New York at Night

I was in New York this weekend, and I got to spend some time in Brooklyn on Friday and Saturday. I’ve been to the city a handful times over the past year, and every time I go I always think about taking the train down to Brooklyn. But I’d never had the opportunity to spend any real time there, except for driving through on my way to the airport, until this weekend.

On Friday I met up with my friend, fellow foodie, and Brooklyn native Dan. This is the stunning view from the roof of his building. The conversation went something like this.

Dan: You want to see something cool?

Me: Sure. Do I need to bring anything?

Dan: Nah, I don’t think so.

We proceed to take the elevator up six floors and and climb three flights of stairs. I didn’t even have my phone at this point. I was feeling slightly panicky. I step outside and see this.

Me: We’re soo going back for my camera.

Lesson: I need to ask more questions.

By the way, see that teeny, tiny little speck above the building the with orange roof? That little unidentifiable dot?

It was much more noticeable when I was going through these photos at full size, and I was going to just Photoshop it out. I figured it was just a smudge on my lens. Or something.

I zoomed in, prepared to erase the little black imperfection, and it turned out to be this. A tiny little helicopter. Teeny. I didn’t have the heart to erase it. Fly on, tiny helicopter!

Sunset at Brooklyn Bridge Park | New York in the Fall

Back to the view. The bridge to the right is the Williamsburg Bridge. The royal blue building to the left with the two cranes on top is the construction of the Freedom Tower, where the twin towers of the World Trade Center used to stand. To the left of that, you can see the Manhattan Bridge, and the Brooklyn Bridge is farthest to the left, way in the background.

Sunset at Brooklyn Bridge Park | New York in the FallClick Image to View Larger Version

We had jaw-dropping 360-degree view of Brooklyn and Manhattan. Here’s a panorama of our view looking at Manhattan. Definitely click on this photo to see a larger version.

Sunset at Brooklyn Bridge Park | New York in the Fall

As the sun started to set, I took the ferry and made my way down to Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Sunset at Brooklyn Bridge Park | New York in the Fall

The view of lower Manhattan and Wall Street over the water was just gorgeous at night.

Sunset at Brooklyn Bridge Park | New York in the Fall

Here’s the Brooklyn Bridge, with the Manhattan Bridge in the background. I stayed here snapping photos until long after the sun set!

Sunset at Brooklyn Bridge Park | New York in the Fall

Afterwards I took the ferry back to the Williamsburg Bridge. That purple streak on the left is the ferry leaving.

Sunset at Brooklyn Bridge Park | New York in the Fall

I didn’t have a tripod, but I found plenty of railings and posts to set my camera on for these long exposure shots. I loved how the smooth the water looked with a 15-second exposure.

Sunset at Brooklyn Bridge Park | New York in the Fall

One last shot from the roof of the skyline at night.

I love the city.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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93 Responses
  1. Batraplume

    Thank you, thank you for the wonderful photos! This is my dream to go to NYC one day… Now I want to go there right now! :-)

  2. Kristin@DesignNSuch

    Beautiful night shots of the city Amanda!! I love that I’m able to see your camera settings. It’s such a great feature on your blog!

  3. Chrissy

    Your Photos are AMAZING!! Would you mind telling what kind of camera and the different lenses you use are? I have been wanting a new one and have been saving for a long time but just want some ideas. Thanks !!

  4. Aggie

    couple things…tiny helicopter, so cute. photos…OMG stunning. I stopped in my tracks. These could be postcards, in a photo book…they are amazing!

    You are so fun, I hope we get to meet in person one day :)

  5. SewLindaAnn

    I keep this post unread and come back to it from time to time. The pictures are just amazing. I’m originally from Flushing, Queens, NY (long time ago) but will always be connected in my heart. I bought the line drawing books The City Quilter recommended and they are wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

  6. jolene

    Thank you for these!! I lived in NY for a year, and now my South African heart misses it all the time, and longs for the day i can return. Your photos made me smile, as i fondly remembered the city i love so much <3

  7. Feeling Peckish

    Beautiful photos. Love the night-time shots but the colours in the day-time ones are just as stunning. My wife’s planning on taking me to NY for my 40th next year – can’t wait.

  8. Jenni

    LOL girl! Thought you was gonna say it was a flying saucer – an alien space ship!! HeeHee! Love the pics as always. {{{{Hugs}}}} Jenni~ :)

  9. Whitney

    You took the BEST pictures of my city! One of these days I’d love to meet up for cupcakes, coffee or lobster rolls when you’re here. I love reading your blog and it would be great to meet the wonderful woman behind it!

  10. Erin {Lavender and Lemon Drops}

    You take AMAZING pictures! I could just stare at these! I so wish I could travel like this…… maybe someday when the wee ones are grown ;)

  11. Marie Spiess

    Love your photos. Amazing with the night shots. Love to check your website to see where you are and how I can learn from you in photography. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Sheila MacLeod

    Beautiful shots there Amanda……visiting New York City is still on my Bucket List!!! Hope to get there one day and take some amazing photos like these!

  13. Melissa R.

    Thank you for capturing the beauty of what I call my hometown now. I moved away to NC to marry my sweetie about a year ago. Everytime I bring my husband back home he acts like such a tourist and I get to rediscover the beauty of the city each time. I can’t believe how much I took living there for granted as I don’t have a single picture of the beautiful skylines of NYC. Thank you very much for taking me back there with your beautiful pictures Amanda!

  14. Maria

    I am so glad you went back to get your camera because these pictures are just breathtaking! I could stare at them forever. I wanna go to New York :) Thank you Amanda!!!

  15. Donna

    Thank you for the beautiful pictures of New York. I will never get there so thank you for letting me visit with your pictures. Love you blog and look forward to your posts. Thanks again, Donna.

  16. Tricia Richner

    oh gosh, those are such beautiful shots. I have never been to NYC, but it is on my “bucket list.” I actually want to go there for New Year’s Eve but my DH is a bit of a people/crowd hater so I may have to find another companion. Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos.

  17. Sara

    Okay I live outside of New York City but commute to the city for worm weekly. I have seen some nice views but this just blew me away. These pictures are amazing. You should seriously consider selling your photos on etsy I would so buy one.

  18. Nancy@acommunaltable

    Love seeing these photos – won’t be doing much traveling for the rest of the year s – but at least I can vicariously through your gorgeous photos!!

    Can’t wait to hear more about your trip!!

  19. toni

    those night photos are the reason i love nyc!! i’m so glad i’m going there next weekend or i’d be really really jealous!!! hope you enjoyed your stay. :)

  20. Jazmine

    Seeing your pictures makes me miss NY so much, I was born there and I moved to WI when I was 11 yrs old. Everytime I see pictures I remember how gorgeous it was walking around the city with all those bright lights and the smell of the city. In the summer it was always so nice to walk by the lake/ocean because of how breezy it was. I keep telling my husband that we have to plan a trip so that I can see my family.

  21. fabieri


    the photos are amazingggggggggggggggggggg

    thanks so much….

    from Mexico, i send you a BIG THANKS about your blogggggggggggggg

  22. Cheryl Mitchell

    Hi Amanda! I was in NYC back in August with 2 of my best friends! We did the tourist thing and tried to cram in as much as we could in 3 days. These photos are stunning!! Wish mine looked as good, however we weren’t in Brooklyn either. I do think you should listen to the others that suggest that you teach an online photography class….I would definitely be IN!!! Love reading your blog!!

  23. Darnell Burrows

    Hello Amanda,

    I HAVE to leave a comment. Your photos of New York are amazing!
    I’ve recently subscribed to your blogs and am so blessed that I did!
    Your blog about your weight loss REALLY is inspiring me to lose weight as well!!
    There’s no doubt that your travels, blogging, and photographs are your passions.
    Thank you for sharing your gifts with me and those around the world.
    What pleasure!

  24. Dalia

    Oh Amanda, you just made hubbie so home sick with those gorgeous photos. He’s a Brooklynnite. Oh dear, he wants to move back. Hurry, you need to find cool Alabama photos so we can stay here for now:-) I love being in NYC it’s home, but winter? BBrrrr! Too cold! Thank you for sharing them I would love to have a large copy of one to place over my mantle that would be rad. Did I just say rad? Oh gosh!

    Have a Happy Weekend !

  25. Suzanne Shepherd

    Beautiful photos, as usual, Amanda! Haven’t been to New York City in nearly 20 years and it stirred lots of memories to see these pictures. For many years we made an annual trek to NYC when my best friend lived across the way in NJ. We had tons of fun, every time, but never took many photos, as we were always busy trying to keep track of our four little ones. Thanks for sharing these today. : )

  26. Amanda

    Beautiful photos Amanda! My best friend lives in Hoboken, NJ, just a short subway ride away from Brooklyn. I love Brooklyn, with all of its cute little shops and awesome food!

  27. Laura Beth

    I think the first picture of NY is my favorite, with all of the BRIGHT city colors. If only I could follow you around one day & learn an ounce of your fabulous photography skills!!! Thanks for always sharing and inspiring. WAR EAGLE!

  28. Amber

    I absolutely love your pictures!!! I am so jealous, maybe someday I too will have the camera of my dreams and be able to capture the beauty around me as well as you do. As for now, taking the best pictures my Cannon sx30IS can.

  29. Tiffany Sanders

    Ah-maz-ing! photo’s. I’m going back to NY in October and I hope to get some great shots. It was love at first sight in NY for me.

  30. Donna Cohen

    Absolutely stunning! My Mother was born and raised in New York City, and I’ve gone twice to see the sites myself. A native Californian, we just don’t see this here on our West Coast, although we do have beauty of our own, as all states do.

    Simply beautiful photos!

    Thank you for sharing, blessings,

  31. *kristi*

    I am so jealous! I’m out here in California, and I’ve never had the opportunity to get out to NYC. It’s my dream, and someday I will, but in the meantime…I will enjoy these incredible pictures!!! You are so talented with that camera! :)

  32. sprittibee

    Oh, my dear, woman – these are fantastic. I love that you said, “Fly on tiny helicopter.” ;)

    And that last photo is stunning. The best part about it – if you could single one thing out? The billboard that says, “Rethink NYC”. YES!

  33. Jodi

    I have never been to NYC but would love to go. I so enjoy your travels and your photos of those places, its like I am along with you. Thanks so much for sharing your travels and awesome photos with us. I can’t wait to see what’s next.

  34. Carol Dallape

    Wow!!! That’s stunning!!!
    I’ve been to NY only once, I’m from Brazil… and on that time, I didn’t get the chance to see not even 10% of what i wanted… I intend to go back there and do the traditional “tourist” trip… I’d love to have some tips from you….
    Loved the brooklin view, it’s absolutly amazing!!!
    Your pictures are always perfect!!


  35. Angie

    Awesome! LOVE those night shots… especially the first one. Something about all that deep blue color totally draws me in. Glad you went back for your camera for some rooftop shots – what an incredible view. I’ve never been to NYC, but these images tell me I might need to put it on my goal list ;)

  36. Averie @ Love Veggies and Yoga

    Amanda your photos are just so beautiful. I would love to just watch you take pictures and pick your brain about what settings you selected and WHY, i.e. aperture, iso, etc.

    You are soooo talented!

  37. Jane Crawford

    “I’m spreading the news. I’m leaving today. I wanna be a part of it all–New York, New York!” I love New York and I haven’t been in several years. Your picture really make me want to go so badly! You certainly have an eye for the beautiful! Thanks.

  38. Kathleen

    Amazing photos. I’d love to go to New York, meanwhile I’m enjoying armchair travelling through your lens. Thanks for sharing so many of the different destinations you travel to with us. I’m a long time reader of your blog and always enjoy it!

  39. Joy

    Wonderful photos… I loved seeing them… since the last time I was there was just 9 months after 9/11 and it was very much uncomfortable there. Everyone was still on edge I hope to go back again someday.

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