via Jenny.

Can’t wait to share more from Louisiana when I get back home. In the meantime, keep in touch with me on Twitter and Facebook as I post live updates and photos throughout the day. But more importantly, keep in touch with Jenny and Marla for more eye candy like the photos above.

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