Miley and Howie at the Beach!

We had an amazing time at the beach on our vacation a couple weeks ago! Miley and Howie had a blast playing around on the best pet-friendly beach in Florida! Check out some of the highlights!

Dogs on The Beach

Miley and Howie had so much fun at the beach!! They swam with the waves, ran in the sand, chased their frisbee and napped in the sun.  They haven’t stopped talking about it since. ;) Grab a drink and sit back — Today’s post is a photo report on what Miley and Howie did on their summer vacation. :)

(A few weeks ago we went to Cape San Blas for Kevin’s birthday. If you missed them, here’s our posts about where we stayed and the pet-friendly beach. The sunsets and seashells were amazing in Cape San Blas!)


They loved running through the water with the sand in their toes!


They chased sea gulls and sand crabs.


And of course they chased their frisbee!


Beach frisbee is the best!


Miley’s favorite part of the day was our morning walks on the beach. We’d say hello to the fishermen and watch for dolphins.


And of course she chased her frisbee too. ;)


They were not afraid of the waves at all!


They would dive right in.




This wave is no match for Howie!


Howie was the official Mini Basketball Beach Search and Rescue Team. He’d save that basketball every time!


And always go back for more. ;)


By the end of the week, he learned to jump over the waves, instead of body slamming them head first.


He still made a huge splash!


Then he’d effortlessly ride the waves back in.


Mini basketball beach hero!


Miley would rescue her frisbee if it went astray.


Got it!


Howie gets ready to dive!


He goes for it..


Rescue missing: Success!


Rawr! Howie, mid-shake! :)


When Howie wasn’t rescuing his mini basketball, he was being a typical little brother and following Miley everywhere.


Whatever Miley has, he wants!


She was usually able to fend him off though. ;) Miley knows a thing or two! :)


Howie would run ahead and try to beat her…


But Miley would put him back in his place pretty quick!


I think we have a little trash-talking going on here!


Oh, they spot the frisbee! It’s go time now!


They’re running for it!


They both go up!


It’s a dog fight mid-air!


And Miley comes away with the prize!


Howie’s sure he’s going to get it this time. He’s got the lead!


But Miley’s no newcomer to this game. It floats right in her mouth. Howie is in disbelief.


And pouty. Miley looks right at the camera with her win. Was there ever any doubt?


But he never gives up!


Howie will chase Miley until the end of time.


And take a few waves to the face in the meantime.


Miley comes away victorious this time!


Uh oh! Mid-photo sneak attack by a wave! Guess this photo shoot’s over :)

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Miley and Howie on the Beach

Thanks for looking!! :)

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The Best Pet-Friendly Dog Beach in Florida! Cape San Blas, near Port Saint Joe on the panhandle. Just one hour from Panama City!

The Best Pet-Friendly Dog Beach in Florida! Cape San Blas, near Port Saint Joe on the panhandle. Just one hour from Panama City!

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27 Responses
  1. Dee

    Fantastic pics! I don’t think my Boston would be as ocean friendly as yours. It looks like you had a magical time.

    Renee, they are Puppia harnesses. The cheapest price I’ve found is on Amazon.


  2. ryane

    How cute are your dogs. They look like they enjoyed every minute of Vacation too. Thats Lovely. Such good swimmers . Very photogenic. Thx for sharing these they make you smile.

  3. J @ semplicemente ... j

    I love the pics. I can never get good shots of Dante. I would love to go and explore Cape San Blas. I would just be afraid to let Dante free, lets say I just need to train him a little better.

  4. Cat Yates

    Your dogs are seriously so much fun. I follow you on Instagram and my girls and I watch your videos of them in the water over and over again. I have a fur baby of my own and it’s just as much fun to watch them grow up – sometimes even more fun. Plus they are just so dang cute!

  5. danielle

    Sooo stinkin’ cute those two! Love reading your Miley and Howie stories! I’m going to share it with my six yr. old when she gets home from school today.

  6. Sarah

    You get the BEST shots of these two! I have two Bostons and so does a co-worker of mine. We die laughing at these posts together! Love it! Thank you!

  7. Renee - Kudos Kitchen

    Gotta love trash taking Boston terriers! Simply adorable!!!
    I’m wondering where you got those harnesses for them? They look soft and comfortable and so much better than the harnesses ours wear.

  8. Anele @ Success Along the Weigh

    What great shots! Those little nuggets look like they had a great time! If moving to the beach isn’t an option I’d say you’ve got room for a sandy bottom puppy pool in that big ol backyard of yours! ;)

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