It’s a White Christmas! Miley and Howie style

Boston Terriers in the Snow

On Christmas morning Miley and Howie woke up to more than presents under the Christmas tree… They also woke up to a white Christmas! It was quite a surprise to wake up in Alabama and find everything in sight completely covered in snow.

Boston Terriers in the Snow

At first they came sliding to a halt when they saw their completely transformed backyard…

Boston Terriers in the Snow

But it didn’t take long for the curiosity to set in.

Boston Terriers in the Snow

They took off running and tore through the snow in typical Boston Terrier-esque chaos!

Boston Terriers in the Snow

We managed to find Howie’s favorite tennis ball and gave it a toss…

Boston Terriers in the Snow

Keep your eye on the ball, Howie!

Boston Terriers in the Snow

Whee! Here I come!

Boston Terriers in the Snow

Making as little contact with the ground as possible, he bounced through the snow like a deranged Easter bunny.

Boston Terriers in the Snow

The snow was still coming down like crazy! Howie got distracted and tried to attack a few snowflakes.

Boston Terriers in the Snow

Heh. This stuff is cold. And wet. But I don’t care!

Boston Terriers in the Snow

Hey Momma. Get outta my way.

Boston Terriers in the Snow

Wait! I think I see it!

Boston Terriers in the Snow

SHOOMP! Perhaps we should work on Howie’s aim.

Boston Terriers in the Snow

Found it!

Boston Terriers in the Snow

Next it was Miley’s turn.

Boston Terriers in the Snow

She takes more of a direct approach.

Boston Terriers in the Snow

And comes back successful!

Boston Terriers in the Snow

Uh oh. Here comes Howie!

Boston Terriers in the Snow

CHOMP! Have you ever seen two meaner faces??

Boston Terriers in the Snow

He tries to steal..

Boston Terriers in the Snow

But Miley gives him the cold shoulder.

Boston Terriers in the Snow

Uh oh. Howie makes contact..

Boston Terriers in the Snow

It’s slipping from Miley’s clenched grip!

Boston Terriers in the Snow

And he takes it! Miley’s left with a mouth full of snow.

Boston Terriers in the Snow

But not for long.

Revenge is a dish best served cold, Howie.

Boston Terriers in the Snow

Oh, Miley. It may be more of a snowball now, but at least it’s yours.

Boston Terriers in the Snow

Good thing Santa already came or these two might’ve ended up on the naughty list.

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108 Responses
  1. Melissa

    Oh my gosh. I came to your blog for the fonts (thank you!), I come back for the Bostons. I grew up with a Boston…(I got mine because Joey McIntyre from New Kids had one…geeez)….aren’t they the BEST dogs?? I miss mine and can’t wait to get one of my own again! For now I will enjoy the antics of Miley and Howie :)

  2. Michelle @ Brown Eyed Baker

    All of these photos are fabulous! Love the contrast of the black fur with the snow, and they look like they’re having so much fun!

  3. Dena Kolsky

    Okay, I have to admit it, I woke my husband
    up because I started laughing. Any person/family
    that has more than one dog in the house, knows
    exactly what your pictures show and the comments
    were perfect. It was just too funny! Thank you
    that made my day.

  4. Mimi

    Adorable! Especially the photos where it’s all snow and part puppy! What is it about dogs in snow and their abundant joy that is so endearing – and just plain fun to watch!!! Thanks for sharing these precious photos.

  5. victoria



  6. Diana

    I love these. my boston has been in doggie heaven for a year and a half. these pictures make me smile and think of my jagger :)

  7. ImAprilE

    The more I see the pictures you take, the more I want to buy a SLR of my own! And, who needs a formal photography course when I have all your tutorials right here! ;) Thanks for sharing such adorable photos!

  8. Candy

    I just love these pix Miley and Howie are so adorable. Great commentary also I was laughing, and ‘awwww’ing the whole time. And of course I subbed. Yayyy!!!

  9. Jane and Liza, the clairvoyant BT

    I was anxiously awaiting your post of Xmas from the BT’s point of view after seeing your other snow pics. You take wonderful pictures full of action and amazing shots.

    Wishing your family a very Happy and Healthy New Year!!!!
    Jane and Liza

  10. Shelley @ Green Eggs & Hamlet

    Oh, I just LOVE the Miley and Howie posts! I’m so jealous of your white Christmas. I live in Denver, CO and it was about 50 degrees on Christmas and NO SNOW! Such a disappointment.

  11. Stefanee D

    These two are so cute, I love the commentary with the pictures! We have a Jack Russell and have been wanting to get him a friend for so long but haven’t found the right one yet.


    Your puppies are so precious,but I really like the photography. Are you laying on the ground? thanks for sharing……

  13. Joan Pratt

    I just happened upon your site today. I have a Boston Terrier I love more than life! We live in Michigan & have plenty of snow for Jazz to play in. What a treat for you & your dogs to have a white Christmas. I will be stalking your site from now on.

  14. Jennifer

    I am going to have to learn to take photos like this of my pups! your “kids” are so cute and playful!
    Thanks for showing all of these, I loved them!

  15. Tricia Richner

    Just had to take a minute to comment on the entertaining dog post. I’m a dog lover myself and so I really appreciated the extended time and space dedicated to the dogs’ playtime. How fun.

  16. Wren Manners

    ok – i have been following your blog for awhile – not only are we Auburn graduates but also have a deep love for Boston terriers!

  17. Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking

    Wow these pictures are awesome! Your dogs are so pretty and they look like they have lots of energy!

  18. Diane

    I just love these pics!!! Especially the ones where it looks like they are flying through the air!!! Great job!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  19. Sydney

    Hehehe. I always love your commentaries & pictures of your cute puppies! Thanks for sharing! LOVE your site! Happy New Year!!

  20. Lara L Hanson

    Adorable pictures of the Bostons in the snow. What kind of camera do you have? It captures movement well and that is what I need since I take so many dog pictures myself and they are always on the go. Now when I take pictures of them by the time my camera flashes the dogs are gone. Just wondered.

  21. marla {family fresh cooking}

    Amanda, your pups are having waaayyyyy too much fun out there in the snow. Had I been there with them I would have been making snow angels :) XXOO

  22. Jenny

    I love these pictures. We had our two dogs, Rocky and Pudgy for 9-12 years. They played just like your pups. I especially like the one where one of the dogs is playing by trying to bite the other. That is exactly how our dogs would play. I can almost hear it now!
    Sadly, Rocky died in the Spring of 2009 and Pudgy just died this past October. It was a difficult time saying goodbye to them.
    Thanks for sharing the adventures of Miley and Howie. (Love their names too!)

  23. BECKY

    OMG this is a hoot. I am soooo glad you captured them in “Snow” motion.LOL. You are wonderful with the camera. So talented. Miley and Howie crack me up. They are having soooo much fun. Thanks for sharing these wonderful pics. I will look back on them again when I need a laugh or 2. Becky

  24. Gloria

    I love these photos. Please share with us the kind of camera you use.
    I just found your blog and I love these little guys already.
    Happy New Year!

  25. Rosemary

    I just recently found your blog – and I love your photography…..

    What an adorable set of pictures these are! Thanks so much for sharing.

  26. Amy Chambers

    Oh, my goodness!!! These pics were just what I needed this morning!! I just love seeing what Miley and Howie are up to, and I love seeing the pictures of them. As always, I’m impressed by your photography skills!!! And how fun to have a white Christmas! Thank you so much for sharing!!!

  27. Kassie

    I just found your blog, and it sure made me smile! My grandmother used to breed Bostons, and I grew up with them. I got one for myself when I “grew up”, but she suddenly died last year at the age of 2. Did you get yours from a breeder? They are gorgeous!

  28. GinaE

    Thanks for sharing these great photos….so fun! I’m so jealous you got a white Christmas. We have had a rather warm winter in TX this year (Boo). What a lovely surprise to wake up to!

  29. Jen @ The Decor Scene

    What awesome pics of the pups. If you scroll down quickly it’s almost like one of those flip picture books that tells a story. Thanks for sharing and great photography.

  30. Becky H

    Wow! I love the stories you tell of your Boston Terriers. We have had three and our newest one Izzy turned 1 on Dec. 31. She is mostly white so when we came home to Va. Beach and had 14 inches of snow on Dec. 26th. she got lost in it. We also have a white boxer and they both had great fun in the snow that we rarely see her in Va. Beach. Thanks for sharing.

    1. SoxyLady

      I want to know too! What lens did you use? I have a horrid time trying to get action shots of my Boston.

  31. Wendy

    What cuties they are! These are wonderful pictures. We have a two year old rat terrier named Fred who would love to play with Miley and Howie in the snow.

  32. kathy larson rogers

    Too adorable! Those two are just too much! I have three precious fur babies and I’m really not sure who is smarter, me or them? Yesterday I was pretty sure it was them! I love your Bosties. Great pics, as always.

  33. Beth Trestrail

    We’re cat people here, but the photos of your two dogs make me want to run right out and rescue two of my own. They look like such fun!

  34. Erin Roberts

    You have two of the cutest fur babies in the world. I, of course, have two of the cutest as well. My two Bostons are named Sophie and Java Beans. They are so like Miley and Howie it’s ridiculous! We had snow on Christmas morning and while Java enjoyed playing in it, Sophie decided to stay under her blankie. Thank you for sharing this blog with us! We love to see what the other Boston Terriers of the world are up to!!

    1. Erin Roberts

      So after I posted this, we lost our sweet Java Beans today. She had a fun filled morning playing then all of a sudden passed. We think it was a heart attack or stroke. She was 13. She is now playing at rainbow bridge until she meets up with us again. :(

  35. Debi

    Those two pups are sure lucky to have such great parents!!! And you take such awesome pictures… What kind of camera do you use???
    Thanks for the terrific website…love it.

  36. Drew MacFadyen

    My wife reads your blog, makes a killer pork shoulder from a recipe of yours and I have had a good smile at some of your past photos of the dogs…but these were just great on a dreary Monday morning. Thanks for sharing and cheering me up.


  37. Pat J

    Love the pictures! I’ve been waiting to see them since you said you got snow. Love the one showing the pink bottoms of Howie’s “feet”!

  38. Barbara

    Looks like those two were having GREAT fun and you and Kevin were having a blast watching them. A white Christmas in Alabama … a real treat! LOL

  39. Laura

    Wonderful pics. Wonderful subjects. Made me smile on my first morning back to first grade after two wonderful weeks of rest. Blessings:)

  40. Lynne

    I absolutely love your gorgeous puppies.
    You are very blessed and so are they.
    Happy New Year from Oz.
    Kind Regards
    Lynne Bilby

  41. KatieLovesWags

    Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous! Your photos have really captured what was obviously a fun (and freezing) moment. Happy New Year Kevin and Amanda and you beautiful Boston terrors!

  42. Jacque

    Those are AWESOME shots! I love to see what the doggies are up to! And you did a fabulous job with the play by play too! :) Looks like they had a blast! Hope y’all had a great holiday season!

    Thanks for sharing!

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