Calphalon Unison Nonstick 10-pc. Cookware Set Giveaway (Winner Announced!)

Time’s up!

The winner of the Calphalon Giveaway is #1435 Amy Chambers.

“We are headed downtown to a party with most of our friends. And at the stroke of midnight, we are headed home. Lots of big sales tomorrow, so I need my rest!!”

Congrats Amy! I’ve sent you an email.

Calphalon Unison Nonstick 10-pc. Cookware Set Giveaway

Happy New Years Eve! I’ve got a fun giveaway to share with you today to help ring in the new year! :)

The National Pork Board has been working with Iron Chef Michael Symon to mix up seasonal flavors by pairing pork’s savory flavor with unsuspecting holiday favorites like cinnamon, chocolate and pumpkin.

Calphalon has been working with Chef Michael Symon to create a line of Slide Nonstick and Sear Nonstick Unison cookware.

Together the National Pork Board and Calphalon would love to send a Kevin & Amanda reader a fabulous prize pack to help make your 2011 joyful and flavor-filled.

Calphalon Unison Nonstick 10-pc. Cookware Set Giveaway

Calphalon Unison Nonstick 10-pc. Cookware Set Giveaway

One Kevin & Amanda reader will win the the following prize:

  • A $25 gift card towards the purchase of your favorite cut of pork
  • An assortment of gourmet seasonal spices to inspire flavor-rich holiday pairings
  • A signed copy of Michael Symon’s new cookbook
  • Two festive aprons to prepare your holiday feasts
  • A digital meat thermometer to ensure that your holiday meals are delicious yet safe
  • A disposable serving platter
  • Calphalon Unison Nonstick 10-pc. Cookware Set ($599.95 value)

How to Enter

To enter the giveaway, simply answer the following question in the comments section of this post: “How will you be celebrating tonight?” Are you staying in? Going out? Waiting up to see the ball drop? Going to bed at 8?

Contest ends Sunday night at 8pm CST. One entry per person please. Winner will be chosen by and notified by email.
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Don’t forget that replies to comments aren’t counted as entries in the giveaway, so be sure to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the comments section and leave your reply in the comment form.

Good luck and Happy New Year!!

2,571 Responses
  1. Tiffanee Noack

    As much as I would like to stay home, my poor little sister has been making goodies all day just for tonight…last year her hubby pooped out on her and was in bed by 9pm, so she was determined to have her “own” little party…so I guess hubby and me will load up and go eat her goodies! Just prayin the rain stays away!

  2. Lillian D

    When I told my 2 year old daughter that we were having a party, she said “I am going to ask for cupcakes”. So we made cupcakes, danced and then put the kids to bed. Hubby and I watched a movie. I’m 3 months pregnant so I needed low key.

  3. Krissy

    We spent time visiting family in Indiana. Stayed up until midnight with the kids so we could all watch the ball drop. Happy New Year to all. :)

  4. Sherri Y

    We stayed in for the evening…unfortunately sickness welcomed in our new year! Lots of weather changes down here in the south have brought along the sneezes and sniffles. Thanks for the opportunity to enter such an awesome giveaway!

  5. Jenny

    friday night i celebrated with my hubby, by watching football and relaxing on the couch.. hardly keeping my eyes open until midnight :)

  6. Janae

    We celebrated with fireworks, sushi and other such yummy finger foods. New Years Eve with kiddos means everyone had to split around 11:00 for bedtimes :)

  7. Lauren

    Well, I did nothing on NYE! I watched some movies and baked cookies, watched the Times Square ball drop and then patiently waited for my crazy neighbors to stop setting off fireworks then went to sleep. Very uneventful!! :)

  8. Katy

    I rang in the New Year playing Just Dance on the Wii with friends! The collective lack of rhythm in the house made it quite funny! Happy New Year!

  9. Amanda SMith

    What a great giveaway! We ended up going dancing for the first half of the night then our friends who originally were staying in with their kids decided to come out, so they picked us up and we all went to another spot where some of our good friends were performing! Overall great night and it was great to be with our good friends (and each other!)

  10. Raemi THompson

    We celebrated NYE by hanging in at the house with the family. Having to split time with the kids during the holidays is such a bummer, so we took advantage of having them home this year. Video games, movies, a bowl of Hoppin John’s black eyed peas and homemade cornbread at midnight topped off our night. It was a great way to ring in the new year!

  11. Sabrina

    We stayed in and brought the new year in watching the ball drop on TV. Fine with me! I would love to win all this awesome cookware and extras! Pick me!

  12. Brittany

    Me and my man stayed in and played Wii and ate homemade pizza and breadsticks. We missed the first ball drop at 11pm our time but we caught it again. We were invied out but since its also our anniversary we spent our night alone =]

  13. Cathy Snavely

    I very intentionally celebrated by having both my young children in bed by 7 pm, pigging out on leftover holiday treats (to rid myself of them once the new year resolutions kick in) taking a bubble bath and playing a lot of online scrabble. :) Party like your 31 ya’ll!~!

  14. Garilyn

    We stayed up with the kids playing the Wii until time for the ball to drop. The kids loved staying up. I just wish they knew how to sleep in the next morning! Haha!
    blessed.mama4 at

  15. Emily

    We are recovering from traveling over the Christmas holidays. We’ll be going to our favorite sushi restaurant, watching a movie, and then heading to bed!

  16. JulieBee

    I meant to celebrate with a special dinner and then stay up to kiss my husband, but we were both sick. Instead I went to bed early and read a book, nibbling on maple sugar candy while he played on the computer in the living room. He did come in and give me a kiss a few minutes after midnight so at least we sort of celebrated… I could make a special dinner with the new cookware and cookbook, though! :) Thanks for having the drawing. What fun!

  17. Jonica Weiler

    We spent the evening hosting a night of games, food and fun for an awesome group of teens from our church – loved every minute of it – they are so fun!

  18. Abigail

    I’ll tell you how we did celebrate: surrounded by our friends in Baltimore, lighting sparklers on the roof, and passing many bottles of bubbly back and forth!

  19. Jackie

    “How will you be celebrating tonight?”

    With a large group of friends, eating, fireworks, games and being thankful for a prosperous new year of 2011.

  20. Shannon

    We celebrated by going to our daugther’s first bowl game!! While we were not the winners we had a blast!!!

  21. Olga Dakis

    We headed over to my sister’s house. We had dinner, dessert and some champagne. It was fun to watch the kids count down as the ball was dropping. It was a very fun evening for all of us!

  22. Sharla Muegge

    We celebrated NYE 2010 in our traditional way. Since we had out little girl, we gave up the party scene and decided to stay in as a family. My husband and I cook our favorite meals and watch a series of movies or shows. We’ve watched the Harry Potters (when there were only 3 on DVD, ha!), the Bourne series and Twilight. This year we included our 3 year old, since she is old enough to participate now. She chose Mac and Cheese as her fave meal to eat and we watched the Toy Story movies. When she was in bed and asleep, my husband and I busted out our new Cuisinart Fondue Pot and made ourselves a Melting Pot dinner at home! We literally ate until midnight, haha! After the ball dropped, we watched The Town, which was awesome! That’s how we rang in the 2011!! Thanks for posting this awesome giveaway!!!

  23. Lacey Winn

    We spent the night with family eating and playing games! And of course watching the ball drop at midnight :)

  24. Terra Thompson

    We were very low key this past holiday. However, we always celebrate the season with good food and good friends and family! We love cooking together and sharing our culinary creations with friends as much as I love sharing my scrapping creations with friends!

  25. laura davis

    Dinner with in-laws, hubby’s home made ravioli then early to bed so we can get up early to head up to play in the snow with friends…

  26. Karen O'Reilly

    New Years was spent with my sweetie, my college daughter and her boyfriend home for the first time in many months. Open bar and many games to play until the ball dropped and we could ring in the New Year.

  27. Alix Hart

    Our kidos are finally to the point where they are old enough and capable of staying up until midnight…so we are having a big party and ringing in the New Year with close friends.

  28. Kelly

    Happy New Year! We went to a friend’s house, and played the Michael Jackson Experience dance game for Wii all night…SO fun!

  29. Tanya Leavitt

    We will be installing a new light in our living room. (It doesnt have one) So in a way we will be droping the ball. haha Thanks for all the great things you share with us. You are Amazing

  30. Kim@NewlyWoodwards

    Wow! This is an amazing giveaway. I’m a little late, but we spent New Year’s celebrating the marriage of a friend. What a great way to ring in the new year.

  31. Meagan

    We celebrated by going out to dinner and a movie as a family. Dinner was great and then we saw Tangled which was so sweet. We went home, tucked the boys in bed, and hubs and I watched the festivities unfold on T.V. It was perfect!

  32. Sherri Brusseau

    We celebrated by getting our little 9 month old to bed early and watched the ball drop on Dick Clark’s new year’s eve over cocktails :) A nice quiet evening for these tired new parents.

  33. Karen

    How will you be celebrating tonight?” Are you staying in? Going out? Waiting up to see the ball drop? Going to bed at 8?

    We spent the night preparing tomake tamales in my dad’s honor who passes away this year. We did not plan to stay up until midnight but did anyway!

  34. Alana

    We celebrated with our neighbors by hanging out on the driveway, listening to the radio, and shooting fireworks. It was low-key, and perfect!

  35. Dawn Harris

    Well, the evening started off with me getting my hair cut, then dinner and a movie. Unfortunately, nature called us both when the ball dropped. Our first New Year’s Eve together and we already sound like an old married couple. Good times!

  36. Aileen

    We’re still recuperating from the big holiday party we hosted so we decided to stay in to watch the ball drop. It was fun and relaxing but now it’s time to get charged up for the new year!

  37. Stephanie Birley

    We went to a friends house where there was a poker party, pool, food and fireworks at midnight! Thanks for the chance!


  38. Ashlee S

    We stayed in with family. Movies, Popcorn and had a great time! Also watched the Fireworks on the Space Needle on Tv! Happy 2011!!!!

  39. jennifer

    I am a weee bit behind on this one…I spent the night with neighbors until the kids couldn’t handle it anymore and they hit the sack! My hubby and I watched a movie, kissed at midnight and slipped into bed :)
    Happy New Year!!!

  40. Kristin Yeager

    We went to a party at a good friend’s house. It’s so nice to be surrounded by friends on New Years!

  41. Missy K.

    I spent new years at our local bavarian beer garden. Much fun. Pork is great. What a wonderful giveaway to start the new year.

  42. Jennifer P.

    We sat in the car listening to a New Year’s Eve concert in Sirius XM and ate Ben and Jerry’s. :) Weirdest (and most memorable) celebration EVER!

  43. Nikki Martin

    We stayed home with the family and in laws. Played wii and some card games. Thanks for the chance to win!!

  44. Heather

    Went to the Melting Pot for some delicious fondue, played board games and kissed my hubby and puppy at midnight! :)

  45. Jeannie M

    We live far away from family so we have a group of transplants
    that gather each New Years Eve and make an evening of it

  46. katie r

    my husband would die if i won us good pots/pans! :) We were with my family for the holiday, but flew home EARLY saturday am. In Colorado it was 5 degrees, so stayed in and made chili. We watched a movie and then most of the crowd went to bed. We didn’t plan on making it until midnight, but my sister and I got hooked on Vh1 top 40 of 2010 and finished the champagne. Happy New Year to all! :)

  47. Deanna

    I love your site! I am always excited to see what your new favorites are. We celebrated New Years by going to bed early and getting up to watch the sun come up. We used the time to set our new family goals and have a nice breakfast together. Sure beats me being grumpy from staying up too late!

  48. Jacqueline R

    We just back from traveling for the holidays. So, our new year’s was spent at home relaxing and watching movies.

  49. Lynn

    I spent New Year’s with family and food, watching the ball drop on TV while munching on chips and dip. Happy New Year everyone.

  50. Beth Marohn

    We stayed in, made yummy appetizers & ate cheap pizza. Watched the ball drop & kissed all the family at midnight.

  51. elizabeth holder

    spending my new years where I have for the past 10 years
    behind the bar at my restaurant
    serving drinks.
    Happy new year!!!

  52. Lori N.

    We usually take the kids to a movie but we stayed home due to freezing rain. We made memories by watching Despicable Me, playing games and gorging on finger foods! Happy New Year!

  53. Patricia Rutledge

    I spent New Years Eve on the phone with my hubby who is in Afghanistan. Not my ideal way to ring in the New Year but what can ya do?! :)

  54. Declutter Your Life

    Happy New Year! We spent the new year at home with sick kids! :) Thanks for your amazing site, I love checking back frequently to see what you have posted!

  55. TJ

    For New Year’s, we went to bed at 10 pm. Then we woke up around midnight when the baby started screaming to be fed and we kissed then (it was about 15 minutes late). Happy new year, Amanda! God bless!

  56. Heather

    Tonight I will actually be trying your chicken and dumplings recipe and I can’t wait!!!
    I already know it will be delicious!

  57. Rachel Osowski

    We stayed in b/c my poor hubs had a cold:( We still ate appetizers and watched a movie, though. Made the most of it!!

  58. Kim F.

    I spent the New Year’s Eve with neighbors and family from out of town. We did appetizers and desserts it was great.

  59. Carolinesurfs

    I work in a restaurant/bar, so I spent NYE tending bar and cleaning up. It was work, but it was alot of fun too!

  60. amykate

    My husband and I celebrated by going out to a good friend’s home! We ate around a delicious Nacho Bar, and savored sweet fudge from my Grandpa’s annual gazillion-pound batch:) Then, we were home and in bed before 11pm… oops!

  61. Heather

    Dinner, drinks and board games with friends, and one of our friends had her baby just after New Years… perfect way to start the new year :)

  62. Adam and Kim

    We just chilled with some great friends eating GREAT steaks from the Big Green Egg and watching our kiddos play. It was great but it would be amazing to win these pans!!!

  63. Wendy

    Spent New Year’s Eve with all 8 of our kiddos at some of our Best Friends Ever……always think it’s crazy to keep the kids up so late before we go, but always have a great time and are soooo glad we did it in the end!

  64. ReneeS

    I spent the night with my husband and puppy (it was her first birthday!). :) My husband and I watched some shows, ate crab cakes, and had a wonderfully relaxed New Years Eve…it was perfect!

  65. Carmi

    My DB and I had a very quiet night. We sat by the fire and watched football. Since we are very early risers, we don’t usually last past 9 pm and New Year’s wasn’t any different.

  66. cindy

    We’ve been spending the weekend here at home with my in-laws (a houseful with 16 of us!) – eating and drinking far too much, playing Rock Band far too loudly and far too late into the nights, playing cards, celebrating Christmas and New Years and four January birthdays all wrapped up into one extraordinarily loud and fun weekend. Wish that it wasn’t going to end in a few hours!

  67. Nicole

    We celebrated by playing Yahtzee .. which turned into teaching the little one how to play Yahtzee (shake dice in cup, and dump out..).. which resulted in her making a huge mess this morning when we handed her a cup of milk, which she shook vigorously and then dumped it out on the counter. Parents of the Year…

  68. Katie

    relaxing on the couch — eating leftover black eyed peas and collards! a little extra luck would do me good!

  69. ME

    We will stay at home and have a wonderful steak dinner, watch DVD’s and then watch the ball drop! Happy New Year!

  70. Jessica

    I spent NYE with my family! It was the last night of my parents trip and we played cards and had some wine and enjoyed our time together! We watched the ball drop in NYC (we are in central time zone) and went to bed shortly after!!

  71. Destiny

    We spent NYE at the new home of friends. We enjoyed a delicious nacho bar, made and decorated sugar cookies, reasearched an upcoming vacation on-line, played ping pong and wii before counting down and toasting the new year with sparkling apple cider — it was fabulous!

  72. Abigail

    We went out for New Years Eve to a local bar and had some great food and a few drinks! It was a good time with some great friends!

  73. Melissa R.

    My husband and I had a wild night. We stayed home and watched comedy specials on netflix while we folded clothes!

  74. Misty Sutton

    On NYE we went to a party at a friend’s place and got home at about 1:30am. I’m doing weight watchers so I brought a bunch of healthy food (veggie platter, shrimp cocktail, hummus & pita) to keep me on track! The rest of the New Year weekend has been spent in Maine visiting family that we only see once a year or so.

  75. Robin

    I spent the New year…w/spouse of 35years snuggle by a cozy warm fire…watch the ball drop…and off to bed…w/an early rise…to sweep out the old year and clean for a new…with a pot of black eye stew in the crock and sweet green chili cheese cornbread in the oven…finished off the 1st day of the new year w/family and a fun game of wahoo…I will be shouting wahoooooo. if I were to win…most likely not…never won a thing in my life just not lucky in this way…but I will say…me, the food net work and Michael Symons go hand and hand…I love watching Iron chef and his new show…determine who’s the best in restaurant wars, is great…Not a day goes buy I don’t watch all of the chefs on food net work…I have learned so much and become a great cook thanks to them…I am always on the hunt for a good quality set of pots and pans…who wouldn’t love to have this…I know I would give anything to win it! Many Blessing and a Happy New Year to all; here’s to good eats and great heath!!!

  76. Tonya Isbell

    We celebrated by having some friends over. There were about 30 of us. Each couple brought an appetizer or two. We stuffed ourselves, had a few photo shoots and shared TONS of laughs. The girls also did a Dirty Santa candle exchange. The candle exchange is something a few of us normally do before Christmas, but we didn’t make the get together this year, so we included all the females that were coming to the NYE party. It was a lot of fun and ALL the candles were fabulous. I also made the Hot Chocolate Cupcakes you shared in your blog and on FB. They were awesome!!The party was a definite hit and will be a tradition at the Isbell home from now on. I’m still cleaning, though!!! Bah Humbug!! :) Thanks for all the awesome tips and chance at such a great giveaway!

  77. Lora

    We stayed in and watched some PYSCH episodes on DVD. What a wonderful way to spend the evening–me, my husband and 4 kiddos! :)

  78. ElleBee

    I figure I have almost no chance to win this, but I absolutely LOVE Michael Symon. He’s my favorite Iron Chef and love his other appearances and very “real” style of cooking. His signed cookbook alone would be worth taking a chance! :)

  79. Kim

    We spent the evening with my sister and friends and my sister’s house. Playing games, eating appetizers, and watched the ball drop. Loads of fun!

  80. Trisha Ancel-Supuk

    For thew new year we went to a friends house where we played guitar hero, ate too many food and finally fell asleep around 1

  81. Dayna R.

    My hubby and I “tried” to stay up till midnight, but that didn’t happen. We did however see the New York ball drop (maybe I should live in the EST time zone LOL!) Thanks for a wonderful giveaway!!

  82. Katherine Lee

    we watched movies, then paused it at 11:45 to watch the ball drop and ring in the New Year. It was a fun night. This is an awesome giveaway. Thank you Kevin and Amanda

  83. Ami Parrish

    Wow! I feel like I found this site just in time ;-)

    My family celebrated by staying in, hanging out and watching our favorite sitcoms on Netflix.
    I wouldn’t have had it any other way!!

  84. Brenda

    A little late but — we stayed in and watched a movie. It was the perfect way to spend the evening with our new little family.

  85. Sarah J.

    We stayed home and had a few friends over … it was a great way to celebrate the end of 2010 and the beginning of 2011. No crowds, no waiting for a taxi at the end of the night and no standing around in the cold weather!

  86. beverly b

    my husband and I will be staying at home and going to bed early, our days of staying up late are gone, but we welcome the new year in and look forward to it. God bless everyone!

  87. Monica

    We spent New Year’s Eve as we always do – with family, eating, laughing and playing board games until the ball drops.

  88. FireMom

    My firefighter husband was working. So the boys and I played with our new Play-Doh machine, hit about six or seven board games and finished out the(ir) night with Mario Kart on the Wii. Then I read for awhile, watched HGTV, called my husband at midnight and went to bed. Low key, just the way I like it!

    (PS: I just showed up here via Google searching for fonts. Glad I found you!)

  89. Leslie

    We had friends over and stayed in having a nice dinner and played games. We put the kids to bed at 10 and watched the ball drop right at midnight. HAPYY NEW YEAR!

  90. Lisa

    We went to a party at an indoor sports park with our kids. They were able to run wild while the adults chatted and ate yummy food! So fun!

  91. Stacey

    Oh my….I need new pots so bad. :) Keeping my fingers crossed. We spent new years with some good friends. Stacey

  92. Kate Rufener

    We were going to go to 3ve, a celebration in the downtown part of our city. However, the snow was so bad, we created a party at home with a few friends – bit of light cooking (thank you awesome Amanda recipes!) and some fun games. We rang in the New Year with smiling, lovely faces around us. It was magic!

  93. Meghan

    We went to a kid friendly, family gathering at our friends house. They little ones hung in till midnight and we were able to all ring in the new year together! It was a great time! HAPPY 2011!

  94. Marixa

    We celebrated with friends at their house and we stayed up (kids fell asleep) but we all barely made it too!
    This would be a wonderful thing for my hubby who loves to cook. He would love a new set of pans!

  95. Ashleigh

    I spent my night at home. I also went to bed early as well. I slept so good too :) I had a very nice and relaxing New Years!

  96. Carolina

    i spent new year’s eve at epcot in disney world with my parents, grandparents, aunt, uncle, and three cousins. it was so wonderful to have everybody together in such a special place! loved it. i hope we can celebrate like that again sometime soon.

  97. Heather Smith

    Have sick kids :( Taking care of them and hopefully going to bed early and to start the new year off feeling better :) Happy 2011 Love the giveaway :) What a way to start the year off I love cooking:)

  98. Niki

    New Years Eve spent with husband, kids, friends & their kids at Wilderness at the Smokies resort indoor waterslide park. Had a blast.

  99. Linds

    We spent New Years Eve at a beautiful wedding, and even then, we were back home by 11! We just played cards with the in-laws until 2 in the morning :) It was great!

  100. Tasha-Leigh

    My fiance and I stayed in and made a nice dinner and had some drinks. I had to work in the morning so it was a lot quieter than what we would normally be doing. It was a pretty boring way to usher in the new year but it worked for us :)

  101. Kallyn

    I spent NYE with my closest family and friends. I played hostess and made delicious appetizers and drinks for us all to enjoy. We played board games until it was time to ring in the new year. It was nice to ring in the new year with those I care about!

  102. Nicole@Farmgirl Chaos

    I spend my NYE hanging out with some gal friends, eating lots of food and playing some fun games. Favorite game of the night…..Things. Love it!

  103. Sarah

    We had a very quiet NYE at home, watching movies and then the ball drop. It was a great way to end a busy holiday season.

  104. Nancy

    My husband and I had a quiet evening with a nice meal and conversation about all the things we planned to do in 2011!

  105. Laura Traylor

    Listening to my hubby and dog snore by 10 and watching the festivities from my couch was my New Year’s celebration!

  106. Kim mays

    I just had heel surgery on Thursday so we definitely stayed home. We were in bed by 10pm. I would love to win this prize. I love calphalon cookware. Hope everyone has the best year ever!

  107. Kim mays

    I just had heel surgery on Thursday so we definitely stayed home. We were in bed by 10pm. I would love to win this prize. I love calphalon cookware. Hope everyone has the best year ever!

  108. Katie M

    My husband and I had a few people over at our house (we are newlyweds, married in September so our first New Years married) and played video/board games and watched tv. We had lots of great finger foods to munch on!! Yum yum!

  109. Angie

    My husband and I spent the evening at home, just the two of us. We celebrated New Year’s twice since we’re in the Central Time Zone – we watched the ball drop in ET and then had our own countdown on CT! =)

  110. Cheryl B.

    We have been going to my brother and sister-in-law’s house for the past few years. We don’t get to see them at Christmas so it is nice to get together with them for New Year’s.

  111. Cheri

    I went to see my daughter and grandson. We watced CARS and played until the new year rolled in. Happy New Year Amanda!!!

  112. Chastity

    We celebrated with close friends playing games and staying up till midnight all while my 4 kiddos slept soundly in the downstairs bedroom! What a wonderful way to ring in the New Year!

  113. amanda o'neill

    we had some drinks with friends and danced! we were home by midnight, safe and sound. my husband is the cook of the family and he would LOSE it if we won!! thanks for another great give away!!

  114. Julie Hawryluk

    We stayed in and had a house full of close friends with lots of laughs and amazing food!! Great way to start our New Year!!

  115. Debby L

    My husband and I went to the dance studio New Year’s Eve party where we take our ballroom dance lessons. We danced the night away! Crowded but fun :)

  116. Stefanie

    I stayed home with my boyfriend and had a wonderful night celebrating both the new year and our 8-year-anniversary :-)

  117. LJ

    We celebrated with NYE at our neighbor’s house and played 80’s Trivial Pursuit! It was a fun night with friends and a great way to bring in the New Year. Cheers to a fun & fabulous 2011 for everyone!

  118. Amanda J

    I wasn’t feeling well so I went to bed at 9pm. The neighbor’s fireworks kept me up until 10:30. A brand new set of cookware would make me feel all better though.

  119. Dayna

    My mom had the kids sleep over at her house. I was in bed by 1130, but kept the TV on to watch the ball drop. Then, it was bedtime! :-)

  120. Jennifer

    We celebrate New Year’s Eve with our three kids. They are 10, 7 & 6 and we know we won’t have them at home forever, so we make tons of appetizers, play games, have football on, etc. So fun!!

  121. Leslie

    We went to the movies and saw True Grit – excellent! And then to Red Lobster for chicken – also good! Didn’t see midnight though…

  122. Bonnie T

    I really don’t remember what midnight looks like. Will try to stay awake but!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Have a God One for me !!!

  123. theresa

    my husband and i will celebrate together in our flat with a few drinks and a few friends…we have had a very blessed 2010

  124. Jon'el

    I would have love to spent it home and in bed but was at the hospital since my grandma was in a car accident =( Luckily, no one was seriously injured.

  125. Martha

    As we do every year, we put our chairs out on the driveway at a neighbors house; set out lots of food and drink and watch our kids run around. I never make it to midnight. This year we did have special food made by my two sons in their crock pots they got for college.

  126. Sharon

    We will be celebrating tonight by getting together with friends where the host will do a barbque to die for. Lots of laughs, toasting with bubbly and relaxing in the New Year!

  127. Cami

    We will be celebrating the New Year in Hawaii! Ringing in the new year with a whole bunch of fireworks and local food from the neighbors!

  128. Jennie

    I made a delicious steak au poive and creme brule and then I went out in the -5 degree weather to shoot off firecrackers. We finished the night out by heading for a 1 AM movie.

  129. Tamara

    We are parents of an almost two year old and I’m pregnant, so partying is not really my thing. We’ll be staying in and possibly watching a movie.
    wazzuroo at gmail dot com

  130. Niki

    I threw a party for a small group of my closest friends – way more fun to stay home than to go out to some overpriced, overpopulated shindig!

  131. Laura Olds

    Chris and I rang-in the new year dancing at an event called Lindy Focus in Asheville, NC. It was our second year to do this, and it was a blast!

  132. Tasha Klaus

    I live in the beautiful city of South Lake Tahoe, and they close the street down by the casinos and everyone goes and parties in the street! I wore a Blue Wig =] Then went home with my honey <3

  133. Kayla Gowan

    I rang in the year 2011 dancing my heart in the pouring rain waiting for the ball to drop with the 4 best friends anyone could have! We dressed ourselves up to go to downtown Knoxville & watch a mini ball drop in honor of the New Year, but as soon as we stepped out of our cab we were drenched from head to toe. Instead of being party poopers, we began to dance to the techno music that was blarring all around. While others had umbrellas & ponchos, we just had an amazing sense of spirit & freedom! It was undoubtably one of my best New Year Eves. Happy 2011!

  134. Deanna Shouppe

    My husband and I had planned on having a few people over to play a few board games and have traditional southern blackeyed peas and cornbread with a few other treats, but I ended up with a 3 day stay and surgery in the hospital. All went well and praying for an easier 2011. Thank you for all your wonderful recipes, hints and fonts, sharing your lives with us all in blogland. Happy New year to you all.
    Sincerely, Deanna

  135. Michelle G

    We spent the evening with the kids, playing board games, drinking root beer floats and eventually cuddling up and watching cartoons. Perfect!

  136. Amanda M

    I spent part of New Year’s Eve making finger foods from new recipes that I’ve found (including the Candy Dipped Peanut Butter Ritz Sandwiches that I discovered from an email from Amanda…soo yummy!) In the afternoon, we went to my Aunt’s house where we played board games & the Wii until it was time to watch the ball drop. We had a wonderful time bringing in the new year!

  137. Katherine

    We celebrated with friends at a bar built near the site of an old Pony Express stop. There was an amazing fiddle player and we lit fireworks off at midnight! Happy 2011 to all!

  138. Philippa Gelinas

    My hubby and I went to friends for a fondue dinner, then came back home to supervise a party for our teenage kids!

  139. Barbara

    I’m staying in with family, eating Zuppa Tuscana (sausage, potato, and kale soup), and toasting in the New Year with Poinsettias (pomegranate juice and champagne). One of my new year’s resolutions is to clean out my kitchen cabinets of the extraneous and to get a new set of pots, preferrably Calphalon, so winning with giveaway would be the perfect start for my year!

  140. Nicole R.

    We hung out with some amazing friends and our kids! Enjoyed some champagne as the new year rolled in. A nice low key evening!

  141. Christy B

    My husband & I had our traditional fondue supper, played games with our two girls, then curled up in bed & watched a movie. We managed to stay awake until 1:11am, so we could say we went to sleep at 1:11am on 1.1.11 :)

  142. Kim

    I stayed home, watched the ball drop and toasted the New Year with champagne. Then on Saturday, mixed the leftover champagne with Cranberry-Pomegranate juice for a different take on a mimosa! :)

  143. Mindy

    We are sick so we ended up staying home and having a pizza picnic with the kids in the living room for dinner with a movie. It was low-key but nice.

  144. Erin

    My husband and I joined some friends for a progressive dinner which ended with Wii Rockband and Kinect Dance Battles. Fun!

  145. Kristen in East Texas

    We got the kids down early (both of them are sick) then we went to bed early – both of us are sick. No fancy parties this year…maybe next year??

  146. kim

    a bottle of wine and a movie for the parents and a cartoon for the kids….nobody will make it to midnight but a nice quiet evening.

  147. Kim

    Sweet Giveaway! I did your candied pecans and they were certainly a huge hit. They were super-yummy today on a salad with spring mix, bleu cheese crumbles and lots of pepper. Deeelish!

  148. Heather Noble

    I stayed home with the kiddos while hubby worked. The kids crashed out early and I had a fruity drink and watched food network. Exciting stuff! lol

  149. Dana Brown

    I spent the evening with family. My cousin just moved into her new home and we christened it with an old fashioned family get-together. Perfect night!

  150. Nate

    We spent New Years playing cards with some close friends. 2010 was a great year beacuse our 2nd daughter was born. Can’t wait to see what 2011 will bring our family….maybe Calphalon Pan Set and more!

  151. kelley P

    We spent the night with the kids and my husbands family. We played games and at midnight we jumped on bubble wrap, put on hats and made a bunch of racquet with noisemakers. Today my husband and I relaxed with the kids and we had a special breakfast and dinner. Happy New Year!

  152. donna

    Stayed home with family, made tacos/nachos.. homemade peanut butter cookies, rice krispie treats, and played apples to apples. we did stay up to watch the ball drop!

  153. Barbara

    I stayed home with my family and watched movies, I had a very busy day (up early and running all day) so was too tired to stay awake to ring in the new year.

  154. Cynthia

    We celebrated with family. We watched the New Year’s Eve show on TV, played games, and ate pepperoni pizza and crunchy, double fudge, marshmallow topped brownies. It was a yummy night!

  155. Kristyn Gish

    We had to stay instead of partying. Sick toddler, hubby threw his back out this week and I have a sore throat and cough. Big ol’ bummer ;( On a positive note, I made the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes for two different parties and they were a hit! Your blog has so many yummy posts it is hard to resist:)

  156. Kara

    We went over to a friends house and shot fireworks with all the kids! The weather was bad around our neighborhood, so we stayed close to the house! Hope I wiN!

  157. Jessica Reynolds

    We put Hoppin’ John in the crockpot, watched the Hall & Oates New Years Music special for a bit, got bored, enjoyed some wine with friends and family, then when it was time for the ball to drop, we sipped champagne and smooched! After that, everyone left (that could) and we crawled in bed with full tummies and full hearts!

  158. DeeDee S.

    We celebrated with our 7 year old DGD. We ate lots of finger foods,watched the ball drop! It was a great night!

  159. Jodie

    We spent the night with our 6 month old baby! First New Years Eve but we went to bed at 11:00. Couldn’t quite make it!

  160. Lexi

    Last night we went out to one of our favorite restaurants with some of our favorite friends. Watched one of our favorite movies (Inception), and smooched as we watched the ball drop!!

  161. lalea e

    Awesome giveaway. We are Calphalon fans and would love to add to our one pan and one wooden spoon. :) Thanks!
    For New Years Eve day the hubs and I played with the kids and had Grampy, Grammie, Auntie and Uncle J over for the Best Chicken Tortilla Soup. Then we went to an early movie and dinner. After we put the boys down, my husband and I talked for hours with the TV off. :) Happy New Year!

  162. Stephanie Cunningham

    I spent New Year’s Eve with my family…cuddled up in a blanket and watching the ball drop…never much of a party kind of was PERFECT!!!

  163. Holly

    We went bowling and then out to pizza with friends. After that we played games then hit the sack early so we could get to the airport early this morning.

  164. Stephanie Alwazani

    New Years 2011 was the first year in ages in which I stayed home. We had our second son in August and I couldn’t think of a better (and safer) way to celebrate than with my two sons and my husband. Pajamas, banging pots and pans with my three year old son and listening to my 4 month old son coo with excitement, it was an amazing New Year celebration if I might say so :)
    2010 was wonderful to my family and I and here is to hoping 2011 follows the same path!
    Thank you so much for all of your great tips and suggestions and I look forward to your future posts!
    Happy New Year!

  165. Stephanie Alwazani

    Hi there! I just recently started blogging and came upon your site while looking for some great ideas and I just love all of your great, creative ideas and the fun suggestions and tips you have on your site. It sure helps for people like me who are really starting from scratch.
    As for how we celebrated New Years 2011, this was the first year in ages in which I stayed home. We had our second son in August and I couldn’t think of a better (and safer) way to celebrate than with my two sons and my husband. Pajamas, banging pots and pans with my three year old son and listening to my 4 month old son coo with excitement, it was an amazing New Year celebration, if I might say so :) 2010 was wonderful to my family and I and here is to hoping 2011 follows the same path!
    Again, thank you so much for all of your great tips and suggestions and I look forward to your future posts!
    Happy New Year!

  166. Jane

    My husband and I and our three kids stayed home for our usual night of fondue and other yummy foods, we played lots of games in front of the fireplace and then watched a Marx Brothers movie while waiting to ring in the new year. It was a lot of fun.

  167. Amy

    For New year’s eve we are always invaded by a bunch of teenagers celebrating my daughter’s birthday. It’s a great time – hearing them all laughing in the basement, and I know they’re safe!! Our good friends come over (their daughter and our daughter are best friends) and we have a ton of food and play games. Fun times – perfect way to ring in the new year! Happy New Year to you!

  168. Beth

    We hung out at the neighbors and watched the kids pop fireworks, then I made an iPod case for my son while watching the Dick Clark Special

  169. casey chavara

    Last night for NYE we went to the ChickFilA bowl and cheered the seminoles to victory! Then made it back to my sister’s house in time to watch the ball drop on TV and we quickly dropped and hit the hay after that. It was a great new year!

  170. Kristin Cantarini-Dowling

    What a great set of pans! And LOVE Michael Symon!

    The hubs and I went over to his brother’s house where I made a great crock-pot Hawaiian pork loin! We watched Cirque du Soleil’s La Nouba and it ended in just enough time to see the ball drop! Great evening with the family!

  171. Robin

    This was the first year our boys wanted to try to stay awake until midnight. The almost 10 year old made it, the 8 1/2 year old fell asleep at 10:15 pm so we woke him up at 11:55 pm. We stayed in, made room for some new toys from Santa, and played Rock Band.

  172. Kim

    Stayed home with family and enjoyed grilled steaks, shrimp and roasted broccoli. Quiet and enjoyable evening with loved ones.

  173. Robin H.

    New Years Eve Celebration – going to a local Japanese Steakhouse with friends/family members… and then back to my house to ring in 2011. Good times!! :-)

  174. Kayla

    We decided to stay in. It was also my husbands 27th birthday, so we cooked fajitas and tacos, listened to music and played the Wii with our kids (2 and 7 yrs old) we allowed them to watch the ball drop when it hit midnite it New York (we are in indiana, hour after) then did some sparklers, then had an hour to ourself ;) happy new year!

  175. Wendy

    We went over to our neighbors and best friends house! We ate Chinese, played Wii {Just Dance}, and rang in the New Year drinking yummy Champagne!

  176. Dani

    Hi k&a! We celebrated the new year with good friends, good food, and board games! It was a great evening and lots of fun! Cheers to 2011!

  177. Molly

    It is my husbands birthday, so we celebrated with family. We did have him a milk shake party with all kinds of shakes!

  178. Jesslyn Claywell

    We stayed in, ate some good food, played cards, and watched the ball drop! It was a fun night. :)

  179. Amy D.

    Went out but was home by 11:00. Had a great time with family and friends, but wanted to be home before midnight.
    Thanks for all the great giveaways, Amanda!!!

  180. Becky Meister

    I celebrated staying at home with my boyfriends drinking some yummy Pinot Noir! Nothing better than spending it with the ones you love:)

  181. Debbie Anderson

    I stayed in with a few close friends and Skyped with relatives around the country. It was a cosy evening.

  182. Lindsay

    We will be putting down our precious two little ones and sitting by the fire waiting for the ball to drop (on tv of course)!

  183. Mel

    We are staying in, and will celebrate with sparkling cider toasts…got to stay up until midnight, so I can kiss my hubby for his birthday (he’s a new year baby!)

  184. Katherine

    I celebrated the new year by helping my younger brother move into his first place post-college. It was a lot of unpacking and organizing. Since his cable isn’t connected yet we had our own countdown and toasted the new year and his new place with some champagne. It was a great way to start a new year!

  185. Kristina

    My husband and I went out to dinner at our favorite local restaurant, a steak/italian “joint” we love, then we came home and hung out with our teenage son and a friend of his until midnight, listening to music.

  186. Dani Reilly

    Planned to stay in, but a friend called at th last minute and out the door I went. I was feeling old, at 8:00 I was in my pjs baking cookies, completely content to stay home.

  187. AnnMarie Pszybylski

    oohhh, what a fun way to ring in the New Year, with pots and pans and yummy goodies, oh my! We will be staying in with our twin 7 yr old sons and watching the ball drop. They decked out our den with crepe paper streamers and balloons. Of course I’ll head on over to food network to find some of Chef M’s recipes we can try for celebrating with just the four of us. thanks for a chance at a super, fun giveaway. Happy New Year to the two of you.
    Stay well,

  188. RUTHANN

    We went to bed early. Drove in freezing rain all the way through Iowa and were worn out! What a great prize! Love to win it!

  189. Susie Moorhead

    I had the day off work, so my hubby and 6 year old daughter did some shopping during the day and found lots of fabulous bargains. We spent the evening playing board games and video games … and of course eating lots of snacks and appetizers!

  190. gretchen mckinney

    We have a tradition of going to a local greek restaurant, then going duckpin bowling, we then head to the little retro diner for shakes and come home to watch the ball drop. It is a great time and this year our family grew to 6. We are blessed and can’t wait to see what 2011 has in store for us!

  191. Cat

    we stay in on New Year’s Eve… we typically don’t stay up late, but instead enjoy a little quiet time after a whirlwind Christmas season!

  192. Amy Anderson

    I went to a church youth dance to chaperone with the hubby stayed home with the kiddos. Came home at we all stayed up waaaaayyyy to late. It was a blast :D

  193. Natalie

    We stayed in, but enjoyed an evening with friends. We ate pizza and other munchies, chatted while the kids played and set off fireworks a little early. We did watch the ball drop on TV and were hoping to see my daughter on TV, who was in NYC at Times Square. Once we saw the masses of people, we knew we weren’t going to see her on TV.
    PS. She had a great time visiting NYC on New Year’s Eve!

  194. M Medalen

    It has passed of course, but we spend the evening playing cards with friends until the wee hours of the morning. What a great way to ring in the New Year!

  195. Dana

    Dear hubby and I spent the new year in each others company!! The kiddos were in bed and it gave us a relaxing evening to ourselves.

  196. April Hunt

    I was driving home from my mom’s took us about ten hours so we were tired and had to unpack our very LOADED down car. by the time it was 12 I was too tired to even care!!!

  197. Mason Leskowitz

    We always ring in the New Year with friends and family making their own ice cream sundaes! A sweet treat to start the New Year!!

  198. Jenn M

    My husband and I spent the evening at home with our 3 1/2 year old daughter, and we watched the ball drop on the east coast…then it was bedtime for the little one! Once she was asleep, we watched the “Gloworama” festivities in downtown Houston.

  199. Jami

    We just stayed at home and celebrated with our son (he’s 5). We did fireworks, cooked yummy food, played games, and had lots of fun!!!

  200. Rebecca

    We came home yesterday from a two week vacation to find that our hot water heater leaked all over the garage. We felt blessed that it wasn’t in our house. So, we stayed home and watched a movie! Happy New Year!

  201. Diana

    We will be going with friends to the Clubhouse for dinner and dancing with a band! Should be a great time.

  202. Crystal W.

    We went to the Peach Bowl game in Atlanta and then went to a bar in our hotel afterwards. Then bed by 1am!

  203. alyssa manno

    My friends and I all rented rooms at a local hotel with our families and had a blast swimming, playing games and just enjoying each others company!

  204. Lori

    We spent NYE at with several generations of friends at a friend’s house. A fun evening of food and stupid games, but I sure wish the night ended at 10:00. Yawn.

  205. Adam Joiner

    Spent the night with the pregnant wife and baby. bacon was part of the evening. was in bed by 9:30.

  206. Laura

    For New Year’s Eve, our little family will head to the Columbus Zoo to see the Wildlights display. It is truly wonderful. We leave around 8, head out to our favorite chinese restaurant for a feast. Then home for movies until midnight. Kisses all around, then to bed, to bed.

  207. LindyLou

    We’re heading down the street to the neighbors to hang out! We each bring something to eat and end up with a full buffet of appetizers. We’ll ring in the New Year by watching the ball drop and shooting off fireworks.

  208. Shelley W

    oh wow, what an awesome give away!! Tonight we plan on the normal party at the house with some good ol friends. And we do our annual burning of the Christmas trees on the back lawn. So fun! Happy New Year!
    Thanks for the chance to win :)

  209. Lindsay

    We celebrated the new year with our best friends and our Xbox Kinect. We drank some hot cocoa and played games – it was low key, but lots of fun! Thanks for the giveaway – this is awesome! :)

  210. katie

    my fam and i went and partied with some friends at their house. we played wii & xbox kinect & lit off fireworks. we watched the ball drop & smootched at midnight. we were home by 12:20 with 2 konked out kids! :) happy new year!

  211. Kelley

    A quiet evening waiting on my husband to make it home from work to make it just in time for champagne at midnight.

  212. vanessa s

    husband and i stayed in with the company of my parents playing uno spin til wee hours of the morning !

  213. Leslie

    We celebrated NYE with a pitcher of Mambo Taxis at our favorite mexican restaurant alongside some *incredible* chicken quesadillas! We then hit a local place with live music and pretended we weren’t old and boring! :)

  214. Sarah

    Staying in with my family and watching movies, and eating homemade Wonka bars! Doesn’t get much better than that!

  215. dee wilson

    We did nothing. :) Started watching the Lord of the RIngs series with the kids and had junk food. It was a nice relaxing evening.

  216. Christie R.

    Stayed up and watched the ball drop, while drinking sparkling apple cider and putting xmas decorations away!!

  217. Nikki

    What a great giveaway!

    We celebrated with friends at their house. And guess what she made? Stuffed pork! ha ha ha! It was delicious.

  218. StacMe

    Last night on New Years’s Eve my husband, of 28 years, and I got to celebrate the marriage of our daughter to her handsome Army soldier new husband. (Well nearly 200 people joined us) The beautiful candle lit service was romantic, reverant, and absolutely pure and holy.

    Afterwards we all went into the reception hall and danced. As the new year approached party hats, sunglasses, horns, glow sticks, boas and champagne were passed. What a wonderful way to ring in the new year of 2011…. Sparklers were fitting as they exited to their car.

    As they now travel from our home in Texas to Ft. Bragg in North Carolina, we wish them God’s blessings as they begin their new life together. We love you dearly… Mr. and Mrs. Erwin… Happy New Year…

  219. misc.alaina

    We stayed in for the first time this year due to our son only being 7 weeks old. It was a fun night of reflecting on the past year and spending time with just our little family!

  220. Dan Johnson

    My wife and I have become huge fans of the webiste and all of the fun things that are included. Our New Year’s eve was spent going to True Grit and making dinner at home. Happy New Year to all!

  221. Jessica S.

    Gathering with lots of friends and family. Playing board games, card games and eating lots of munchies while we wait for midnight.

  222. Kerry LeWarne

    Happy New Year!

    We are spending the new year with high school friends – been friends for over 25 years! We’re playing the Newlywed game, card games, etc.

    Have a great one!


  223. Linda Hill

    New Years Eve was quiet at our house. Spent the day running errands and trying to find a few after Christmas bargins and returning some other Christmas gifts-wrong color/wrong size:) The evening we watched some football games and the ball drop. Thanks for the opportunity!!!!

  224. Sandy

    We watched the ball drop, smooched, then turned in for the night. Same thing we have done for the past many New Years Eve’s. :)

  225. marsha jarman

    we went to the boat which is floating casino in my town. they are having live entertainment with champagne at midnight and hats and horns. best of all it is free. also free deserts and lots of dancing.

  226. Athena

    I went over to a friend’s house who I’ve not seen in quite some time. She made us all lobster tails! Yum. We had also a big slab of chocolate cake for dessert. We spent the evening talking and stayed up to watch the ball drop and celebrate the New Year.

  227. Kelly

    We went to some friends’ house and just hung out while the kids played. Then in the morning our friends came to our house for breakfast.

  228. Ken

    Just stayed at home with my kids. We played air hockey and video games and then we stayed up till 12am to watch the fireworks and the ball drop.

  229. Lynn Campbell

    We definitely stayed in and stayed warm and safe, watching tv! I just recently found and started reading your blog. I’m looking forward to reading you in 2011!
    Happy New Year everyone!


  230. Laura Ellis

    I will be going out with my husband and friends and family. Going to a nice restaurant and then who knows? Happy New Year!


    We do a big meal with salads and desserts, we wait for the ball to drop and the local party for tv. Then stay awake for like one more hour after midnight, then go to sleep. The nost we love is the food!!!

  232. georgia blair

    My husband and i will be attending a small town get together listening to some friends country band and dancing.

  233. HollyL

    We are celebrating over at my sisters house! Everyones in charge of bringing an appetizer or dessert and we are planning on playing lots of games and piggin out all night :)

  234. Kimberli

    We stayed at home with kids and grandkids. Watched the boys play PS3, ate yummy snack foods and hit the sack at midnight! Our typical NYE.

  235. Tara Makin

    We are staying in tonight with a little Chinese Take-out and a movie for the kids. At midnight we will go and blow our noise makers and then go to bed. here’s to a great 2011!

  236. Debi Hancock

    We will be celebrating with friends and family! Hopefully staying up to experience the count down to 2011!!

  237. Christina

    My family stayed in the house but we all stayed up drinking sparkling grape juice and watching the ball drop.

  238. Camrin vaux

    Spending a day with my family, around a cozy fire, playing board games and making some great memories!

  239. Lori

    What a great offer! Thanks Calphalon & Amanda for this chance to win!!!
    Staying home with the hubby and kids! Dinner out then games at home! I’m sure we will watch the New York Celebrations on TV, we love to spend the evening with Ryan and Dick, wouldn’t be New Years Eve without them. This might be my last New Years with my daughter, she will be a freshmen in College next year, I’m sure she will have bigger plans next year than spending time with her family, so I’m going to enjoy the time I have with her this year!!! HAPPY 2011 everyone!

  240. Ebony

    This is an Awesome giveaway! My hubby to be and I spent the evening at a Church New Years Eve Service! It was awesome! Our church also had a CD Release and Live performance and my fiance` was one of the song writers, so it was Beautiful!

  241. Mandy

    I spent New Year’s with my family – watching football and planning for the upcoming year. Very relaxing which was great after such a busy month.

  242. Jana

    Cooking up some yummy treats and celebrating (making lots of noise) early since we have little ones. Happy New Year everyone!

  243. Tammy Marshall

    Every year we spend New Years eve at our friends house. We play games and watch the ball drop at midnight.

  244. Kara

    We spent New Years with some close friends playing games and hanging out…it was great! :) I would looooove to win this give-away! Thanks Amanda!!!

  245. Dawn Bennett

    What a great giveaway! We went to a friends house with all the little kids and played poker, pool and hang out until new years; when the men lit off fireworks for all the kids to see! Thank you so much for the opportunity, I can’t imagine all the amazing things to do with the pan set and the goodies! Dawn Bennett

  246. Candice Hart

    I had work on New Years Day at 10am, so instead of going out drinking I decided to stay in with my boyfriend and spend our first new years together :) probably the best new years I’ve ever had

  247. Emily

    I celebrated by cooking dinner for my family, watching “The Killers” and watching the ball drop with my husband before drifting off to sleep. Thanks for the giveaway entry!

  248. Heidi Drake

    We went to my brother-in-law’s for some fun and games then finished the night off at my husband’s work party! Very fun!

  249. Peggy

    I stayed up so my son could do his annual tradition of dropping a rock, I videotaped it for my other son and hubby who went to bed. We then each sipped our sparkling grape juice and headed for bed.

  250. Jammie H

    I celebrated by FINALLY being finished moving all my things out of my old house into my new house!!! We made it with just a few hours to spare … not sure where everything is going to go yet, but I’m SURE I could find room for some Calphalon :)

  251. Edie

    Oh what a fabulous giveaway!! I would love to start off my new year inspired to cook some wonderful meals! My New Years Eve was pretty boring but as a mother of two I have come to love boring!! :)

  252. Patty

    We got together with very close friends and all our kids. It was lots of fun seeing the little ones dance to all those wii games.

  253. Kim T

    My new husband and I will be ringing in the New Year at home with fresh homemade tamales and Christmas cookies! I love watching the New Year all around the globe from the comfort of our couch.

  254. Nan

    I will go to a neighborhood party for a few hours and then back home long before midnight to take care of my poor sick husband. Can’t wait for 2011!

  255. Donna

    Trying to keep my eyes open to see the ball drop after a 9 hour car ride home from visiting family! Happy New Year!!


    i sent all my kids to bed on time and then fell asleep at 9pm. my brand new baby woke me up just before midnight to eat…which was perfect timing. i said Happy New Year to the little one and my husband, nursed her and went back to sleep. i’m too old for staying up late. haha.

  257. Jennifer C

    We stayed at our place and had friends over. Enjoyed some dancing to Just Dance 2 and also had a show down of Catchphrase!! Great night all in all!

    Thanks for the chance to win!!!

    Happy New Year!!!!

  258. Petra

    Actually stayed up for the first time in many years to watch the ball drop! New Years Day will be having a nice dinner with family. Staying warm and dry.

  259. Kristi

    We celebrated with our four kids, some fake champagne, popcorn, dove chocolates and fruit by the foot. The kids picked the party fare.

  260. Julie

    With a 6 month old and a 2 yr old, we’re staying in this year. Maybe next year we can go out…… or at least celebrate with other adults.

  261. Jennie Brewer

    We had four other couples over and had a yummy meal – beef tenderloin, mushroom risotto, asparagus, and creme brulee! yum!

  262. Pamela

    Eating spicy pork buckwheat crepes and drinking martinis with my husband…then drinking wine and watching the ball drop at home.

  263. Corina Ummel

    My husband and I decided that the new year would come in with or without us. So…… he bbq’d steaks (bless his heart! it was soooo cold out!) We watched a movie together. Had a glass of wine. We were asleep when the new year came in. But never the less…. it came in! Happy New Years! May everyone be blessed!

  264. Alacey

    We went to dinner, grabbed a treat on the way home, and came home to pop some firecrackers. OUr girls loved it and were in bed by 9pm! We stayed up and watched the ball drop but other than that, it was a quiet evening. Just the way we like it!

  265. Mandy H

    How will we be celebrating tonight? Sadly, I have strep throat so we will not be going out as planned and the idea of a bunch of yummy appetizers will not be happening either. So, this new years eve the hubby and I will be kicking back, snuggled down in THE LOVE SAC with our favorite quilt watching an old movie, nodding off from time to time and then we will watch the ball drop. A cozy night at home. Not such a bad idea for New Years Eve in years to come…minus the wretched sore throat of course! Hope you have a fun and safe New Year! <3 M

  266. Kristin S

    Wow, this is a great giveaway!

    I spent last night with 1100 college students in a hotel ballroom ringing in the new year! Was my 19th time doing that. Exhausting but worth it.

  267. Mignonne Gardner

    I rang in the new year in Salt Lake City at a party called Eve. It was 5 degrees. It was chilly but awesome!!! Thanks for this chance to win.

  268. Jennifer Rautio

    After working hard all day, I napped and then went to a friends New Years Eve party with a bunch of good friends. Wonderful way to see in the new year!!

  269. Amanda Skinner

    We spent New Year’s Eve going out with friends to dinner and a movie, and we were home and in bed by 11:30pm!

  270. Donna M.

    Fabulous giveaway! Last night, we made pizza and celebrated with some lovely rose wine. Tonight, we’re having Alaskan king crab legs, steamed at home, and having a touch of Blanton single-barrel whiskey!

  271. Lorraine C

    Well…..I normally stay up with Dick Clark watching the ball drop but ended up falling asleep at 10!!!!