Four Cupcakes and a Necklace

Cupcakes & Jewelry

Last week when we were home for Christmas, I came across this at one of my favorite shops downtown. What a fun way to wear a pendant necklace. I prefer necklaces with shorter chains, so I was delighted when I saw this scarf-life idea for shortening a chain.

Cupcakes & Jewelry

They also use a cupcake stand with colorful liners as an earring display. How cute.

Cupcakes & Jewelry

As you know, whenever my mom and I get together we are either shopping or baking. This trip we had to try Picky Palate’s Hot Chocolate Cupcakes. Loved those toasted marshmallows! Since I love peppermint and hot chocolate, we stuffed ’em with peppermint Oreos before baking.

Cupcakes & Jewelry

Down in Pensacola, Florida, a new cupcake shop opened and you know I was all over that. It’s called Oh Snap! Love it.

Cupcakes & Jewelry

My favorite was the banana split cupcake. How’d they get the frosting to look like ice cream? So fun.

Happy Thursday!

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45 Responses
  1. Amanda K.

    my husband’s family live in pensacola and we are there all the time! thanks for posting about the cupcake shop.. ill have to check it out next time im there!

  2. Paulette

    Just found your site its wonderful, and I going to try the Mascarpone Oreo Snowflake cookies, they look wonderful. Thanks Paulette

  3. Nicole

    I stumbled across your blog a few months ago! I live in Pensacola! I haven’t tried Oh Snap yet, but I heard it was delicious! Hoping to go their next week!

  4. Becky Burk

    That banana split cupcake is amazing! What did it taste like? WOW I’m inspired to try and make my own. Or better yet let you go ahead and figure it out and then show me how you did it ;)

  5. Rachel

    I came across your page while Googling my Canon Rebel…lol. I’m from Pensacola also so it was a pleasant surprise to see us on your blog. I haven’t been to Oh Snap! yet but I’m going to have to check it out now after seeing that cupcake. Beautiful pictures! :)

  6. Kristin

    what a fun and clever way to wear and display your jewelry! would it be weird if i did this in my home!? ;)

    those cupcakes look scrumptious! i can’t wait to try them!

  7. Jenny Flake

    What fun finds!! Love the addition of the mint oreo in those hot chocolate cupcakes! Fun fun :) See you soon girl xoxo

  8. Sweet Bella Roos

    That cupcake is toooo cute!! I am on a cupcake kick as well, any time I travel I want to find the best cupcake in the city. This weekend is St Louis!

  9. Carrie Gamber

    I’m assuming that’s the BEST EVER chocolate cake recipie with an oreo shoved in and then you just bake the marshmellows???? Looks so good. Recipie please!!!!

  10. Mary Cardini- Anderson

    Thanks for sharing your find at the shop that you visted, The cupcakes look delicious. Great photos as always. :)


  11. Rochel

    I want a cupcake… beautiful photography as always. as it’s entirely possible that i’m going to go repurpose my cupcake stand as a jewelery holder. Thanks.

  12. Lynisha

    Oh my! Those cupcakes look AMAZING! I’m going to have to make a grocery store run and bake some up! Thanks for sharing all these fun things!

  13. Daphne

    I luv, luv, ur post.. And ur cupcakes OH MY!!! Amazing. Mayb for a future give away u cld put a box of ur fav. Cupcakes togethr….YUM!!!..*wink,wink*. I am hoping to soon open my own bakery here in our home twn. We hav a stor that’s it.. Lol I am loving all the great ideas for cupcakes.. I hav a well what I thnk a good name picked out but I wld luv any ideas from you it wld be a blessing!! Have a wondrful day!!!!

  14. Laurie Clayton

    Amanda, I work in Foley and live near Pensacola. You must be close by. I love your blog and have shown my friends it too. You inspired me to continue mine and to take up a photography class. Thank you!

  15. peggy

    I stumbled upon your blog and think it is way cute. Love the most recent action shots of your fur babies. Come visit me some time! thank you for sharing.

  16. Ashley Nadreau

    Hey, great post, I’m from Destin, Florida!! Currently reside in Okinawa due to my husband being Military, but how cool that you mentioned a city so close to where I’m from!! :o)

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