Kevin’s brother got an adorable new dog named Louie last weekend! Help me welcome this perfect puppy to the family!Louie the Basset Hound Puppy 2

Meet Louie

He’s a hound dog! And those ears are just too cute to handle!

Louie the Basset Hound Puppy 3

Louie is Miley and Howie’s new cousin. This sweet little fella belongs to Kevin’s brother.

Louie the Basset Hound Puppy 17

We got to meet him last weekend and I fell in love. I vowed to puppy snatch Louie and bring him home with me.

Louie the Basset Hound Puppy 4

He’s got a heart-shaped spot on his shoulder. Melt.

Louie the Basset Hound Puppy 1

And puppy breath. Sweet, precious puppy breath.

Louie the Basset Hound Puppy 6

I miss puppy breath.

Louie the Basset Hound Puppy 5

Louie can run!

Louie the Basset Hound Puppy 8

But not for long before he tires out.

Louie the Basset Hound Puppy 9

He’s got comically large, adorable, floppy ears.

Louie the Basset Hound Puppy 7

And ginormous Frito feet.

Louie the Basset Hound Puppy 10

He’s soft, wrinkly, wiggly, scoopable, and huggable.

Louie the Basset Hound Puppy 16

I’m definitely puppy snatching this cutie with his smooshy, kissable jowls and wet, curious nose.

Louie the Basset Hound Puppy 18

Louie can howl.

Louie the Basset Hound Puppy 12

Play with me Howie!

Louie the Basset Hound Puppy 13

Howie just doesn’t understand.

Louie the Basset Hound Puppy 11

They don’t speak the same language.

Louie the Basset Hound Puppy 14

Play Time With Miley and Howie

Louie tried so hard to keep up with Miley and Howie but they just ran right over him.

Louie the Basset Hound Puppy 19

Howie is a little jealous that he’s not the baby anymore.

Louie the Basset Hound Puppy 20

Oh Howie. My little gray-faced man. I am in complete denial of the fact that you’re almost 5 years old.

Louie the Basset Hound Puppy 21

This is my girl. My darlin’ heart.

Louie the Basset Hound Puppy 15

Being this cute is exhausting.

Louie the Basset Hound Puppy 22

And results in this.

Have a great Wednesday!

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248 Responses
  1. Anna K.

    I love Bassett Hounds! They are so sweet and the best dogs to have around kids. My parents raised Bassetts when I was a kid and my husband and I had one for our first dog together. She was our baby in every sense of the word. Enjoy the little man!

  2. Janet

    The second to last picture is AMAZING. How’d you co-ordinate the tongues? I loved every picture, and I also want to puppy snatch Louie.

  3. Gabi

    Maximum cuteness!!! Louie needs his own web page and a children’s book series…..”Louie Makes New friends”, “The Adventures of Louie”….”Loveable Louie Goes to School”…”you get the idea :)

  4. Kate Ryan-McCullough

    Thank you for posting these adorable pics. My day was going a little rough and I ‘stumbled-upon’ your site and everything changed when I smiled. <3

  5. Michelle

    Oh my goodness, what an adorable puppy! I love the “being this cute is exhausting” picture! I have a little doggy named Snickers with the opposite ears. He has big chihuahua ears and he’s mostly rat terrier. I have pictures of him on my facebook fanpage for Snickers’ Day Out. Your puppy is fantastic! It’s all about the ears!



  7. Moozie

    You MUST read “A Dog’s Purpose”. It is a wonderful story. Dogs know how we feel. When our only child died 3 years ago, our 2 pugs were the only ones who could make us smile. When i’m crying, the make, Lord Nibbler, will put his paws on my shoulderd and get really close to my face and gaze into my eyes. (Did you know that tears have a scent? And Miss Hattie May is so darling as well. Thanks for putting up these wonderful pictures.

  8. Dan

    Louie is a great looking example of a Basset Hound and if he is anything like our Basset Hounds he will love you, your family and your other pets with all his heart. the pictures are fantastic.

  9. Christina

    I think your hound is SOOOO adorable. I used to have a basset hound and boy was he amazing. It’s hard to find a good dog, reasonable priced, for a family that has 4 boys LOL. Thanks for sharing!

  10. April

    As the mommy of 3 bassets and one mutt….bassets are the most comical breed EVER. Their sweet faces can melt about any heart….

  11. candi

    I have a Jack Russell name Lindsey she is about 10 and we got her from a person that couldn’t keep her anymore she was about 4 yrs when we got her, she is my love she knows when I’am sick or upset she’ll lay with me when we watch tv, she used to bark at dogs on tv but she doesn’t do that anymore we think her hearing is going. but I also have a puppy a Rat Terrier name Lucy Rose she is so cute but Lindsey is not happy with me or her right now and I don’t blame Lindsey she was the first one here the Queen lol! but Lindsy is trying to be nice with her sister and hopefully they will become friends I hope so. but you’re dogs are so cute now I want a Basset hound so cute love the long ears!

  12. Daniii

    oh goodness!!! that just made my WEEK! haha the first few pictures of when he’s running is like an airplane going for lift offff! :)
    <3 keep up the cue posts

  13. pooja

    Loovveee it!!! Jst lost my dog (labradore) and miss him so much.. love seeing piks of other ppl n their dogs… bless u fr taking such great care of ur pets

  14. Christina

    Your dogs are sooooo CUTE!!!! I want to get a dog so bad, but since I’m a college student, I feel like I’m not at a stable enough position in my life to get a doggy. :((((( Sad day!!

  15. Catdogfishy (@Catdogfishy)

    How cute! I have a question. What camera do you use? Can you please tell me by emailing me? ( Thank you!

  16. Kia and Zeno

    Hello Kevin and Amanda,
    we got your url from a friend. Gorgeous blog! :)
    That last shot of the three of them napping together just melts our heart, awwww! Simply Fab!
    Have a happy summer-time, cheers from two Italian expats in Scotland.

  17. Lauren

    Ohmagarsh those are the cutest pictures I have ever seen!
    What an adorable little puppy!! My babygirl needs a little sibling soon…

  18. Elizabeth

    Soooo cute! There is absolutely nothing better than a puppy to make you smile. You’ve captured some great pictures here and I would love to share them on my blog, if thats ok.

  19. Allyn

    Those have to be the sweetest dogs ever !! And you captured their puppy personality in all the great shots you took of them. Can you come to Jackson and shoot pics of my four-legged babies?

  20. Jo

    Dogs are the best! No pretense, no politics, no pettiness. Just precious. Love the pix of these sweet babies (5 years old is still a baby in my book). My Lacy is 14 and still acts like a pup (on occasion). Visit and share our adventures running a business and growing old together.
    Happy to follow you ;)

  21. Morgan

    Louie is so darn cute! i am a very huge dog lover and when they are that cute i just want to squeeze them and hold them and get the wettest kisses from them! i have 3 scottish terriers and they are all related and different colors! They are the best and they like to howl too and they are adorable when they do it! They are very spoiled and i think they love it! please try to put more adorable pictures up of all your dogs b/c i bet everyone on here would love to see more! Thank you for the joy and laughter you bring to many people!

  22. Trish

    I love love love bassets! I have two Chopper and Flash! The little puppy reminds me of my Flash, all we could say was AWWW, AWWW, and AWW for cute!!

  23. Angela B

    Oh my goodness!! Do not, I repeat do not, let Ree know about Louie or he will be puppy-napped for real! What an adorable baby. Your kids were so funny. Could definately tell they were not as amused as you were with him!

  24. LiSa

    I have had basset fever for awhile now! Dying to get a basset puppy :) Louie has gotta be the most adorable puppy ever! I love the ears :)

  25. Nanette

    I have 3 basset hounds and this brings back great memories. Louie is LOADED with hound personality! They ARE the clowns of the canine world!

  26. Jenny

    Love this! Your dogs are adorable!!! Our pup, Buhner, would love to play with them! He’s an 8 month old mini dachshund.

  27. zeezee

    Had a bad day. Opened up a link my son sent me .What a joy in my heart .
    May I have them all , PLEASE !!!!!!!!!
    Incredible motion photography…..Thank you for making up my evening !!!!!

  28. Sophie

    This post brought me to tears, it was so adorable! I can’t get over how each photo got cuter and cuter. You should be a pet photographer!

  29. nonsensegirl

    Love your pictures – this guy is such a cutie it’s hard to believe. When the puppy breath has gone, you can always smell their paws. It smells like basmati rice cooking.

  30. Gretz

    What a cute puppy! I love the photos of all 3 together, especially the one of them asleep. You take great photos Amanda!

  31. Lori @ RecipeGirl

    ahhhhhhhhhhhh, RecipeBoy and I both looked at this post together and we are in love with the puppy. Great, now RB is begging me for a puppy!!! HOW CUTE!!!!

  32. Kim

    OMG, the pictures were great. I feel bad for Louie because I wonder if his ears ever get in his way. Plus, I’m wondering how on Earth you got all three of them to line up and look at the camera at the same time. Excellent. I love puppies, to me all dogs are still puppies.

  33. Jamie

    My daughters and I just got the biggest smiles from these pictures. What ears, what feet! And I’m not talking about the Boston’s. Seriously, too much cute factor going on.

  34. Jeannie K.

    My aunt & uncle always had basset hounds. One would pass and the next day they went out and bought a new puppy. I can’t remember ever them not owning one! I love when their little and they run and trip over their own ears! And those sad eyes, who could resist not giving them just one more cookie!! LOL

  35. Joe

    Your puppies cheered me up! My 3 Yorkies are insane retarded. They keep us rolling =0 I can never get them to look at the camera at once. They deliberately turn their heads before the flash. I have had them for 5 years and have maybe 5 pictures of them all looking at the camera at the same time! Joe

  36. Nicole H.

    The fact that they all slept so close together is the CUTEST thing ever. This post just SERIOUSLY made my day. My little guy, Henry (also a boston) just turned three and I’m also in denial! I love love love when Miley and Howie make debuts on your blog… and now Louie too!

  37. Jessica

    I think my heart just exploded. Seriously. I am in hard core love with Louie. Beautiful photos by the way! I love how you truly captured his adorable personality!

  38. Tara Dawes

    So much cuteness it’s almost unbearable…. almost makes me want to get a new puppy to add to the two furbabies I already have!

  39. Melissa

    OMG! Their just so CUTE!!!! My dog is a great dane, I can’t seriously play with mine like you did with yours.. :p

  40. carol broughton

    OMG!!! Louie is off the chart cute! We currently have a 6 yr old Boston, named Buster and a choc lab mix rescue. I lost my Basset, Scarlett a few years ago and would love to have another one. Your pictures are fantastic, they brought a smile to my face and also to my heart! I know what you mean about puppy breath. Thank you so much for sharing!

  41. Heather

    Love it! My Beagle’s name is Ferrick but I call her Frito all the time because she smells like Fritos! I have never heard anyone else relate puppy toes to Fritos!

  42. Michelle

    OMG he is so dang cute, you cant get any more adorable than that. Every time I see a hound with those big floppy ears you cant help but want to go play with the ears….lol My uncle used to have them on his farm. I remember him saying watch this he would pull there ear lightly and they would howl…of course I would have to speak up and say stop I loved the hounds they were so sweet. He would drive me crazy doing that…lol
    By way love the last photo of the dogs sleeping how cute.

  43. Vanessa

    If I wasnt already melted…the last picture did it! I just ♥ puppies. Such adorable photos and some of the expressions are just priceless!

  44. Tara

    That may be, quite possibly, the world’s cutest puppy.

    And so photogenic! LOVE the profile pic where he’s kind of looking at you out of the corner of his eye!

  45. Amber!
    Louis is adorable. It makes me miss how small my basset used to be! They are the most comical, sweetheart dogs out there!!!

  46. Gail

    These pictures are SLAYING me!
    I wore big earrings that blew with the wind the other day, so I know exactly how Louie feels.

    Entire post made me smile! Thanks again for the great photography.

  47. Noob Mommy

    These photos are killer. Louie is too much my heart is going to burst. And when you put up that picture of the three of them together, I died.

  48. Lynne @ 365 Days of Baking

    Amanda, they are all so stinkin’ cute!!!!! The pictures are absolutely wonderful and I literally laughed out loud at the picture of the three of them looking at the camera. How precious!! Thanks so much for brightening my morning!

  49. Lynn

    Oh Amanda! They are tooooo cute! If you snatch Louie…..I want to be his babysitter!! I’m in love and didn’t even get a whiff of the puppy breath!

  50. Aprile

    What a great bunch of dogs….and pictures! Love how floppy Louie is! Puppy breath is just the best! We lost our little boy last week to bladder cancer! He was the best dog ever….for 12 years. We miss him terribly! Made me smile to see a cute little puppy! Thanks for that!

  51. Tricia Richner

    Oh my stinkin’ heck. That is one cute puppy. Pass him around so we can all take a squeeze, just a little squeeze.

  52. Ryan

    Really great pics as usual, Amanda! And you get a lot of awesome comments as well. Ok, I have to go play with Louie now.

  53. Braeden

    What an adorable puppy! My 10-year-old yellow labrador still wishes he was a puppy himself! ha! Thank you for sharing such sweet pictures!(:

  54. Jane

    Your pictures are so great….I just want to reach right in and hug all three of them. I love puppy breath too! Our puppy is 5 months old now and I miss puppy breath. Thanks for your wonderful pictures!

  55. tina

    Ah, Amanda! I come here loving your fonts, your food, your style. I only pray for a reprieve from the Basset Hound obsession I’ve started from visiting Ree. Now, I have to explain to my hubby that I can no longer hold out. If we weren’t leaving for another country to live for a couple years, I’d be snuggling a frito footed, floppy eared Bassett, ignoring the glare from my Aussie Shepard. Thank you for this adorable post.

  56. Rebecca Lopez

    Oh my lanta! So flippin cute is all I have to say! Love the giant ears, his coloring is beautiful too. Now I want one, minus the howling of course. :)

  57. BECKY

    OMG….I love puppy breath too. Louie is such a ham for the camera. Love love love the pics of the three sleeping and sitting together. How cute…you are great with the camera and took the best pics ever. You should send these to a dog magazine to be published. Are you a professional photographer ? You should be.

    Our first dog as a married couple was a Plott Hound and he would howl plus had the long ears like Louie. Thanks for sharing, Becky

  58. Courtney

    Are you kidding me? I have never seen a puppy hound dog, but that has to be THE CUTEST PUPPY EVER! I have never wanted a hound dog before now, but now I’m thinking I NEED one!

  59. Stephanie

    Ohmigosh! I am completely in love with Louie! :) What a sweetheart!
    Oh – just the mention of puppy breath! It’s one of those awesome sensory memories — I can think about it an smell it. :)
    The last picture is just adorable. I can’t imagine how you got them to fall asleep that way. “Doggies, lay next to each other and pretend to be sleeping while I get the shot!” :)
    Stinkin’ adorable!

  60. Denise

    How did you ever get them all lined up (and to stay lined up!) in that second to last photo? I know that is hard to do with animals, and kids! Even grown people! ha ha Too cute.

  61. Dalia

    He’s a cutie! I love these pictures especially the three of them posing for the camera and all three asleep. They look so great those three.

  62. Terry

    Those are incredible photos of those four-legged “children”.
    You make me “drool” whether you capture food or dogs!

  63. Taunya

    Louie is sooooo cute. I love his coloring, very unique. And the last picture is probably the sweetest thing I have ever seen. Such cute doggies!

  64. Stacey@StuffbyStace

    Such cute pics! By the way, I have a little black and white shih-tzu named Howie. You have great taste in dog names. ;)

  65. Sabrina Berry

    Wow! You always amaze me! Love how you capture and spin a story with your exceptional shots. Like a great book; you had me from start to finish. Thanks for sharing.

  66. Cookin' Canuck

    You have made my heart melt. I had a basset hound growing up and these pictures make me want another! Love that photo of them sacked on on the carpet together.

  67. Jennifer

    I love this post so much! Your photos are wonderful. I grew up with Boston terriors and my parents bred them for many years so they hold a special place in my heart. We recently lost our Mama BT named Darla so we’re all a little down but seeing the photos of your sweet kids and the new addition to your extended fur-family is heart warming.
    Keep taking these amazing photos and sharing them!!

  68. Georgina Peña

    I liked all the beautiful pictures of Louie, but the last one is the best of the group. Love it. Thanks for share them.

  69. Melinda Wilson

    This is precious! Makes me miss my doggies! We are vacationing and they are stay with parents and friends. I ready to see them!!!

  70. Tami McBeain

    Oh my heck, Louie is seriously adorable! And…the picture of him with Howie & Miley is priceless. Your photography skills are amazing, fabulous pics! Thanks for putting a huge smile on my face today!

  71. HeatherB

    Louie is adorable! And come one, admit it, you placed that big floppy ear before you took the photo, didn’t you?! :)

  72. Dalis

    are you sure Louie can’t fly? In some of those pictures if you had said “Louie can fly”… I would have gone “yep, look at him go flapping those cute adorable dumbo ears”.

    — dalis

  73. Melissa

    How on earth you got all three dogs to “pose” sitting together like that is remarkable! I’m glad you did because seeing those perky vs. floppy ears is just so adorable! These are some of the cutest pictures ever! :) You are soooo talented! Love your photos!

  74. Tali

    Oh, Louie hits me right in the heart. What a precious smoocher pup. I had a Basset when I was little, Frito Buddito Our Buddy. I miss that boy.

  75. Erin @ Brownie Bites

    You should warn people about the amount of cute that this post contains! Holy jeepers, they are PRECIOUS! I want to hug and smoosh and kiss and squish all of them!

  76. Livejoyful

    He’s adorable. We just got a new furkid and its funny how my mom’s and brother’s dogs reacted, but they do try and play together :)

  77. Leslie Mac

    Thanks for sharing – we have two little girls we call the wondermutts. This is making me ache for a 3rd! Great pics.

  78. Sarah T.

    So cute! I love puppies! My dog will be 6 in December and is getting gray on his face. Makes me sad to think about him getting older! But pics of puppies make it all better!

  79. jane crawford

    Thank you for making my day. These are the most precious pictures ever! Louie is absolutely adorable and that takes absolutely nothing away from Howie and Miley. I’ve spent much of the morning trying to help a woman who put an ad in the paper that said, “Help Bring Milo Home.” I called to tell her that I had seen him around our neighborhood. He came up in our yard and my two mini-daschaunds went crazy–they aren’t too receptive to visiting dogs! I hope they find Milo. By the way, Ree Drummond has two Louies, but I’m sure you already know that!! Have a great day, and my next dog is going to be a Bassett Hound!!

  80. Audrey Putnam

    Okay this was fun to see these great dog pic’s. Louie is one of those puppies you couldn’t resist taking home.

  81. Renée

    Thank you for sharing! Your photos are wonderful and encouraging. I am bringing a new puppy home today to meet my two pugs. I hope they get along as well as Louie, Howie and Miley! :)

  82. Heather @ Sweet Sins 2 Share

    Upon reading this I texted a photo of Louie to my hubby and asked if I can have another baby that looks like Louie! (We have 3 fur kids, 2 German Shepherds and a crazy cat!) Let’s hope he says yes!

  83. Susan Kay

    What a wonderful post! Thanks for a beautiful start to my day!! Love the pic of them napping together. Too, too cute!!

  84. ellie

    my parents have two basset hounds, they are rediculously adorable as pups. They are the funniest, and most stubborn dogs, you will ever meet!

  85. Leslie

    Oh my goodness–that last picture of the three of them napping together just melts my heart!! I’d puppy snatch Louie in a heartbeat, too!! LOL

  86. Patti

    OMG! A.d.o.r.a.b.l.e.

    I have owned two basset hounds in my lifetime (and now a french bulldog) and Louie’s pictures brought me to tears! So sweet.

    Thanks for sharing. xoxo

  87. Carrie

    Pics are TOO CUTE!! I don’t know how you got all three of them to sit for that pics but kudos to you! BUT that last one with all of them sleeping together is a poster! I can see it now! How precious! We love our pups don’t we!?

  88. The Mrs @ Success Along the Weigh

    THIS is the right way to start a day…with puppy goodness! Those ears are adorable and the last 2 pics…precious!

  89. Jane

    SO adorable! Thanks! After reading and viewing this post… I am starting my day off on a happy note… And a huge smile! Thanks Again!

  90. Stephanie Higgins

    How stinking cute. Love the one with all three sleeping and the only that looks like Louie is “smiling” Adorable

  91. Lorraine Robinson

    These are the most fantastic photos so precious and a great start to my day. OMG- that Louie was posing between your two loves and even laid down together. Sweet!

  92. Jessica

    Oh… My… Goodnes.. Louie is too stinkin cute I almost can’t stand it. God love puppies! Love the picture of the 3 gorgeous pups sleeping…looks like they are going to be fast friends.

  93. Meredith

    Bassett Hounds are great dogs! We have one who is about 10 years old that came from the Bassett Hound rescue of Birmingham. They are great with kids and are very loving. She is also very expressive both vocally and in her facial expressions! I hope they enjoy him for many happy years!

  94. Michelle

    He is so cute, reminds me of Charlie @ The Pioneer Woman. You should stop by and see that our spaniel has been up to, it will make you laugh. Have a wonderful day.

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