This Iced Mocha Recipe is so refreshing and delicious! It’s energizing, super easy to make and perfect for the summertime!

Iced Coffee Mocha | Recipe Blog Step by Step

Iced Mocha Recipe

I have only two words. Iced. Mocha. Oh man. I love coffee, but I especially love mochas. Now that I’ve learned how to make them at home… oh man. My waistline is going to be very, very sorry. My tastebuds, on the other hand, are throwing a party and planning a parade in my honor as we speak (type? read??).

I went to my local Starbucks and picked up a 1 lb bag of ground coffee. I brought it home, dumped the whole thing into a large, 1 gallon pitcher and filled it up the rest of the way with hot water from the tap. I gave it a stir for good measure, covered it with a towel and let it sit on the counter overnight for about 12-14 hours. I needed some way to strain it, but all I really had was a tiny little strainer or a big flour sifter. I used the flour sifter. :P So anyway, I strained it into another pitcher of the same size, covered it with a lid, and put it in the fridge.

How to Make The Best Iced Mocha

When I get ready to make the Iced Mocha…

Iced Coffee Mocha | Recipe Blog Step by Step

I put ice in the bottom of a glass…

Iced Coffee Mocha | Recipe Blog Step by Step

Fill it up about 1/4 – 1/3 of the way with the cold coffee… Depending on how much of a coffee flavor you like. I prefer just a hint myself.

Iced Coffee Mocha | Recipe Blog Step by Step

Fill it the rest of the way with milk (2% for me).

Iced Coffee Mocha | Recipe Blog Step by Step

Give a *good* squeeze of chocolate syrup… Maybe 1-2 tablespoons? If you don’t add enough you won’t really be able to taste it.

Iced Coffee Mocha | Recipe Blog Step by Step

If you’re feeling naughty, go on and add a little sugar too. When I’m too lazy to get a big bag of sugar out, I just skip this step and it’s still good. :D

Iced Coffee Mocha | Recipe Blog Step by Step

Now give it a good stir. And if you’re feeling really, REALLY naughty… Top it with some whipped creme and more chocolate. :D :D :D

Iced Coffee Mocha | Recipe Blog Step by Step

Iced Mocha Recipe

Iced Mocha Recipe

  • Prep Time: 5 minutes
  • Cook Time: 0 minutes
  • Total Time: 5 minutes
  • Yield: 1 serving 1x
  • Category: Drink
  • Method: Glass
  • Cuisine: American


This Iced Mocha Recipe is so refreshing and delicious! It’s super easy to make and it’s perfect for the summertime!



  • Ice cubes
  • 1/41/3 a glass of milk
  • Brewed coffee
  • chocolate syrup
  • whipped cream
  • sugar (optional)


  1. Put ice in the bottom of a glass
  2. Fill it up about 1/4 – 1/3 of the way with the cold coffee… Depending on how much of a coffee flavor you like. I prefer just a hint myself
  3. Fill it the rest of the way with milk (2% for me)
  4. Give a *good* squeeze of chocolate syrup… Maybe 1-2 tablespoons? If you don’t add enough you won’t really be able to taste it
  5. Add sugar and top with whipped cream if desired

If I could only drink one thing for the rest of my life- this would be it. :D

Sorry about the spilled milk. I really think I need to go make another one and redo this photoshoot. What do ya’ll think? ;)

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57 Responses
  1. LindaSue

    THANK YOU!!!! I have been trying to figure out the easiest way to make these…. I am soooo hooked! Many times I will start another pot of coffee and not finish it after my husband leaves for work. will never waste another partial pot again. Now I can be blessfully sinful while doing my beadwork! ;)

  2. Lea

    I have been looking for a good recipe for iced coffee and yours looks delicious. This will be the first thing I try in the morning. Can’t wait. Thanks for the recipe and will let you know how delish it is.

  3. Julianne

    This looks great. And I love that it is so simple. Thanks for the recipe.. I freeze a tray of coffee to make coffee ice cubes, so they don’t dilute the iced coffee.. (I make a venti size and drink them slow) :)

  4. Jenny

    Can you use almond milk? And is an iced mocha similar to the frappe at McDonald’s? I don’t like coffee and that had such a slight coffee taste it didn’t bother me.

    1. Amanda

      Yes and Yes!!! I think you would love this. The good part is you can add as much or as little coffee as you want! :) Enjoy!! :)

  5. Brandy

    I do something very similar, only I use either whipping cream or half and half instead of milk (depending on how naughty I am feeling.) :)

  6. Liz (Little Bitty Bakes)

    Looove a good iced coffee this time of year! Have you ever tried making it with ice cubes made from leftover coffee? It’s great that way!

  7. Teri

    It looked yummy in the picture but after you detailed it it really makes me want to go out and get the ingredients and make it, definitely a try :-)

  8. Jaimie D.

    Love this recipe, i’ve tried a bunch of other ones that just didn’t turn out right. The only thing I did differently was I bought the iced coffee single packets instead of the regular coffee grounds so you get to skip the overnight thing. Thanks for the awesome recipe!

  9. Lynn Perry

    Girl, you r awesome! Glad to finally find a good , easy recipe for the mochas!! Gonna try it tomorrow, but I am gonna blend it n c how it comes out!

  10. Cindy

    Just made these and they are delicious!!!! We love the McDonalds iced mochas and these are every bit as good and less expensive per drink!! Hit the spot today as the temps soar above 100!!!!

  11. Sheena

    Followup: This recipe is fantastic. My best tip is Smucker’s Sundae Syrup for the chocolate (it shows a picture of coffee on the back). No more drive thru coffee for me.

  12. Sheena

    I, too, am addicted to coffee drinks. I do not like hot coffee. Well, I started out with a Starbucks addiction, and then realized that McDonald’s Iced Mocha’s were delicious in a different way. Oh, the chocolate. On a local news special, it was announced that McDonald’s McCafe drinks include an ingredient used in hospital laxatives, and some other terrible additives. I was not sure if this was true, but somehow, it made the Mocha much less appealling to me, and I decided to find a recipe to make them at home. I am very excited to try this recipe, and was wondering how you got the idea for the coffee mixture. I thought I was going to have to buy an espresso maker, but this sounds great. Thanks for the tip!

  13. Nathan Semans

    I haven’t yet perfected the art of making my iced coffee blends. For now I buy those monster coffee drinks everyday or sometimes splurge and get one from dunkin donuts. OH they so GOOD! This drink is absolutely my favorite drink. Although I’ve packed on some pounds,I’m wide awake. My wife hates the obsession because it’s so costly. I would recommend anyone to make their own so you don’t have to pay those rediculous prices. Glad to see someone that knows what a good thing is.

  14. Trish

    I fell in love with McDonald’s McCafe iced mocha. Problem is, the nearest is 15 miles away and too expensive. I found your recipe and tried it today….MAH-VELOUS!!!! I did cheat and use instant decaf…cuz the doctor says to lay off the caffeine. It’s just as good as McDonalds and a tenth of the cost. I thank you, my taste buds thank you, and my waistline will suffer.

  15. Penny

    How long will the coffee stay good in the frig? I think it would go bad before I had time to drink an entire gallon. Just wondering. Other than that, these look delicious!

  16. Pati

    Wow! I just found your site the other day, and I don’t remember how I got here but I’m having fun! This looked so yummy I had to make it just now, using some of my husband’s coffee leftover from this morning’s brew. I don’t drink coffee but I love this, just a hint of coffee in my Chocolate Milk, yum : ) Thanks for sharing this. Now I think I’m ready to dig into your other techy posts on fonts…. : )

  17. Andrea

    You should really put this in your recipe section! I had to use the search in google to figure out with of the cooking websites had this and I found it on yours :) Anyway, thank you!!!!! :)

  18. Ann

    Those drops of milk really spoiled it for me. I think you better make another one and take new photos!

    Love the kit. Thanks so much!

  19. Malea

    I LOVE these! I’ve also tried making them with Starbucks Double Shots… a little pricier than brewing your own coffee, but a heck of a lot more convenient if you don’t have any cold brewed coffee around when you want one. :)

  20. Gail Evans & Henry

    You are the greatest in every thing you go at Love all you do and say. Things just come togather for you even the spilled milk made me want to go do a batch of moco coffice…
    Thank you,
    Henry & Gail and all on Happy Hill Kennel.
    Keep them coming.

  21. Miki

    I originally signed up for the free fonts, intending to cancel. However, your charming newsletters, scrapbooks, recipes and zest for life have me hooked! Now, a fabulous coffee drink for peas? You’ve outdone yourself. Thanks!

  22. Michelle

    I love spiced mocha’s. AKA- Mexican Mocha’s. I’m not sure what the spice blend is but they are to die for…. I’m going to have to try it iced.

  23. Patti

    Amanda, you rock! I’ve tried to make this before but I just used the coffee that my husband brewed, this is much more concentrated. Just made a small, quick batch and it’s perfect!

  24. Jodie Smith

    OMG!!! You are the best for listing this recipe! I love, love, love Iced Mocha’s….thank you so much..I can hardly wait to try it!!

  25. Renae Reis

    Sounds yummo!! I can’t wait to try it! I’m a huge fan of premaking my coffee and keeping it chilled for such things. Thanks!

  26. Janice

    ooooh, this sounds yummy! And it sounds easy too, keep those recipes coming (especially if it involves

  27. Ashley

    I can hardly wait to try the iced mocha recipe of yours. You are so much fun, I always look forward to reading your posts. Thank you so much for sharing. Ashley

    1. Carrie

      I’ve actually purchased DaVinci sugar free at Winner’s and Marshall’s (Toronto, Ontario, Canada).

  28. Lori@Not Always Charming

    Skip the milk and throw in vanilla ice cream…your waistline will give you a National Holiday! Parades are so 1980! LOLOLOL

  29. Mary Yannotti

    Makes me want to run out to stabucks and copy you.what a way to injoy ones self after a day with my grand kids and our dogs. you rock girl

  30. Megan

    Yummy! But I like mine from Dairy Queen and they add ice cream! Talk about a delicious treat! But I limit myself. Only a few a year… it’s a good thing I don’t work at the mall, down the hall from the DQ anymore… I’d be super fat!

  31. Candice S.

    Congrats to the winners, how awesome is that!!!!!

    Also, OMG….that drink looks like it’s TO DIE FOR!! Did you really make that and take all the photos?? Or did you grab the pics elsewhere… If you took them, beautiful job! wowzers!


  32. Kay

    I cannot believe I’ve won the March Kit. I am sooooo happy, thank you so much.

    Oh, and thank you for all the lovely fonts that you share with us too.

  33. snarflemarfle

    No need to “clean up” the last picture. In fact, I didn’t even notice the milk drips until you pointed it out. And I’m with Kelly…it looks like a real person made it.

    Oh, and I’ll have to remember this next time I have some cold brewed coffee sitting around…which is most mornings!

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