{ New House Tour } Travel Gallery Wall

Hallway Travel Gallery Wall

Hi friends! Thought I’d share a new gallery wall we just added to the upstairs hallway. The upstairs hallway opens up to a balcony overlooking our downstairs living room, kitchen, and backyard. From where I’m standing in this photo, you can see the dining room, foyer, and downstairs gallery wall behind the living room. Feel free to click on those links to see more detailed photos I’ve shared from these rooms! :)

Hallway Travel Gallery Wall

Here’s a view of the new travel gallery wall from the living room below.

Hallway Travel Gallery Wall

I wanted a place to display some of our favorite travel photos we’ve taken over the years.

Hallway Travel Gallery Wall

Here’s where they were all taken, in case you’re curious. :)

Top Row

Middle Row

Bottom Row

Hallway Travel Gallery Wall

And here’s a view from the other side.

{ Source List }

Upstairs Hallway Paint Color — Martha Stewart Living Potter’s Clay from Home Depot.
Downstairs Paint Color — See here.
Dining Room Paint Color — See here.
Gallery Wall Frames — Better Homes and Gardens 11×14 frames from Walmart.
Sconce Candleholders — Pottery Barn.
Couch — Braxton Sectional from Ashley Furniture.
Coffee Table — Catlettsburg coffee table from Ashley Furniture.
Rug — Safavieh Anatolia Dark Grey / Brown 9 ft. x 12 ft. Area Rug from Home Depot.

For more info about anything you see in the photos above, check out these source lists as well:

Thanks so much for looking!! Have a great day!! :)

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33 Responses
  1. Lesley

    I’m doing something like this in our daughters room. She’s coming home from being out of the country and I’m going to frame some of her travel pics. What size are your frame? Are the prints 8×10?

  2. susan

    Looks beautiful! Jon and I LOVE Italy. We used to go more often, but since we had the boy, travel hasn’t been as easy. So, it’s always nice to see other people’s views on the places I love as well. Well Done!

  3. Hilda

    Amanda, I love your house tour posts! Any chance you’ll show us what your dining room looks like post holidays? I’d love to see it!!

  4. dervla

    oooh super cool. I love a gallery wall with a theme. We are putting together one above a navy dresser in our entryway and i want all the photographs to have something blue in them. It’s so fun! Your place is looking gorgeous.

  5. kathleen

    Amanda you are such an inspiration! I just love your photo wall ! Please pardon me while I sip a cup of coffee and do some traveling.

  6. Georgia

    You had me at “love comments”! What blogger doesn’t? I know I do. ;) So I couldn’t just bounce away.

    I LOVE the travel wall! We remodeled this summer and our living room wall is BARE. It’s so sad and lonely looking! And our hall walls are bare too.

    I’ve had this idea for a while to make some great use of travel photos we love and I very well may pin this. Well done!

    How did you mat them? Did you get them printed professionally?

    You’ve inspired me to get off my laptop and get on that poor sad little wall of mine.

    p.s. Make sure you save room for some awesome UK pics right?

    1. Amanda

      Thank you Georgia!! :) I got them printed at Costco on their lustre paper. I love their quality!! The mats came with the frames from Walmart. :)

  7. Joanne Z.

    Beautiful framed pictures!! I just checked WalMart’s website and couldn’t find the exact frames. They had some 11×14 distressed frames, but not any with the smooth black finish that yours look like, including the mat. Do you happen to have a link you can post to these? Thank you!

  8. Fit Desk Jockey

    You have a beautiful home!

    It’s so cool that you have so many beautiful photographs from so many cool places.

    It reminds me that I need to travel more…my walls would not be very interesting at this point. :)

    Thanks for sharing!

  9. Lucy

    What a beautiful home!!! The artist in you really comes through in everything you do. I love the pictures you took … the colors are amazing! The pictures of Rome got me smiling again. We always felt like we were in that “Frog” game, where you have to dodge all the cars trying to hit you:)

  10. teri

    Love all the color of your photos everything seems to just flow. The wall is a great idea and you certainly have traveled to some very nice places. Thank you for sharing your ideas and skills on photography.

  11. Sadonna

    Looks amazing I have always loved your travel photos. Noticed the blades of your ceiling fan is half white. Is this a new style I am missing lol..

  12. Ali | Gimme Some Oven

    Ooooh, I LOVE this! Beautiful matching frames, and of course GORGEOUS photography. I love photo walls!! :)

  13. Robin P.

    I have been on the search for a coffee table for months now and yours is just gorgeous. I have a deep and abiding love for little drawers, even if they don’t function as such. Can I ask where you found it?

  14. Scarlett

    Amanda, you are an amazing photographer! It only fits for the artist to display her work! Great job! It looks like an art gallery for real! I love your photography Amanda.
    May I ask you something?
    Did you just learn from trial and error? Or did you happen to take some classes?
    If I could be 1/4 of the photographer that you are, I would be so thrilled!
    Have a nice day!

    1. Amanda

      Thank you, Scarlett!! I’ve never taken any classes, but I read a ton online when I first my camera. This was back in 2006, so I just Google’d everything. Thank goodness for the internet, right?? Lol! :) I shared some of my best tips I learned and a book that really helped me here: Kevin and Amanda’s DSLR Guide. Hope this helps!! :)

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